Omaet - Parent Taught Course

It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, and I think it's because of that feature that a computer will read it for you at whatever speed you want, it was also really easy to understand and helped me learn a lot, I enjoyed my experience.

Jeffery - PTDE

The course presented very relevant information that will assist me in acquiring my license and driving safely.

Trishuana - Very Great

This course has taught me a lot and is very easy to follow. I am very satisfied with my experience.

Victoria - Victoria- Easyy

Super easy and fast if you put your time into it

Brian - Great

The course was very fun and taught me about every aspect of driving.

Sirrenity - Sirrenity

It was good I am glad I got to do it

Tessa - PTDE online course

Course was easy and fun.

Brian - effective

amazing program that shows every aspect of driving. very effective and very trustworthy

Gauge - Awsome

This course taught me so much about driving and safety than I could ever know. The text where very informational and the videos are super eye opening.

Suzanne - Hunter - Great Learning Experience

Learned a lot and was pretty easy to finish

Stellara - Awesome course

This course was so helpful im so grateful to be able to know my son is going to be driving safely and still have fun doing it.

Gabriela - Amazing

This course is affordable, easy, and functional. I’ve had a positive experience with this course from beginning to end. I definitely recommend.

Khan - Great

this was an amazing and very educational experience.

Vincent - It was good!

It was good and showed me a lot of information.

Melissa - good course

amazing and super easy course!

Laura - Ernesto- great!

Will recommend, felt satisfied!

Jonas - Great course

Super happy with the course and I'm for sure going to have my others kids use this course.

Jesus - Mycaelas Review

Very Happy with this parent taught program would deffinetly recommend this program

Melissa - Absolutly amazing

I love this 100% worth it just takes dedication!

Bella - Very good course!

This course keeps me engaged and informed. The way it teaches you really helps you remember the rules of the road.

Jaime - Baylas Review

This app is very good and doesnt take long if youre dedicated

Oluwayinka - Amazing

I got my learners permit in 3 or so days, because I was very dedicated and excited because the program was so easy.

Joy - Great!

Was worth the money and time!

Rebekah - Excellent Customer Service

They had wonderful customer service and Kristen was a huge help!

Wes - Very thorough!!!

The course provided me with answers to all my questions and made me more knowledgeable about driving.

Adam - Great cheap and efficient

Very reliable and fast. Worth every penny!!

Azoh - Very efficient

I gained a lot more information than I thought I would from this course.

Jene - Best test ever!!

This course is easy and simple. This helped me understand and pass with out any problems. I would tell all my friends to take this.

skylar - Very easy to complete

It was a good experience, everything was at your own pace, and i would highly recommend this course with this company.

Megan - Very Helpful

helped a lot with informing on the important things i need to know for driving and driving safety

Sofia - Sofia- Easy and very informative

There was things that I already knew, but still this course helped me learned some other things that I was unaware of. There's a lot of reading but you can summarize the main points easily. I am glad I chose this program!

Harrown - Great course and easy to do

I had plenty of time to complete my course, easy to follow material and easy to complete exams.

Alia - Simple and Easy

I was able to finish my driver's ed in a short time period and the material is straightforward and organized.

Michael - Easy to use, easy to learn and pass

I was able to pass everything and go back and recheck my answers. It was very easy to complete in the time given.

Jaclyn - The parent taught course is fantastic

I like that i was able to complete it in 2 days without any problems

Juan Pablo - Great Knowledge

The course has helped me gain so much knowledge about the road and what to do during situations. I recommend this course since it is super descriptive with the modules

Shawn - Super efficient

It goes over everything to think about when driving and all situations

Joslyn - Long but helpful

The class was long but at the end your able to learn so much about the road and how it is used

Mauricio - Amazing course

Easy to learn information. It was nice how the added pop quize to the course!


- I was able to learn so much, easy to follow, and fun too!

Mario - Very Informational, Easy and Efficient Course

This course made obtaining a driver's license easy and fun while still providing me with the necessary information for safe driving.

Brandy - Incredible Course!

Very easy to follow along and understand. There were several anecdotes used to elaborate and help the reader understand laws or situations better. This course was helpful and got to the point fairly quickly.

Flor - Ricardo - Excellent course

This course was helpful and had no problem completing it.

Alicia - Excellent Course

The course was  flawless. Had no interruptions, and had really great service.

Maryalice - Great Course

Highly recommend, very simple, and I like how it goes on your own pace!

Harlon - wonderful course

well taught and explained tests were easy to comprehend. 10/10 recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about driving safety

Fidel - Fidel

This is a good course, I learn much in this course

grace - very confident

really helped me understand how to drive safe and understand a vehicle better.

Diago - Great Course

i highly recommend this course for anyone who has little to no experience with road and traffic laws, it teaches you basics along with more advanced information. way more than any school class

Fabiola - very convenient

The questions really helped at the end of each unit. The questions made it easier to remember during each module test:)

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