Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Kolton - Drivers practice course

Good preparation for test.

michael - good

permit test

Walter - good


Arron - GREAT

This was very helpful and it helped me pass my Permit Test on the first try.

Amanda - Good job

Very helpful

Erin - Good job

The course was very helpful.

Stephon - I loved it

pretty good

Jill - Easy way to complete this requirement

This was an easy way to get this testing completed from home.  Loved the updates on score as you go.

Aubrey - Permit test

It was simple to use, but effective.

Patty - online permit test

the test was easy to take, website was simple and easy to follow.

Emmett - Online permit test

This is a great test that saved me time and helped me gain more knowledge about driving.

Romeo - Loved it

It was easy to concentrate at home.

Jeff - Nerve Wrecking but i passed


oscar - good

pretty good

Tammy - good test

good information learned

Giana - The Online Permit Test

I found taking the First Time Driver's Permit Test online saved me time. I was able to get everything done at home and I didn't have to sit at the DMV for hours. I felt more comfortable being in an area I'm familiar with. The practice tests also helped me know what to prepare for even after reading the Permit manual.

Ashley - good test

Easy to gollow

Bryan - Bryan- Permit test

Very good and learned a lot!

Jennifer - Permit Test

Good product


It was excellent

Jobenley - permit test

fast and helpful

Lacy - Easy Peasy

Easy if you study and know what you’re doing.

Sean - Easy

Easy, minimal stress test.

Michael - Michael

Supper easy

Sara - Drivers permit test

This was excellent, very easy!

Yusuf - permit test

it was a very nice course

katia - Katia-Permit Test

This was really helpful when taking the test.

ymari - permit test

this was pretty easy after i read the hand book and took the practice tests a couple times

Susan - Very helpful

Very helpful

Jayden - Great

This course was easy to do and very helpful!

John - Drivers Test

It was very good and I am happy with my result.  All you need to do was study or know the material.

Jerlaine - Great experience!

It was very organized and not complicated at all.

Jeremy - Permit test

This was easy if you studied the provided materials.

Victor - Perfect Permit Test

Very great practice and overall good way to easily get permit.

Tyra - Wasn't that bad.

Some of the questions were difficult I agree, but I was able to pass and so worth taking the class.

Savanna - Ok test

It was an ok test , and I liked that it told me immediately if I got a question wrong.

Christi - Permit test review

I liked the timing aspect and the fact that it let me know how many more I could miss.

Arman - Test

Great test.  A little difficult but studying was worth it.


easy to understand

Daniel - Not too hard

It was a good test and it was pretty easy.

Chloe - Permit Test

I liked how it let you know if you missed a question right away. Learned a lot.

Benashir - Pretty Good

This course was very informative and taught me a lot. I'm confident now I'll be a safe and defensive driver and I will always know what to do.

Ka’shon - good

the test helped me understand the basic rules of the road

Xiamaya - Passed

The test wasn’t that hard and didn’t take too long.

Ruth - Permit Bound

Learned a lot. Material was helpful.


Easy to navigate this course.  The practice test REALLY helped!

Alberto - Awesome

It was really fast and easy


It's simple and doesn't take too long to finish!

Calli Anna - Passed

very easy to follow along with!

Hamilton - Amazing

I was able to pass the final exam with a little bit of studying and the course did not take too long to complete.

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