Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Renee - Permit Test Review

The questions were relatively straightforward and I was grateful that the test allowed me to see how many I had gotten wrong so far. Thank you!

Thomas - Thomas Putman

It was a good exam, the practice test helped a lot.

Samantha - My experience during my Permits Test

I had a magnificent experience while taking my permits test. The information and details provided could not have been more clear. I also loved that you have a chance to take a practice test before the real test to have an overview of what the test is going to look like. Knowing that the page provided me with the amount of questions I had wrong so far also gave me more confidence as I took the test. The experience I had was definitely terrific!

Nakia - First Time Permit License

First time I ran out of time on practice test, second time I passed. Having a practice test help me passed the actual test.

Daniella - Great!

Loved it! Very helpful and informative!

Steven - Steven-

Good Course, glad you have the practice test

Javier - Florida permit test review

It was great and very easy to focus, learn, and complete.

larissa - a great course

i completely my test in the first tried, and the practice test was really helpful.

Blane - great job

passed the test, thanks to a good course!

George - Danny - Overall great experience

The practice test was a great help and the test itself was very easy.

Antonio - First Time Experience

The test gave me my first experience which was great. I would recommend showing a friend.

Madison - Great Experience

Easy, straight forward material

shaelyn - test was easy

i enjoyed the online drivers test and i would recommend to a friend

Mary - Sophia's review

The test was a lot easier than the practice test was. It was well worded and easy to comprehend.

Cameron - Cameron's Review

I thought this was a very good test site and I would recommend my friends to use this site when they take their tests.

HONESTY - Written

I liked that it allowed to see how many I missed as I went

Delton - Great test

great examples!

Gwen - Permit test

The practice test really helped. I passed the test the first try!

Leonardo - Leo-Informative

Helped out a lot and prepared me correctly

Alexson - Alexson-Permit

loved it I learned a lot.

Ariana - My permit

It was very easy and helpful, the questions were not confusing at all.

Cailyn - divers permit test review

pretty good at helping me prepare for the test

Anthony - Awesome!

The course gave all the needed info for the the test. This prepared me extremely well i did get 5 wrong, but only because i did the practice test twice and in two days took the course.

Lynajah - Online Drivers Test

Great! More than enough time to finish.

Lori - It was fine

test was what I thought. I was nervous but passed.

Mark - Great

Fully prepared passed the first time

Brady - Great preparedness!

I was fully prepared and passed on the first attempt.

Antonio - Permit Test Review

I passed the test my first time.  I liked how it said how many questions i was able to get wrong so I could pass.

Laurie - Review

This website is pretty good ~ made it much easier. Quick and simple!

Wady - Good

It was a very good test and I'm glad I passed it.

Asher - Permit Test Review

I passed first time. This helped a lot. I would recommend it to others.

Mackenna - Product Reviews for Permit Test

I learned a lot from it and am excited to be a new Florida driver.

Markeveon - Very good website

I took the practice test and it helped a lot doing the permit test and overall a good and reliable website.

Charanjith - Good

It was very smooth and awesome

Margaret - Informative

Test was very informative about things on handbook! Happy to get permit now.

Marc - Very Good

it was a very good test and im glad i passed it.

Michael - Michael

This test was awesome passed first try

Sandra - Helpful

passed first time using the book, very nice!

Kristen - first time drivers permit

the drivers license handbook was rather easy o understand and had all the information to pass the test which i was able to pass on the first try.

Sarah - first time drivers permit test

the handbook was very helpful. passed the first time

DeMay - Permit Test

Was easy to understand. Would recommend this to others.

Natalie - permit test

good layout and easy to undertand

Deana - Permit Test

very easy and would highly recomend taking it.

Amanda - Permit test

It was very smooth and easy to understand

Jason - permit test

The online permit test was really good and really convinient, especially in this pandemic.

Megan - Permit test

i liked doing it onine especially with covid going around

Jamal - permit test

amazing and i loved it

Keenan - Keenan- Permit Test

Was pretty easy and wasn't too time consuming.

kaitlin - FL Drivers permit test

simple, and effective. covers a variety of likely and unlikely situations.

Michelle - First Time Driver Test

The test was ok and not too challenging unless you didn't study for it. I would highly recommend my friends to use this testing site. Thank you so much National highway Safety Admin.

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