Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Armand - Excellent Course

Very informative course

okeim - Traffic law substance abuse education course

it was super easy and very helpful with information...i suggest you take notes they come in handy

Sanskruta Chandrashekhar - TLSAE

Good and comprehensive course

Ryan - Great

This was a great course. I was able to follow along well and learn many things.

Sieara - Pretty good

Very thorough and I like how it can read to me.

Oji - well done

it was awesome, very easy to follow along.

Kimberly - Great

Great and easy to understand.

Sharrod - Very easy and thorough.

This lesson covered all the bases and was easy to get through

Tristan - Tristan - TLSAE

It was a really good learning experience.

Jill - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Great! Easy to complete and gave all the information necessary for success on the exam!

Talyah - Extremely Effective

The way the course is laid out makes it simple to go through and easy to understand and retain information.

Collin - Florida Driver course

The course was good, wasn't to complex and learned a lot about the dangers of drinking and driving

Jeremy - Good info

I liked the info presented and thought it was helpful and liked how it used everyday language and examples that were easy to relate to

Rick - TLSAE

The course was good. It explained all the required information to pass the exam.

Isaac - Florida Driver Course

This was a profound and needed course for all people! I learned so much about the rules of the road. It is so important to understand and follow the rules of the road but if people are not informed of the rules then they will not follow them. This course does an amazing job of preparing any person the drive in the Florida traffic! Great job!

Alexander - Great

This course was efficient and educational, I feel better prepared to begin driving.

Malachi - Amazing

I loved the whole course and as a first time driver learned a lot about laws and even  future facts and tricks that will be useful such as appropriate coping mechanisms

Philip - Drug and alcohol test

Gave me the information i needed to complete the test.

Denayla - AMAZING

This has helped me SOOO much and it was super affordable!!

deavion - TLSAE Review

I enjoyed the whole course from start to finish! I liked how I was able to  use the audio reading.

Eliezer - Great All Around

A straight forward course. No unnecessary nonsense, it's actually very informative. Great for first time drivers.

Gavriela - Informative

Straight to the point, time efficient, and was simple

Adrianne - Very Informative

Title says it all. Straight to the point, and very thorough.

sean - It was a great title

the information provided helped alot and was overall easy

sean - It was a great title

the information provided helped alot and was overall easy

Diana - Imformative

easy to understand and follow. text to speech offered and it was cheap.

Varuna - Very Good

It was very informative and easy to understand.

Dwayne - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Great course- extensive but covers all the relevant information

Troy - Very educational

I learned a lot throughout the course it was very educational I gained a lot of new knowledge about safe driving

KaDarion - Education Course

It was very educational and i learned a lot about driving safely and paying attention to the road and people we share it with.

Gabriella - super easy

the process was easy and cheaper than most other resources

Zoe - Good

I like the little study questions in the middle of the review it wasn’t that bad I liked it

Ana - Amazing, loved it!

It was easy to understand and interactive.  But also is really good if you have a busy schedule.

Kenneth - a enjoyable course

helped me better understand the road and how to maneuver safely

Vincenzo - Vincenzo - An Enjoyable Cousre

This course was pretty enjoyable in my opinion. I honestly had a good time.

Leah - Informative

This course was very interesting and informative.

Anbarasu - Nice Experience

It was a very thorough course that explained lots of things bout alcohol consumption, relationship between driving and dangerous substances, as well as some laws of the road.

Haron - Straight to the point

This course didn't have any hang ups or any other kinds of that stuff. It was straight to the point. Glad I choose you guys!

Gracielou - Very good experience

We were surprised at the ease of the class and thankful for the package deal for the learner's permit test as well.

Linda - Great and easy course

It made everything easy to understand, which made me pass the exam with knowledge.

Chloe - Most Helpful!!

Really great course, couldn't be happier with my decision to use NHSA!
Price was better than any other website I had checked out, with NO hidden fees!!

Audrey - Great Course!!!!!!

My test went well and I can't wait to start my Learners Permit Test!

Kelvin - Kelvin

Taught everything I needed to know
for the test.

Jennet - Excellent course, easy to understand!

I was choosing among several courses, and this one is the best one in price-quality ratio. Good job, thanks a lot!

Nisa - very easy to understand!

taught me everything i needed to know :)

John - The best course out there

Greatest way to ever get your permit/license.

Cynthia - Great, Easy Course

Everything was super easy to learn and it made the test easy to pass. Didn't take that long either, would have been even shorter if I didn't procrastinate.

Andre - Simple Course

I was able to quickly learn the material for the test.

Makennah - Very Informational but gets to the point

I have learned a lot from this course, and it has made me feel more educated and confident  about these important topics.

Natalie - Very organized

I learned a lot

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