Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Shandy - Traffic law substance abuse education course

It's very helpful and easy to underastand.

Emily - Education course

I liked the course but I didn't enjoy the videos.

Jacob - Great Course

Learned a lot.

Julian - Drug and Alcohol Course

Good course good information Easy to take

James - Very informative course

Firstly, I didn't want to take the course. Now I'm glad I took it

Javier - Alcohol Course

I learned a lot about the course and enjoyed the ability to complete it on my own time.

Herriot - Great and easy course

Very easy to take

Angelina - Thumbs up

it was very well informative

Marion - Alcohol test

Very clear

Jamalica - Awesome experience

Thank you for teaching me in order to make my next step closer to being a driver

Teresa - Drug and Alcohol Test

very well information provided. test well understood.

Adrian - Simple And Easy

In just mere days, I was able to complete and pass the TLSAE test.

alleene - course rating

very easy and helpful :)

Jamison - Awesome Course

The course I've taken for the past month was incredible!

Carlos - Pretty Easy to follow

I liked the pictures of examples and it’s clear text of explanation.

Jaylin - Alcohol and Drug Test

really easy

Jacob - FLTLSAE Course Summary

The Course was great! Got it done within a day, and passed! Thank You NHSA!!!

Damien - Review of Course

This course made it very simple and easy to understand.

Devon - Alcohol and Drug Test

It was very clear to understand and not hard at all.

Gregory - Course review

This course is easy to understand and is easy to complete this is a very cool course to know about.

alexa - good course

helped me learn a lot





Kayla - Kayla - Good Course

It is easy to understand, and it made the process a whole lot better.

Bazelais - Alcohol and drug test

Was good

peyton - test review

test was excellent.

Jyotismita - Drug and alcohol test

It was a good comprehensive learning from the course. Easy to understand.

Ricky - Good

Simple and clear

Yasmin - Great Course

Easy and simple to understand and great flexibility

Wayne - Great tool

This made the whole process seem like a breeze

STEPHANIE - Online Drug and Alcohol test

This was actually fun. I just had to write down somethings and listen. I had to stop for about two day because I went out of town, but when I came back I resumed where I left off. I love this online course. The Price was the best very affordable.

Matthew - Matthew-Good

The course was easy to learn and remember

Elizabeth - TLSAE

Excelent and clear

Darius - Smooth

Simple and easy

Chloee - Great experience

This course was super easy to navigate and use while giving me all the necessary information for me to pass the end of course test.

Marc - One of the best

Very trust worthy, able to make anyone achieve and be able to drive:)

Seras - Educational

This course was very informational and educational

Aiden - Very good

Understood it well

jemal - Jemal - Helpful and Easy course

As I said in the title this course was very easy and informative, I'm 20 years old and it taught me more than I've ever known in my whole life. Very much recommended.

David - Comprehensive!

Quick and easy - simple to understand :)

Suzanne - Great

Easy to understand

Jose Angelo - Keep it up!

Keep up the great work, but I suggest that the read-along feature accompany the reader while scrolling so that the reader won't get lost in the text while finding the pause button for a break.

Lory - Excellent course

This course was very informative and very easy to follow!

Justin - It was great

The course was great, it explained everything well.

Mikaila - Great Online Test

Great way to get the 4 hour drug and alcohol test done fast and easy!!

Amanda - excellent

It was an essential course to broaden my knowledge to be more extra careful in driving specially like me who are first timers

Yaneris - Good

The course was easy

adrianna - driver test

i loved it i learned really fast took me couple of tries but i got th hang of it

Chase - Nice and Simple

Not complicated and easy to understand

Justin - Great

Very well explained

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