Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

SUSANNE - Practice Test and Permit Test

Very thorough and I felt very prepared for the tests.


great course. I studied the book also the whole summer. Love the flexibility of studying to pass the test

Matthieu - Permit test

great test rly enjoyed it thank you

Rachael - Permit test

This was a really cool learning experience. Makes me feel confident in driving.

Micah - Micah-Review

It was a excellent course very easy when you study and work hard !!

Rebecca - Jared- Fun

Taught me a lot about the road. I even started watching my parents more while they drove. Great test!

Lorelei - HWY safety

Great course, so glad this was available online so I didn't have to wait at DMV

Walter - thank you

the course help me pass the test :)

Brenden - Very Easy Course

I would highly suggest using this website to pass your permit exam.  It was very helpful and  informational.

Javier - Review

This website made it incredibly easy to get my learners licence. Thank you.

jennifer - damien

I thought it was simple if you read the questions and all answer choices really carefully. it was also not boring and actually kinda interesting to learn about the traffic laws of Florida

Paulina - Comfortable

Very easy to navigate.

Esmeralda - Great Test!!!...

i loved the fact that you can do the practice test unlimited times, and they let you know the answers you got wrong.

Kelly - Awesome

Taking the test digitally was very informative, as well as easy and practical!

Johnny - EASY!!

Felt very comfortable taking this test! Was easy and reliable!

Yudenys - Easy and good layout!

Very easy course that covered all the areas needed to know... super practical and helpful!

Samuel - National Highway Safety Admin Permit Test

The course was clear & concise, easy to maneuver through and well organized

Romeo - It was great!!

It was really great, and really convenient, I have anxiety and get quite nervous when taking tests, and taking it from the safety of my own home was not only convenient but really helped with my anxiety!!Thank you National Highway and Safety Administration!

Gabriel - Great Test

Straightforward questions in an easy to read format.

Wendy - Easy to understand and Informative!

It was calm and convenient to take this test online, plus the questions were easy to read and understand!

Kaitlyn - Awesome Test

Good Learning experience

Angelina - Great

questions easy to understand

Natasha - Educational And Easy To Use

Both the Practice Test and Permit Test made getting my Learner's License  less stressful due to their easy layout and accessibility. The Practice exam was especially helpful because it allows you to go back and review missed questions, which is highly beneficial when it comes to preparing for the final test. I recommend this site to any of those looking to earn their Learner's License as well.

Kassidy - Very simple and straight foward. Easy to pass

This was a very easy course and test and the practice tests do help a lot! I'd reccomend doing them  a few times before you take the test. The test is easy to register for and i passed first try.

georgi - good

it was really good and covered well in the practice test

Michelle - Thorough

The practice tests and real test were very thorough and covered situations that are not used on a daily basis to make sure drivers are knowledgeable in all situations.  The customer support line was also helpful with log in issues.

William - Convenient and easy to use

Challenging and helped me to learn and prepare to receive my driver's license.

Crystal - Crystal harris

i liked this, i finished and passed

Titus - first time driver

simply sublime

Aidan - Awesome

Test was very informative and helpful.

Nicholas Joseph Albert - Permit Test

Good test, I like how it tells you how many more you can get wrong.

Alyissa - Drivers Test

Easy to understand

Jessica - Drivers Test Review

Easy to read questions and format.

Karen - This site was very helpful

very helpful and easy to follow instructions also the cheapest found.

Thomas - Drivers Test

Easy to read questions and format.

Colleen - Great

I liked how it showed me how many questions I got wrong and how much time I had left.

Pia - Great Course

Great Course, finished my drivers test so it's all good.

Het - Great

very good and it is helpfull when it tells you how many you have gotton wrong so you can make sure you dont keep making that mistake.

Tiffany - Great

Very good and it is very helpful when it tells you how many you have gotten wrong so you can make sure you don't keep getting things wrong

Ailanys - Ailanys

this was easy and challenging , but it helped me learn about the roads

Patrick - great

this was easy, very helpful and easy to take.

Sherry - Great Course

I feel like I learned a lot from this course and I am ready to become a licensed driver.

Sebastian - Amazing

I like it how it tells you how many you get wrong.

myah - really nice

it was pretty easy, i really like how it tells me how many i got wrong and how many i have left to get wrong.

Linnea - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

The online permit test was functioning and easy to navigate through.

tracy - nice course

it was easy enough to pass and i liked how it tells you how many you get wrong.

Bryanna - Easy

Not as hard or scary as i thought it would be

Robert - Got the job done

The practice test helped me a great deal in gauging my preparedness for the real test.

Caitlyn - Permit and Course

I felt confident the test and course and I quickly realized I had A LOT to learn! Glad I had a site that gave me enough prep to pass on my first try :)

Levi - Very steady course

The course was not confusing, and taught me all I needed to know.

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