Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Julian - Pemkt test

It was very smooth and easy

ashley - very good

would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in taking a test!

Riley - Permit Driver

I thought the test was very thorough and well written.

Zachary - Permit Test

It was perfect, I got everything I needed from it in order to pass. No problems whatsoever. Everything worked out perfect.

Thomas Nada - It's cool

I enjoyed it. Not really much to say other than the fact it's really good at teaching you information and everything you really need to know.

MeCheryl - Florida Learners Permit

It was simple, easy, and fun to do.

Cason - Awesome

Was fairly balanced and had good questions. It was very easy to understand and awesome for the price!


The course was very good and easy to understand!

Brahm - Amazing

THIS COURSE is amazing

Olivia - Easy Test

The test was not that difficult but I did study. You must study.  Overall this was an easy process.

Jacob - ratings

this course was easy it helped me alot and the help people were awsome


An easy process that made the test stress-free.

Jake - Review

I really liked this program! The courses were really nice and they did a good job of making me remember the material.

Victoria - review

really good!! easy to follow

Emma - Amazing!!

I took this course it was simple and I passed with flying colors!

Bianca - Good

It was pretty easy and a good format.

Hannah - Permit Test

The test covered a wide variety of topics!

Tina - awesome!

this course was awesome!  easy to follow and the exam was well presented

Angie - Great!

The course was simple, easy to navigate and informative. I love the option to take a practice test. I would recommend!

Harley - Good

I liked the test.

jacqueline - first time drivers permit test

it was so easy and fun. this is a great website to take your first test! it even provided me with a free practice test!

Juan - juan- very excellent

very easy to use and no problems during test

taniyah - amazing experience

it was very educational and you can take the practice test for free.

Christopher - Great website

loved it great and easy experince

Carlos - Great experience!

Smooth no bugs

Kayle - Great

no complaints whatsoever

Jennifer - Permit Test

I thought it was user friendly

Symone - very educational

I learned a lot from this permit test alone that my own mother couldn’t teach me.

Jermaine - FL drivers permit test

It was good I honestly had enough time to pass it .

Mykala - my review

i learned a lot, very organized and easy to follow instructions

Santino - Great

It was very educational

Deandra - I passed

This was perfect I love the questions Ill make sure I tell all my friends to take their test here

Cristian - Good

I liked to take the test, and the format is less intimidating.

Tiago - pretty good

i really enjoyed taking the test here

Lizbeth - Amazing!!!

This course was so helping with helping me get my permit! I was so scared but it was actually very helpful. It told me how much time I had left and what questions I had wrong already.

Fernando - First Time Test!

The test was well laid out and great! 10/10 It was my first time and the format helped out a lot

Michael - My experience

The practice test really helped me to get my final score 10/10would recommended

Stacey - Pretty epic live action stuff right here.

I liked how everything was setup and the practice test helped a lot.

Gabriel - GOOD

It was good and they prepare you for the final test

Gabriela - Gabi- Great Test

I was able to study and take the test with no difficulty and no crashing.

Eiby - Amazing

I'm a 17 year old kid and always have issues staying on track but with the practice test I was able to pass no difficulty.

Fernando - I loved the feedback.

It was nice to keep track of how many I have wrong, as well as ending my test when I've passed enough!

Timothy - Florida Permit Test

The test quality was outstanding.

Shaif - Permit Test

I liked it because the design looks simple and it tells you that you have passes.

Jaden - Permit test

I loved all the questions provided it helped a lot great test overall!

Jaime - Madison - Permit Test

This is an awesome test and I felt like I learned a lot, and am ready to start driving.

Diego - I liked the test because it lets you know that if you pass you know what you have to know.

This test was not hard and gave me just enough chances to make a couple mistakes and still pass. I think this came a good price.

Isabella - Test

This was an amazing test and really focused on all the important points of driving.

Zion - permit test

it was quite enjoyable.

Dominyck - it was easy

it was really fun and easy i really enjoyed it

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