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Caroline - Review of FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The content of the course was very clearly and persuasively written and organized by topic. There was sufficient statistical evidence to emphasize the seriousness of substance abuse and driving as a lethal combination. The short films that were included in the course were life-changing in the real stories they told of individuals whose lives have been irrevocably altered or sacrificed due to substance abuse and driving. Thank you for such a good preparation for having a driver's license !

abdiel - My experience

The best course ever im so happy

Jose - JASP Excellent course

Im learn a lot !!!!!!

Ly - Useful course

very easy to use and informative.

Dellette - FL TLSAEC

This course really helped me learn what I needed to know before getting my permit. Not only that, but it was the first step in allowing me to receive my permit. It saves time because it's online, and it's convenient. I would definitely recommend this course to others!

Alex - Easy

It was super easy and has the importance of driving and helping other whilst doing it.

Sekhiah - Fantastic course

Fantastic course. It made it very easy to understand about the importance of not being behind the wheel when impaired with alcohol or drugs. As well as other vital information. I passed the test on my first try! Would recommend!

Briana - Course Review

It was a good course, and I liked the fact they used videos, used terms that kids our age will be able to understanding, and had humor in it! Plus it was cheap.

Brittany - Excellent Course

This was a good course and it made it easier for me to understand and pass.

Brendan - Brendan

it was very insightful

Maranda - Very helpful and cheap test!

I highly recommend you take this test on this website!!

Felicia - Great

I love the videos and pictures plus informational courses about TLSAE and I can work at home on my phone or computer/laptop

Isaym - Isaym- Best course ever

Thanks to this course i have more experience in the Driving world and i am ready to drive!!

Destin - Excellent!

Very informative course and easy to comprehend.

Janeth - Excellent course!

It was very informative and easy to understand!

Renee - great course!

this course was really informative and easy to pass, definitely recommend it.

James - Great Course!

This course was very informative and really easy to pass.

NAY - Great Course

very informatic and easy to understand

Isabella - Good

Very good review and practice. Thank you.

Christopher - Very helpful!

The course had lots of great information, and the pop quiz questions in between helped to keep me on track!

nadiyah - GREAT!

it was straight to the point and very informal .

Daniel - great course

My first time taking this course. I thought it would be difficult but it was easy. The course is long but well worth it.

Malachi - Malachi- Great course, very informational.

Easy to understand and easy to pass if you pay attention to the  information it gives you.

Danisha - Great Course!

Super easy and informative.

Francisco - Good Course

It was easy to understand and got straight to the point

Eugene - Very informative

Very easy to take very valuable information to know

david - GREAT


Ashley - Great course

Easy to understand and maneuver through course and good information

Latania - Great Course

This course was easily understood. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

Jimena - Loved it


Jimena - Loved it

The thing that I loved most was the read aloud feature

Kimberly - Excellent Course

Quite challenging yet necessary course.

Martin - Very informative

It has many helpful information that can guide you later on.

Mario Lemuel - Great Service

This course was easy and inexpensive. Highly recommend this to everyone.

Cristian - Noice

Nicely put together.

keyvon - TLSAE

Great Learning Course

Ethan - Good Course

Easy to use and understand, informative.

Arpita - Great Course

The course website has a lucid interface, and informative.

Danielle - Easy to use

It was easy to use, very informative and straightforward.

Elbin - Very happy

I learned a lot and it made me a better to become more of safe driver

Sydney - Great course!

The drug and alcohol course was very thorough and taught me a lot about things I needed to know before driving.

Ida - Fl Law & Substance Abuse On line Education Course

Most informative, thorough and didactically designed. Couldn't have been better! Highly recommended!

Anaiya - Good!

This is very convenient especially for students on the weekend and the mini quiz questions ensure that you learned everything you need to!

Makayla - Great Course

This course had a lot of information and was easy to do.

April - Great!

So easy to use, love how this makes everything so much more simpler. I am a student and have a busy schedule so it was awesome how simple ad convenient this was. I have friends who did the same thing but through a different company or the school, and I got mine done like 4x faster than they did!

Joseph - Awesome Course

Alot of life saving information.

carlee - great course

This course went over everything needed in detail.

Sree Poojitha - TLSAE- Affordable and easy

Learned a lot with this course, it was pretty informative.

Alyssa - course

great course fun and easy to do

Lawrence - easy course to follow

if you do the work and follow along you should do fine

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