Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Krizza - Worth it!

Great tool. Very informative!

Rosaly - FL Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The questions between the readings were really helpful and overall it was great.

shelsea - Shelsea-AMAZING COURSE

super helpful and full of information!!!! 100 percent amazing

Chevonne - Pretty good course

It was very easy to understand and was easy to navigate. Long but very comprehensive

kahlia - Great course!!

Passed the permit test in no time! 10/10 I would reccoment.

Jake - Substance abuse education

I learned a lot  and will  use all the things in the test in the future . But had fun doing so.

Kai - FL TLSAE Course

Great and Thorough Course.

Alexandra - Fl Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education course

Got it done in less the a week


explained everything very well!

Ursula - This was a great experience

Although the course is long. I really enjoyed the text to speech. I feel accomplished to be done with this and happy that this site is very user-friendly. I can't wait to START DRIVING!!!

Allan - long

i love the fact that it was read to me..  its alot to read

Jeremy - Great Course

This course was very easy to follow and made sure that I knew the material throughout the whole thing. I felt very well prepared for the final exam and passed it first try!

cassidy - LOVED THIS COURSE!!!

This course was so easy to understand, the guiding questions helped a lot ! I passed  the final exam  on  the first try. I would definitely recommend  this course to anyone looking to get their permit!

Dominique - great program

amazing program!!!

Ketty - Nico

It was easy and great. Learned a lot

Josie - good

completed it in a few hours. very thorough

Amy - Great

Did it all in two nights.

Lori - Great

Very easy to understand and informative!! I would highly recommend.

Daniel - Good

Loved it gives you multiple tries to retake your test

Barbara said - FLTLSAEC Wonderful

Completed Course a little a day

Jennifer - Great course!

Easy to understand and complete

NICOLE - Long but simple

Although it was long, it made everything easy to understand

Kylie - I passed!

This test was so much cheaper than on some other websites and has helped me learn so much. I like how it gave you a minimum time and allowed to you take breaks and resume the test. Overall, it was great!

dominic - Good course

Was indepth

anthony - Wonderful

It got the point across

Abigail - Great

great way of explaining all material

Jasper - Jasper - Easy to follow

Provided easy to understand and well laid-out information about Substance Abuse and the dangers of driving under the influence.

Virginia - good course

well thought out

Charlie - Good

The course helped to layout everything I needed to know.


This course helped me understand the different laws, risks, and privileges of driving.

Sophia - Great Program

They did a great job at explaining what I need to know. , Excellent program. Quick and easy to complete.

Jose - Jose Godoy

This course was great. All was read to me,and very easy to understand.

Ashley - Awesome

The course was very easy and very well explained

Peter - Great course

Tells you everything you need to know in simplest terms and is good at explaining

Tricia - Great Course

This was an excellent course!

Kaitlin - Great

They do a great job at explaining things in a logical way and warn teenagers about the dangers of driving.

Jaxon - Organized and Descriptive

This course was well laid out and provided detailed information of the risks of acquiring driving privileges.

Kimberly - Drug and Alcohol Course

Provided stories on why you should not drink and drive.  Provided excellent information.

Jake - This was so easy and quick

I really enjoyed this course; Not only was it easy, but it was extremely quick to do. I kind of procrastinated and did it when I was bored and had nothing better to do, but you could easily knock it out in a couple of hours.

Adina - Very clear and educational!

The course was clear, easy, and interesting to read!
The test was not at all tricky, if you read the information and understood it, you should be able to pass the test without a problem! I would really recommend this course!

Camden - Amazing

it was very well thought out

Rosa - Really helpful

Everything was understandable and made the test incredibly easy.

Leonardo - VERY USEFUL

The videos were very useful and clear

Ashley - Helpful

This helped me to better understand the risks of a driver who is under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and all of the other risks and responsibilities that come on with driving.

Ariel Victor - Easiest reviewer for 4 hour drug and alcohol test

Very informative and easy to understand
Worth the money

Audriyanna - Awesome

it was so easy and convenient, i was able to stay at home and easily understand the course and test


The information was intriguing and written well. The course was extremely helpful for the test and was easy to complete a final review with. Overall, it was an excellent course.

Melody - Blood and alcohol Course

I enjoyed the course and it has taught me a lot about being a responsible driver.

Keturah - AMAZING

Great Information, they also make sure you understand all about the dangers of driving under the influence.

Marina - Helpful

I was able to understand everything and the test wasn’t insanely hard

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