Product reviews for FL COMBO TLSAE + PERMIT TEST

Sierra - Sierra

This was great

Barbara - FL Combo TLSAE and Permit Test

Good product to prepare for tests.  Practice tests are good tool for test preparation.

Thomas - Permit test

It was so amazing! Fair questions... Loved it!

Amelia - Amelia - good

its a very easy course to take and 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Evan - great company

excellent staff members overall great company

Kelli - Great Course

It was an easy to use website and exactly what was expected. I had no problems and I would definitely recommend this to others.

Caslie - awesome

this test is very helpful!

William - It was Great!!

It was awesome! I learned so much and I feel like I'm ready to hit the road.

Donna - awesome

very good layout

Ali - Good

Helps people learn all the rules of the road.

Colleen - great course!!

very helpful and informative makes sure everything you need to know is explained before the test!

Nadym - Great Course

Loved It Learned So Much From This Course I Would Recommend This To Anyone !

Michael - Course

Very informative on driving instructions.

Kevin - excellent

excellent course

Edward - Great


Liudmila - Course

I liked the course itself and technical possibilities. convenient to use. I learned a lot of new things. Thank you!

Alyssa - Alyssa


LaRhonda - Amazing

Educated me on a bunch of things I didn't know.

Jhon - excellent

great course

Julia - Awesome!

This course was informative.

E'Yona - pretty good course

very informative

Andrew - Andrews Great Reveiw

course was great and teached me a lot i did not know aboud drugs and some driving. Althoughit was a little time using. (took hours to complete)

Katrina - Drug and Alcohol Course


Efraín - Excellent!

Very well done course, I really learned a lot of things.

Elizabeth - Good

No complaints, good course

Jennifer - test

not too bad

asrar - excellent website

the instructions were clear and direct

Danelys - it was great

it was awesome

dawn - Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course

no complaints

Kalea - reveiw

I thought this course was very informative and helpful in getting me ready to get on the road.

Melisa - good couse

helped me a lot

Hannah - Very good!

Clearly written

Chastity - Pretty decent

I liked the pics and the things like that, helps with all of the examples

Katelyn - NHSA

Program ran smoothly.

Donavin - Great Test!

Easy and affordable to take!

Miriam - TLSAE course

Great course!

Sophia - good course

I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot!


This course is convenient and user-friendly.

Abigail - helpful

The audio was extremely helpful for keeping on task. The questions after each section helped with retention.


learned a lot from  this course and  it was very helpful

maddi - loved it

tmrw is my bday i turn 15

AIZAN - Yay!

It was great! I passed first try!!

Grace - review on the course

I think this course was very informative and gave me a well understanding of all the drugs/drinks not to do with the additional reason why not to do them.

Megan - Not Bad

its was a good course, clear and easy to understand

jehovsen - TLSAE

I loved how it showed you why that answer is wrong and correct answer is the correct answer

Sofia - Awesome!!!

This service made it so easy for me to prepare for my permit exam AND it made it even easier by letting me take it online!!

Lucca - Very nice!

I enjoyed the course very much. I learned a lot.

Seth - review DandA


Sara - Wonderfully organized

I'm quite satisfied with the course, it was organized well and the mini topic quizzes were helpful for reviewing the key information and statistics. I took a couple of days to slowly review the info and even took the time to watch the optional video which was really an eye-opener. Overall, the course is well built and I'm glad its a requirement!

Jenny - Good course

This course was very interesting and informative.

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