Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Peyton - First Time Drivers Permit Test

Was a good course and I personally learned a lot about driving thanks to it.

Erin - Very good, just study well

This was a good course, but the key to passing is all on you. Just study and read it carefully and you'll do good on the tests.

Cheryl - thanks for getting me my permit xoxo gossip girl

it was good- glad i used 4 hours of my time for this site, a pleasure- truly.  the lady who read me all the information, you're the best, really saved me a headache.

Jared - Online permit test

It was pretty good but you just have to study and read the questions carefully

Diamond - Online permit test

It was pretty easy , I passed on my first try

Deborah - Road Rules and Road Signs Exam

The website was made very easy to navigate

Staci - Efficient and Easy!

Format was easy to register, practice and be successful to pass!

Correen - Good Test

It was a good test to take and I liked how it showed how many you have left to get wrong so you can make fewer mistakes.


I appreciated how they have the percentage at the top to show how much you completed.  The questions were relevant and came directly from the handbook.  Make sure to take your time!

Abby - Great course

Gave adequate knowledge so that you could pass. Easy to access when you have busy schedules and don't have time to do it all at once. Recommend to all!

Nyeek - Take your time

This test was very easy all you got to do is just read carefully and take your time

Deanna - Good Test

Provided adequate questions that had different levels of difficulty.

Monica - Rosalily

Easy test just take your time and read the questions carefully

Katelyn - Amazing test

I loved it  easy to understand the road rules

agustin - Easy to understand

questions were easy to answer, I like that it showed how many I had gotten wrong  as I was taking test.

Jacqueline - Perfect Course

The site’s layout was very formal and easy to navigate. Getting the online permit test was simple and straightforward.

Paola - Great Course

This course prepares you well for the exam. Very easy and straight forward.

Taylor - Great

Easy to navigate and comprehend

Jessica - great test

Very easy to understand. Good quality website. Helped me prepare

Orlando - First Time Drivers Permit Test

Passed on my first try. Extremely simple and with the right amount of practice, you will have your permits license in no time! Good luck!

Ron - Great test


Latrell - Drivers ed

This class is very efficient


The questions were easy to read and fair.

Michael - amazingg

this test is so easy if you study for it. they also give you enough time for it.

Nishant - Nishant Mehta

Great Website and very self-explanatory final exam

Brady - Brady-Really good

The test questions helped me understand and they were easy to understand

Lee-Ann - RELAX

Super easy to understand questions, able to relax in my own house and think thru the questions. Best choice I made.

Rosa - Good Course

I passed the official test and it was all thanks to this very helpful course!

Nyah - Wonderful

It was a great way to study and pass.

christian - Christian- quick and easy

If you have studied properly the test should be no problem, it also helps to take the practice  test before hand.

Grayce - Very reasonable test questions

The test questions were very common sense and easy enough to understand and choose the correct answer.

Paula - its great

This website is actually very useful and I liked the fact that is gave me unlimited tries for the practice test

Josie - Great if you procrastinated

If you're like me and wait till three days before your birthday this is a great course. I was able to get through it in about four hours plus the time needed to take the tests. It can get a little boring with the time restrictions on the pages, but other than that it was great. there is also a way to make your money back at the end of the course.

Emily - Quick & Easy

It covered a lot of important info without dragging on and on; it just got straight to the point.


Website was easy to navigate and allowed you to view how much time you had left, questions left, and questions wrong and how many more you can get wrong. That was very helpful and made it less stressful.

SAGE - Passed!

Test covered alot and gave enough time for each question.

Savannah - Good Test

It covered a lot of the sections I had learned. I enjoyed the time I had spent learning this course.

Amy - Driver's test

Covered a lot of the fronts you'd need to know

Isabel - Permit test

100%  worth your money.  Allowed me to take unlimited tests review  which was great.

Jacqueline - Excellent!

The test was super easy and such a breeze.

Christie - Excellent

This was amazing highly recommend it.

Lynne - Good Test!

It was a good test that covered a lot of good topics about driving and I learned a lot.

Jenny - Samantha it was fun

i enjoyed the time i spent on this and learned a lot of new things

Priscilla - Easy & Quick

It’s not a complicated course, you just read and answer the questions. You get instant feedback.

Lisa - I liked it

It was a nice course and made the material easy to understand

Alex - pretty good

it was a good course easy didn't take more time than expected to finish

Natasha - Online driver's course

I enjoyed doing this course online and being able to go at my own pace.  Being able to take the practice test as many times as I wanted really helped.

Trent - Good

Good. Quite a few grammatical errors, but they aren't a hindrance.

Ya'darius - Fl first time drivers permit test

Critical but worth it just take your time and stay calm very easy to understand.

Blake - Quick and Easy

Very simple, no hiccups and very easy to understand

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