Product reviews for FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Megenson - National Highway safety administration

Very helpful

Logan - Logan

Highly recommend

Celina - Celina- Permit Test

Very simple to pass.

Theresa - Easy


Wyatt - Wyatt

cool site/ passeddddd!!!!!!!!

Amauri - Simple and Easy

great prep for test

Alexander - FT driver permit test

Very easy to navigate.

Shelli - The best!

Being able to take a practice test helped take some of the pressure off for my son.  Everything we needed was right here, too - information, tests, study guide, practice exams.

mikaela - good

the test taught me lots.

Mike - great


James - Good

Well, I passed. So that's good.

Gabriel - Great easy

Study hard

Lena - Very good

I highly recommend

Nikolas - yeah

recommend it

William - Kaylee

great course

natalie - natalie


Marie-Claire - marie


Gavin - gavin

it was good

Haley - Drivers Ed

The course was easy.

Hoyt - Permit

Good test

Keneil - KENEIL


cesar - cesar ---I passed

it was great

thomas - great

The test was easily understood, and easily accessible. Highly recommended.

Emily - Learners permit

It was very good! I kind of wish that it would tell me the correct answers for the ones that I got wrong but all in all very happy with this!

Emily - good and helpful

(I am being told to write this by my parents) this course was extremely helpful, and even when I got stuff wrong on the practice test, it told me what I got wrong and explained the correct answer.

Carolynn - CAROL


Marlen - Easy


damian - yes

i took it so ya

Eli - Permit Test


Julie - Super easy

Great course - Passed!

Mya - Good

Love how you can see how many incorect answers you have.

Shannon - Trey

I feel ready

Bogdan - Stressful but Relatively Easy

Was very nervous when I started this test... and was pleasantly surprised when I realized the questions were pretty simple!

greta - Permit test


Joshua - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test


Dylan - FL driver permit test

It was easy to read and thorough. It was exactly what I learned.

Angelina - Wonderful

Great. Terriffic. Splendid. Simple.

Alexis - Informative

It really test you're knowledge but still easy to pass if you know the material

Andrew - Learners Permit

Liked that I could have everything done before going to the DMV

Zachary - zach


Daniven - Great!


Laura - Learners Permit Test

It was amazing and very helpful

Jeurys - nice


Kyle - sophia~ Permit Test


Christina - Emma- Helpful

Very easy to take

Adam - adam

i passed

Sophia - sophia

great site

Jaren - Great!

This course was fun and easy! I got my permit in no time!

endia - ENDIA


Bianca - Very good!

I thought it was easy and I’m glad i passed!

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