Jocelyn - Traffic course

Test was non stressful as you could take your time and complete at your own pace.

John - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Good Information presented in a professional manner.  Well done

Jamie - Jamie - Great, Convenient, Informative Course

Course content explains all lessons well and gives a progress bar to monitor different sections. Exam was well written and easily understood

Maria Pilar - Maria Pilar

Eficaz y eficiente. Recomendado 100%

Kayla - Great Course!

This course helped me learn valuable information and improve in many areas. Everyone should take this course.

Stephanie - Easy to follow

Finished in a short time and helped me become a better driver.

Charity - Good course

It was very insightful, I learned a lot.

Keya - Course Review

Get course and good information to learn.

Julitza - Traffic School Review

Went well, very in depth, not difficult if effort is put in.

Lora - Informative

This course has a plethora of information that is new and up-to-date.

Angela - Fl Basic Driver's Improvements

This was very informative and useful

Daniel - Finished in a short time

Well explained course to help educate you about driving and how to be safer

Victoria - Safety first

Great test and website very informative

Dorian - Very Easy and Straight Forward

Was very nice to take it at my own pace and be able to come back when ever i want.

Marion - Basic Driver Improvement Course

I appreciate the ability to move at my own pace. It was a good refresher course for me. I'm driving with cruise control from now on.

Callista - Great coarse

My favorite part was the audio. It made it way easier to pay attention.

Doyle - Convenient

Appreciate the convenience to do this at home and at my own pace.

Fredrick - Product review Florida basic driving

This course is really good for anyone who need to learn the rules of driving. It was very informing, I retained a lot of new  information on what I thought I already knew about driving. I think this course should be mandatory for old and new coming drivers.

Jamey - Safety course

Good class, good pace, questions are to the point and cover a wide range Of topics.

Carl - Carl - BDI Course Review

Easy to follow.  Direct and straight forward.  Provides great detail - historical context.

Hassiem - Okay

Not too bad. I like the ability to have the course read to me and read along too.

Antoine - BDI

Well done! I think ALL Florida drivers should be required to take that course every ten years or at the time of license renewal. This course should be mandatory for age group 18 to 34 every 5 years. I believe such approach will reduce deadly accidents.

David - BDI/Traffic School

Excellent course!  Very easy to follow and well put together.  The quizzes were helpful.

Juan - 4 Hour BDI

I appreciate the knowledge I acquired from this course. It has given me a larger perspective of the amount of accidents that occur every year. This is an eye opener that brings into conscience the importance of being a defensive driver.

Mita - Process Simplified

I appreciate how easy it was to understand the process and take the course at my own pace

SHAREW - great education

it was very educational and convenient to navigate.

Mariah - Good Course

Easy course to navigate and understand.

Cayla - BDI Course

Very straight forward and quick! finished the course in two days :)

Bobby - Great course

At 47 it gave me new insights to driving.

Hector - Excellent Basic Driver Improvement Course

Very good and useful to know more about how to drive well and prevent accidents.

Melissa - Informative and Easy to Use

This course contains a lot of useful information and the platform is very user-friendly.

Oriana - Great

I loved doing my course with this program, it was very straight forward and easy to learn.

Brittany - great!!

the quizzes after each section make it easier to retain the information.

Michele - Excellent class

It was straightforward and easy to use. I like the read aloud feature and the feature where you resume where you left off.

Sabrina - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Learned a lot more information that I didn't know about and I have seen improvement on my driving because of this.

Cynthia - Good course, cost effective and immediate certificate after passing

Good course and allowed you to go back and review information also did not time the exam. The certificate was available immediately after you complete and pass exam

Giang - Informative

It was a good course.  I learned several things that I did not recall when taking driving test 30 years ago.

Christine - Driver Improvement

Excellent, very informative course. Learned quite a bit

Daniel - bdi traffic school

very good course.....thoughtful.....helpful


Thought I was going to hate this, but it has straight-forward quality content, and I actually walked away feeling more knowledgable about the road.

Robert - review

Straightforward and knowledgeable. Great class for the price.

Charlotte - BDI Course Review

Great course and easy to understand. Questions were very straightforward and you can go at your own pace.

Davis - Davis - Driver Safety course

Great refresher course. Excellent course! Very Thorough....

Christopher - Truly informative and easy to follow course

I especially enjoyed the read aloud feature, i was able to study and get chores done around the house, great use of a weekend. Thank you all who put together such an informative and easy to comprehend course. I will use skills i have learned here today

Jean - FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

Good review of basic facts and statistics pertinent to driver safety.  A good review for all.

DIEGO - Excellent course

Really easy to navigate and good way to refresh the knowledge!

Aneequa - Feedback

It's very helpful course for drivers.

Christopher - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Covers everything, a lot of awareness to non-everyday events.

Larren - Good Class

Straight forward, good content, quality readability, my favorite was being able to stop and start back up where i started easily even on different devices

Bennie - BJ - Excellent Course

Easy course to navigate and understand.

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