Jalayla - Layla


Brandan - Great course

The course was fun to read and helps you learn lots of new things. I do recommend!

adrianna - Great Course

Very informal and helpful.

Hannah - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course was very detailed and I learned a lot of information.

Dwayne - Great work


John - Good course

Good course

Lamarc - YYAYYY

i passed

Shayla - Informative

Very thorough

Luiz - Course


Hannah - Great course

good review and testing strategies

Rodney - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Very thorough!

Daniel - review

Very good course.

Will - Course

Well explained.

Charles - Great Course

Well explained and thorough information

kholud - Kholud Alghamdi

great course !
very good material and well explained .

Natalie - Amazing!

I just wish there was a way to take notes with the website. A side bar or online note provider that comes with the course would be super helpful!



Morgan - good course

well explained! and helpful

Angela - Angela- Great course

This course was very informative!

Tatiana - Great course

Very well explained and doesn't sugarcoat anything

Clayton - Clayton

It changed since the last time I was on there. It's easier and much more comprehendable.

Rick - Great Course

Awesome course and easy to comprehend.

Savanah - it was great

The course was very easy to follow, and made it very easy to pass the exam with no problem. would highly recommend!

Savannah - Great Course

Very helpful and interesting.

Casey - I passed, it was very informational. Got alot out of it and one step closer to my goal. Thank you

It was well layed out, very imformative. Its done!

Scott - Ms Ford

Course was great

Layne - Good course

It was one of the better tests

Charles - Excellent

The website was really good. Format was wonderful.

Kathleen - Excellent Information

This course was very interesting and full of good info. I was surprised by how much I learned.

Donna - Great Course

WEll explained

Alyssa - Alyssa

good test

Angelina - Easy

It was very simple and cool to learn.

makena - Makena

very good coarse

Abigail - Great Course

Easy to complete!

Shirley - very helpful

great course

Samantha - TLSAEC

it went great!

Julie - Great Course

Great Course

Jake - brandon

A bit repetitive but otherwise educational

John Harold - FL TLSAE


richmond ian - good


Chloe - AMAZING!

I was scared to take this test but it was so informative that I passed on my first try!

Angelina - Great!

very informative and super simple! passed on my first try and only got one wrong.

Catalina - Great

Excellent course

Majella Cristy - Great

Great Course

Sandy - TLSAE Curse

very well done, explained, and i can continue whenever i want

Matthew - Pretty Good

This course was easy to read through and understand the information.

Erik - Good

Went over a lot of good topics and did a pretty good job at explaining everything.

Fedra - Very thorough

Convenient and well written

Jennifer - Great!!!

I'm happy I took this.

Jennifer - TLSAE

great course. easy to understand

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