Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Jose - permit test

great practice test i followed all the instructions and i passes with no problems at all

Izzington - Very User-Friendly and Helpful!

I was very pleased with how user-friendly and helpful it was!

Jasmine - Great practice test and main test.

Very easy to follow along and it was a great practice test and main test.  Passed on first try. Very goood product.

Esther Malka - permit test

best website ever thank you for this

Maria Jessica - First Time Drivers Permit Test

I learned a lot and it was amazing.

Vinaya - Awesome Test!

really easy to use and a 10/10!

Amanti - The Best Test Ever

this test is the best test ever it was so easy and friendly and it helped me and i got what i wandted

isabella - isabella bruni -test

everything was very well explained and easy to answer

Emely - National Highway safety administration

it is a very good website

Haley - James- Permit Test

Everything was easy to read and all used common sense.

Tomas - Test

This test was very helpful and easy. I passed it because of your help.

Weset - really good

it was not confusing at all and was really easy for me to do and its put together well

amaury - Drivers permit test

The test was not bad it was very easy and for the questions its all common sense

Hannah - FL First Time Driver Permit Test Review

The test was very simple and easy to take. I appreciate the brevity and swiftness of it.

Tai - Drivers Permit Test

The format of the test was well done and everything was easily read.

Renis - permit test

passed my test the course was very helpful

Allyson - Allyson-Permit Test

I study for like a day then did the test, fairly easy if you studied and have common sense ahah

Rain - It was alright

Overall a great experience. ✌️

Ellie - Learners Permit

the course was very informative and easy to do!

Jorge - good

if you are prepared you will succeed! had fun

Cole - Review for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

This course and text was excellent for what I need to know to drive safely on the road. It gave me lots of knowledge about driving.

Daniel - Online Review

Great test, easy to pass if you prepared.

Paul - Nice

it was a challenge to memorize it all but i finally made it

Alexus - Straightforward

if you studied you will pass its no tricks all information you need to know

Zachary - Great test

I enjoyed being able to take the test on my own without the distractions of other people around me like at the DMV.

Kristin - amazing!

it was good, honestly challenging but made it through


it was challenging but I studied and made it through

Brendon - Convenient

I liked taking the test online because it made it easier at this time then trying to wait at dmv and made me feel safer.

Nicholas - The test

The test was fantastic! Easy to follow!

Ranjith - Divya

This course was fun and very easy to understand all the rules and violations

cody - great learning experience

Very user friendly , i learned a lot , glad to do at home

Katia - Awesome

good practice test great service

Maria Eduarda - Great

Super excited to get my permit!

Michael - Mike

It was Awesome! I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was.

Emma - great

super excited to have my permit!!!

Gavin - Learners Permit Test

Test was very good and understandable.

Mason - permit testing

I think this was a great way for people to get there permit at this time due to covid this was a great way of thinking and it is a really good source to use

Hunter - Permit test

i really liked the format it was really easy and understandable

Genevieve - permet test

the practice tests were super helpful

Keleigh - Drivers ed test

I am glad that I was able to take the test when it was convenient for me.

Robert - Good Experience

Wonderful test!

Gabriela - Gabriela-

Well laid out, easy to follow and it helped me to better understand driving situations. Well done!

nina - nice

it was stress free and way easier than I thought, I'm glad I used this site.

Ethan - Permit Test

Very user friendly

Rodney - Amazing

This test helped my understand situations that I can expect while driving.

Marc-finley - Wonderful

This test gave me no problems.

Areli - Course Review

This site gave questions that I was able to understand better.

Alterson - Excellent

This site is very simple and easy to use.

Kaleb - Good course!

Easy to follow along and see everything.

Conrad - Course review

Easy to access and very well organized. I recommend this site by far.

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