Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Caitlyn - Permit test

It was very helpful

Darleska - learning permit

This is a good platform for online test.

Crystal - Fl First Time Drivers Permit Test

Great test amazing results very helpful very comfortable testing sessions.

Elizabeth - Learning permit

The test was challenging but the practice test helped a lot

Jamari - 1st try

it was really good and challenged me to remember what i had learned

Jaycee - Driver permit test

This was an excellent website for the driver permit test

Nicole - elijah- permit test

hard but did good

Sherri - Review

The test was easily accessible and I didn't have a hard time doing it at all.

Ishika - Learner's Permit

It was a very knowledgeable test for me. I learned a lot from this test.

Lawrence - Quick and easy

After doing not so well on a different site, I chose this one which had a way better user interface and was alot more quick.

William - permit test

very good way to get your permit. they provide very good information

Christopher - Learning permit

The course was challenging but hard work and study helped me!

Angel - Angel - permit test

great service

Dylan - Learning Permit

It was pretty straightforward

Isis - Course Review

It was great! Highly recommend.

Jamie - Easy to use

It was a very easy going test an I had no problems with the website, plenty of time was given.

Santa Barbara - Driver Permit tess

It is my first time It was a bit stressful but I passed it

Candy - learners permit test

really good

ISIS - Learning Permit

The course was self explanatory as long as you studied. I would recommend this for young teenagers.

Ruth - It’s was good

The test was a bit difficult for someone who has never actually driven before but i passed and it wasn’t to challenging!!

Alexander - Drivers permit test

It was awesome and efficient. I liked how while taking the test it told me the ones I got wrong. It decreases the anxiety.

Karrina - Learners permit


Milady - Milady- Permit Test

Excellent, no complaints

Rachael - thank you

this was good

Joseph - awsome

good test no complaints

Amelia - permit test

Very easy to get on too

Ava - Easy , Straightfoward ,

it was good, i studied and passed

Jordan - Jordan- Amazing

Easy to navigate and easy to take.

Luis Alexander - Alex - Permit Test

Make sure you study so it can be easier to take

Deion - Permit test

It was easy just make sure your ready to take it

Chesley - No Complaints

This course got the job done and have nothing negative to say. Thank you

Hala - AMAZING!!!

great and easy

Ralph - Great

Good price, simple instructions, what more could you ask for

Nina - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Very fair

Gabrielle - This Course was AMAZING

The 4-hour course that they put together was so good! It even helped me with the final driver’s course test. 5/5 experience

Robert - Permit exam

Very Good

aaliyah - Fl first time drivers permit test

easy to understand

Sean - Sean--I Liked the Practice Test

The practice test helped me a lot.

Rodney - Hard test

It was good but hard at the same time

Karla - Karla

Easy and good price!

joel - FL Drivers Permit Test

very helpful in road rules and understanding them

Emily - Course Review


Luca - Permit exam

It was great, no complications at all straight to the point and very good pricing

Kimberly - Kimberly

Thanks to practice tests it made it a lot easier to take the test, i would recommend it!!!!

Rachel - Rachel

Good test

Carlos - Very good!

I like test very easy 10/10

Konstantin - Basic and easy to understand

It was an easy test

Katiana - katiana - good test

it was a good test

ava - permit test


TraShaun - Solid test

Passed without too much stress

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