Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Katie - Katie

It taught me what I needed to know and was easy to complete. Satisfactory and not too expensive.

Sienna - Easy but Informative

This is easy to understand and to use. It is also informative when it comes to learnings about alcohol and drug consumption. I finished it in one sitting.

James - Great Course

Easy to navigate and written in ways that are easy for teens to understand.

Ahmed - Pleasant experience

I have learned a lot over my time with the drug and alcohol course, lovely experience.

Kristian - Course

It was easy to fallow and easy to do

Giovanni - Honesty Great

Simple interface to use + a great learning opportunity

luis - much needed.

the course was a great learning experience and a real eye opener.

luis - much needed.

the course was a great learning experience and a real eye opener.

Madison - Good Review

This helped me to understand the necessity for safety when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Jason - Course Review

Overall, the course did exactly what it was meant for.

Brittney - Easy and Simple

Easy to navigate and used simple wording for teens to understand

Selena - Extremely easy

Cheaper than lowestprice traffic shool, and extremely helpful. Recommend

Brooklyn - helpful

Teaches us a lot and helps to know more about permit test

Steven - Very easy and informative

I feel extra confident that I can pass my permit test now

Samuel - Very Helpful

I now feel confident i can pass my permit test

Joseph - Drug And Alcohol

this really helped me !

Jack - Drug and Alcohol Course

Just what I needed to complete the course. The read along is very helpful and the review questions are great. Very easy to understand as well.

Jack - Drug and alcohol

It is helpful. Not difficult or hard to do.

Julianne - Drug and alcohol

Very understandable and informative

julieta - drug and alcohol

very easy to understand and quick.

Evan - Evan-Drug and Alcohol

very long but very simple and interesting to learn about.

Nila - very useful course

there's so many useful information that a driver must know

Trent - Drug and Alcohol

Great coarse,  and very informative!

Jon - Aubrey-Course Review

Super easy, passed on the first try. Great learning experience.

James - Review

Very easy to understand and use.  It was great and could have not asked for better

Lucas - thank you

I really enjoyed how it kept me engaged by reading to me. It also helped by displaying the knowledge efficiently.

Ethan - Ethan.powell

The taste was very very easy to get through and no pain at all I am really happy I am able to do this.

Liz - Substance Abuse Course

Passed on the first time

Sophia - Substance Abuse Course

Very easy and interesting. Passed on the first try.

Angelina - Angelina - Substance Abuse Course

Course was interesting and very easy to understand.

Wayne - Drug and alcohol

Interesting and easy to learn about! Also, easy to keep up on.

Estephany - Substance Abuse Course

Very Easy, passed on the first try.

Serenity - Course Review

Passed on my first time. Easy to understand

Daniel - Exam

Easy simple course passed on first try

Mariana - Substance Abuse Course

Fast, entertaining, and  interesting to learn! Topics are well introduced and explained in the course!

Brandi - Drug & Alcohol course

Very informative course!

Celina - Drug and Alcohol course

Great course! I learned fast and easy.

Aubrey - Drug and Alcohol Course

Great course, very informative and easy test

Althea - Drug and Alcohol Course

Very easy to take, understand and read. Also gives you unlimited chances to pass!

Elizabeth - Wonderful

This was a wonderful, easy program to follow. Thank you.

Stephen - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

The course was very effective and the read along was a nice feature that kept me engaged and on time with the page turning

Tammy - Drug and Alcohol Course

I thought it was very effective, passed first try!

Liliana - drug and alcohol information course

it's very informative. Very cohesive, the content might seem like a lot and a lot to take in but, in the end, it benefits you!

Tania - Florida Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course

The lesson was informative and prepared me for the test.

sophia - drug and alcohol course

it was very easy for me to understand and the test gave me all the right info!

Keith - TLSAE Course

super easy, and simple. extremely educational.

Debra - Drug and alcohol course

Very easy to understand content was well described I passed second try after focusing more on what was being asked !

Hayley - Great course

Super easy to take and finish, test aren’t super hard but just about the right information you need to know before driving!

Owendy - Great

I enjoyed learned fast and easy!

Eda - National Highway Safety Administration

Very easy and quick to take the Drug and Alcohol portion of the course. Well done product.

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