Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Isaiah - It was Fun

I really enjoyed this course and it was fun to do this and gain my permit

Migdalis - Simple and effective Permit Exam

I really enjoyed the layout of the page, it was very easy to see what you were doing and your progress. I would recommend to a friend.

Samantha - great course

made the material easier to understand

Amya - permit test

Really enjoyed taking the course/test

Neftali - Great

Awesome course!

myra - i learned

it was good

T. - W

Really easy, i liked it

Gerardo - Drivers course

it was easy and I learned new stuff this program is helpful

ADNAN - Excellent online course

I really enjoyed reading the material and taking the test

tori - Title

Very easy loved it

Lily - Good!

The course was great!

mariana - good

I studied and the test/questions were fair.

Kimani - User Friendly

The course was very easy to navigate and by implementing the practice tests that helped me study I was able to pass my test in a breeze. Thanks, National Highway Safety Administration for your help.

Tyler - SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I never knew how much fun until I tried this once in a lifetime test!!!!

Sarah - Permit Test

Learned a lot. Course was very informative.

Luiza - Luiza

I loved to do it I learned so much

LAURA - Great

Felt prepared of the test and was able to pass with ease.

joseph - Permit

pretty good

xaivier - Awesome

The course was excellent. I enjoyed it. Wasn't stressfu;.

Alan - First Time Drivers Test Review

Pretty simple and easy to understand. Overall, great course.

Maddox - Amazing!!!

Very user friendly

Sarah - AMAZING!!

The course was excellent. I enjoyed it.  Wasn't stressful at all

Justine - Florida Learners Test

I enjoyed the learning experience from this. Everything for the most part wad thoroughly explained and I felt confident in taking my test. I got a little bit stumped on some of the questions but I went with my best choice and was usually correct. I am very happy that I finally have this out of the way and can go get my Learners Permit

Lorenzo - Fast and easy

Won't take all week and don't need a lot of studying

Trinity - good

pretty good for a test, cant complain

Justiss - Drivers test

It’s was pretty easy and straight forward. Highly recommend taking the class!


Wasnt as stressful as i thought it would be, it made everything very clear and super easy. 100% reccommend

Carlos - Execllent

The test was simple and you are able to take it calmly at home or while waitinf for a meeting with your dad and its very flexible

Nicole - Permit Test Review

The permit test was simple and straight forward!

Nathaly - Amazing

Wow this helped a lot i would definitely recommend.

Kelsey - Kelsey- Good Experience

The test was not difficult and I learned alot

Cedric - Excellent

I love this course and how the test and everything was set up great job

karina - Amazing test

Great experience!

Kenrick - Permit Test

was easy and fun to complete

Nicolas - FL Drivers Permit Test

It was a good test.

Arlin - Good test

It was easy

Jacob - Best text of my life

I have never been so happy

Desiree - Desiree-Great

Awesome experience!!!

Kyle - Great Course

Was very informational

Daniel - Daniel Review

Pretty good

Dylan - Good

Didn’t take long and I learned a lot.

Julian - Good

I passed in one shot, the book was good

Leyla - My First Permit Test

Easy to follow instructions and was worded to understand.

Angela - understandable test

The test was easy to understand and it is also self-explanatory if you want to get your permits I suggest you do this test.

Lashanda - Awesome

Great experience!

Nicholas - Alright test

It was an alright experience.

Daunte - daunte - Good

the test was good

Jennifer - Amazing

I enjoyed it.

Aidan - Amazing

It felt nice to know how many I was getting wrong. The whole course makes you feel calm and able to breeze through it.

Jordan - Magnificent

Magnificent site and very informative!

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