Hector - Informative Helpful and to the Point!

All topics and information covered was thorough and all questions on the final exam were based on it all. It   enabled me to not only pass but do great on the exam!



Sierra - Great course

It was a fast and easy course, with understandable articles and questions.

Jhonelle - TALSE

Great Course

Nancy - THE BEST

its really good

Nicholas - Good

It was a good test

Amy - Drug and Alcohol Test

Entertaining and easy!!!

jorge - traffic law/Substance abuse

very informative

jorge - traffic law/Substance abuse

very informative

sebastian - Great Course

It was very helpful and I learned a lot

Andrew - The Course was good

Ever since I used this program, it helped me become more aware the possible dangers when driving, in addition this program even includes resources and statistic that help me understand certain laws pertaining to driving on the road.

Jessica - Drug and Alcohol Test

This course was very informative in what I need to learn so I can drive safely on the road. I really enjoy doing this course really help me a lot.

Mohamed - Great! Thanks.

Easy and great.

Mohamed - Great! Thanks.

Easy and great.

Eddie - Fantastic course

Very helpful and educational course.

Micaela - TLSAE Review

Great platform and material.

Jennifer - Good

Good course

Nirav - TLSAE Course

It was quick and easy to understand!

Joseph - good

course was fast, informative, and simple. would recommend it

Elizabeth - review

the program was easy to use and very simple

Diana - helpful


Joseph - Satisfaction


Stephanie - Great class!

Entertaining and educational, I really liked it.

Diane - Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course


Maria - Good information

Thank you it was way too understand.

edwin - Drug and Alcohol Test

Very good

Katelyn - Informational

I learned plenty

Donna - Drug and Alcohol Test

very informative

Ethan - good

The course was good.



alejandro - Good class. Easy to follow

Good class. Easy to follow

Cheryl - it was fabulous.


kailee - Good


Jose - The best

I learned stuff that i have never heard off, thanks for the help and making life easier

Kiana - amazing!!!!

this course really did help me! and its very paced and you can use it on your own time!

Franco - it was good

it was good

Demetrius - drug and alcohol test

It really really help me and it works

Luis - good course

It was very interesting, with many statistics and amazing acts

Wyatt - Good Experience

Helpful and Informative

Shelby - it was extremely informative

very helpful

Dhruvin - Alcohol and Drug Test Review

It was very comprehensive and user friendly.

ludivine - pretty good

i wish the articles weren't timed because i often finished them before the timer.

Suha - g


Bryanna - Drug and Alcohol test

it was very informative and i was pleased with the format

Eva - Good

It was slow but good

Daphyne - Rating

I enjoyed this course and feel as if I learned a lot from it.

Nethan - Tlsae

It was really good

Joy - drug and alcohol test

This course was very informative in what I need to learn so I can drive safely on the roads and know what I need to know.

Tyler - National highway safety administration

I really enjoy doing this course really help me a lot and tell me more about driving and he gave me inspiration to even learn more about driving I really like to thank the person who made this course and it gave me so much  inspiration  that's all I can say

Morgan - Good

Well done

Dillon - like

it was easy

Phillip - liked

Pretty easy fun as well I might say to.



Chase - 10/10


Raymond - Course Review

taking this course was edifying and the subjects were explained in detail. it was also flexible with my time.

Sandra - Great option

I really appreciate that i could stop and continue anytime my class, thanks!

Maria - excellent


Maria - excellent


marilin - great

this website is really good for learning about drug and alcohol abuse, not only that but also other driving lessons.

Malik - good


Melahn - Good

Good course, learned a lot I didn't know.

Debby - Liked it

It was easy and didnt drag on to long

Alan - Very recommended

Very helpful and better you can go on your own pace for a reasonable pace

Yubelca - It was easy

I'm glad I passed

Nikita - Thank You

Course was very easy and educational. I was able to continue the course at any time and was able to pick off where I left off. I am planning to take the Permit test on here as well.

Jose - good

i loved it

Abel - Permit course

I loved this course it taught me what i needed to know about what to do and what not to do with drugs.

Lauren - Good Course

Great Class

Isabella - Adequate course

Everything was fine although the amount of time required to spend on each page is a bit much especially for fast readers.

sofia - liked

enjoyed the course easy and easy website to use

Sridhar - GOOD

very easy to read and well wrote

Marcelino - easy course

passed it one day.

