Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Jeffrey - FTLSAE

Good course. Very informative

XINXIN - the learning feedback about TLSAE course

It's easy learning and really helpful, which let me pass the test quite smoothly.

Yaroslab - Great


Peyton - Good Course

For only 4 hrs to learn this it teaches a lot!

Ethan - I love it

I loved it it took awhile by it was easy to learn and prosse but i got it

Mackenzie - Easy and Efficient

Not filled with useless information. Topics are covered well, and it isn't super long.

Ana - Easy to learn and pass

It was easy to learn and pass. Highly recommend!

Alyssa - easy

very easy and quick

Olivia - Substance Test

Went very well.

Asala - Great Course!

Very informative and user-friendly

Roxhanna - Easy step by step Learning

I took this course as a requirement to get my permit and I really enjoyed it. There were so many things that I didn't know and I'm glad that this course opened my eyes and understanding towards some of these important information. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone that's obtaining their drivers license and requires this course to do so.

Cortney - Learned a lot

The course was super informative.

Jamecia - Great course. Informative

Great and clear information, I learned alot and passed first try... very impressed!

Kimberly - substance and abuse education

very easy and very educative

Marisa - Cool Fun Facts

Pretty easy, and there were interesting fun facts about random things along the way so it was kind of fun too.

Destiny - Super easy

It’s was easy just keep focused and you do fine

Zuleika - Substance Abuse Education

Was quite long but every little detail and information was needed.Included additional information and was easy to follow through. I also like text speech was included.

Mariah - Awesome!!

Was very useful

Bruce - tlsae course

Very easy to follow took me little over 4 hours writing notes. Which im glad i did. passed 80% first try.

Victoria - Very helpful

I love that this course was easily digestible. It’s easy to make it work for your schedule, and if you want to finish in one go, it’s not overwhelming.

jacob - drug and alcohol

It went over everything very well.

Csaba - Informative

Loved the course, fun, interractive and very informative! Thank you

Mark - Great experience

The course was super informative,easy to navigate and the read along feature is clutch! Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you NHSA I have learned a lot.

Behdin - Very convenient

I really enjoyed reviewing the rules and regulations. Even though I'm driving for nearly 20 years, there were loads of information I got passing this coarse.

Meghan - FL Traffic Law substance Abuse Education Course

This is very help full and will be used every time I get into a motor vehicle

Dahnia - TLSAE Course

It was very informative. I appreciated the fact that I could log out and resume course whenever I wanted to.

Valerie - Informative

Learned things I didn’t know as a 31yr old

Noah - Excellent and very well organized Traffic Law Substance Abuse course

Excellent and very well organized Law Substance Abuse course

KENDRA - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

It was very informative.

Ce’Daijah - Perfect

It was perfect, I loved it, I thought it was very well put together & easy to understand, you could stop & start when you wanted to & not have to restart!

Jodea - perfect

I've learned so much and was able to multitask throughout my day while;e completing it. I'd truly recommend it to anyone.

Charjonae - Drug and Alcohol

Super helpful and easy if you pay attention and retain the information

Emily - Great Source

I was very pleased with the preparation of this course for the exam. I am also happy that it is mobile friendly, so I did everything from my phone!

James - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

Very good and easy text to read as well as the test.

Sariam - Excellent

Worth the time and money, passed on the first try!

Vladimir - Substance abuse Course

This is very simple and to the point course. I got 99% pass at the test.

David - Very Informative and spot on

Very clear, and easy to do, nice course

Sherry - Informative

Easily maneuvered and lots of good information

Derek - Very Informative

No Complaints, all information is very helpful. Highly reccomend.

Nicole - ftlsaec course

as a new driver i learned a lot and would recommend this course to other new drivers

Shaniah - Amazing

Even though it took me a while I’ve got to learn, study and pass the test first try I know I’ll pass the driver’s test thanks!

Zeshan - TLSAE - NHSA is the best provider!

As part of FLHSMV's regulations, I was required to complete the TLSAE course and pass the exam, because I am a first time driver in the US. I loved the course and passed the test in first attempt. Thanks to NHSA for designing such a great course. The lessons were interactive and contained very useful information. I feel I will be a better driver with passing this course.

Myra - Dawson- Easy peazy lemon squeezy

Informative, worth every penny.

Nico - Substance course

I really liked it and will recommend it!

Halli - It went well!

I passed my exam on my first try which shows how quickly I was able to grasp the contents taught and they way they were presented.

Rainier - Great lessons with all the info you need!

This were amazing lessons with concise and to the point information and stories that help you learn the information needed for the exam.

adriana - Adriana- good way to learn

It helped a lot. I was able to complete it in just a few hours

Aaron - Great way to learn!

Finished it within a few hours; great course for beginner drivers! Be safe out there.

Juan Jose - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

It was a very instructive course with an excellent test to assess what we learned from it.

Lyla - Drug and Alcohol

Really easy I did complete it in 4 and a half hours

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