Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Sydney - Sydney - Very informative

Loved how everything was made as easy as possible.

Dylan - Great informative Course!!

This was a great course. I chose the substance abuse & permit test. The course was very informative & actually entertaining.  Highly recommend NHSA for 1st time drivers. No other site could beat their price either for the combo.

Jori - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course


Elijah - Great value!

Thank you for providing this cost-effective, up-to-date, and user-friendly course TLSAE course! I hope people more people will use your materials.

Jeremy - Helpful site

A great way to  learn about the problems with driving while under the influence of a substance.

Trinity - Good

Kept my attention throughout the course.

Anna - Great Course

The pop quiz question kept me paying attention and the readings were easy to understand.

Victoria - good

very simple and convenient

Christiane - Very thorough

I enjoyed this package. It was packed with all you need in order to know what it means to drive, being a responsible citizen and making good judgement. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Very thankful for this!!

Daniel - Good Course

I liked that it allowed me to go at my own speed, and was easy to follow and understand

Tracy - Convenient and simple

This site was recommended to me by a friend, and it has exceeded my expectations. I found the read along option very helpful, and thought the lessons were well thought over. I feel more confident in driving now that I have taken this course, and would recommend this to anyone looking to get their permit. Thank you!

Dulce - easy course

This course, was easy and faster than expected. The cheapest price available.

Daniel - Daniel - Great

Fast, Easy, and Education. Would recommend to any new comers.

Emily - Great

Course was super easy to follow along with. Would recommend to anyone.

Ivan Martin - Great

Well planned and efficient to do!

Annalise - Annalise: Great Course-Taking Experience

Signing up was straightforward, and learning the material was engaging and easy. I feel much more informed on traffic and substance abuse laws now!

Kelsey - Nice!

I found the audio to go along with the text to be quite helpful. I've definitely learned a lot from this course. Thank you!

Erin - Recommend

Easy to navigate and use. Finished course within 3 days

Terron - Online Permit test

it was a very convenient way to take the test since most dmvs are closed right now.

Leonardo - Informative

This course was fun and interesting providing important information.

Julian - recommend

it was a well  planned out course that explains the material  well and easily.

Annia-Gabrielle - Easy!

This course was very simple and I completed it in 3 days (i worked for 30 minutes the first 2 days and the 3rd day I worked for 2 hours). Very simple to learn the consequences of driving under the influence.

Amanda - great!

very informal and the voice reader was very helpful

Anastasiia - Good

Very nice experience!Thank you!

Jonah - Cool

This was a pretty good course, all the info was on the slides and they don't try to cheat you out with trick questions.

Barbara - Understandable and Thorough

Genuinely enjoyed the course. I found it easy to understand and remember the information provided. As I went through the course, some points were reiterated and that was extremely helpful.

Jacquie - Simple & Easy

The course was straightforward and informative. I feel prepared for the road.

Angelina - Awesome

This course helped me easily understand every topic explained. This was absolutely great.

Jessica - Very easy

Very easy course to understand and test covered all material learned.

Romy - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course is organized and explains the material clearly. It was very informative and videos show how important it is to know about the consequences of alcohol and drug use when driving.

Preston - Great

The Course was easy and helpful, especially with the voice - reader.

ALICE - Course Review

No hidden fees and keeps you engaged in the reading with pop quiz questions.

Jerry - Good

This was a really good  course, it explained and helped a lot

Lilleigh - Took awhile but worth it!

This course took me a few hours but it was easy to get through i would recommend it to my friends and anyone!

Alexis - Extremely Helpful

This course was very helpful and easy to understand and getting an idea of what will be recommended on the permit test.

Megan - Course Review

It was very helpful and easy to understand! Would recommend :)

Joshua - Great Course and Lowest Price!

When other companies were very expensive, the National Highway Administration had a course that was very thorough, easy to understand, and simple to navigate. It was a very easy process. 10/10!

Arnie - Drug and Substance course

It is easily to understand and concrete examples.

marilyn - Great Course Overall

Easy to understand and is very informative


its very easy to understand , the quiz aint that hard . its a good way to start

Ethan - Good Course

Course was amazing. Taught me a lot of new things about driving.

Isabella - Fast and Easy

I had a very simple and fast time using this website to get my learners permit!

Sawyer - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Learned a lot of new things that I didn't know.

Lizet - Permit Requirments

It was very easy to understand the material and the pop quiz questions (that do not affect your score) during the  4 hour course was helpful for getting an idea of what was going to happen on the actual permit exam. Read the questions very carefully and focus on the 4 hour course and you should do just fine. Good luck :)

Debbie - Good Course

Thorough course and easy to understand for new drivers.

Cheryl - Ellie - helpful

Course was great! It taught me a lot of new things.

Sergio - Course Review

Excellent course! Easy to understand.

Marisa - Course

The course was very informative

Mikayah - Extremely helpful

It’s been a long time coming and this course has really helped me understand the responsibilities of a young driver.

Stephanie - Nice experience

This course was great ! Would definitely recommend !!!!

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