Product reviews for TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

Enrique - Good course

Fast, to the point, easy to digest, would recommend

sarah - great

it was very helpful

Hailey - My Review

The course was informative.

Rafael Enrique - Excellent Course...

Thank you so much...

Miranda - Adult Driver Edu Course Review

This course was so efficient and great! I was easily able to finish in less than a day! The course aligns perfectly with the DPS Test and I was so happy! I took this course the night before my driving road test, and it made it so simple! Thank you to this course for a great experience! It is so worth the money!

alyssa - My review

Good course! The audio and videos were very helpful!

Jonah - Video

It was good

curtessa - Good

It was an easy course

Alex - My Personally Documented Review Covering my Thoughts on the TX Adult Driver Education Course by the National Highway Safety Administration

It taught a lot of essentials in an well organized fashion. I know a lot more because of this course and it got me my certificate, so I'm happy.
As for cons, there's too much tautology at times, especially with the parts on impaired driving. There is also some things I wish were included in this course that I learned from supplementary material I found. If there is any questions you have during this course, it's best to research the answer or ask other people rather than being unsure after you get your certificate.

Eleazar - eleazars review

it was good

Trevor - Informational !

Learned lots on how to be safe !!

Monica - Easy and doable

very informative and understandable.

Randall - Was easy to use

Had no problem getting through the course

Rizalynne - Very Informative!

The course was very informative and will give you a lot of inputs with regards to Driver education.

Laura - Laura

Had a very helpful experience.

ANDRES - Informative, and precise

Everything was well organized in a very well thought out manner: Categories were finely detailed along with the videos, and key points.

kayleigh - Review

Good program

Tracy - Great course!

Information presented in bite-sized chunks allowing you to stop and pick up very easily. Covers everything that is needed.

Havish - Review

Really informative. Audio was helpful and good videos.



leonard - Course

Easy to navigate, Informational.

Patrick - Completion Review (May 2, 2023)

This course overall was very informative and a very good experience. Not only is it inexpensive, but also incredibly suited for any who wishes to take things at their pace. Highly recommended for future customers/students who wish to take this course as another stepping towards their fully fledged State-Approved Texas Driving Licenses.

Hunter - My Review

It was good I liked it and I really appreciated the read aloud function.

Gabrielle - Adult Driver's Education Course

Wonderful course! Very easy to complete and the read-along was very helpful. I enjoyed that you are able to adjust the reading speed to best suit you.

Yvonne - Great Class

I enjoyed the class and the videos. Very helpful

Johnny - johnny

cheap and easy to understand

Monaka - New Texas Driver

This was a long course but very imformative.

Haley - Great

Wasn't hard to understand and very easy to use on my phone

Mariana - money worth

really complete course, easy to do at your own pace, although the video of the drunk driver is a bit too much

Rohit - about course

this course is helped me a lot for driving knowledge about US and national highway safety .

Adriana - Good👍

Pretty easy to use


Long, but informative and much needed for refreshing. Aced it

Fernando - Great course

Simple and easy


Excellent, thank you

Nithin - Very good Content

It is useful and knowledgeable to go thru this test


Absolutely amazing and very thorough, exactly how me myself and a load of others can appreciate. You guys are doing amazing and thank you SO SOO MUch!

Kinyetta - Material

This class was easy and straightforward. I highly recommend

Anahi - Anahi

This course was very helpful! All the information needed was well presented! Thank! ☺

Shynia - Great, Easy, and Money worth

This course helped me a lot I finished within 2 days and i aced the test. good luck!

Jessie - Slow but ok

The auto read bot reads extremely slow

Sebastian - Amazing

This course was easy to use, it went through all the important subjects of driving while thoroughly educating and emphasizing the importance and privilege of driving.

zina - tx adult driver ed with dps test

easy and you can do it whenever you wanted too.

Juan - TX adult driver ed with dps test

easy to follow, at your own pace.

chavelda - great

long but absolutely worth it

robert - Driver ed for adults

Great, but should negate time limits for continuing to next question.

Christopher - Chris-Course Review

Very informative and help under stand the dangers with driving.


Hassle free and effortless  learning. Love it! And will recommend it to friends and family. Keep up these innovative ways!

Katelyn - Katelyn

It was very informative and self learning. Passed on the first try

Emily - Educational and inforative!

This lesson gave me all of the necessary and IMPORTANT information aboud driving. I am very nervous to drive and always have been. Knowing is always the first step

Marc - Marc - TX Adult Drivers Ed - Online course

This is a really good and thorough course that teaches the right stuff for you to get your license.

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