Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Jean - great help

the classes and the practice test made  possible for even me to pass the test

ketiyah - Permit Test

The practice tests made it easier to pass the test.

Caleb - PASSED!!!

It was so easy and the practice test made it so much easier.

La’Miracle - Miracle

The practice test was good it helped a lot for me to pass the actual test .

Alexa - Very nice

I passed so I enjoyed my experience.

Annica - Awesome

The practice test made it easier to pass the main test.

Darian - Passed my test

It was easy and awesome

Jenessa - Amazing

This course was awesome and easy to understand

brianna - Excellent

This course helped me a lot, and I learned a lot from it.

Quiyanna - very good

the test was very helpful and i passed. thankyou fir helping me get closer to my liscence.

Adriana - Permit Test

Practice test helped, easy course

Adriana - DMV test

It was great! Passed with the help of the dmv practice test!

Richard - Great Course

Practice Test Really Helped

Samantha - Permit Test

Amazing website! Very information and easy to access.

Gail - permit

It was really quick and challenging but an excellent way to learn the rules of the road!

Ryan - Dmv

Very user friendly and would recommend to everyone

monique - PERMIT

I LOVE LOVE  LOVE THIS SITE , its so easy to use

Kieran - Good test

Thorough and straightfoward

angel - Great Course

Covered what is required to have basic knowledge of driving

Bethany - Drivers Permit Test

I think this course was very helpful with preparing me to drive!

Sway - permit

I love this site! Take your permit and Drug and Alcohol test

William - Permit

Great website, easy to use

Brook - Permit Test

The pretest was set up in a way that provided me with the information  and more that i needed to finish the test and past. The test also felt pretty easy by the time i took it after 5 or so pretest attempts and some extra background practice. Will Recomend to anyone who wants to pass the test easily

kai - Very nice format.

I liked how everything was very organized.

Victoria - Drug and Alcohol Course

It last a long time but is worth it. Having that 4 hour class was a great way to prepare to take the test. 10/10 would recommend!

Colette - Permit Test

Very pleased with this product.

Victoria - Really plased!

I was worried that I wouldn't pass and that it'd be difficult. The practice test worked as a good stress reliver before I took my test. 10/10 would recommend!

Breanna - clear and convenient

The format was easy to follow & covered a variety of important topics.

Bridget - Permit test

Awesome!! Very Pleased with this product!

Madisyn - Really Easy

Test was easy and set up nicely.

Jenny - wow

they really ask important question, defiantly not scam,

Gabriel - Good

This is a good way to take the test

John - Easy Peasy

Test covered all areas of importance.  Very pleased with product.

Kylie - organized

formatted very nicely.

hunter - review- hunter

very good

charly - great format.

great format!

Tia - Amazing

The corse was very detailed and easy to understand making  it easier to learn everything we need to know to pass the test!

Luis - easy

Pretty easy, took me only like 40 minutes to finish

Gianna - pretty swag

learned a lot, practice tests were very helpful.

Jessica - very nice

it was a very nice thing to spend time on!

JEROME - i learned

i learned a lot about driving with this course

Jasmine - great and easy way to study and then take test

I am so grateful for the practice test, made it much easier.

Tammy - Great format!

Great format for taking test. Easy to create account and get it done.

Giaan - Permit Test

It  was very easy to use and understand!

Samantha - I loved it!!

this site made it very easy for me to complete my permit test efficiently and quickly

John - Great Online Drivers Testing System

Great practice tests and also a great testing system! Quick and Straightforward test!

Beyancee’ - Easy to use

The process was very smooth, the questions and timer keeps you informed about the status of the test.

Michelle - Good Test!

it took me 20 min to pass and i wasn't that hard at all, honestly it was king of fun to take.

Cade - excellent

this is a fantastic way to test if a young driver is ready to drive.

Alex - Great way to take my drivers test

loved it! easy, great practice test .

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