Product reviews for FL COMBO TLSAE + PERMIT TEST

Tessie - Permit Test!

I liked it, it was challenging but I learned a lot!

amaila - Permit Test

It was very helpful and very understanding.

Jadyn - Jadyn

It was a good test, it will definitely help me to remember the information given while I'm out on the road.

Julianna - Easy and helpful

I got a great understanding of what I had to learn in less than 5 hours!

Thomas - Permit test

It was good and I was able to understand and follow along.

amaila - Amaila- Good Test

It was very helpful and informative test

Cayleigh - Cayleigh S

pretty good, a good test, and a good amount of info

Brianna - Brianna- Easy and good test

Helpful information and was short and fast.

Henry - Thanks!

So easy to do and so convenient to have at home!!!

Camila - Experience

I loved this course. It was super easy and not difficult to comprehend.

Breanna - Amazing Website!

I would definitely recommend to others!

Bridey - Amazing Test

The National High way safety really helped me understand and acknowledge the rules of the Florida Permit test and alcohol test it highly recommend for anyone wanting help when getting there license.

Sofia - Amazing

This was a great course and test option.

Brody - Good Test

It was a great test! Very organized and it taught me a lot.

Daniella - Permit Test and Course

I really enjoyed both the course and the exam I tookk

Demetrius - DLM

The test was exactly what I study. The layout of this course made it just that much easier for me to pass the test.

Candice - Convenient and Time Saving

We have a very busy schedule and were having a hard time getting into the DMV.  This course allowed us to take our time with the drug and alcohol class and to take the learner's permit test at home.  It doesn't get any better than that.  In all truth, it took my son over a year to even start the process, but they still had us registered and the account activated and ready to go.  This was as easy as it could possibly be.

Landon - Very informative

Son took the course and learned a lot.

Luca - best website

best website to take course and exam for permit!

Luca - best website

best website to take course and exam

Christian - first time permit test

I thought it was a nice and easy way to get my permit and highly reccomended

Austyn - So good!

was easy and helped me pass. the course was very helpful.

Mariann - Very good recommend for teens

Very good recommend for teens, easy to understand.

Mariann - Very good recommend for teens

very good course and easy to understand

Richard - Great Program

Finally got it done. great practice program


it was good because i passed my permit first try and my drug and alcohol 2nd try.

Nasir - Nasir's TLS combo review

The course and permit test was easy to follow and also easy to pay for and complete it had no hidden fess or anything like that I would just rate this a 10/10.

Austyn - I loved this course!!

This course was extremely informational and helpful in helping me pass my permit test, which i passed first try thanks to the amazing course provided!!!

Serenity - Awesome

Passed with flying colors 100% recommend

Diana - Good test

It was a good test! it was filled with very helpful information, it taught me a lot and I really recommend

yalianis - yalianis- great test

The best test I have ever taken in my life, apart from being easy, it is short and fast.

Javier - Great website

This website was very helpful to helping me pass my exam

Noah - Amazing test

Very easy to understand and straightforward

Jennifer - Very Easy

This test  is very good for teens. It teaches you a lot of thing and information that you need.

jaden - Amazing

I really liked taking the test as it helped me learn more about how to drive safe.

anastacia - Combo

I loved it it thought me all i needed to know and it was very helpful for me to pass


It was great experience doing the drug and alcohol course and permit test here.

Misael - Permit

Learned a lot from this and passed the test

Aidan - Great Class

Helped me understand complexity and sometimes fear of the open road, but with this course I learned a lot and I am ready to drive! Thank you!

Lazaro - great test

This is a great test for people who are first learning how to drive. It gives you a lot of good information that you need to know for the test.

Anthony - Convenient and Educational

The test was great and the videos, practice test, and course in general prepared me well for the permit test.

julian - rating

Very good, simple to understand while being comfortable at home

Aiden - i enjoyed the course

i enjoyed how it was laid out and how easy it was to set up and do with in a 5 2 week period.

Keilan - Great test

It was really straight forward and simple

Jacob - Amazing test

I liked it very much. I can officially drive now


The curriculum is very easy to follow and retain. the practice test are awesome and prepare you well enough for the actual exam. PASSED IN 1 TRY!! No hidden or extra fees makes this site the BEST!!!

Christopher - great program

it was great to do everything from home and at my own pace and in one place

Aiden - Fl combo and permit test

very good and easy to take with very good instruction.

Nicholas - Well done

The prep and information provided was great. I was prepared for my test. Thank you

Anthony - It was good

This whole program helped me learn all there is to know about the harmful effect Substances can have on you when driving. And of course it taught me how to drive. 10/10 would learn again!

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