Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Rosemary - Really good source

This was very good and very informative and it helped me learn many things

Katie - TLSAEC

It was a very good course, easy and reliable with many sources.

Jesus - Really good

Very good.

Dustin - Fulfilling and Overall amazing

Thank you for the services, i really needed this

Jenny Ann - Amazing

Thank you, I've learned a lot by taking this course.

Samantha - Very easy to complete

very easy to complete and allowed for me to finish the course very quickly

Johnathan - love it

highly recommended

Justin - Course Review

It was a good course to learn from for beginning drivers

Mary Kent - Helpful and easy to use!

I really enjoyed this course! It was relatively quick and easy to complete and it included a lot of very important information! I would high recommend it to anyone who needs to get their learners permit.

Calvin - Good Helpful Course

This course was a good educational experience, although quite long but definitely worth it, and I feel it will help me on my final test. It also informed me on the rules of the road and the consequences of driving under the influence.

Casson - Tlsaec

I loved it and learned a lot from this amazing course.

Luiza - luiza

it was amazing i learned so much

Kenneth - Fun and easy to use

This was very easy to use would recommend this to anyone

Sher-Ami - Very reasonable and easily understandable

The course is very manageable with a busy schedule.

Orestes - Orestes- good

i learn a lot from this experience thanks.

Peyton - Course review

Great course very informative.


This was the best experience of my life! I was so scared and nervous but I stayed on top of things. I am so proud of myself and I know that me parents will be as well.

Daniel - Great Course

Very thorough. Definitely learnt a lot!

Serenity - Great

it is super long but worth the outcome!

Seth - Good

Wasn't to long and I didn't fall asleeep

Leslie - Easy and good

I was able to do the course really quickly and helped a lot.

Dustin - Great

Easy and loved it

Audrey - Good Course

It was quick, simple and very informational!

Jackie - Great Program

Finished both tests relatively quickly, all questions refer to the driver's manual.

Zamir - It was good

Great Course!

CLAUDIA - Excellent Content

Nice course. I learned more information than expected. Thank you.

Crystal - Good Course

I learned a lot!

Brandon - i learned alot of new stuff and i like it...

learned alot

Rachel - Great course

It was very easy to use and helped you learn a lot

Elvi - I liked it

It was nice. The course was nice and the test was not as hard as I expected. I enjoyed it

Thomas - Great

This was a very easy and fun way to get on the roads

Thomas - Great

This was a very easy and fun way to get on the roads

Daniel - Daniel Review

It was good and not as long as i thought it would be.

Briana - Review

It was very easy. I passed my first try. The information was easing to understand as well, you can definitely finish this course in one day.

Zachary - Good

I took the test and it was easy

Olivia - review

very thorough!

Julian - I liked it

The course had good information, passed in one go

kailah - easy

it was easy to understand

Oscar - Oscar, great!

Easy to understand

Mariam - Good

I learned a lot from this course!

Lucy - Lucy

It was very informative and interesting!

Rohan - Course

This course was educational and provided valuable information that will help the user drive safely!

Berry - Good

Very easy to understand

Jordan - Amazing!

I did this course in about 3-4 hours total and it was very informative and easy to understand! I HIGHLY recommend using this to get your permit, if you want to do it online!

Prudhvi - Very good and useful

Course was interesting and very informative. Great course!

Antonina - Amazing!

An awesome course that really taught me everything I needed to know. It was also quick and easy to follow along.

Arianne - Giancarlo-Good Course

It was very  educational. I liked how I was able to learn at my own pace.

Valeria - Amazing

I learned everything quickly and it was very easy to understand. I passed the exam on my first try.

Amity - very helpful

This course was extremely helpful and taught me lots of new and valuable information!

Franklin - FANTASTIC!!!

Was very quick and easy! I learned fast and was able to pass the test on the first try!

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