Sharon - parent taught review

I quite enjoyed this because I was able to go at my own pace.

Savannah - Finishing my course

Very good due to being at my own pace

Seth - Seth- Very good

This is a good course I really enjoy it that it tells statistics with basic needs to get behind the wheel.

anthony - parents taught drivers ed

its was a eye opener

Leah - Review

It was a good driving instruction

Lisa - Good course

Very Helpful and useful

Christian - Christian - good

It was very helpful and got to experience a lot.

Jed - Connor - drivers ed

Very helpful and learned a lot.

valeria - TX parent taught Drivers Ed

Had good explanations and was straightforward.

Mercedes - Great Course

This was a great course, it taught me important information very thoroughly.

Sheila - TX parent taught drivers ed.

I like the course. It had really good explanations.

Dalten - Drivers ED

Was very helpful and taught me a lot of things.

Denissa - Good!

Very helpful and I learned a lot.


It helped me a lot with understanding the importance of driving  safely .

Julie - Drivers Ed

Very beneficial and straightforward! It was easy to access wherever you go.

Jaidyn - Drivers Ed & Permit Test

Very beneficial!  I learned a lot and it was user friendly

Verna - Niya- Course Review

It was very beneficial.

Ayesha - Ayesha- Driver ED Course

It was helpful I learned a lot and had good information.

Daniel - Madia Norris

I like how much it tought me and how easy it was.

Xavier - Drivers ed course

This was a very informational course and I believe it will greatly benefit me in the long run!

Ellis - Nolan

I liked how straight forward and easy it was.

Rene - rene

very easy and i liked it

Mark - Steller course

I feel like I learned more than I would have with any other course

Dylan - Great

I liked it easy to use and to the point

Martha - Barlow

Good for rural students where no school is available.

Harlon - Great

I think I would have learned less if I took a class in a classroom overall great course

Claire - Good Course

Enjoyable, easy to use, and very informative.

Rebecca - Great

Great Course that you can take at home.

Jamie - Great

I enjoyed taking this test it was straight forward and easy I like how u can access it and do it any where at anytime

Trenton - Trenton

i liked this it was very easy and fun to do highly recommend it to everyone!!

Meghan - Riley - Really Good

I wouldn't be the driver I am without this course. It was easy and straight forward. I didn't have any issues using it, and enjoyed using it. Highly recommend it.

Barbie - honestly a great choice of drivers ed

This course taught me so much and it does take a lot of time to complete but it’s worth it because it tells you everything you need to know and has really prepared me to be a safe driver.

Andrea - Course Review

I learned a lot taking this course, Thanks!

William - REVIIEW

I understood all the questions and I would recommend it

Theanna - Reveiw

i understood all of the module's and assessment. And when I got the answer wrong it explained why. It was really fast and i gained a lot of knowledge from this.

Crystal - Driving education review

I think the course was very informative I learned a lot about safe driving

Angelica - review

good program

Shane - Review

It was super fast and easy!

Candace - madison

this was a good course I learned a lot. I"m ready to be a responsible driver

Robin - Thus is great

Taught me a lot


Very good and helpful course with a lot of important information.  I now feel ready to receive my license and drive responsibly.

Aaron - Good learning process

This is a really simple program

Mahnoor - Great learning experience for driving

Everything in this course relates to the real world for an individual to know and understand. It states information in a clear manner.

elizabeth - great information

everything I needed to know

Artis - Great learning experience

Thank you for the help

Keela - Great Information

This course goes through everything a new driver, or experienced driver, needs to know before entering the road.

morgan - morgan

it explained the courses well


I loved how everything was so helpful and clear

HOLLY - good course

i learned a lot from this course it was very reliable

Michael - National highway test

Test was very helpful.

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