Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Aiden - Driving Test

It was great. Very informative and easy to follow.

Joseph - Driver's Permit

It was a great experience and I'm grateful that I passed.

Elizabeth - Excellent Experience

It was a great test. Some questions were more challenging than I prepared for but I passes. No technical issues. Overall great testing experience. Wish there was a timer rather than the time the the test would end. Appreciated the number of questions wrong after each question.

Jordan - Permit Test

The questions were very informative.

Stephen - Stephen-permit test

The question were extrodinary and very helpful

Gisel - permitt test

excellent course, it was very well put together which made it easy overall!

isaac - permit test

it was a good test and was really helpful to learn.

Ashley - Bryan Permit Test

The test was challenging, but a little less stressful since I got to take it at my house!


very good course good price would recomend

Connor - Connor learners permit test

It was a great test, practice test helped me feel confident. and the test was very challenging

Gianna - Awesome

I felt confident of my score as it kept me aware of how i was doing during the test.

Grace - Permit test

It was extremely easy but helpful for the next week.

Giselle - very good

it was very easy-made and had no complications

Riley - Permit test

The permit test went well. I had no issues going throughout the test.

Luis - Permit test

It helped me learn the florida road signs and get my permit

Paris - Permit

Do you practice test and you will pass it!

Kara - online permit test

it was user friendly and questions were reasonable.

Kaylee - Extremely pleasurable

I was completely at ease, it was nice to be able to see how many I missed and how many I passed!

Michael - joey - permit test

it is super easy if u do the practice test

Gabriel - Gabriel- permit test

it was very easy if you took the time to study it

Molly - permit test

It was very easy to understand especially after taking the practice test.:)

maryam - Maryam Soliman-Permit test

It was a good test and I'm proud that I passed it.

Rachael - My Permit Test (practice and actual test)

I loved the fact that I could take a practice test.

Tyger - it was fine

it was fine and easy, a good choice for your testing needs

Lohanna - permit test and course

super easy a lot of really good information. recommend to anyone who wants to get their permit

Oliviah - Permit Test

Was simple to understand and was put very well.

randy - Permit test

Very understanding, Questions were straightforward

Gaina - test

it was good once you do the practice test and review it you should pass. good luck to everyone!

BRYAN - Bryan- Permit Test

The questions were challenging but helpful

Jalen - Permit Test

It was a very good test, the practice test before the official one was a very good preparation.

Jayden - permit test

It has a good practice test to prepare you for the actual test.

Morgan - Easy and Convenient

I had no problems taking the test and found it easy and convenient.

Anthony - Very Simple

Very simple and straightforward, easy to understand and complete.

Dixie - Easy to understand

User friendly and Easy to understand.

Jada - Nice Test

The test was somewhat quick and efficient

Xander - Easy to understand & follow

Easy to read and follow along. Great price and convenient .

Tait - Tait - Good Review

Good course that was very clear and easy to comprehend.

Jahmari - Test Review

Fully went over concepts mentioned in course. Good prep for driving.

Bryan - permit test

it was good once you do the practice test and review it you should pass. good luck to everyone!

Kenneth - Permit Test

Was very easy to understand the questions and a very well course!

Jean - Permit test

It was straightforward and understanding

Amber - Pert Test

Easy to understand the questions and basic knowledge .
overall a good test

Katie - Great Test

This was a good test. It had a great practice option and was very secure and easy to use.

Arielis - Smooth

Was clearly stated and not difficult to understand

Kamila - permit test

very well organized and would recommend for those looking for a permit test.

Emma - Emma - Permit Test

Very good course and easy to understand.

Nikole - Permit test and course

It was easy and fast, I highly recommend taking it

Jonathan - PERMIT TEST

I passed i like this format of the test best out of all of them.

Caden - Worked well

The test worked well and I found no problems with it. Practice test was immensely helpful.

Katherine - Permit test

This was such an amazing site, recommend for everyone.

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