john - Awesome cant thank you enopugh .

Having a ticket is hard enough . the class is just added pressure thanks for making this less stressful. Well done user interface easy to use.

Penelope - Thank you!!

Thank you for offering this course! I learned lots! Thank you!!

Sharolina - Affordable

I was looking for an affordable class to do for court came across this free class I would like to thank you for having this class be free for people who don't have the money to afford for a class

Claudio - Easy


Carlos - Excellent Basic Driver Improvement Course

Very complete and through, it really prepare you to pass the test and the required learning time dedication in an instructive, pleasant and profound way. I am new born safe driver after completion!

claudia - complete and easy to follow

I learned  many things

Eric - Amazing Course

Super easy to follow and easy to learn!

Juan Carlos - Great Course

I learned so many things

Eric - Great Course!

The course was easy to follow, very informative.  I highly recommend this course.

Darius - Perfect course

Free and easy to use. I highly recommend.

Jonathan - Great course

Lots of help to prepare for the road , many things you don’t come about when commuting but this shows clearly how to be a safe driver.

Daniel - Amazing Course

This course is complete and very useful I highly recommend it.

JAKE - Good, but narration could use some improvement

I liked that this option was free at the time of writing.  But, the voice-over is not only monotone, but also pronounces dates (i.e. 1970s) incorrectly, causing distractions.  Other than that, a good comprehensive course. Thanks!

renee - rmbdrive

This was a concise, yet comprehensive review of basic driving rules and regs.

Andre - Interesting and easy to follow.

Can't beat the price!

Tia - Great course choice

This was very user friendly and informative. It gave a lot of information for being a safe driver. I would recommend to anyone that needs a driver improvement course.

Giraldo - Excellent

A very complete course. Required for anyone who exercises the privilege of driving. Very intuitive and easy navigation.

Mark - Basic Driver Safety Course

Well written.  Informative.  Educational.

JORGE - Curso BDI - Florida

Excelente curso.



Luis David - Excellent course

Course is well structured, rigorous and strikes the right balance between offering facts, educating and offering rationale for observing driving laws and regulations

alina - Basic Driving Improvement Course

Extremely comprehensive and informative. Easy to navigate thru sections.

CESAR - Your course is top of the line!!

First time in years that I have to do a BDI Course. the experience with your course was excellent, allowing me to complete the course fast, easily and with near 100% success in my exam.

Mikel - BDI

Very Easy to maneuver and lots of interesting info

Wilfredo - Everyone driving should take this in any case!

Very comprehensive and educational.  Should be used by everone to refresh their capability of driving desperately needed these days.

Chiara - Chiara - Basic Driver Improvement Course

very useful, alot of interesting stats

Trycee - Basic driver improvement course

The course was a good refresher for important driving safety information.

Richard - Very useful course, good content !

Very useful course,  good content, it provies very interesting statistics  !

Alain - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Very easy to use and understand.

Yaneli - Yaneli

Very informative and helpful

Nicolas - Excellent

Very helpful material, So glad.

Arasay - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course

Very informative.  The material was easy to understand.  Thank you.

Sandra - Very helpful

The material in this course was very helpful. Glad I was able to take the course for free!

Gustavo - BDI/ Traffic course

I was able to learn some new laws and driving matters , since I am a new resident to FL

Eleanor - Basic Driver Improvement Course

I found this course to be informative, well designed and easy to follow.

Melrose - BDI/Traffic School

The information was very informative. It helped my to recall things that I did not think about. Them exam was very quick and results were fast.  The certificate was easy to print out. Thank you.

Orrin - Very informative and easy to use

the course helped me a lot especially seeing as it reads to you and you can read along during or after to refresh all the information, i recommend not only to do a BDI for a citation but to just keep updated

Nicole E - Nice Course for Free

The mini quizes really prepare you for the final exam.

Luis - Very well designed and practical

The course was well designed, insightful, and practical specially during this time of pandemic. The internet access was quite convenient.

Christina - Good Course

Easy to follow along.

Mark - Very good

I learned a lot and helped not suspend my license

Wesly - I LEARNED A LOT!!!!!

Refreshed me on super useful information, no filler, which is great. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take their 4-hour course.


I am glad that I took the time to do this course instead of the Ticket Clinic, I have learned a lot, especially about the cyclist. Thank you

Xiomara - Pretty Cool School

Refreshed me on super useful information, no filler, which is great. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to take their 4-hour course.

FAVIAN - Thank You

This course was very informative and interesting. I learned a lot. 10/10 would recommend!

Stefanie - BDI (Informative & Free)

Convenient easy course that has audio recording of the lesson, quizzes every section so most of it stays fresh and best of all it's free

Augusto - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI)

Excellent course. Very well explained and covering all aspects of Florida´s safe driving requirements. Highly recommended.

DAMIAN - Informative, convenient & free = HIGHLY recommended!

Haven't taken a BDI course in over 20 years. (Re-)Learned things I didn't know I didn't know (or forgot). NO regrets whatsoever.

Just sign up & dive in. Road-users EVERYWHERE will be forever grateful.

BTW, the life you save... may be your own ;)

Samuel - Traffic school

Took this class to satisfy what was needed

Luis - Simple, efficient, and organized.

Very easy one-shot 50 question test!
All you have to do is scroll down and take and educated guess.
Worth the time. A+++++

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