Linda - Lml

Great course, easy to follow

Suzanne - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Excellent course.

Richard - Review

test isnt bad but a decent amount of the information is a bit outdated and unrelated to helping a driver improve their driving skills



Jeffrey - Great Course!

This was a thorough and convenient way to improve my driving skills and knowledge,

Amy - Amy-BDIC

Easy to navigate.

Morgan - Well Prepared

The review was helpful in preparing me for the completion test

Mohammed - FL Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI/Traffic School)

Excellent layout and easy to follow.

Maria - Great Course

Easy to navigate great information review questions cover the test material.

Daniel - Good test

kind of hard

Alain - Excellent course

Thanks guys, the course and the platform are great.

David - Interesting Content - Bad Grammar

This course provides good information, but it contains grammar mistakes that diminish its professionalism. Here are a couple of examples:
> Florida law states that only children under the age of 4 "needs" to be...
> Besides "effecting" the brain...
Or, the multiple choice questions include silly options: "Having an atomic bomb dropped on you."
I appreciate the information in this course, but it could be improved with a better copy editor.

Daniel - BDI Review

review of Florida BDI

Walter - BDI Course

Very comprehensive review package although in my view remembering statistical data  do not make anyone a better driver. That is interesting information but should not be stressed to the point you have in your review info and tests.

james - good course

i learned alot

Dean - Safety Driver Education

This is a very well laid out class. It is very informative. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to better themselves.

Nicola - Traffic School

Good content and very relevant

Miya - great course

The course was easy and helpful


Great Course

Olgierd - good course

it was more detailed and strict than expected. I learned several new things

Dennis - Semi Out of Date

Course references a lot of stuff from 2012 - 11 years ago.  I would have expected it to be a little more up to date.

Derek - Great Course

Very helpful!

Scott - Great course

Well put together and concise.



henry - BDI SCHOOL


Brianna - BDI Traffic School

It went well, learned some interesting things! the information was just outdated.

Funsho - Traffic school

Good content

Lynn - Fl Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI/Traffic School)

It was easy to follow. Very informative.

Zachary - Great Job

Great way to take the course! Helped save me while I was working throughout the day and couldn’t go somewhere for it !

Ethan - Not great

The course is entirely based on statistics, most of which are so outdated they're no longer relevant.

Jeffrey - Excellent

Excellent relevant course.

Manuel - Fl Basic Driver Course

A lot of information but user friendly

David - BDI Review


Lissette - NHSA Course

Interesting and very helpful training. What I like the most is that I can do it on my own pace. Thanks

JUAN - First time

Good lessons and interesting facts to keep you aware.

ava - nice

i loved it

Thomas - Thorough & Informative

This course was very enlightening and informative.  I'm happy to learn more than I thought.

Brenda - Brenda - FL Highway & Safety BDI

Learned a lot and took lots of notes.  It's longer than 4 hours.

Robert - Comments on FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

The photo of the child seat shows a forward-sitting seat; the text refers to backward seating, for children less than 5. Also, one of the questions was what a driver should do when an emergency vehicle approaches. The choices were to slow down to less 15 mph, less than 20 mph, or less than 25 mph.  There is a 2022 Florida statute that requires drivers to pull over, and stop.  Overall, a very good course, full of important and critical details.

DIANA - Fl Basic Driver Improvement

Statistics are 20 years old and do not reflect 2023 information.

Florante - FL Basic Driving Improvement (BDI)

I learned a lot!
The statistics could use some work. Having better graphics instead of reciting numbers then testing people on them will probably improve the retention and impact. People think in pictures. Graphically explaining fatalities (while respecting peoples' sensibilities) will make people remember and think twice the next time they speed or consume alcohol prior to driving. You guys don't have to be gruesome, just make the numbers "relatable".

Andres - Mr Paco

All good and helpful course. All the information is very important, but some of the questions in the tests are too specific like percentages or amounts that are hard to remember. This detailed information is important to get the point across, but difficult to remember all of it for the test.

kelly - BDIC By KHD

Fine refresher course, Learning some statistics plus new information. Everyone driving should retake this course after a few years.

Camara - very helpful

Learned a lot from this course. Stats should be updated from 2012 and the focus should be more on the laws and regulations

Raegan - Raegan- BDI course

very helpful and easy to complete

Timothy - BDI

Although the many statistics are cause to pause and impact the importance of following the law I feel they are less important to the testing.

Tabata - Course

This material is very good

Ryan - good course

learnerd a lot

William - very helpful

Learned a lot from this course

Kathy - Driver Improvement Course

The refresher was informative and user friendly.

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