Marta - Great

this helped very much and gave me everything I needed to pass.

Christopher - Great Website!

This site was easy and I will refer all my friends here!

Laura - No complaints

Long test. Website is easy to use

Jerry - Review

Very educational I actually learned a lot and the course was surprisingly easy.

Kenn - Review

It was an easy course than I had expected. The mini quiz's really helped me study for the final exam.

Patrick - Good

Passed and finished course within one day

Vanesa - Excellent


Sarah - review

very informative and helpful

Edrina - great

this was wonderful

Jacqueline - Course Review

Good information and easy to read.

Victoria - florida traffic law and substance abuse education


Evan - Drug and Alcohol Course

Very helpful

DAVID - I was good

I liked it.

Enrique - Great

I learned a lot on here I never knew about great site

Emmanuel - What I Think About the TLSAE Course

This program was a very educational experience and taught me very much about the rules of the road and how to avoid dangerous situations. I especially enjoyed the video, it was great. A big thanks to the creators.

Zachary - I liked the course

I liked because it read the text to me which helped me get through the course faster.

Isabel - TLSAE Course Review

I feel that the course did a good job preparing me for the final TLSAE test.

Eva - Course

All the information provided was useful and very easy to understand.

Alfredo - Course

Very simple and effective.

Alec - very helpful

This course was very helpful and informative, and the practice quizzes help me to remember all of the information!

Lindsey - Good

It took forever but completely worth it!!

amanda - amanda

they course was easy to follow and the practice questions were of much assistance


Thanks test was great!

Matthew - Yo

I like it

Matthew - Yo

I like it

Matthew - Yo

I like it

Matthew - Yo

I like it

Matthew - Yo

I like it

Naomi - review title

pretty gr8 thx :)

Sean - A well written course

What more can I say? It is a well written course that is easy to comprehend.

Sheila - It was an awesome course!

I liked how easy this course was and how it was broken into sections, I think that really helped a lot. My favorite part was how you could take a break and come back later, it made it a lot less stressful!

Dante - I liked it very much.

I appreciate how informative and helpful this course was in explaining to me in simple terms the rules of the road and how to follow them.

Isabela - thanks

i just wanted to say thanks for all this course has permitted me to learn.

Matthew - Good

No problems whatsoever.

Daelon - great website

this was easy and I learned a lot of things I didn't know this is great and I'm thankful for the opportunity

Sydney - It was fun!

The whole course and small chapters were really helpful and I learned a lot about drugs. Some things I never would have even thought were dangerous, are dangerous.

Jake - Why

Why is this course necessary

karen - karen

thank you very much

karen - karen

thank you very much

karen - karen

thank you very much

karen - karen

thank you very much

francesco - drug n alcohol test

course was dope

Marc - TLSAE Course

It was great.

Janie - Fl traffic law and substance abuse course

It was good

Keyela - Drug & Alcohol Course

Good as long as you pay attention

Isaac - Very Understandable

I was able to sit and do the whole course in one day and it made a lot of sense.

Boris - Good

Imformative and helpful

Emily - the class was good

I'ts pretty good I liked how I could take a break and come back to it. not a bad price either.

Chloe - drug and alcohol course

test was good.

Angel - Good


Tonya - Pretty Good

For a required course this one was not that bad. Once I got going, it went by pretty fast and it taught me what I needed to know. I passed my first try.

Daniel - Test

The test was fun and easy to follow

Matthew - GREAT


Sarah - TLSAE

Thorough and challenging test

Tyler - Great

This was a great course for everything I needed to learn about alcohol and drug safety

Peter - Drugs And Acholol

Great Course

Brandon - Traffic law substane abuse

Driving permit

Wesley - awesome

easy and efficient. loved it

David - Drug and Alcohol Course Review

The course was smooth, quick, and nearly timeless. I learned so much in so little time and i am definetly recommending this format to friends

Brittany - A Journey

A little stressful since I'm a very lazy person, it made me really think and I have learned a lot, A little scared about the 50 Questions in one hour test though

Meagan - good


Harry - Good

This was a good course

Kylee - It was good

It didn't take too long and I learned beneficial information.

