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very informational and helpful.

LAURA - Course

It was a great course! The little quizzes of the topic (and security questions) kept me from being too distracted. And the read-along option was a helpful one every now and then when I felt like I could focus more on listening than trying to read it myself.

Andrew - Andrew

The option to allow the text to be read out loud was very helpful.

Cadee - Super Helpful

I took a pretty long period of time to complete this course and I found the review at the end a great reminder to things I had gone over and forgotten earlier in the course!

Alejandro - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Everything was easy to understand and it covered everything on the test.



Kiarra - Kiarra - Drug and Alcohol Course

I love how it gave me the option to have it read aloud, and the pop quizzes kept the information fresh in my mind. It made it easy to pass.

Patrick - Great

they made sure i knew everything before testing

Adriana Raquel - Drug & Alcohol Course

The course and test was really easy and I loved how it read it to you. Navigating through the courses was very easy.

Savanna - Drug and Alcohol Course

The course was easy. I loved that it had the option to read it to you. I took notes so that I could study and review everything before taking the test. So the audible feature made it easy to write as it read the information to me. It could've had more pop up quizzes with more challenging questions. But if you pay attention to the information, you should pass the first time.

Deborah - Drug and Alcohol Certification

This website was very easy to navigate and it made getting my permit simple.

Jaime - Drug and alcohol test

Educates you with what you need to know

Tygh - Drug and Alcohol Course

The course had a lot of information and was very simple.

Krizia L - Drug and Alcohol Course

This course was somewhat easy, but if you pay attention you'll pass it the first time you take it .

Gianantonio - Gian - DRUG AND ALCOHOL COURSE

This course was very quick and surprisingly entertaining. I came out of taking the test feeling like a safe and great driver! Good job.

Deanna - Good Course

Provided sufficient information ans was extremely easy to use.

Tycia - TLSAE

Easy,  fast, efficient, and user friendly.

Paola - Great Course

This course was quick and easy. Everything that you need to know for the exam was in the lesson slides.

Latrell - Drug and alcohol course

This class was easy to understand and really helped me i feel like i will be a better driver

McKenzie - It was quick and easy

It didn't take that long and it was easy to remember the material because you had frequent pop quizzes

Dennis - It was quick

Quick and Easy

Angelina - Great Course

This course prepared me with all the information I needed to know. It was very easy to understand and even has a feature that reads the text out loud for you which helped me greatly.

Jessica - very organzied

This course was very easy to read through and understand. The website is organized and includes many features. I recommend this site to everyone getting their pemit.

Lisbeth - Great place for taking the course!

Besides being amazed of how easy this course was, I am more amazed of how easy this website makes it with the features it offers. Everything at my pace, and even free read along feature. This website gives the opportunity to people with different learning techniques to do great in the course, I love everything from the videos to being able to listen while reading along.

Azora - it was good

it was easy to follow and understand. I feel like it was just an overall great excperience.

Catherine - Catherine - Easy and Helpful

The material was very easy to understand, quick, and easy.  Love this program and definitely recommend.

Erika - My review of the course

It wasn’t to hard but you have to listen to pay close attention to the book so that u can answer the question. Other than that pretty easy 👍🏽

Stephanie - Easy, although it took some time

although it took some time, it was a very good course and made the test easy to complete. Everything that was on the test was clearly stated at some point during the course and did not have any trick

Sheila - Sheila- Easy and Quick

Very easy to use and helpful! Learned a lot.

Tim - A great read.

Everything was easy to understand & didn't take too long.

Kimberly - Very well done program

The program is very quick and has all the necessary information for any upcoming driver.

Ethan - Ethan- Very Useful for completely the required TSLAE course

It allows you to complete the required course efficiently and in one sitting, but if you step away from it, you can still resume as it automatically saves where you left on within the course.

Cal - Really cool and easy to keep up

my parents thought it was the best and I liked that it was very easy to use and i learned a lot

Felicia - at your own pace

easy to use, very informative, had no problems

Loyda - Easy and quick to use

It doesn’t take a lot of time and is really accessible

Ya'darius - Fl first time drivers permit test

Was pretty simple just focus and try your best!

Samantha - Drivers course

I didn't think it was going to be as fast as it was. i definitely liked it and it was interesting. I didn't think it would be interesting.

celine - Celine-permit course

amzing and very easy to use... had no problems. Thank You

Leona - Easy to use

the course not only easy to use it is an excellent source of information. I would highly recommend this course.

Katelyn - Drivers Course

Excellent knowledge, and easy to use

Kathryn - Easy to use

Liked how explanitory the course was and would recomend it to my friends

jesse - Convenient

Really easy to navigate and you can work at your own pace.

Lainey - I like this course!

This course was very helpful. Thank you :)



Caleb - Caleb - convenient

Really easy and you can go at your own pace

Alain - Substance Abuse Education Course

This  course was very informative and shared insight on all dangers you face when driving and everything you should consider. Great formatting that conveys the information effectively.

Christian - Fantastic

Very informational.

Colin - Quality Website

Intuitive controls and aesthetically-pleasing environment

Gabrielle - GREAT COURSE

The course was very informative and easy to learn. I passed on my first attempt.

Jared - Excellent Course

The material was presented well and was easy to understand. I passed the exam on my first attempt!

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