How to Get Points Removed From Your Driving Record

Woman getting pulled over wondering how to get points removed from license

The dreaded moment! You hear the sirens. Red and blue lights flash in rotation. In the rearview mirror, you see the police vehicle. You have unintentionally broken a traffic law, and now the officer will come over to your vehicle to explain your traffic violation.

You know that receiving a ticket means that you’ll get points on your license. However, you may be wondering what that means and how you can get those points removed.

How does the point system work?

To make roadways safer, the Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of violations. When you receive a ticket, points for that violation are added to your driving record. If you get a certain amount of points within a specific timeframe, your license could be suspended.

Which violations put points on your license?

Many violations add 3-5 points to your license, although serious violations will add even more points. The list of violations and their related points is long and varies according to the state you live in, but here are a few actions that can add points to your record:

- Moving violations, such as speeding

- Improper passing

- Not yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk

- Not yielding at an intersection

- Leaving the scene of a collision

- Improperly passing a frozen dessert truck (yes, really!)

How long will the points be on your license?

Depending on the state you live in, points can last a couple of years on your license, although the infraction may stay on your driver’s record for several years.

What some people don’t realize is that points can also be subtracted from their driving record.

How to get points removed from your license

You may be able to get points reduced by doing a DMV-approved online traffic course. Generally, you will still need to pay the fine in connection with the traffic violation.

In many states, you need to apply for approval of point reduction before taking the course. To get a point reduction, the course can only be taken once in every twelve-month period, and you must complete the course within a certain time frame.

Will my insurance rates get reduced?

Are you worried about your insurance rates going up? Additional points may make your rates increase. Check with your insurance provider to see if completing an online traffic course can help you avoid an increase in insurance rates, or even to get a reduction.


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