Escarlyn - Good

Good and organized course, thanks.

Donna - Fantastic

It was quick and simple to get through and pass this course. Thank you!

Beverly - Awesome

It was actually not that hard. I also am pleased that I was able to have someone read it to me so I could not fall asleep reading all of the articles and I could do other things at the same time.

Makailah - Great

Fast and Easy!!!!

Quinn - Very Informational

Very lengthy, however taught all of the necessary information to pass the test easily.

Daniel - Very Good

Is really helpful !!!

Giannelly - Opinion

The course is pretty straight forward and educational, the questions given through out the course greatly help and reflect the content on the actual exam

Tajsha - Thanks for the info!

Very informative

Myriam - good


Guadalupe - C - TLSAE COURSE

Great course

Allison - Good

It easy and fun. Not very complicated and I learned a lot.

Katherine - good

it was easy and fun

Joshua - It was very educational

I immensely enjoyed this course. It was satisfyingly informative

Trent - Super simple


Sierra - TLSAE

This course was very detailed and very helpful. Information given in paragraphs were understandable and written at best! I enjoyed it

Adrianna - Nice and Easy!

This class was nice and easy. I believe it takes more than four hours, but if you pay special attention to the quizzes you take during the course, and the notes, you will surely pass.

Samantha - Time Management

I finished most of it in a few days even with my busy vacation schedule and it was great.

Michael - Excellent Course

it gud


Great course.

Lamar - Amazing Course

I really love. GREAT

Isabeau - Beau- love this course

This course was super educational and taught me things I needed and wanted to know about the rules or the road.

Jeffery - great website

fast simply easy

Jeffery - great website

fast simply easy

Jeffery - great website

fast simply easy

Lindsey - Very Informational

A lot of info to take in, but they make sure you understand it well. Explains everything very thoroughly.

Ajani - Great Course

Although my computer runs weird with Google Chrome but, this course has proven its greatness over the 3-day period I took it 10/10-IGN. Would Recommend.

Jenna - great

this course explains every little thing to help the student understand.

Arthi - Great Course

Best service.  The page is easy to use and lets you go over the questions that you answered wrong. I went through FunnyFlorida initially cause it was cheap. The web page was horrible to use and was constantly crashing. After so many attempts I gave up and found NationalHighway Safety. Finished my course at ease. To put it, in short, it was Affordable, Interesting,  Easy to follow.

Ethan - Good course


Timothy - Excellent program

Works extremely well no problems very helpful

Tyler - Drug and alcohol course

Informational, great course.

Nicole - perfect!!!

good set up and practice.

Michael - lit

pretty good, read to me

Arlington - Great Course

You get to learn things that are not even about alcohol, and they are very useful.

Tristan - Great Course

Very useful information for real world applications  and content on the test.

Lucas - Interesting and informational

It was an informational and nice course to take for my drivers ed

Wayne - Great Course! Very Helpful.

I came into this course thinking it would be a more common sense type class. Fortunately for me, I caught on really fast that most of these things I did not know and ended up scoring a lot better than I thought I would. Very easy to understand and does not take a lot of time.

Safia - Simple Course

Easy to understand

britney - Great Course

Easy test and time saving.

Zoha - Easy Course

It was an easy course. I like how you can work at your own pace. There are no hassles.

Sergey - Drug and Alcohol Course

Excellent  course.
Should be required in every state.

Anthony - Great Test!

i liked it and it was simple and easy

Terry - Excellent

Very Good

Blake - BRH - Good course

Needs to be edited.  Some grammar mistakes.

Jarrett - exam

I passed !

Maylin - Excellent Course!!!

This course was very beneficial and flexible. I was able to do it on my phone, tablet and laptop.  I learned much content in the course and passed the final exam on my first try. I highly recommend this course!!

Ethan - TITle

fairly easy but some of the question force you to think in between the lines 8/10 would recommend

Haimchandra - well informed future driver

glad i used NHSA

Susanna - susanna

easy but takes awhile.

Kayla - Awesome

Helped me understand the different impacts of drugs use and  alcohol use in a vehicle.

Ajani - Good

Good explanation

Christian - Enjoyed Course

Enjoyed the test at the end. Unlike most courses, but was simple and basically an easy review. Overall course took me awhile but very knowledgeable

Eleanor - Great!

