Meghan - Great

It was super easy to navigate and understand

Asahel - Easy and informative

Very fast and easy, and it explains things well, I learned a lot!

jordan - jordan-great

this helped alot

Tykerria - Tykerria

It was easy ..

Haldon - Finally

It was in depth and informative.

jennyfer - permit

this is good working website

Kasey - Florida Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

A wonderful learning experience.

Isabella - informative

easy to understand

Carl - Easy

Simple and Quick

Alexander - AWESOME

This was an amazing experience. I learned so many things that i didnt know before.  It wasnt draggy it had a very good balance of the information that i needed to know.

Eralton - ton

very useful

Josephine - Good

It surprisingly only took me too tries but I did it! its not that bad

Kimberly - Nice and easy

Its fast and it really does help you learn

Gavin - pretty good

made the process very easy and simple

Brooke - Thumbs up


Michelle - Great

It was fast, informative and easy to understand.

Victoria - good

Fast, easy, and informative. Learned a lot of new information.

Darrell - GREATTT

It was very helpful, I loved it.

Luke - good


isabella - good

very easy

Wanida - Great Course

The course was very easy to understand and was very fast to complete!

Alexia - Traffic

Very good and informative.

Zachary - Florida Traffic Law And Substance Abuse Education

I learned a lot.

Kimberly - test

nice test learned a lot.

curtis - Good

The test and work was nice and easy

Grace - Review

now i can get permit. thank you

Maria - Great Course

This course was really interesting and I actually learned a lot!

alyson - Amazing

very informative and easy

James - I loved the app

It was very informing

kelly - drug/ alcohol

simple, and learned a lot.

anita - Greattt

It was fast, informative and easy to understand!!!

Sharayah - Very Nice Course

I loved it, and I learned so much useful information!

Muruj - Finally !!

It was deep, and rich of new important information.

Shaun - Very helpful

The exam wasn't too difficult and easy to understand

Kaitlyn - Amazing

Made it really easy to learn quickly and understand and comprehend what I actually need to learn.

Arlett - Drug and Alcohol

Great. Very Efficient

kelvin - amazing

This test helped me alot with knowing th rules of driving safe

Craig - did it


Mandell - FANTASTIC!


Brian - it was very informative


Giovanni - Great

Format was accommodating and section reviews were helpful

Joseph - Better than the last one.

Compared to another test I took out of state that required 6 hours and looked like it had been made and reused from the 60's, this one is a whole lot better and more up-to-date

Jenny - Great teaching

This course has taught me a lot about the dangers of drug and alcohol and when in driving can cause serious damage to others and to the alcoholic. This was a great experience.

Natalie - Great!

This program worked smoothly and it was easy to complete!

Carolina - Cheap and easy!

I passed with first try! Thank you

Isabella - Nice

I liked it

brianna - brianna


Kara - Great!!!!!!!


Robyn - Richard-Test


Barbara - Very informative on course info

Provided excellent information regarding the course material to help pass the test with no issues.

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