Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Lidia - good exam

Great course, easy to understand.

Angelo - Amazing

This was fun and easy to learn! Great way to take a test

Julia - TLSAE

The course was good

Olivia - 5 stars

excellent super easy

Thomas - Thomas Putman

It was a good course and the free audio helped me throughout the test.

Dena Kaye - Drug and alcohol


Christal - Drug and alcohol course

Very informative and not as boring as I thought it would be. The real videos and information was very interesting and informative.

Jerdeen - JERDEEN


Victor - Drug and Alcohol Course

Very clear and helpful with autoreading for non-proficient english readers.

prathyusha - Drug and Alchohol Course

Couse was helpful in understanding the facts about drug and alchohol abuse.

Alicia - very good

very easy and understandable!

Kameron - good course

very informative and explained very well

Nebert - TLSAE

Very informative and easy study format.

Hector - Simple and easy!

Good platform! Simple and easy!

Karen - Pretty Good

I was able to pass my test with this course. It helps a lot!

Steven - long course but it was great

The course help me learn a lot about safe driving so it can help me be a better driver when i become one.

Rudi - Long course (as expected), but still great

It was very good, very useful. I would say that the best part is that you can just listen along to the lesson. It was a really good platform for taking the TLSAE course.

Christian - Great Course

Easy to navigate and complete. Thanks!

Emma - Great

Was easy to navigate and nice!

Mercy - it was awesome

it was very easy & small lessons helped me memorize it even better...

Kal-El - it was great

it was great it helped me pass on my first try like i was told

Brittany - Brittany-GREAT TEST

Brought Me One Step Closer To My License And It Was Overly Informative So Thats A Big Help!!!

Andrea - very helpful

this course made it very easy to pass. would recommend!

Dreann - Informative

Was mostly easy and well put together

Venkata Naga Keerthi - Nice training

clearly explained the very mandatory road rules

Vidal - Traffic laws

Was very informative and well put together

abby - Informative :)

It was pretty easy and it seemed well thought out!

Jay - Pretty Informative

Sharpened my knowledge in areas I needed.

Jen - Easy enough.

Started and finished the course and exam today.

Davis - Drug and Alcohol Test

It was super easy and I learned a lot. Also, it was fairly quick.

Gustavo - It was fine

Pretty easy, prepared me for the exam well.

Laura - Review TLSAEC

Studied, did the test and passed in just 2 days! Short and clear reading material :) overall great experience

Doni - Thank you for your hard work

Thank you for this extra information on these subjects, thank you for your hard work with everyone involved.

Brandon - Simple and easy!

Lot of information to take in and to remember, but once you reach the exam, everything you've learned from the course will come back hitting which makes it 10x easier.

Maria Gabriela - Great easy course

I really enjoyed this course. I completed it in 2 days between 3 sessions and it was really good to pass the test right away.



tyler - course review

it was easy and simple thank you for a simple way to get my certificate

Jamie - Very Nice

Didn't have any problems at all and was very easy to navigate. Would definitely recommend.

Joan - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course overall was not only enjoyable but also informative which is the best combination in my opinion. Thanks for teaching me so much!!

Sonia - Excelent course - I learned a lot

Easy and informative.


This was easier than i thought it would be and it was super quick

Dolly - Awesome.

It's nice. It has the content in a very simple language and it will help you to understand the topics properly and easily. And also the Pop Quiz will help you a lot to remember the things which are important for the final exam.

Cade - this was a nice and easy course to take.

It was easy to understand and learn the topics discussed in the videos and articles given.

Sunnat - Drug and Alcohol

Was quite easy finished it pretty fast and had no issues.

Annalise - Drug and alcohol test

Super quick and easy.

Gabriella - Helpful

Really helpful, learned a lot!

Mukhlisakhon - Drug and Alcohol Abuse test

Very simple and easy.

Kaya - Very informational

This course is informational and unbiased. I learned a lot.

Devon - Easy and informative

It was enjoyable and I learned a lot!

Shanice - Great and Fun

This course took me about 4 hours to complete and was so easy to work through, it gave me enough info to pass the test on the first go and had many fun tips. I would recommend this site to any family member or friend looking to get their license and needs this course.

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