Thomas - love it so much better than a class

love it so much better than a class

ellis - eg- course review

very informational and helpful. easy to complete.

Kamila - great course

great course truly gained a lot of information and helped me be confident with driving again

Derrick - Course Review

Very informational and I feel comfortable starting out as a new driver.

Tracy - Drivers course review

It was a great course and it was very easy to learn as well, I enjoyed it

James - Jason- Drivers Education

I loved the program! I gained a lot of knowledge and it helped me understand more about driving.

John - Driver's Education!

We loved your program! It was very accessable and comprehensive.

Elizabeth - Texas Parent Taught Guide

course was easy to follow and informative

Delvin - How was it?

It was really good I’ve got to learn about mostly everything thank y’all so much!

Amber - Easy to understand

The course was simple and I learned a lot of information. I could go at my own pace.

Shane - Shane - Kinda easy

all the answers are on the reading.

Shawn - Easy to understand

I thought this was an easy way of learning drivers ed

Joeli - Very Good

Fast and easy. Allowed me to work at my own pace and learned a lot more this way.

angela - Review

Great course and very easy!

Christian - What u thought of it

It was fast quick and easy all i could Ask for it was good thought me a lot and thought me fast

Destiny - My experience

It is a very easy and fast program, it lets you work at your own pace.

Terrance - Parent taught drivers ed

I thought the course made it easy to learn off of allowing me to read the selections and use that knowlege for the questions.

Isabelle - Great Driving Course!!

This was definitely a length course, but it covered all the necessary topics to become a good driver. Honestly, I have no complaints. Great course and would recommend it to other novice drivers.

Marcelo - Great option!

Very thorough, covid friendly, way of getting your license!

Robyn - Easy

Pretty simple to understand. Very nicely set up.

Jessica - Drivers Education

We liked the course and was easy to follow.

Zoe - Great

Very easy and simple to understand

Latosha - Not hard

It is not hard to complete the course just make sure you have good time management.

ed - justin

It was easy to follow instruction and learn everything

Don - Easy to follow

Great course and easy to follow and learn!

Jason - Great

Loved the course, very straight forward, and helped alot!

Aliasghar - yes

it was very informative

Darla - Good course

Easy to follow instruction and good course

Tristian - Drivers Ed

It was great doing it on my on time and pace

Rebecca - Good

I'm ready to drive bro. This helped a lot with getting me there.

Jonathan - A concise and helpful course!

This course taught me information that even my parents didn't know! I now feel prepared to drive safely and knowledgeably, and feel ready to continue on the journey of obtaining my license.

Julie - Good

It’s was very good, and learned a lot

Rodolfo - Outstanding and Engaging

This was an excellent course, that was engaging, fun, and very informative. Customer service was also quick and friendly. By far recommend to anyone looking for a PTDE course. Kudos to the NHSA team!

Bertha - Joe-PTDE

Enjoyed the whole course very understandable

Rebecca - licence course

i thought i had an amazing understanding of everything on the courses.

Christina - Stephen Thomas

I loved the course really basic readings and great question choices.

Liana - Excellent and Very Easy

Although it can be time-consuming, if you put in the work, it will all be worth it. Very informational and was easy to understand.

Elizabeth - Nice course

Mostly common sense questions and easy to complete.

Gabriela - amazing course

The best drivers education course.

Hayden - easy course

Very easy to take and complete. Anyone with common sense and a 4th-grade education could complete it.

Desiree - Quenten-PTDE

Best learning I have had for driving

Deann - Colin

Easy to use

Tammy - Good course

Nice drives ed course, you can work at your own pace.

Ashley - TX Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Very informative course, easy to use, and easy to follow the parent and student roles and responsibilities.

Brian - PTDE

Personally, I really enjoyed the format that the NHSA used to help me retain information about driving.

Henry - Henry - PTDE

Very helpful and easy to use

Logan - PTDE

Awesome course! very easy to understand and comprehensive!

Isabella - Very Simple

I liked that I had the option to have the text read to me or read it myself. I also really liked the single question after mostly each reading and the assessments after each of the modules.

Mckinlee - PTDE

Very easy to understand and perfect for completing at any time

Donald - Excellent

The course was great a lot from it and now I will be able to drive safely and with respect to the other drivers.

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