Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Hailey - Great Course and Test

Great course and test was easy to navigate and complete.

Lizette - Great test

It was a bit challenging but it was totally worth it!

Shamar - My Drivers permit test experience

It was a little hard but I understand the rules of the road

Gabrielle - great

it was easy to follow and great to get your permit

Reef - Permit Test

Overall, I thought it was a pretty well-rounded test with many different types of questions.

Ethan - Ethan Horne

The test was challenging but the questions were good.

Ashley - Súper easy

The test being online helped me be able to complete it anytime

Alexander - GOOD TEST

The test was highly informative, the questions were clear and understandable, 10/10.

Alexander - GOOD TEST

The test was very informative and the questions were clear, 10/10.

Leah - Easy and convenient

Course was easy, convenient, and informative.

Aniyah - aniyah-awesome test

it was very smooth,no issues with the website and it was also very convineint to be able to do it from home.

Logan - permit test

was very well done and gave you a practice test to.

Adriana - Permit test

It was good and challenging at the same time.

Kayden - Very Convenient

Taking the test at home using NHS website was convenient and cheap.

Matthias - Its good!

Honestly the overall testing experience was good, there was a few hiccups here and there but other then that it was fantastic!

Derick - very nice

very good test and helpful questions for real world scenarios

Charlie - driving test

it was easy for the most part, with a few challenging questions that taught me new information

Diego - I liked it

I think that the test was legit. I also liked the questions in between to confirm identity

Gabriella - Relieved but glad.

This test was really good at testing my knowledge. I passed (though not without putting my brain to work) and I look forward to driving safely as a responsible driver.

Bella - Good!

The test was a good check of my knowledge and did not take too long.

Peyton - Online permit test

Very good experience, smooth and easy.

Anosha - permit test review

i liked the test i practiced a lot before doing the test and it was a good experience. And it is also very convenient.

Ryleigh - Good

It covers everything needed to get your learners permit.

arianna - Course Review

I really liked it and it was pretty simple, easy to navigate, and quick :)

Kelley - very easy

it was a really good test had some good questions on it

Rayna - First Time Driver Permit Test

The course and practice tests were very helpful, and I was able to pass easily!

hadleigh - Good

not too much thinking, and i passed!

Kamauri - Permit test

It was good and it gave me a challenge, and overall I liked the experience

Joshu - Permit test review

I really liked the course, it was easy and very quick

Eva - Permit test

My experience was amazing during the test!!!

Tionne - My permit test review

It was awesome, it made me feel more confident about myself.

Alejandro - Alejandro Sousa

the test was good and the questions were good

Grace - Easy

The test was great and it was so easy

Valentina - driving test

Very good and Challenging, I learned a lot.


The test was good, and I had no issues with it.

Madeline - Road Rules and Road Signs exam

This test helped me understand more about rules on the road. I feel more prepared and ready to drive.

Carter - Driving test and course

Good and informative, Gained alot of knowledge from this

Christopher - Review

Nice test too take from the comfort of your home

Jayla - Permit Test

This was a great test, very helpful and easy to follow.

Brenton - Brenton - Driver's Permit

Easy to follow. Very informative.  10/10

Connor - test review

I liked the way the test was structured; it was easy to maneuver. The counter for the incorrect answers was very convenient.

Jaslyn - Great!

The test was easy to answer. When they say they pull the questions out of the handbook, they really do. As long as you study the handbook then you should do awesome.

Kyndal - permit test

It was very well worded and easy to understand

Janiyah - permit test

A little challenging but if you studied then you will be okay and i recommend taking practice test

Aiden - permit test

It was quite easy and I learned about important items.

Valeria - Permit teat Review

I really enjoyed this course and is very convenient for younger drivers.

Fabian - Amazing

Very simple, not too hard and not too much thinking having to go into doing the test!

Gianluca - Amazing

Very easy to navigate and once I took time with the questions I passed on the first time

Dylan - Permit Test

I liked taking this test online. The practice test was very helpful.

Kalea - Very easy!

I'm very happy with this test. It was very easy to use and very quick.

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