Lourdes - Easy & Convenient

Very straight forward, good information & convenient

Makynso - Basic Driver Improvement

Good information and easy to access.


Good driving information  & user interface which is easy to access.

Willie - Willie - EASY TO COMPLETE

Thank you for the information, was hugely insightful. Good information to keep in mind while driving. Able to complete the program on my own time very easily.

Nicole - easy to complete

I was able to complete the program on my own time.

Dimetrios - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Thanks you for the very good all-around information to keep in mind when driving.

Jessica - Convenient and flexible

This course was great. Very convenient for people with busy schedules. The material is concise and well organized.


Excellent course. Learnt many good points!

Alejandro - Best ever!

Firstly,  is free! You can schedule your time an take the course and the test whenever you can. I loved it! Best experience by far! Recommended 100%

Yvette - Easy to use and convenient

With a very busy schedule, this program was a real time-saver.  It allowed me to easily access the course at any time and from any device, which allowed me to complete on my own time and schedule.  The information is very complete, although dry at times, but I passed the test on the first try! I recommend this course.  Best of all, it's free!

Claudia Barbara - Great Course

Excellent course with self check question after each module. Highly recommend!

David - David - I was impressed

I was able to get through and only missed two questions. That is indicative of a good course structure and clarity of presentation. I'm a teacher, so that a compliment!

Disney - BDI Course

Great course. Very informative and most importantly FREE of charge! Thank you!



fatih - basic course

great course!!!

christian - Good course

Easy well informative course

Marcia - Good Basic Driver Course

Very  educational ,  learn  a few things.

Tiffany - Great Class!

This class was very informative.

Arturo - Great!

Very easy to study and learn

Timothy - Good Course

Learned something


Really does teach you alot, very simple information and easy quizzes.

Jaife - Easy to understand

Very easy to grasp  information.

Corey - Basics

Easy and I learned a good bit , great program.

Ricardo - Great Course

Great course with lots of useful information.

Justin - FL Basic Driving Improvement Course

great course

jordan - jordan- basic course

great course

Maria - Basic Course

Is very good, you actually learn

Gilberto - FL Basic Course

Great Course

Mario JT - Great course

Lots of information and stats

Leslie - Basic course

Great course simple but yet detailed learned a lot.

Jacqueline - Basic Couse

Great course.

Josselyn - Basic Course

Great course

Roger - 4 hrs driving review

Really informative. Great

Raul - Raul

Great course !

Maria - Thank you!!!

It is my first time in life that I receive a ticket and I found the course super useful.  I think everybody should do it

Sara - Very easy to follow and understand

I am glad I chose this course, it gave me the freedom to continue at my convenience without having the pressure to finish because of a deadline.

Luchanna - Basic Course

I appreciate this course being free

Nicholas - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Easy to follow. Learned a lot

Robby - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course

The course was informative and presented in a manner easy to comprehend. It  assists individuals in becoming more aware of their surroundings and the need to be an un-distracted driver.

JOAQUIN - Easy to follow

Well organized and easy to complete by allowing to stop at any time and resume as time permits.

Jessica - concise

The program was very informative, clear and concise. I highly recommend this particular course to anyone who has to take the online version of a driver's class. Very helpful!

Rashida - class

Very informative.

Marco - Great!

Easy, clear, straightforward. All you need.

Mayda - 4Hr Basic Driver Course

The course reviews necessary information to make the participant better drivers or at least more aware when they are driving.  I learned quite a few things that I did not know and the convenience of being able to take it at home at my own pace made it more convenient and gave me more time to absorb the information.


With the hours that I work this was the only way to complete this process.

Frantz - 4 hour BDI course

The course was informative and easy to follow.

Rohan - Great!

The course was easy to use and the questions between sections was great for re-enforcing the information.

Jeff - Great help

I enjoyed it, easy to keep up with

Carla - Awesome course content and opportunity

I thought this would be a "painful" course but I actually appreciate the opportunity to refresh things learned in my teen years. I actually think this should be a required class every 5-10 years for all drivers. It truly covered everything we should know to be responsible drivers. Thank you!

Jacquelyn - Excellent course!

Descriptive, simple to follow and learn.

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