Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Reina - Good course

Good tool, works great. Very simple to navigate and use.

hillary - permit test

very good , smooth and easy to use

Esther - good


camren - camren

very helpful for preparing me to drive

FERNANDO - it was an awesome course

very helpful


I felt pretty good doing this test, sure of my answers and I really like this page

Lily - Good practice exam

It really helped me pass

Gabriella - good




Henry - Great website!

Very helpful and educational website

Mariah - Driving test

The test was good!

Latasha - great


Jacob - Amazing

This has helped me very much!

William - drivers permit test

good course

Austin - Permit test

Very helpful course

Rifca - Permit review

It was good I learned a lot

Alivia - Permit Test Review

It was great! There was enough time and the questions were not too difficult :)

anahi - passed

I passed my test

Catherine - Not horrible.

Very stressful but not hard. Easy to complete. Had a few things I never reviewed but that's by bad.

Jordan - Review of drivers permit test

was a great test 10/10

Ava - Fun


Angela - Review of drivers permit test

This was a good course

Alam - Info on my experience

I was nervous because I didn’t know if I would pass it but I did.

Samantha - Easy


Zachary - Great Test.

I took it, questions weren't hard or easy. 10/10

Loida S - Loida

Great experience!

Jayawn - The test

It was a good test I was a little nervous but I did well

dan - pre test

I like how it give 3 toys before  you fail and you get to practice and learn from it and it shows what you got wrong and correct

kayden - driver permit

easy to work

caitlin - good

the test was good, liked how it let me know how much i got wrong so i'm not left wondering whether im going to fail until the end. i passed so thats cool

Zachary - how i felt

i felt great when completeing the permit test the questions where the perfect difficulty

Nathen - Amazing program!

Challenging but not hard

Cally - A good takeaway

It was very understandable and I felt like I was really learning a lot

Daisy - Free practice test!!??

doing it online here made me feel way more comfortable and less stressed then attempting the test in person :)

kaua - i passd


Josiah - Josiah-review


Jesslyn - great


alex - alex review

challenging but not impossible

omar - how i felt about the permit test

i felt really confident when i first took it i was a little nerves but it was not really hard and i feel really good that i passed

Ayden - Ayden - review


kenyjah - Drivers test


Belissa - I passed !!!

I was amazing and not has hard as I thought bc I studied

Ridley - review

good test

Eyleen - Eyleen's Review

It was a good course i learned a lot.

Daniel - I passed

I passed.

Alfredo - Alfredo - Review

It was good and presented valid and important information.

Gabriyel - Good

I think i did pretty good and the website is very easy

Roman - Very good

Not a hard test passable on the first try

MARIA - Good

It was a good experience

Lucas - Permit Test

It was good

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