Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Thomas - First Time Drivers Permit Test

I studied a lot and am glad that I passed.

lilianna - great online course

fantastic course, especially during this covid-19. They make it very accessible to get a drivers permit from anywhere this is very helpful especially for teens .

Rebecca - drivers permit test

the test was difficult but i now understand things that i didnt before about road safety

lola - was easy to learn

im glad I ended up choosing this site it had made the process much easier

Jared - Yasss

First chance and I passed!!! Wahooooo!!

Jasmine - I’m so happy I pass

This online drive website is great  in I will tell all my friends about it....

Michael - First time test taker

Honestly this test was very easy. I was stressing over this test but the practice test made it a lot easier when answering most of the questions.

Luna - fun

It was very fun and educational.

Seth - Challenging but straight-forward

Course was very well outlined. Topics organized well, and presented in a clear way.

John Paul - Good Test

Customer service was helpful and accessible! The test itself was cheaper compared to other sites and very thorough in the questions but not too complex for children.

Adina - Very clear and easy to understand questions!

The questions were very clear and easy to understand! They were not out to get you or trick you! Also, I found that the practice tests really helped me do well on my permit test! I would recommend taking a few practice tests before the actual test!

AMANDA - Recommend for first timers

very good lay out, at your own pace, customer service is very helpful,

Jadyn - Loved it!

Very easy to follow and very simple, I enjoyed it.

Christopher - Chris-Driver's course

The course was easy to understand and a little bit of studying will help you get your permit. Great content and a great experience.

Yva - i passed

the test was quite easy and legible, and the practice test made it simple.

Preston - It was good

I thought it would be hard and then it was not tada

Summer - Easy to Understand

Well worded questions. Easy to understand and very helpful.

Leya - This course was really easy to understand

This course was really easy to understand and it was brought you to the basics of driving

Jonathan - The Course

The course was easy and easy to understand


Easy doesn't take much to pass highly recommend

Stephanie - Permit Test

Very easy to understand and great for people trying to get their permit.

rylie - course review

this course was very simple and easy to understand, i highly recommend using this site to get your learners permit , i didnt have any problems

Melissa - Very helpful

Good course, it explains things clearly and doesn't leave anything out. Having a practice test beforehand helped a ton too. I would defiantly recommend this to a friend

Marcos - Marcos- learning permit

it was easy to understand

Antonios - super easy to use!

I had no problems when taking the course, and it was a smooth online process!

Tyjay - About The Course

The course was very easy i was able to take my practice test and then my permit test and I passed!!!!!!!!

Wilannie - Wilannie- Loved it!

This course was so easy to understand. It's honestly a really great course.

Aysha - The course

It was easy to understand, overall great course and a great exprience for soom to be drivers!!!!!!!

Kari Anna - This course was easier than math. PERIODT.

This course not only teaches the basics of driving and the effects of alcohol and drugs but also, life long lessons to keep your mind in check before making a mistake while driving!  This course was very useful and they gave you a reasonable amount of time to take the test. Overall, it's super easy!

Maria Jose - easy to comprehend and follow

It was super simple and easy to understand! I passed very easily :)

Rona - learned a lot

This was really helpful with attaining my permit, I would recommend to a friend.

Edison - Confusing yet Amazing Course

Asked Very simple yet confusing questions but overall it is amazing

Bree - just finished

it was good, very easy to work system and I got to work pretty much at my own pace :D

Taylor - learners permit test

It covered everything i learned in the course and it was nice that it told me how many questions i’ve gotten wrong and how many i can still miss

Jonathan - Great course!

Easily passed the test with the assistance of this course. Everything was very user friendly and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to take their learners permit test.

Ashley - Permit Test

Very amazing,  helpful and it helped me learn the rules of the road.

Dawn - Great Course!

Very helpful when learning the rules of the road!

Empriss - amazing

I learned alot  during this course, Loved it

Cintya - Cintya- permit test

It was super easy, i recommend taking this test!!

Andrew - Easy to use

The course was easy to follow and I learned a lot.  And it helped to pass my permit test.

marilyn - Great Course Overall

Very useful course and great overall!!!

ethan - Easy to follow . Made Passing easy peasy.

What more to say. Well worth the cost and cheaper than most others.

Daniel - Thank You!

This course was an incredible and extremely applicable experience. It is sending great drivers onto the roads.

Daysi - This course was great I learned a lot and was easy.

This course was great I learned a lot and was easy

Lauren - Great Courses

The courses are very effective and help you pass your exams. The information is very easy to learn and understand. I highly recommend it!

Ryan - Great Course!

I highly recommend this website. Very helpful and educational!

Sunwoo - Pretty nice course

It's a nice course where you can work at your own pace.

Andrew - user friendly

the site was easy to navigate and user friendly.

Christina - Javier-easy to learn

it is a great site, easy to learn, easy to read and easy to test

Emily - Great course!

This course is very helpful and an easy way to learn. I highly recommend it!

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