Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Jhansi - TLSAE

Good , simple and helpful.

Kalista - would recommend

great! would recommend!

Mahshid - Excellent

very informative course!

Orrie - Great

The course was simple and straight to the point. It was easily understood.

Anthony - drug and alcohol course

very helpful and taught me things I never knew.

Jenessa - Amazing

This test was straight to the point and helpful.

Amy - Excellent

Awesome review! Loved the content and understand it alot more now!

Estefany - Excellent Course!

awsome very simple and quick to learn thank you!

Elliana - excellent

this test was awesome

Frank - Very Cool

Was very easy to understand and very helpful

Jonathan - Very detailed and informing

Very informative course, friendly design

Danielle - helpful

very detailed course

Kieran - Good Course

Good to listen to and follow along quick and simple

Edgar - edgar palacios

course was helpful and quick

Allyson - Very helpful

This course was quick and helpful. After taking this course the test was very easy.

Jeremiah - Very informational

Awesome thanks so much for your help

Heather - Very Helpful

The course was very helpful.

Courtney - FL traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

Passed the first time!

Ellis - FL TLSAE Course

It was important and impactful.

Rosemarie - Good

I passed the test with just 1 take.

James - Very Useful And Provided Some Minor Entertainment

This test ultimately allowed me to pass the test so i thank you for that. Though i will say there was some funny wording on something that provided me a good laugh

Tahnee - TLSAE Course

Good info and format. It helped me on the test.

Isabella - Isabella-super helpful

Learning about the affects of drugs and alcohol makes me want to stay far far away from them.

Celia - Very Helpful

This course was very helpful and helped me understand a lot about driving. It took awhile but I feel very prepared.

Scott - Not to bad

Great way to learn, allows you to come back and learn at your pace

Krystal - very simple but effective

very simple to do but with some time to go through it, its very effective.

Rebecca - I love this course

This was a very good website for someone to choose. It was quick and easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone trying to take the test online. It is inexpensive and simple. I hope you enjoy and good luck!!!


the stories are amazingly detailed and real, they show you what can really happen and your punishment rather than just reading it. The handbook and the examples are very detailed and is very good for learning every single thing that you need to know as a beginner driver.

Emily - Great Preparation

The stories included in this course really resonated with me and further enforced the decision to avoid drugs and alcohol before and while driving. Each lesson was very detailed and properly prepared me for the exam!

Marco - Easy to do

Although it took some time, it was worth it. The lessons gave me everything I needed to pass the test.

Caterica - Very informative!

This course helps you a lot. It provides you the the important things that you should know! And it is easy.  I was able to pass the exam with ease.

Daniel - Helpful and Easy

The course taught me everything I needed and was very easy and I did it at my own pace.

Mamatha - Awesome

Very Informative, an easily understandable.

Erica - Awesome

loved it, easy, try it!! Good luck 🥰

Daniela - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

This course was really helpful, the examples are great and it gives you a great perspective of things that could happen in such situations.

Randi - Luke

Helps you a lot with facts, statistics and numbers about driving.

Sierra - Informative

The course was well put together, it covered everything of topic and i learned alot.

Jessica - Ava

Keeps you in check throughout the course and has lots of helpful information.

Alexander - Not as bad as I thought

When I heard the course was 4 hrs long I thought it would be boring and I wouldn't be interested. But to my surprise it wasn't bad at all. I could pause it and continue later. The information was a lot but it was easy to understand and the "read to" option was helpful. I passed with over 90%.

Angel - Quick and Easy

Taught me everything I needed to be a great driver!

Charles - Pretty good, includes lots of information

The course was filled with information and interactive pop quizzes to keep me In check.

Shanon - Helpful and concise information!

I was able to review the basics and pass the exam with ease!

rianna - Amazing course

Learned so much things that I never even knew about. It's understandable and  you will pass if you pay attention.

Perla - Very Informative

Very helpful and pretty straight forward . I took it after I had taken my permit test  and it was easy . Now I can go pick up my permit at the dhsmv!

Tyler - Awesome

Very straight forward and easy to understand.

theresa - informational

was a great class learned a lot


this was a really great program, I feel really confident and you actually do learn something. It opens your eyes about things but it also really great to pass your test!

Linda - Perfect Course!

This is the perfect TLSAE course to do!


Great course
Very informative
Great format

Francisco - Course and Test Review

Very helpful and simple to understand.

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