July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

Protect your Vehicle from Theft

July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. However, is there really a need to be concerned about vehicle theft? Yes! In the United States, a motor vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds. That amounts to more than 750,000 drivers around the country that get their vehicles stolen every year. No doubt you want to keep your vehicle safe. So, what should you know?

What vehicle thieves are looking for

Car thieves come in many shapes and sizes. There are some who simply want to grab something from a vehicle that’s easy to take with them. Others will be looking to take your whole car with them! Some just want a fun ride for a few hours, while others are looking for a car to dismantle and sell for parts.

How to protect your vehicle 

Cars can be opened and stolen in just 60 seconds – or less. So your goal should be to make it more difficult for a thief to reach his goal. You can consider installing an anti-theft system to deter thieves from choosing your vehicle in the first place. Anti-theft systems generally fall into three categories: audible, visible, or immobilizing devices. The first two types of devices use your car horn or flashing lights to draw attention to a car that’s under attack. The third type, an immobilizing device, can disable the vehicle’s electricity or fuel if a thief tries to steal it.

9 Tips to Prevent Vehicle Theft 

  1. Always lock your vehicle doors
  2. Never leave keys inside the car
  3. Never leave valuables in view
  4. Close all windows – and remember to close the sunroof! (That is true even if you’re going to be away from your car for just a few minutes.)
  5. Park your car in a safe garage with attendants, if possible
  6. Make sure any potential thief knows you have an anti-theft system in your vehicle by putting stickers in the window
  7. Stay well-lit! Most auto thefts occur at night. So after dark, park in well-lit areas
  8. Be aware of your surroundings when entering or exiting your vehicle or when slowing down or coming to a stop
  9. Don't stop to assist strangers. But still be nice - if you see someone who's car has broken down call the authorities and advise them