Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Veronica - FL First time drivers permit

The test is a good assessment to evaluate the readiness of a student preparing to drive. The site works efficiently.

Carolina - Fl First Time Drivers Permit Test

The site works well and the test was good.

Lynn - yeet

the practice test was very helpful prep for the permit test, which was also very easy

Paqui - Permit Test

I love this site cause they also provide the handbook for you to review and I feel good and relieved after taking the test and passing.

chance - -permit test

it was nice and easy, passed with no problem. i'll be on the roads very soon

Isabelle - Easy to Learn

This site was super easy to learn.

Marianela - Mia

i loved it and it was super easy

Ashley - Ashley - Permit test

Easy and helpful  practice helped understand road safety clearly  website is very easy too  use also very educational

Stacey - Easy to take

The test was easy and simple. The site is also easy to navgate

Xavier - Permit Test

I love this site. I took a practice test for my permit and I passed. When I took the final test I passed! This site is awesome!

Kerri - Kerri- Permit Exam

Test was very easy to take and the practice test was very helpful.

Christian - Christian - Test

The test was easy to navigate through and helpful to complete with course.

Caitlin - Yay

I just passed the real test and it was really easy

Amy - Test

Easy to take and helpful practice test.

Sofia - Permit Exam

Easy to take, flexible.

Carlton - C Williamson

Easy course. Great instructions and price.

Jennifer - Permit Test

Easy to understand directions. Practice Test was very helpful.

TERRI - Easy to take

Website made it easy to take and retake practice tests, along with taking the actual permit test.

Tanisha - Mr. B

It was flexible and easy to take!

James - Permit Exam

Practice test was helpful. Test was easy to navigate.

Milton - Milton Gray III

The test wast pretty easy and it showed how many you got wrong or right, it took the anxiety away!!

Janibelkys - Straightforward and Quick

The TSLAE Course was informative and easy to understand. The practice test helped me study and prepare for the Permit Test.

Scott - Permit Test

Great. Helped me out a lot and loved how it showed me how many I got incorrect and how many more I could possibly get wrong with passing. Also very easy to purchase and set up

Ariel - amazing permit test :)

this test was amazing because everything about this website and test worked sufficiently

Lalita - Online permit test

I like the online permit test because it was a good  teacher that allowed me to study at my own pace and learn when it was most convient for me.

wiselyne - WISELYNE ,YAY 03/15/20


Beth - User Friendly

The test was straightforward, and it was encouraging to see in real time how many questions I answered correctly as I was taking the test.

Heidi - Permit Test

I liked how the test showed my progress through the test and how it showed me how much time I had left.

Crystal - Pretty great!

I liked how it showed you how many incorrect answers you've gotten wrong or have left.

Michael - Permit test

This test was very straight forward and downloading the test book helped out even more.

Tyler - permit test

The practice helped a lot and made it easy to pass the test.

Tyrice - Tyrice-Permit test

The test was pretty easy and they also provide practices

Makayla - Makayla

This test was very much helpful !

Gavin - Permit Test

Really great program for anyone trying to get their learners permit.

Kara - Patrick- Permit test

The online book was a huge help for studying for the test, I learned a lot of things and the test to my surprise was very easy despite the few challenging questions.

Jessica - Braden's thoughts

Literally just a test of information, definitely easy to understand the questions.

Aiden - Permit test

It was helpful learned alot of new things I also appreciate the online book very much

Jordan - Drivers permit testing

It was a good test. Some of the questions were challenging. It was educational.

Kaylie - Great!

Was very easy and clear to understand. I learned very quickly.

Gwyneth - great and helpful course

Thanks to this and the TLSAE course, I was able to pass the permit test quickly and efficiently.

Melissa - online course

very easy to understand and read and i would recommend the course to friends!
the practice test helped so much!

Dontae - Awesome course!

This course was easy to navigate and very informative.

Jonathan - EASY

The practice helped a lot and made the test very easy to complete

Ava - Review of permit test and drug and alcohol test

These tests were very educating and helped me so much and  helped me become a educated and safe driver

Wyatt - road safety

it was very knowledgeable and a learning experience

Rhonda - Easy and less stressful

This test was very easy to understand.  Highly recommended

Jordan ` - Great Course!

Highly recommend!  Questions were to the point and easy to understand.


This test was easier to take at home rather than at the DMV.

Katherin - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

really easy especially if you take the practice before the test to review

isabella - really good

It was a good experience. Telling me how many i was getting wrong was very helpful

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