Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Marcus - Learners Permit Test

Questions written are easy to read and understand & the multiple choice answers.

Daniel - Amazing permit test

Super helpful and easy to navigate, 10/10 test and course.

Tori - driving permit


Lydia - Thank you

Thank you

Joshua - Joshua


Jayden - good


Jocelyn - permit


Luis Alberto - Really good

I had a good time with this, did not take long and made me learn.

Aubre - yeahh

it was pretty good

Anthony - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

The class was very informative, however, I did notice some of the questions to be outside the instructional information.

Warren - Permit course

Great program!

Ian - ian

great test

fabian - good


Idalia - Permit test

Excellent, very straightforward.

Allan - goodjpob


max - Max- Permit Test

it was hard but I still learn

Alejandra - Alejandra

FL First Time Drivers Permit Test, pretty good and similar to the practice test.

Danny - W

W course

Elizabeth - Elizabeth

Good course

Giana - Great Program

Super easy & helpful for my daughter

Michele - permit

I recommend

Khaitlin - Good Drivers Test

This was an excellent and easy to understand test.

Marlon - Aprovacion


Lukas - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Really good course and teaches the information needed for the road.

Isaias - great course

was very easy and straight to the point

Landon - Great Test

It was pretty easy to pass

Jewish - Great course

Was really straight to the point great course.

Jacob - Great test

this test helped me learn more about the road.

Ava - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

This course was really great and taught me a lot about how to drive on the roads

Emanuel - Awesome course

It was easy and quick

Hope - Florida Permit Test


Alexander - Great Test. Simple and Effective!

This course was fantastic. I was nervous going into it, but this course was simple, and user friendly! The feature that reads text aloud was very beneficial as it allowed me to take notes while listening to each segment.

Christian - permit exam

was very good and easy

Princess - Princess - perfect

Great test

kaden - my review

steps were easy tp follow

Ronaldo - Great test

worth it!

chad-rowen - good


Ivane - Great!

The test was pretty okay

Gisselin - Gisse

Great course


The test was very easy

Mateo - Excellent

I love this company. They are very efficient!

sophia - taking my test

pretty easy

Brianna - excellent course

Good questions and learning experience

chris - worth it

was amazing

Darien - Great Course

Great Course

Jacob - jake

worth it

Ethan - Amazing Online Test

I found this website really useful for online permit tests

sarah - great!

this was a very helpful and easy to follow exam

Jayden - Permit test

Really easy and perfect

Noah - Quick and easy

Taking the test was quick and very easy.

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