Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Edward - course review

great review very clear explanations would defiantly reccommend

Martin - 4 Hour Course Review

This was really good and I would recommend it to anyone.

Christopher - drugs and alcohol course

very informative

Maria Anna Louiessa - GREAT COURSE!

It was fast and very informative! I passed my exam on my first try!

Laura - Great

Took this for the TLSAE course and it was on the cheaper side compared to other courses on the internet. Took three hours to complete and passed the exam first try.

Gabriel Emilio - Enjoyable

Despite the amount of text you need to read, the course is made in a way that is enjoyable. It also contains videos about real life experiences that can help you understand the content more easily.

Antonio - TLSAEC

It was great and totally worth it. Their was plenty of safety information for driving.

Venkatesh - Cheap and best

Price is on lower side and its very easy to navigate through the website.

Andrew - Fun

Great course

Charles - Great review

awesome class

Brystal - She talk me through it...

Took me 3 years but totally finished!! The audio helped!!

Honey - This is the best place to get the course!!

This is my 2nd time purchasing the course. I like this better than the one from another provider. This course is clear, the text and over-all layout is precise. I just loved it.


This course was fun and informational, I hope more people take it.

Tatiana - Great course!

Easy to read, and learn through.

Luana - Good course

Course was easy to work through.

Marquetta - Good Course

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot, it also very informational too. I will be tell my friends about the course too

Amanda - Good course

Course was easy to work through.

Herbert - Simply The Best

It was very informative. Excellent read along. Study at you own pace. Awesome!

Aspen - it was good

it was very informative and helped me alot.

Jeffrey - Thank you

Thank you

Kristine - It clearly states it purpose

I found it very informative the read along is very helpful because you feel engaged rather than just reading silently. Although I have taken this course along time ago when I first got a permit I really understood much more now and I wanted a refresher

Kayden - kayden

it was very helpful

Leopoldo - it was great

did it in a day! easy to do and straight to the point

Kaymarah - It was the best

Easy to do and very informative

Kevin - Util

The mejor curso

Nehemiah - Helpful

The course was great. I learned a lot

Sheldon - Important to know

Very important

LaQuaya - FL TLSAE

Very knowledgeable test

Jesse - Great Course

Super easy to understand. The read on feature is great.

Uday - Review

Excellent Course

Cesar - Helpful

really easy to go through learn and informative.

Gwindolyn - Loved it

Super informative super easy

David - Easy course

Pretty simple to go through, easy to learn.

Sebastian - Fácil

Muy buen contenido, completamente digerible y fácil te entender

Logan - Very Informative

This course made it very easy to understand the material it was giving to you

Christopher - Easy to understand Course

Great Course easy to comprehend and follow along with.

Gabriel - AMAZING

This is honestly the best school ever when it comes to learning totally recommend it for sure!

lowgin - Alc and Drug course

wonderful way to get your certificate

Adolfo - adolfo - very helpful

its was very easy and very simply to understand the test and review

Samuel - Quick and Easy

The course was very informative and enlightened me on the dangers and the reality of driving. I also like the fact that the course doesn't take up too much time and is completed on your own time.

Robert - The Course was good priced and easy to operate

I had to take my 4 hour drug and alcohol course and this course was super easy to operate, if you have to take the course in sections at a time it picks up right where you left off.

Lucca - Great Course

I like the way that they address these major problems in our society, the course teaches in a really simple way!

Naomy - It was amazing

This is the easiest moat helpful program

jhannire - Amazing course

Very easy and fast to complete. 100% recommended

Edwilza - great

Very easy and interesting

Cameron - Cameron- great!

learned alot from this course. thanks!

Nazhier - Good

Very fast and good and easy working

Melissa - drug and alcohol class

very easy and informative

Arshad - Arshad- Great learning apportunity

The course is rightly designed to cover all aspects of safe driving .

Erika - Super interesting and easy to follow

This course was not only one of the cheapest I came across but it kept me interested throughout the whole thing! I didn't have any issues with the course and liked how flexible it was. The addition of the read-along made it even easier!

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