Rex - Rex

fairly easy

Rida - rida- slay

i really liked the information it provided

Ryan - Nice

Takes long but worth!

Ivy - Very Informative

Was a really good course.  Very informative and my child learned so much.  Thank you for providing us the tools to ensure her to be a safer driver.

Erica - My expierence

I liked how it was so simple and easy.It also allowed me to take breaks.

Oviya - Drivers ED Course

Great course!


Made it as easy as possible. Not timed and can take my time on it. no hidden fees and very easy to do and process. HIGHLY recommend

Micah - Review

very good learned a lot thumbs up

Jordan - Thank you for the education

This course is long but it is very informative

Betelhem - drivers ed course


Marissa - Drivers ED

This was a good course to take in my opinion.

Cadance - Parent taught drivers ed

mostly enjoyed

Daniel - Daniel-Drivers-ed

Course was interactive, I didn't feel pressured.

Bren - It was ok

I don't think I even really learned anything from the course on how to actually drive, but other than that it was easy

Addie - Amazing!

This course was very informational! I loved how easy it was to learn and understand the content. 10/10 Would recommend!

Elinor - Review

It was really informational and learned how to be safe while driving.

Evelyn - Drivers Educational Course

Great course, highly recommend !

Andrea - Wonderful Course!

I really appreciate the videos, facts, and quizzes that helped me along my driver journey! I'm very grateful for this program and I can't wait to receive my license!

Austin - review

good class learned a lot, very helpful

Gabriella - Drivers Ed course

I enjoyed the course, it made learning how to drive fun and understandable.

Emily - Easy Peasy

This is the second time using National Highway. Easy to navigate. Sadly this is the last child doing drivers ed, but we do encourage others looking for a good drivers ed program to sign up with National Highway.

Sophia - Drivers Ed Course

I learned a lot and enjoyed being self paced

John - Drivers Educational Course

Fast easy effective

Sofia - Drivers Course

I highly recommend this course, it taught me a lot and was very easy to follow

Braxton - Drivers Educational Course

This was a fantastic course. I understood everything it taught me clearly. Throughout the course I learned a lot. I recommend this course.

Isaiah - Best Course in Texas

It was so easy to follow instructions and everything was listed clearly. Highly recommend this course

Thomas - Driver's Ed Course Review

Good course that took a bit of time.

maria - AMAZING!

THIS IS REAL! its so easy to learn and pass

Kelvin - Excellent Course

easy, alot of info, and very simple to answer questions

Jack - Jack - Drivers Course

Great course! Will teach you everything you need to know.

Enmanuel - Really Understandable and Clear.

I understood everything that was taught in the course clearly. I really learned a lot, and I belive that I'm ready to apply these lessons to my everyday life.

Cyera - Drivers Ed Review

I liked how the questions were directly formed from the passages and weren't ones where you had to overthink your options. Very easy and covers a ton of information on aspects of driving, different mental states of the person driving, risks and benefits, etc.

Jaiden - Drivers Ed review

This was a great course, it may take a while but it makes sure you know everything you need to know.

Luciana - Course Review

This was a very informative and easy-to-use course.

Jacey - Driver's ED Review

The course helped me with understanding the rules of the road. It helped explain many things evolving alcohol and drugs.

Kaitlyn - So Easy!

Very comprehensive, and accommodated those with learning disabilities. Has a built-in self-reader and was an overall enjoyable experience. Able to work at your own pace which was the best part. Learned just how much of a privilege driving really is.

Cynthia - great

great course

Meagan - Great

The course does go on little tangeites but its an over all great course!

McKenna - Good driving class + test

I learned a lot and I passed everything

Zackary - 5 star corse

This is a great program if your child is self motivated. They have to want to complete it. My youngest completed it with no problems.

De'Andre - very good

it was not easy and good

Erin - james- easy to follow and apply

the info in this course was explained simply and it was easy to understand.

Jayla - Great!

This course gives plenty of details on how the roadway works and how to be a good defensive driver!

Kylee - Convenient and effective

The drivers course was excellent. With my busy schedule it was nice to proceed at my own pace.

Ananya - ananya- parent taught

it was very easy but long

Arial - Detailed, very realistic and touching

This driver course made me realize the many dangers on the road and touched me with their heartfelt stories from car crash survivors or witnesses. The NHSA did a very good job with this course!

Samantha - Parent taught

It was fun but a very long process

Tabitha - tabitha- drivers ed

this helped me alot


I really loved this program, thoroughly explained everything and was very easy to work with. Overall I enjoyed this program!

Jordyn - course review

I liked how user friendly the course was and that it saved your spot so you could easily go back and start where you left off. Also, I like how engaging it was.

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