Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Ruthney - really information

I learned a lot and enjoy taking the course. I makes me feel more confident in taking my drivers license test.

Courtney - Best

This was the best online traffic course I’ve ever taken

Marc-Anthony - Great

Really helpful and interesting I learned a lot

Samira - Very interesting and helpful

It was a great course, and it helped me review for the final test

isaiah - Really well made

The course really gives you a deep dive into the responsibilities of driving and really emphasizes how important it is to follow the laws.

Saul - Curso de TLSAE

Excelente curso y muy sencillo de aprender, con buen contenido y de facil comprension.

Chaly Sadam - The Best of The Best

Great course, I have learned a lot of good things about road and traffic law and alcohol abuse, etc... And I loved it

Nelly - Helpful and interesting

It took me longer but materials and movies are interesting. The test is not difficult.

Khoa - Really helpful

Cheaper than other websites and very easy to understand

Antonio - So good

I'm 100% satisfied with this course.

Greg - Knowledge

Lots of good refreshing knowledge given for even older drivers to review

Sarah - Review

very informative and learned things I hadn't known, after expecting myself to know it all already.

Daphne - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

This course was packed with valuable information. I loved the fact the course provided read-along and videos, it was not boring.

Katelynn - Drug and Alcohol course review

This was simple and I learned a lot.

Elizabeth - TLSAE Online Course

Outstanding! Very easily laid out and easy to understand. Very professional too. I loved the fact that I could complete this in my own time. As an Adult First Time Driver it has been so helpful. Highly recommended

Ana Carolina - Ana Carolina - Review

The course is very informative, and I learned a lot during this course.

shawn - Traffic Law Education Course

This course really helped me a whole lot, without it I would still be clueless about the things they teach you about the importance of driving.


i like the way they had a audio reader.

Bianca - TLSAE course

Easy to complete and at a good price.

jade - jade

very informative and easy to uderstand

Breylon - Breylon --> Drug and alcohol course

I never had a problem with this course and loved that it kept me intrigued and I loved everything about this course. I love the way the course was always wanting to help and willing to help you.

Christopher - Drug and alcohol

Good I swear this is the best out there

Luke - Luke - My review

Great course. Learned a lot coming from the UK and it helped me understand differences between UK and US laws.

Katya - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

It help me a lot to understand everything i need to know before getting my Driver License

Aabha - helpful

course is helpful and teaches in a easy way

Lisa - My review

It is very informational, took quite some time but it was cheaper than most options out there.

Brandon - Very Informative and To the Point!

This class has provided all the information as it is intended to dispense. I was able to complete this correct in the accurate stated allotted time. I will be suggesting this to anyone needing to take the same course!

jeanluc - Driver Course

Amazing course, so glad they had listen along option, so much easier to understand.

Noelia - Noelia - Amazing!

I loved the feature where they would have a voice read you the text! Definitely helped me process the information.

rebecca - reviews

was very specific with the details and very informative.

Lincoln - my honest review.

very good course learned alot and the videos are very informational.

Mason - My review

This was a very good test and text. 10/10 would recommend.

Faith - My Review

I love this course it helped me pass!

Caroline - Informative

good data on alcohol and drugs in general and how they relate to one's ability to drive. Easy to understand.

Chethan Reddy - Clear and Informative

I am impressed by how clear and inforamative the content was and how there are no hideen fees like some other places that offer initially at a lower price and later ask for extra fee for instant email of certificate.

Tiffany - Great Course

Easy to navigate and loved that I had the option for it to read out loud to me. Now I have the confidence to pass my written exam and road test.

Sean - Sean Vignolo- Informative

This course surprised me. The information managed to hold my attention, especially with the addition of the e-reader. I'm genuinely impressed by how great this was for the price compared to competitors.

Noah - What you wanted...

It was very educational, functional. Not boring, and very engaging.

Alma - Drugs and alcohol course

Great price! Learning was clear and great examples! Definitely recommend this site!

Mia - My review

It was a very good course and I learned a lot, I 100% recommend it

Osmely - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Nice course, very intuitive, quick, and easy.

Kattya - Fl traffic law substance abuse education course

it's the best course. it's so easy to use and helpful, you learn fast and the question are literally about what you have read on the course

Dante - Dante - Amazing

Very easy and provided lots of knowledge that will be useful for written test

Ashauni - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

This course was very simple and informative. The readings were very interesting and the videos included were also very informative and helped shine a light on how dangerous driving can be when not following the laws and being considerate of others

Justin - Easy to use

The site was easy to use.  It was also good because it explained the next steps that I needed to get my license.

Ted - My Review

It was great, learned a lot during this course, I would recommend it

Shania - Great

The course was very informative. Loved the read along feature

Neha - niaaaa

The course was very well designed and crystal clear to be able to understand to learn about the laws and the harmful substance abuse..It was great .I thought it would be difficult but it was easy read and informative . Would highly recommend !!

Abraham - review

easy to understand and very straightforward with the information

Jesse - Drug and alcohol course

Straightforward, simple, and effective at teaching the necessities of road safety.

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