Product reviews for FL COMBO TLSAE + PERMIT TEST

Dillon - Amazing!

This was amazing and I absolutely recommend this to whoever may be trying to get their permit as well!

Zoee - Great for helping study

This was a great program that helped me get my permit.

Victor - FL Combo TLSAE + Permit Test

I learned a lot from the course and it taught me a lot about traffic rules. Excellent course!

Malachi - Great learning experience

I learned a lot about driving, and I'm happy I took this course.

Darness - Darness-Very good

very helpfull and trusty website. Also learned alot

Dadier - Great course

great course easy to navigate and learn, and plenty of time.


Very efficient, especially with the practice test. I would advice a method of changing the name on the TLSAE certification incase applicant/participant input a misspelled name.

David - Great Course

The course was easy to use and was easy to understand.

Aviva - Great website

Super convenient to do all the tests on this.

Mario - Review for lesson

it was engaging and really good at explaining.

Dannika - Great for learning

Helped me greatly in prepping for driving

Megan - good

it was a very good course and easy to understand

Lucas - Combo TLSAE & Permit Test

The test was good and I understood the questions well.

Xavier - Great Course

I passed with the review and the course helped a lot!

Rayan - Rayan - Good Course

Learned alot from this course on driving.

Tyquan - i lovedddddd this s much

they helped me so much with passing these courses

Ava - Very Helpful

This course really helped me pass both my drug and alcohol course and my permit test.

Zoey - Good test

It was a really good website to pass your test.

Pedro - Pedro - Very easy and fast

Pretty easy to navigate and simple to understand.

Daniela - GREATT

My friend recomed this to my daughther and it was a great exprecised and super good for learning

Rodnny - It was very helpful

It was so helpful to me it helped me pass and I’m so grateful for the course.

Santiago - Good website to get your permit

It was a simple process, I payed the course and test required and finished within a day.

Neyah - Wonderful course

Learned many things thanks to the course


The directions were clear and easy to understand.

John - Easy and simple learning

I liked that I could take it at home

Leonardo - Leonardo- easy to comprehend

Overall amazing and will surely get you what you need.

Michael - Michael - great for teaching

I learned a lot and am now prepared to start driving.

Elfido - great for everyone

great price for the course and the test

Riley - Worked Great!

Easily understandable and was user friendly!

Elfido - great for everyone

over all it was a great class i learned a lot and now i will be a great driver now. thank you

Jared - easy to use

very easy website to use and navigate

Abbigail - Abby - amazing

it was great, very good for permit test:)

Abbigail - Abby - amazing

This website is perfect for your permit test!:)

Matthew - TLSAE + Permit Tes

It was great and helped me to learn a lot.

Darian - TLSAE+Permit Test

The TLSAE and permit test were easy and the course explained everything very well, I recommend this for new people getting this combo.

Brent Jacob - Brent - Course and Permit test

Informative, simple to follow, and very worth it.

Elliot - FL Combo TLSAE + Permit Test

Really clear and easy to follow information. Super easy process. I felt really prepared when it came time to take the actual test.

Jose - cool

It was great and helped me to learn a lot.

Olivia - Easy

Very user friendly and quick to complete.

Alexandru - Alex

very well put together and easy to understand.

Miguel - Product reviews for FL COMBO TLSAE + PERMIT TEST

I recently completed the drivers course offered and i must say it exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

Ariella - good experience

It had good and easy instructions. Easy going.

Joshua - Permit test review

Loved being able to take the test online, much easier for me


It was very nice to have the required materials available in one location and at a discounted price.

Jennette - Caleb- Permit Test

It was easy to use and so much better than taking at the DMV!

Gage - Good Course

The course was easy to complete and very informative.

Khloe - Course and Test

Very easy process and you will pass if you do the course!

Alejandro - My review

I think that the practice test taught me well and prepared me to pass the test more easily.

Landon - My review

It was challenging but I learned a lot from it

Kaiya - TLSAE and Permit Test

It was very helpful and has great information.

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