Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Sarah - Learners Permit

Informative test.

Brian - Excellent website

easy to navigate and find the test

Gabriela - Gabriela - would highly recommend

questions on practiced test were very easy highly recommend.

Anita - Easy to understand

Easy flow to the questions and clear images of signage.

Marian - Very nice experience! Would recommend

After searching through countless programs with such confusing interfaces, this website was a breath of fresh air. It features a great test and is easy to navigate!

Jesiah - SIAH


Abigail - great!

it was really amazing, watch out roadway here i come!

Ada - Very well constructed

Overall easy and comprehendable

victor - Victor - great

The questions were very easy an well explained as i took two of their practice tests which helped me study for the real exam.

Alex - First Time Permit Exam

I took the exam for the first time after a lot of months procrastinating, and this site had excellent material, all of it was in the driver's ed manual, and included a practice test to help me feel more prepared. Needless to say, I passed first try!

Rebecca - amazing

it was a very good course and test

Ilana - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

This was a very well written test and it helped me understand the laws of the road and off the road

Antonio - Great!

This course really helped me learn about driving and the rules for driving

Jimmirea - Amazing !!

This was really the first time actually understanding a class or anything.  The choice of having the pages read to you really helped me and I'm so greatful.

Michael - course

I think this course was very helpful and taught me the correct way to drive , I'm also thankful for the videos showing story's about teen's who drink and drive, it really gave me a better perspective on why drinking and driving is not allowed.

Kai - Almost Guaranteed to pass

i passed all of my tests first try thanks to these courses

Natalia - Course Review

This was an easy course as well as an easy test. I passed the first time and i recommend it for others.

Grace - Driving

was a great and easy way to get permit for a new driver!

Clifford - Driving Permit

Very user friendly

Anthony - Permit Test

Helped me pass the permit test first time. Great course.

John - Great Course

Passed the Permit test the first time!

Yulibeth - Driver permit test

Very easy and simple 💯

Gemari - Drivers Permit

Practice is different from actual test but passed the first try!!

Eliza - Naples

It was a good course and was very helpful for the test

cristian - cristian-drivers permit

it wasn't that hard you just need to study

Josue - Drivers Permit

It’s was easy and hard 😂

Sarah - Driver Premit

Passed the test the first time :)

Katrina - Course review

This was a great course recommend for others

Alan - Amazing!

It's really to use and helps you a lot!

gaven - Drivers Permit

I took the drivers test and passed the first.

Aja - Aja Footman

I had fun doing my course. I learned a lot of material. I would definitely recommend!!!

Lilian - Permit test

The test was easy to do and the practice test helped a lot.

Jared - Great test

It worked perfectly for me and allowed me to easily do it with no hassle.

Kaytlyn - Easy

Very easy and simple.

Ruth - Permit test

The test went smoothly and no stress.

Larry - Driving test

The practice test was very helpful in helping me pass the permit test

Maria - First Time Drivers Permit

Excellent program Recommend it highly

Ileana - Florida Road Signs and Rules Exam

By passing this test, I now feel fully capable of being a successful driver.

Liora - Awesome!!

I felt so much more relaxed taking this course than originally I thought and am very pleased with this method!

Jeanine - very easy

the handout book helped me understand and complete the test easily

Azora - I Passed!!!

i feel great! this is a great resource to not only practice but pass and learn about driving

Adriano - Easy to follow program

This program is very easy to follow and has good instructions and videos. It is convenient since you can start and start the course when needed. I purchased the course that included the four hour drug and safety, which conveniently bundles all in one.  I highly recommend this course to anyone.

elizabeth - Review for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

This test seemed well set up and easy to understand. The content was appropriate to new drivers and was educational.

Christina - This was Epic

This is very informative and it makes sense that it is needed

Aidan - i passed!!!!

I actually learned A LOT from the 4 hour drug and safety thing. it made me thing differently about driving, and I do feel a lot safer on the road now!! I felt relaxed and was able to fidget!

Maria - Great test

I reccomend this if you want to drive

Meghan - permit test

Well recommended test. very easy test if you read and study the book.

Suzanne - DMV test

Well presented and enjoyed the course.

Rylee - passed

Test was not bad at all!

Eric - Success

The practice test helps on some of the question so I recommend reading your handbook before coming on this website so i recommend this website because I passed!!!!

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