Product reviews for TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

Timothee - Driving License written test

It is was very productive and helpful

Eugene - TX Adult Driver Education Course online

This course was easy to understand and even sometimes fun! Loved the ability to log in and out and to use my smartphone when i was away from home.

Katryna - Great

This course was fast and effective! Highly recommend!

Angelica - Amazing

The course was super easy! really recommend taking it.

Brady - Adult Drivers Ed

Excellent course.

Joy - Thank you

I had a great time learning all I need to know about road signs and traffic laws as well as the dangers in driving.

Jack - Awesome

Was a Very great great course

Oluwaseyi - Great Material

Excellent course and material. I was never bored throughout 6 hours duration.

Liberty - Awesome!!

I really enjoyed how this course was! I really learned a lot and this was totally worth the 6 hours!

sudha - Detailed Course for beginners

Good experience to have learned basics from this course as it offers all minute details in simple language

Samantha - Quick and EASY!!!

This was the most affordable and quickest course!!!

John Ezekiel - Excellent

Very good

Samantha - Awesome course

Was interested the whole course.

Elena - Good experience

Easy to navigate, not cluttered, informative, quick. Questions are relevant to the content and the study objectives. Exam questions are similar to those asked during the course itself - no surprises. I liked that there was not too much videos (I prefer text). One minor thing - the option of read-along turned out to be a mechanic voice, not a human recording, which was a little disappointing. But otherwise, would recommend.

Josue - ronquillo

well explained and easy to understand

Rosalinda - Amazing

Very simple and to the point. I liked how it had an option for someone to read it to you!

Yohana - driving course

the program was very easy to understand and it is a self paced program

Bharat Kumar - Easy, Simple & Efficient

The course is very informative.  I just got along; it dint seem like 6 hour course.  And you get to pass in first attempt!

Sebastian - Amazing Course

Course provided excellent material. I highly recommend these lessons!

Doche - worth it

i feel more confident in taking the steps needed to learning to drive and obtaining my license.

Ioama - Great Course

Fast, easy and a great way to learn.

Victoria - Good driving course

It was really helpful seeing the percentage of how far I was getting, and seeing all the videos.

Joann - Awesome

Excellent course, best way to learn all about driving. the best thing abut it is that you can stop and continue according to your schedule, perfect for very busy people

Xianfu - Excellent experience

The course is so interesting and the final test is easy to pass.

Cristian - EXCELLENT

Excellent course, best way to learn all about driving. the best thing abut it is that you can stop and continue according to your schedule, perfect for very busy people

Prachi Jaydeep - Good, interactive course at affordable price

It was a good course, which had engaging videos and necessary images. It covered all the rules and regulations one needs to know for driving.

Yusuf - Fantastic Platform

I was also preparing for another huge exam at school. The course was excellent for learning anytime and helped me take breaks.

Crystal - Great!

The beste experience to ever recieve!

Yesica - Awesome

It kept me interested! :)

Alexis - Great

It was a good way as an adult to learn the rules of the road. As someone who has taken the adult driving course in person at my local driving school, I learned a lot more from this online driving school than  I did sitting down for six hours at the first one.  This is a great way to learn.

Diana - Cheap & useful

Simple text with videos of driving visuals and stories of real life situations! Appreciate that it reads it out loud for you.

Essence - AWESOME!!

Very Interactive, gets you involved, and very easy!! 10/10

tiesha - Adult Drivers Ed

Easy, Interactive, and Insightful.

Savannah - Savannah

Loved it was very helpful


This was the best and most sufficient course to take for first time drivers! It has great videos and information. I have learned so much and am very excited! Thank You National Highway Safety Administration for helping me start off my future has a certified driver!

Timothy - Drivers ed

I liked the way the videos explain it all out to me in the simpliest way

Tanisha - Easy Peasy!!!!

Worth every penny! Easy to follow, great video and I passed on my first try. Will not disappoint. I will recommend this course to others.  Thanks!

Allison - Drivers ed

This was the best drivers ed course that I have found that absolutely helped me understand better and to help me prepare for driving safely

Dominique - TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

Great and loved this course. Really recommend it.

Lisa - Review

Great learning experience

Rafael - Super cool!!

It was nice,  I spent some time over seas and mi license expire and this program remind me and teach me the new rules of  safe driving.

Lucy - Driver's ed

It was very easy and very helpful to understand while learning the rules of the road and state laws

Shannon - adult Driving ed

I love this it was easy but not to easy but i was able to fully understand everything with no problems and when my kids get old they will be doing these course’s

Jade - Great!

Awesome course.. very user-friendly. I really enjoyed this course!

Jonathan - Great

Able to work on it whenever I had time and clearly teaches everything.

Resty Joshua - Pretty Good and Convenient

Easy to learn and is on your pace so its convenient to have without the pressure. Good job

nathaniel - easy

fast simple all  around good job

Elijah - Course review

Excellent course fast and easy would recommend to anyone

Alexis - adult driving

Loved this website!!

Mohammad - Jawad

Made it really simple and easy for me. Lots of good information

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