Back to School! 5 Tips for Safe Driving

Safer Drivers, Safer Children - Back to School Driving Tips The summer heat is still at full blast and the memories of your summer vacation may still be fresh in your mind. However, as you drive down the road enjoying the afternoon breeze there may be something you’ve forgotten during these golden summer months: school zones. Yes, schools are opening again. For drivers, that means remembering that children that will be making their daily trips to and from class.

Heatstroke Awareness Day - July 31

How to Save a Child on Heatstroke Awareness Day Over the last 20 years, nearly 800 children in the United States have died of heatstroke in vehicles. To help save children across the country, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared July 31 National Heatstroke Awareness Day.

July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. However, is there really a need to be concerned about vehicle theft? Yes! In the United States, a motor vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds. That amounts to more than 750,000 drivers around the country that get their vehicles stolen every year. No doubt you want to keep your vehicle safe. So, what should you know?

10 Ways to Cope with Summer Weather

The long days of summer are here! Gone are the days of freezing temperatures, dreaded black ice, and the blizzards of winter that can make driving hazardous. However, don’t underestimate the challenges of dealing with summer weather while on the road. The blistering summer sun can vehicles, drivers, and passengers – and even the family pet! Here are 10 smart ways to cope with summer weather. Expect the unexpected While you can’t change the weather, you can be prepared to deal with it.

Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

Road Trip! Summer road trips are a cherished tradition for many families. Create wonderful memories, explore new places, and even save some money along the way by traveling together by car. Of course, safety should be one primary concern on a long road trip. There’s a valid reason for this; U.S. Department of Transportation surveys show that more deaths occur on roadways from June to August than any other time of year. To create pleasant memories for all, take some time to plan your trip. Our summer road trip checklist is the perfect resource for making sure that your family outing will be remembered for years to come.

How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Everyone knows that having a clear view out of the windshield is vital. However, if several weeks’ worth of bug splats, dried raindrop marks, pollen, or general dirt accumulate on the windshield, that clear view can be a thing of the past. To make it all the more difficult, the job of cleaning your windshield while on the road can be impossible if your windshield wipers are old and worn out. If your windshield wipers seem to chatter more than a toddler as they swish back and forth over your windshield, or they leave more dirt and streaks than they remove, it may be time to replace them. However, first take a few minutes to clean the blades and see if that resolves the problem. If not, it is definitely time to invest in new blades.

What is the Purpose of the Florida BDI?

The information below applies to: Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI/TCAC)

How do you benefit from taking the Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course? Have you been assigned by the court to take a driver improvement course? Perhaps you received a traffic ticket in the state of Florida and you want to avoid having the points show up on your permanent driving record. Or perhaps you were involved in more than two collisions in a period of two years. If that’s your situation, this Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course is just what you need! We make it easy for you to fulfill the state requirements – with our Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course you can take the complete course online. Our course is 100% state approved and licensed, so you can be assured you’ll be taking a professional, high-quality course.

Free and Available for Miami Dade County Only

For a limited time, our BDI course is offered only to Miami Dade County and it is 100% free. There are no hidden fees. Why is it free? We need several thousand persons who received citations in Miami-Dade County to take our course online before we can offer it statewide. By taking our course, you help us reach our goal faster, which is why we are offering it FREE for you. For more information visit our course page here.
8 Steps to Safely Change a Tire Fast

The dreaded moment. Thump. Rumble rumble rumble. Your tire blew out, and now you sit in the driver seat of your car clutching the steering wheel and asking yourself “What do I do now?” The good news is that you prepared in advance; your spare tire is in good shape, you have everything you need to change the tire, and you know exactly what you have to do.

9 Tips to Get the Best Gas Mileage

Did you know that getting good mileage out of your vehicle starts even before you get behind the wheel? Follow these maintenance tips for better fuel economy.

What is the Purpose of the Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Course?

Who should take the Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Course? If you’re under the age of 18 and live in Texas, our Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Course (PTDE) is just what you need! The online instruction part of this course, which lasts 32 hours, is complemented by behind-the-wheel training done by your parent or a legal guardian. If you’d prefer to have a professional instructor from a local driving school, take a look at our Instructor Taught Driver Education Course. But first, let’s get the big question out of the way – why should you take a driver education course? There’s an easy answer to that one. In Texas, all teens under the age of 18 have to take a driver education course that is approved by the state.