Honestly this course and test were a lot easier than I though they woud be.

DEVIN - test


Jodiann - Very patient

It took me forever to finish,but I had all the time I need to get it right

Isabella - easy :)

pretty easy if you listen to the course

Roderick - Drug and Alcohol course

Learned a lot of new things.

mark - j,


Johnnie - The Best

Man that was easy.

Natalie - Great

I love it. Super easy!!!!

ANDRIA - The best drug and alcohol test

good course

Tamara - Very good

Thank you for this course.

Sebastian - good course

lots of learning

Kevon - drug and alcohol test

good course

Maryam - Best

I pay 14 dollar and i worth it . the exam was smooth and very easy just because i do it with this company thanks so much

Ariel - Easy to use


Melissa - Mel


Destiny - good

great thanks

Elana - TLSAE

It was really good and explained everything very good

Margaret - Maggie- covers all the bases

This is an excellent course and easy to understand.



Cade - Review


Alexander - Good Course For Those Looking To Begin Their Driving Experience

Very good and well set up informational course.  Would highly recommend to anyone, and can be completed in a shorter amount of time.  As someone who will soon be driving among others, teaches important skills needed to keep not only myself safe but also others!

andrea - Andrea Renee


Alek - Test


Shalifa - Great Course

I applied myself and I passed.

Jerrett - Well written, well explained course

Went over everything needed, was a huge help.

Artsiom - Good


Ganna - very useful course

useful and powerful course. thanks!

Atika - Absolutely Love It!

Very well written and explanatory as well as fun and educational. I would definitely recommend this to any first time drivers for their Drug and Alcohol Safety Course / TLSAE Course . There really are no hidden fees and what you pay for is definitely what you get. Very pleased!

Vere - TLSAE Course Info

A very educated course. I have learned some information that was essential for the benefit of my growth. Awesome.

Christina - Great corse

Helped me understand more about why I shouldn't use drugs and alcohol

Frank - Frank- Great Course

Loaded with relevant facts and statistics. Recommend for all kinds of drivers who are interested in keeping their driving skills  up to date.

Audrey - Really great resource

Lots of great information without any unnecessary additives.  

Aubrey - good

learned alot

Muhammad - Excellent

Affordable, Interesting,  Easy to follow 👍🏻

Royston - GOOD


Shaneil - TLSAE

very good

Bernard - TEST


Francois - very good

very good

Hunter - TSLAE

Good course finally

Nathaniel - 4 hour drug & alcohol course

Best Course for TSLAE

Kayla - Kayla - Drug and Alcohol Course

Most affordable option I found. Made it very easy to follow and resume course. Loved it.


Tons of useful information.

Ashley - Drug and Alcohol Course

Great and affordable.

melanie - Drug and Alcohol Course


Aleah - TLSAE

It was excellent.

Karla - Great course!

Great course!



Nazma - GOOD JOB


Christian - TLSAE Coarse

Very affordable, the material wasn't a slog to get through, and the test was so easy; didn't even break a sweat.

Kayla - Drug and Alcohol exam

not bad

Dylan - good


Tony - Amaing!

The whole experience is knowledgeable. The program put you in a position to start 🚗 in .smart danger free way.Thank you!! 😀😀

Mani - Drugs



I think they did a good job administering and exemplifying the potential costs of drug and alcohol use and abuse, and the education will make new drivers more aware of the dangers and importance of safety on the road.

Bradley - Bradley - Good

Good course

Alexander - easy and great

it  was fun and easy to take passed my first time

May Grace - tlsae

very good

Adam - Excellent; Learned to drive

Maybe a bit much on substance abuse, but all in all I got my permit and am very happy! Would and will recommend!

Keerti - Keerti - TLSAE


Famyrah - Great course!

This course is so easy and its format is very user-friendly so it was really easy to learn all the material.  It's an excellent course to purchase

Nicolas - Nicolas - Great

I got a really bad headache from this but it was well worth it in the end

Jean-Marc - NHSA Drinking course

This was a very educational and helpful course that I know will benefit me in the future


Great course!

