Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Gina - Definitely would recommend!

As an ADD student I was able to pay attention with the listening option. Very user friendly.

Renzo - Great

The course was easy to get through, and convenient. I could work on it whenever I got a chance.

Perrin - It was pretty good.

Got me what I needed, and wasn't too much of a hassle.  Recommended.

Colleen - Good visuals

Taught concepts very well, clearly, and effectively. I particularly enjoyed the videos throughout the course as they instilled in me the importance of not driving while impaired.

Bridgette - bridgette- informative

this course helped me alot and i loved it because it was quick and simple and i could stop and start anytime! i definitely recommend this.

Sandra - Great

It was very informational and very user friendly.

Keri - very educational and easy

The questions were very detailed and i could complete this course at my own pace for the most part

Kamiya - Kamiya

It was cool, wasnt that hard to  complete. I finished in one day and passed.

Isha - Well organized and informative

The material was very well organized, easy to understand, fun and informative

Caitlin - Loved it

I loved it, it took a lot of time but it helped

Hudson - Amazing Course

It was easy and very educational and not difficult at all

Hudson - Amazing Course

It was easy and very educational and not difficult at all

Heather - Easy

Very straightforward and not at all confusing

Dalheinsky - Great Course

This course proved to not only to be easy and convenient but it also proved to be very informative, teaching one things for future driving

Randall - Loved it, Very easy

It was very easy and not at all confusing. No problems whatsoever

Jasmine - Great course

This course was great and easy. I learned a lot and it was very informative and detailed while still being simple.

Allison - take it!

Glad i took it, it helped me think more in depth about situations that may or may not happen.

Carlisha - Easy and Simple

I'm glad i took this course on this  site it was nice and easy to do  and quite educational and finished it in one day .

Leilana - it was great

I had no problems with the course at all.

Ella - Ella - Great

it was fast and easy and even with a lot going on with my schedule I was able to read it over multiple days and still pass

robert - quick and easy

I love how simple it was. glad i chose this one

Laura - Take this course!

This was a comprehensive course, and I suggest all new drivers take this.

Shinyle - Pleasant Course

It was actually informative if I had taken better notes I know I could've gotten a perfect score.

JOHN - Awesome

It easy and very detailed

Janibelkys - Quality and Fast

I completed and finished in less than 2 days . The process is simple, quick and informative.

donaven - great

it was a great course i learned all i  needed to know to pass the test

Patricia - fast and easy

this course emphasized the importance of being safe on the road and how to take preventative measures to be safe

Aurora - Fast and Efficient

Insightful information provided. It was quick and easy, while teaching you a lot. Very good!

Noah - Fast and Easy

This course made me realize the danger of alcohol and drugs without using them while driving

Faith - Quality

I finished and passed in two days! On my first try, It was easy and quick!

Mary - Great Education for New Drivers

Thumbs up, I learned a lot!

Shayna - Reviews

I thought it was an excellent course and I am excited to go more in-depth on my learnings of driving.

Penelope - Great course to do

Learned a lot from the course. Glad I did it.

Gwyneth - Easy and quick!

This course was really quick and easy to do and it made me a learn a lot of new information! I was able to pass the exam because of this!

Mason - i liked it

it was a good test , taught me a lot of valuable information and it was cost was Exceptional

Brandy - Xzion- just focus

it was actually not hard, you just have to take your time and focus

Gillian - easy

easy to use and work through

Jillian - Great course, highly recommend.

The videos were very helpful when it came to truly understand the material.



Luz - Luz- I very much enjoyed learning about many needed information about the laws in Florida

I recommend this to anyone who needs to learn about the laws and causes if a DUI and other stuff that is very important for a first time driver.



Ursula - Amazing Course

I recommend this course for anyone trying to learn rules of the road and want to know everything they can.

Ursula - Amazing Course

This course was very helpful in helping myself pass the exam and I learned a lot of new information.

Taylor - Great

very detailed and the added video and images made it much more engaging.

Heidi - TLSAE course

This course helped better my understanding of how important it is not to drive under the influence.

Ciara - Ciara

Very well explained.

Chad - Really Great Training Tutorial

This tutorial really helped me understand the safeties of driving and preventative actions i can do on my part for the safety of everyone.

Ronald - Great!

This course taught me a lot and the voice over audio was very helpful and easy to understand.

Amya - Drug and alcohol

The course taught me a lot and was a good learning experience.

Alaynna - drug and achohol

This course taught me a lot and was easy to remember.

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