Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Sagesse - first time drivers permit test.

This is a really good course and helped me get my permit fast and easily.

Isabella - Review of FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Very comprehensive and informative course.

Isaiah - Passed


Sirena - Passed!

Great course and I was able to pass the course quickly and easily!

Ivana - Passed

Good course fast and easy

paola - Driving permit test

its really good, i really recommended

Caydynce - passed

it was very informational.

Jasmine - Great

Make sure you study before hand tho

Sa'Niya - Niya

passed. it was stressful

Riley - Passed

This is a really good course and helped me get my permit fast and easy.

gianna - permit test !

it was amazing, very easy, and good to focus on

Lauren A - 1st time drivers test and also drug n alcohol course

Awesome, a bit boring n long but convenient

Noah - it was fine

it was fine

Brianna - Passed

so good and easy super fast if you take the time to do it

Richard - Pissed myself

Took me 3 tries but I did it

Hoke - FL permit test


Marcos - Good

Pretty good test

Autumn - No Socializing

I am glad that i took this course.



Nicholas - PASSED

Practice test helped a lot!

Luke - Passes

I passed.

Alexandra - Alex - Passed Permit Test

This site had very valuable information and was easy to understand.

Jasmine - PASSED

Very helpful

Jasmine - PASSED

very helpful

Katrina - Good Resource for First Time Drivers!

The interface is easy to use, the test is convenient, and it was cheaper to purchase than at my local DMV! My only gripe is that the practice tests do not have unique questions and that the questions on them are the same for all practice tests. Though it did reflect the content of the actual exam, so I can't be too bothered! I passed the first try!

Elizabeth - Permit Test

Great practice/test, I passed

Hailey - My view about the test.

I enjoyed this test and it made me understand everything.Thank you so much i recommend you guys 100%

Zamyia - passed


Riley - passed

it was great.



Kiara - I PASSED

Excellent review, loved the process.

Kyle - i passed

good test

Veronica - Passed woohooooo

Payment was very secure and I felt very prepared for the test 🥳

Grace - this was great


Gerardo - It was great

I liked it

Juliana - Permit test


Arthur - PASSED


Sophia - Sophia

I loved this course it was very helpful

Brock - passed

yay i passed thanks

Jacob - course review


Madilynn - Permit test


Dekyonta - first test

It was a lil challenging but i learned alot

skyy - Great!

I loved this experience so much and i’m so happy I was able to complete and pass!

Yamilet - Permit Test

Easy to understand and had a practice permit test which was helpful.

Andrew - Passed

Very nice layout, mobile friendly

Kamiran - Good and simple, free practice test helped so much!

Review with the practice test... it will help so much. The staff was also friendly when I had technical issues.

Kahlieal - Permit Test


Jayson - passed

the course was easy

Luke - Online Permit Test

The review was very helpful, I passed the test first try!

Radi - Good Course

I passed!

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