Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

JOSEPH - Absolutely Perfection

The practice test will save your life and you will become very pleased will your progress!

Jennali - good test

the test was pretty simple and easy to understand especially after the practice

Kenny - Permit test


torri - course and test

easy to navigate, great course and test

Amanda - amanda

it was great. very easy to understand and helpful

Jose - it was great

it was a good test and I felt like I actually tried my best

Aniyah - Permit test review

The test was very efficient and quick.

Jose - Permit test

It was a good permit test, the practice tests really do help with the exam

sara - course and test

Great experience easy to navigate great course and test

Qzuanita - Great

It was a great way to take my test and I would recommend it to others.

Yesenia - Permit Test

i love that i could take this at home and it was a great experience.

Philip - fast and efficient

i did all of this in one night, the reviews, questions and lessons were very helpful in passing the test

Jacob - Jacob- Amazing

It was convenient.

Jalen - Great!

Honestly pretty easy! No complications, troubles, or difficulties, at all. Would recommend!

Ricardo - Great

Couldnt catch an appointment with local DMV, so this worked out just fine. Works beautifully and quick.

Amy - Great Course!

Super simple and quick, highly recommend.

Jonathan - Best course!

I recommend taking this test. If you study then you are good.

Shaanne - great test

It was quick. no complications or problems.

Adrian - drivers ed test

great course and testing was clear and excat from book

Cathy - Convenience

Easy to read and follow. Love the practice test.

Victoria - quick and easy

super simple way to take my test and felt very secure. i recommend!!

Noah - Good Course!

I thought this course was very helpful and through.

Adore - Very helpful

I loved that I could see at the same time I was taking my test I could see what I got helped so much

tamiya - Take it, you will do a great job!

I 100% would tell anyone to take it, it's easy and fast.

Jade - Great System

Very smooth and easy system

Jeremie - Jeremie

it was a great way to get my drivers permit and i passed by myself wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be

Mckenzie - really good

easy to follow and easier than doing it at the DMV

Matthew - Very Informative

Gave clear and concise information on how to drive safety under all conditions and environments.

Jada - First Time Drivers Permit Test

This is amazing and fast and easy

Dong - fl first time drivers permit test

the website was simple to use and easy to follow

Eula - five star review

This is the best testing site it help me pass by helping my reading skills.

Steven - great

easy to use, would recommend

Brandt - Good

Fast and easy.

Alexa - Florida Permit test

super helpful

Brandt - Brandt - Course

Simple and easy to use.

Abdiel - Course

The format was incredibly helpful to navigate and made it super easy for me to be able to focus on the material

Michael - Great process

Excellent and easy process for obtaining learners permit

laila - TAKE THIS

Teens! take this course, you will NOT regret it. super easy and clear questions.

Paul - Drivers Test

This was my first time taking a drivers test, it was fun and i learned a lot.

natalie - Great Course

The course was great ! passed first time !

Gabriela - Good Course

With this site a passed, I'm a slow learner and this helped me a lot

Garrison - Good Course

This course was easy to navigate and fairly self explanitory.



Megan - excellent course

THis course was excellent and easy to do without any issues.  I have attempted other courses and no one would call me back. I will definitely recommend this course!

Rita - Good Course

Thank you for the course. It was excellent and easy to use.

kaiya - Good

I liked the test, it gave clear answers and real-life scenarios!

Roberto - Really Good Course

It was all really smooth and easy to use.

Alfonso - Course

This course was extremely in depth and very easy to comprehend.

Maximo - Florida Permit Test Review

Accurately covered the rules of the road.

William - Learner's Permit Exam

It was quick and easy to use!

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