Joseph - good course

pretty easy, learned alot

Alejandro - very good

very informative

Sunil - Good Course

It was easy to understand and I learned a lot.

James - Okay, I guess

Not as bad as I was expecting

Logan - Simple Enough

Anyone planning on obtaining a license should be able to comprehend this material, and it is important to retain this information.

Elvis - EAC


Patrick - Pat

I found easy and helpful.

Virginia - Good

It was easy to understand

Johnny - Awesome

Very Educational and good at preparing me to drive.

Samantha - SUPER EASY

The test was super easy and it didnt even feel like 4 hours.  Also really convenient.

Angela - It was easy

Easy learning

William - Kaylee

It was pretty easy.

JAMES - Not so bad

Perfect amount of info. I feel ready for the road!

Vanessa - drivers permit test

It was a very easy website to use

Ryan - would recommend

great course

Ashlie - So HAPPY!

I'm so glad I can move on with my life now...

leonardo - not bad

it was easy simple things

Joseph - Anthony

Not bad

Joshua - fl traffic law substance abuse education course


Shelby - GOOD


Cole - Not Bad

Very helpful and learned a lot

Arianna - Good course

I passed the test, very informative

michoix - Not bad

It was easy

Tyler - Tyler


Deborah - Great Course

Easy and clear to comprehend.

Angela - Good

Easy, Quick, Understanding.

Sophia - sophia

the greatest

Summer - Review


Alexandra - easy

so easy and learned a lot from it

Adam - adam


Yannick - Cool Course

Very Informative

Karla - amazing

i read through everything it really helped me understand everything!

Abigail - easy


Cindy - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Excellent course.


It was super easy and gives you many chances, not that you'll likely need them.

Theresa - FL Traffic law and substance abuse education course

Very easy to use and convenient. May use on your breaks or even while riding the bus! You are also sure to get your certificate of completion. Thank you Natioanl Highway Safety!

Deja - yay

Great way to learn

Nicholas - Fl traffic law substance abuse education course




John - john


DELDDA - tlsae

It was a great.  I loved the read along, it helped me greatly understand the text.

Justine Ashley - very helpful!

very helpful and easy to understand.

Candice - FL Substance Abuse Education Course

Quick and easy, but still very educational.  I feel much more confident in driving after taking this.

Christine - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Informative and program is easy to use

Daniel - Great

It wasn't to hard and i learned a lot would recommend to anyone.

pashala - fl traffic law substance abuse education course

it was greatttttt but a challenge

Michelle - mackenzie


Keishana - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

It was great

Anthony - Great

It was Really informative

Tyler - Course Review

I liked it, was quick, easy, and easy test to take.

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