Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Alanis - Permit test review

I loved it! They make everything so simple and i actually enjoyed taking the test.

Adrian - Great Test

Very well created!!!

Nathaniel - Good

Good and affordable

Mailet - Amazing

is and amazing course and i 100% passed

Andres - It was Good

It was simple and very good.

Hunter - Hunter


Marcello - It was a good test

it was good and it was kinda challenging

Olivia - Review

I thought it was nice and easy to use

Joseph - Online Exam

Clear instructions and easy to use.

Ashley - Great course

The course had everything I needed to get my permit. Thanks

Grace - Grace- permit test

I feel very prepared to take on the road! :)

Seane - Seane - Nice Test

It was straight to the point and easy to understand. I enjoyed it.

Louka - Permit Test

Very good.

Susan - Online Drivers Course Test

Great test

Mitchell - review

it wasnt as hard as i thought it was going to be.

Jordyn - Jordyn

it was excellent

Emmanuel - Emmanuel- Great test

felt good and easy.

shayla - permit test


William - william


vanessa - This was the best!

I loved it, it felt so easy and everything was well explained .

Nicole - Very easy to use

I bought the course and passed first try very easy.

Ziyana - Great


Skye - Permit test review

it was easy to use with clear instructions.

Kelly - permit test review

learned a lot, passed, feel more confident

Davar - Davar

I enjoyed it and it was easy

Juan Pablo - quick and easy

test was simple and easy to get.

Justin - i passed

i liked it

Andre - Great

the test was excellent i loved it quick and easy!

Luis Angel - Great Test

So happy to pass the test

Samantha - Permit Test

Amazing test, worth the money.

Alyssa - Alyssa

This exam was good and the practice test was helpful

Grace - course review

really good and super easy

Yomileanys - Driver test

Really god and faster to do in home.

Caroline - Drivers Permit Test

Test was easy to understand

Jason - Jacquelyn S

Learned tons

Michael - Good.

Much more relaxed and accessible than in person.

Michael - Much less stressful than in person

The office I went to was very busy and hard to concentrate. Doing it online is a lot more relaxed.

Milene - It was nice and easy

Really quick and cheap.

Jawad - This exam is good

Okay so for anyone wondering, this exam is easy for anyone who has read the book. I read the book once and did one skim read, it covered everything I needed to be covered for this exam. The exam itself is nerve-racking but easy. Amazingly done

DiLuca - permit test review

it was more comfortable to take the test online. it was a quick assessment based predominantly on common sense and awareness; the questions themselves were not difficult, and the process was made easy. thank you :)

Christna - Ms. Fontus

Amazing, i did it while sitting at home.

Gwen - Fl First Time Drivers Permit Test

It was nice to be able to take it from home.

angela - Desmond

This is totally awesome

Bernard - not to hard

its not too hard its fair

Justin - Permit Test

passed it, it was
pretty easy.

kaitlin - Permit

Process was fast and efficient

Teagan - My Review

Pretty good

Mohammed - Permit test

It was nice and simple just study and you'll pass with a without breaking a sweat.

Evan - very fast and smooth process

I was scared at first but taking the practice test really gives you the concept of what the actual test will be like helping me to pass the actual test

Nicole - Good for first time learners

I've been wanting to get my permit for so long and this site made it so quick and easy to get there. The courses are very informational and super helpful. Highly recommend

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