Tahmina - Very Informative & Easy to Grasp

I enjoyed taking the course and learning a lot about various subjects related to the safety of driving. Easy to understand and follow.  An audio was a big plus.

Helen - Good

The information is clear and easy to understand.

Gabrielle - Good


Rainer - Very Helpful

This online course was very helpful in completing and passing the exams

jackson - tlsae

good stuff

Kevonta - Amazing service

Thanks to this site i can now go and get my license they were a great help thank you guys so much. 😊😊😊

Andrene - Andrene

I rate it 5 star, it was easy and very informative.

Darrius - awsome


Jonas - GREAT

There GREAT!

Diana - Great course

This was a great course I was able to stop and pick back up where I left off when I had to work.

Aaron - Great course, very convenient

Thank you. Great course, very informative, easy to use, and convenient.

Adam - TLSEA

Long coarse but I did it in one sitting. this site had the better offer for price than many others that offered this course.

Jahquay - Taking The Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

This course is excellent! They really make sure that you know the things you need to know.

Juan - TLSAE Course

excellent class

Valeria - GREAT


Valeria - GREAT


Jacob - TLSAE Course

This is worth the money, it makes it very easy to understand and you will almost certainly pass.

Roxanna - PASSED



Amazing and easy to understand. Loved the read along audio option.

Oleksandr - Got the job done

This is what you need to get your licence.

Sarah - Great!

Very educational and easy to understand, not boring at all.

joshua - great

it helped me alot


This is a great course  and is worth every penny.

Destiny - Destiny

This was informative

Joseph - Great Course

I loved that quizzes followed each section.

Ruzi - Worthy

Well thought.

Maxwell - Served it's purpose

I came, did what I had to do, and passed easily.

ashley - testing


jessie - Getting my license

Good learning tool and information.

Morgan - great

very helpful!!!

Shaan - Nice


Diane - Awesome site!

Worth every cent paid!

Alexander - Great

It was great

Cori - !!!

Very easy to read, I'm glad I chose this website!

Jose - really good

i liked that the explanation was simple but they teach you really well

Kriztian - Driving education course

Helped my son excel and learn a lot of extra info on driving importance and the use of alcohol and drugs, thanks!

Romeo - Good

This course is worth the money.

Kirsten - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

I passed with 84.00.% 42 out of 50 questions correct. And that is all thanks to the TLSAE course that was provided on here. I read the entire thing with no audio and it was very clear and easy to understand, could not be more pleased with this course. Very educational, covers everything it should. Thanks, National Highway Safety Administration!

Mia - Amazing

Easy to use and are able to use it anywhere.

vivian - Vivian- course


Vanessa - Big help. Great site to take the course

Best choice to take the course

Sea Ho - Great

Loved the layout of the course. It was easy and simple to understand.

John - Review of Course

It was good. Well structured.

Hunter - Great

Great course

Richard - Easy

Easy and simple. The course is read to you and goes over everything on test.

Franklyn - Very Good

Very Good

Golda - TLSAEC


Tomer - Great Course

Very good course

joshua - good


Davin - Great

It gave me a better understand of the rules of the road and driving, as well as the effects of drugs and alcohol on people.

Khristopher - KhristopherRood - TLSAE

Pretty simple, learned some things I didn't know.

Jacob - easy!

the test was great and easy to learn from.

Bobby - FANTASTICAL!!!!!!

It is worth paying the extra $3.95 for the narration!!! You can read along or just listen, if you're a chronic "multitasker" like me!

Mary Ann - TLSAE Course

Good job, very comprehensive

Destiny - TLSAE course

It was great, very efficient.

James - Reasonable price

Best priced test on the market and well constructed.

Bradley - It's fun

Important to know

Anitra - Great course!!!

Great course and customer service!!😁



Alexandra - Drug and Alcohol course

This course was extremely helpful!!!!

Lee-Ann - Great!

Easy to understand and pass well

Kemberly - excellent

thank you for providing this online.

Jacob - Excellent class with audio

My son did an excellent job and I think it's because it was audio and he took notes.  Great website.

Naushad - Such a great and an affordable way to complete this course.

Excellent and easy course.

Lucianne Marie - amaizing

amazing from start to end

Maria Victoria - Thank you

Thank you for the exam! I've learned so much things.

Veneccia - Reveiw

It was a very informative course.

