Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Scott - FL First Time Drivers Permit

It was informational and helpful.

Shania - Great

This was really good I finished with a month to spare.

Salah Dean - Permit Test

this test was fun and beneficial

Alexander - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

This test was an easy way to getting my permit.

Joseph - Good

The test was good.

Annabel - Annabel

great website. recommend to all my friends and family.

Kamen - Radical

It’s a pretty good test, easy, quick, and it tells you what you got wrong.

Mason - good

The practice test and common sense is all you need

Katelyn - Permit

This made it a lot easier to take. A lot less pressure as well.

Andrew - Got Me My Permit

I passed my test and am now eligible for my permit best site to use for the test.

hailey - drivers ed

I passed my test and they helped me with a lot in what i need to know about driving

Christian - Got Me Permit

The course was easy, simple, and quick to complete. Glad I can get me learners permit now.

Jean - Course Review

It's a great way to get a drivers permit. I really enjoyed it!

Abigail - Very well

Very nice website and set up very well. No problems at all.

Heidi - Good

Excellent course.

Jose - Very Easy

Great test, the practice test was very useful and helpful

Aaliyah - It was really easy

The practice questions are some of the best free ones out there, even though they are a bit easier, they are the best one I could find. I passed on the first try. Thanks!

Erin - Easy to retain

The test was very helpful and I was able to remember and fully understand the things I learned .

Steven - Good Course

Excellent course

Yamilin - Great test

the test was good and the practice test was helpful to me.

Rayleigh - great

great test, i feel very prepared to hit the road

Joel - Joel E. G.- Very Informative

I enjoyed the course content and found the information helpful to myself and to my family.

Rheanna - GREAT

It’s a great and educational way to get your permit, etc

Lisa - thumbs up

it was simple and pretty easy

Bailey - Great test!

The practice test’s helped a ton!

Eden - Great!

Excellent! Made me feel more confident about driving!

kasssandra - kassandra- great test

practice test was very helpful and test was good

Trey - Well thought out test

The test was good plus it helped with my test anxiety.

Trey - Well thought out test

This test was and will be very useful.

Lenora - Very Fun

This was a  very fun course.
Thank you!

Madison - Madison

Great Test

annabelle - good

excellent and really helpful

Anna - Incredible!

Definitely recommend this site. I was able to earn my certificate very easily in two days and I'm now on my way to get my learners permit!!

Christele - GoodTest

challenging course, accurate

Luticia - Good course

The course was good and it was interesting.

Carter - Great Exam!

I found the questions easy to understand with a clear correct answer and no tricks to purposely make you get one wrong.

Madelyn - Drivers Permit

The practice test was very helpful in passing the test.

Graceson - Good

Very comprehensive and helpful!

kellie - kellie

good test, reasonable and easy

Summer - Great Exam

Great Test , easy to take

Zoe - Very Good

Very helpful

Joe - Learners Permit

Excellent super user friendly

Jarren - Permit test

Convenient experience

Joseph - great test

loved the practice testing first.  thanks.

deirdre - Good Test

Great course, accurate

Rick - good course

practice tests were very helpful in preparing me for the actual test

Lisa - Easy to use!

Loved being able to take this test online, at my house.  The pretest was very helpful!

Nereida - Passed First Time

Great course! The practice test is extremely helpful when preparing for the actual test.

Steve - Good test

Very well explained

Roman - Passed First Time!

Great course, appreciated the practice test!

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