Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Jayden - great experience

this online prep made me so ready and able to pass!

Hayden - Hayden

easier than schoool work

Erin - Fl permit test

It was a really good test!

Nikki - very good

definitely made it easier than my school work

Lily - Good Course

Passed 1st time

Christy - It was great

I had no problems and i passed with flying colors!!

Jake - Traffic rules test

I’m glad I studied and know the rules of the road

Nathan - Awesome Course

This course is awesome and I highly recommend that you buy it rigorous questions to ensure that you have a full understanding of the rules of the road.

Reniel - Permit Test

Pre test was very helpful. It prepared me for the actual permit test.

Samantha - Drivers Test

Very accessible and  reasonable questions!

Yesell - Yesell

very helpful. easy to understand

Sydney - Sydney- Excellent

It was a lot easier than I expected and easy to comprehend

Angelina - Good

I had a good amount of time and passed! Yay.

Dennis - Great test

Was very simple and I had more than enough time to finish

Lauren - Lauren-Drivers Test

Very easy and fast food to complete!

Robert - Awesome!

This helped me get it the first time. They supplied me with a cheap practice test, and their staff could help me out with any of my questions or concerns.


Had me focused on what the task at hand was

Virginia - good course

Easy to use and understand!

Kristian - very helpful

it was very easy to understand

Duncan - Drivers Test

Fast, Easy, and at your own pace

aidan - great

amazing use your practice test as much as possibal

Ashley - AMAZING


Lemeyah - Great text

It was wonderful

Trevontae - Great

It’s a good way to get your permit!

Sofia - online permit test

The test was very helpful

Kelvin - great

It was a great test and i recommend everyone do this!

Mariah - Permit test

Fast and simple. I will be a better driver due to the test

Lori - Great

Easy to understand and very informative!!Pay attention and study and you will pass.  I would highly recommended

Tanaya - Excellent

Test was helpful and im better prepared to drive now.

Farah - Farah- Permit Test

The course was very well put together and I enjoyed taking it. It was very eye opening about the dangers, risks,  and responsibilities that come with driving and I promise to be a safe driver.

Valerie - Permit Test

It was very helpful and I learned a lot more about driving.

Rylee - Permit Test

Much better than any other website's permit test! 10/10

Kimberly - Permit Test

This test provided great information into receiving my learner's permit.

sydney - Permit Test

Much more relaxing taking from home! Awesome for test anxiety!

Micaela - permit test

It taught me that I knew some things that I didn't think I did.

Anthony - Permit Test

The test was very helpful and has taught me more about driving and just a very good way to learn.

Jaden - Permit test

This website was very well put together and I like how it allows you to see how many your getting wrong as u get questions wrong .

Peter - Great Website

Awesome website, very easy and friendly to use! HIGHLY RECCOMEND

Raymond - Very Easy

The test was very easy and I now can get my learners permit.

Kimberly - it was fast and easy!

The test was very helpful.

mia - amazing

it was easy and simple

Reilly - Reilly- Permit Test

it was easy and I learned a lot

Leslie - Permit Test

It was extremely easy and helpful with telling you the exact time and how many you got right or wrong.

Leonardo - USEFUL

The videos were very useful to really get to know how it is to deal with serious situations like those, and obviously to prevent them overall.

Jordon - Super fast and easy

way better than taking the course on flvs orOcvs

Christian - LOVED IT


Cristian - Amazing

Had a little but i believe that i will be a good driver

Adam - ADAM- Excellent Test

The test was challenging but very fair. They gave plenty of time to take it. Practice test was very helpful.

Aidan - it was fast and easy


David - Permit test

The test was very helpful and informative. It was recommended by a friend and I'm so glad I continued with it.

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