Jacki - good

This was very easy and useful.

Vinnie - Could be better


NATIONAL HIGHWAY SAFETY ADMINISTRATION RESPONSE: Hi Vinnie, thank you for your review!  We're sorry you found the course slow.  The state of Texas requires a minimum amount of content to meet their 32 hour requirement for this course, which can make things seem slow!

Kametriea - Good

This course was easy an great

Andrew - Good

Very good and detailed

Corey - i loved this program

this was a great program i got a lot of info.

Joelle - Good course

good course for people to understand all the driving laws and safety precautions

Rachna - Great

It was pretty good because it had videos and pictures

Sophia - Review rating


Aahil - Great

It was Great

Ayaan - Great

It was Great

Jason - National Highway Safety Administration

This Helped Me Alot


It was a good course.

Rene - NationalHighwaySafetyAdministration

It is a good course

Amber - Great course

This course was super easy to use! Made Driver's Education a lot more fun to do.

Mihir - Helpful

It taught me a lot and helped me increase my knowledge

Michaela - Helpful

It was very helpful and I never experienced any issues on it.