Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

mirka - drivers permit test

i had good customer service help

Terri - Learners Permit

This course was very helpful.

Stephanie - Excellant

It wasn't that bad.

Abygail - cool

really good

Alec - Awesome

I liked how it told me how much I got wrong, it really helped reduce stress

Alexander - Excellent

It was very easy to understand, passed the first time. Awesome site

jordan - jordan-great


Sierra - Awesome

It was a awesome learning experience!

Deanna - good

very swell

Olivia - Good


Hannah - good

was very easy to navigate

Egor - Great

Great, speedy and easy

isabella - good


Guillermo - excellent course

it really helped me I learned a lot.



Jordan - good


Kylee - Learner's Permit


Justin - Drivers Ed

This course was great thanks.

Lexington - Lexington Garcia

it was cool

ty - awesome

very informative

Mandy - FL first time drivers permit test

it was less stressful for me to take my test at home.

James - Road Rules Test

Showing of incorrect answers was awesome.

Collin - It was amazing

Very informative and very fun

Eleanora - FLpermit course/test

was very helpful



curtis - it was not hard

the test allows you to see your mistakes

Lazaro - Would recommend it

Really easy to understand test format

Shante - Excellent

The test went very well.

Erica - online course

I love the online course.  very educational and lots of time to study and practice.

Abigail - Excellent course

Easy to follow and helped me pass my exam

Kelly - Dylan - Very Informative


SHIVA P. - Driving Permit Exam

The course helps.

HEATHER - test


Daniella - Good


Matthew - Amazing!!!

It really helped me gain and test my knowledge on the drivers -ed knowledge!!!

Alyssa - Amazing

The format of the test made me feel comfortable and not intimidated. It kept me on track and not anxious about how many questions I may have missed by showing me at the top.

Connor - Straight Forward

The test was very straight forward and was very helpful. The amount of question I had gotten wrong and could get wrong greatly reduced the stress that would have been present had this feature not been there.

Jayden - Eye opening

This whole book and this test has answered so many questions that i have had as a child and I enjoyed taking the test as it wasn't that complicated to understand. I liked how i was able to know how many questions I got wrong and which i got correct.

Andreina - Andreina - Great

They provide everything you need to get your permit fast and easy. I loved it and definitely recommend it.

Liza - YES


Lorie - good

good course

Brian - great


Blakeman - Permit course review

it was very efficient and useful

Mandell - GREAT!


Jose - great

I really like, very helpfull

Makayla - easy

so easy

Cathy - Package Deal!

Did the combo package for Florida learners permit. It works and was as advertised. Would recommend to others.  Liked the feedback at the top of the page while testing that provides the real time feedback about questions you got wrong, time remaining, and percentage complete.

Bhuvana - Great!

Really loved the questions!

james - good

I like that I'm am showed how many answers I got incorrect

Rachel - great

Great course!

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