Brendan - Impressive

This was very easy and helpful .

Jean - La diferencia

Fue muy bueno aprender sobre el alcohol y las drogas, me llevo a pensar y relflexionar.

Kimberly - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Course was very informative.

Lynden - Very informative, but still interesting

I found that the course was educational, and that I now know more about drugs, safety, and drug abuse than I did before. The course was still interesting, with a joke here and there, but the stories and examples were still informative. I personally can become uninterested and distracted very quickly, but the course was well written and researched, and kept me reading and learning.

Ross - In Depth Course

A very well planned out course covering any and all aspects of traffic law/ substance abuse and driving. Helped tremendously in the completion and success of my final exam

Issac - Great Course

Passed the test with 90% first try!

Michael - Great

It was great

Mariana - good

good test

Astrid - Good Educated Title

The text explained everything perfectly and clear at a nice paced and good grammar that everyone would understand perfectly.

Luca - Great Course

Text is good.

Michayah - Good


ZACHARY - It was good

fun course

Aselena - Good

Super easy

armando - traffic law substance abuse education course

great course

indira - pruebas alcohol y drogas

muy bueno e interesante curso se aprendió mucho y se conoció cosas que no se sabían es muy bueno todos los artículos que tienen

Emily - test

It was a very well stated test

Magdiel - Miguel


Manny - Good


Angel - Drug test

The slideshow type pages helped me to complete the test and was very easy to comprehend.

Isaiah - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Very Educational

Brion - Good


Pierrenell - Excellent

It was a really great test

Sasha - Sasha


Maryjo - I liked it

It was awesome

Ari - Helpful

Before I took this course, I thought I already knew everything that I needed to know. However, after taking this course I can proudly say that I know everything I need to thanks to this course.  

Hannah - Easy to understand, worth using

The material is broken into understandable sections, and the language is easy for teens to comprehend without being watered down.  
It's a good course for those seeking their permit to take.  I aced my test on the first try!

Kelly - course completion

I am a 44 year old women never held a drivers license had to take this test to move forward it was easy to follow and complete.

Pascal - very excellent way

I am honored to view the way you learn in USA. It's very helpful and I wish that others countries will take advantage to see and to apply all that things in their own country.
Sorry for my English because it's not so good yet.

                                                 Pascal PETION

Morgan - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Course

This course has helped me to understand what drugs can do to a personal and people. Drinking is a serous bad behavior that can cause a whole a lot of damage not only to others but to your self. People that drink and drive or do drugs and drive should think twice about getting into a car and driving . Wait , they don't even know  what is going on. This course was a big game changer for me and I hope it is for other teenagers. The video that took place in this course lets me myself think twice about  ever drinking and driving  or getting into a driver seat of a car. I really enjoyed how you guys made it easy to understand, easy to on to, I also liked how you guys did short quizzes on the topics.  

Thank you to those who made this course enteresting and possible.

Sayge - Amazing and fun

Fun and educational

Karly - Great


Sarina - Easy and Cost Efficient

When my 15 year old daughter found out she had to take a drug and alcohol test online, she couldn't believe her ears! She also couldn't stand the fact that it was a 4 hour course, especially for someone as busy as she is. But while taking the test online, a quick peek over her shoulder showed me that after each section, there was a short quiz for the specific topic. She found the quizzes extremely helpful, and when she didn't get one question right on the quiz, she would instantly go back and read over the topic to understand what she did wrong and learn more about it. After 4 hours, she passed by getting 43 out of 50 questions correct putting her at an 86%. She ran towards me and showed me her certificate with a huge grin on her face that just screamed "I did it!". I looked through out many sites, and found their prices outrageous. I mean $40 dollars for a test like this? I don't think so. I'm so glad that I found this website. And I'm also very glad I only have a few more steps to go in getting my daughter's learning permit.

Brandon - First Start

I was very excited to start this course and very happy to see that I passed the course on my first try. Now I can go on to join the drivers education class in school.

Ariel - Great and easy

This course was easy and accurate and cheap

Matheus - Excellent

Great Course

Nathan - cuarse

this was a well put together coarse

Nathan - course

this was thorough and well put together

Thomas - Good


Liping - TLSAE course

The class is very worthy to buy and very fun.