Product reviews for GA Joshua's Law Driver Ed Online

gavin - Gavin Williams- Joshua Law

It was very easy and simple.

Montavious - Phenominal Experience

You can do it on the go. It was easy and simple

Tiffani - Mallory - Joshuas Law

The course was easy and simple with comprehendible material.

Valerie - Joshuas Law

It was really simple and easy, leaned a lot

William - Great course

the materials were easy to read and understand, only took a few weeks to complete on my free time.

Laine - excellent course

course was easy to navigate and a great review. i feel much more confident about my knowledge of driving!!

William - Good

Straight forward and helpful

Angelica - Easy and Simple

Following along the course was easy and informative.

Romaine - Went well!

I just finished my course and I strongly recommend this method to anyone interested. It covers the specifics thoroughly and the fun facts they add help with motivation in getting it done.

Jaida - Jaida - Great and Informative Course

In this course I have gained a wealth of knowledge. I have learned an significant amount of things that I can and cannot do while driving. I definitely learned not to text and drive under the influence.

Kaydence - Amazing course

This course was perfect for me. It had amazing pictures and videos. Plus it read the entire text to me! It was very informative and went into detail about everything, I have a really short attention span and it kept me listening with jokes and fun facts! 30-hour course but with this one you can go at your own speed! I 10/10 do recommend!!

Gianna - Wonderful

It was a 30-hour course. I went by it pretty fast, and I learned alot.

Ashley - Great course!

Great course to go through! Although it's a 30-hour course, it goes by quickly. The course implements video skits periodically to engagingly show the dangers and precautions needed when driving. Highly recommended!

Belle - Belle

This course was great and taught me things I didn't know that will help me be a smart and informed driver.

Kendall - Hot it was

Overall this courae taught mw things I didnt know before while also being easy and forgiving when I messed up.

Michael - good

This course helped me and I learned a lot from it.

Chrysti - how `good this helped

honestly this joshuas law test helped me so much because i know a lot more that i didnt know about

Hannah - Joshua's Law

Great and clear program, I definitely learned a lot.

Kristofer - Great Price and Informative

This course was the cheapest course.  It was really informative and easy to navigate.

Haley - It was a good program

I got it done pretty quick and I feel like Idefinitly learned alot .


I'm a 16 year old and my patience is so very low and I didn't get THAT bored on it. It was a quick finish. 10/10 recommend!

tetric - j Law

Loved it all 30 hours

Marquita - Amazing Program!

Although it did take some time to complete, it was most certainly worth it. I feel that I am ahead of the game!

Jaxon - GA Joshua's Law Driver Ed Online

Great course! Really helped me understand the road easily.

Isabelle - Joshua's Law

I really liked the course! Easy to understand material and I learned a lot of things about the law and the road that I never would have known otherwise. This information definitely makes me feel like a safer driver!

Roxane - joshuas law

it was a good learning review for me

Destin - I'd 100% recommend

All the passages were easy to read and the questions just made sense :)

Da'Niya - Course review

This Drivers Ed was very helpful and informational. It is very easy to understand and gives you reviewing time between each module.

Tara - Drivers Ed review

This course was very enjoyable. The modules were easy to follow along, the pop quizzes helped review the important information, and the videos were entertaining and informative. Overall a very good course and a great experience.

Zaidi - Driving Course

Learn valubable information and super easy.

Salvador - GA Driving Course

It was an easy course.

Heather - Lily - Driving Course

very good, user friendly

Halle - Great

very detailed. Liked how it was set up.

Harrison - Georgia Driving Course

Easy to follow and very user friendly and helpful in all subject areas.

SEMAJ - Semaj- Amazing

Great Course! Super flexible, easily manageable and is a great price

JONATHAN - driving course

My son liked the flexibility of the course

caden - good

nice course with good read along.

Jaiden - Ga Joshua Law Driver Ed

Great Course! Super flexible, easily manageable and is a great price

Julie - Joshua's Law

Great course! Very informational and taught me the valuable skills every driver needs to learn!

Austin - Easy

Very easy, just time consuming.

Easton - Course Reveiw

I absolutely loved this course! It was so simple and easy to use!

Gregory - Tarez - Finished

Great course and very helpful information

Velvet - Harrison's driver ed

Great course with useful information.

Mattie - Very Easy

so much easier than what most people take. This course reads the material to you and makes it fast and easy!

Blakely - Super easy and helpful

Even though it took forever to get through i talked to all my friends on what they were doing and theirs were harder and much more time consuming than mine as this one lets you go at your own pace.

TIM - Lesley - Course Review

This was a great course! Very informative and it taught me so much about safe driving and it was very in depth.


Didn't take long and was easy

Arthur - Joshua's Law Review

I enjoyed it. There was much to learn.

Shemika - FINISHED!!

Finished my tests and I feel I learned a lot

Kaleb - Kaleb - GA Joushua's Law Driver Ed

I enjoyed completing this test, it was very straight forward and educational.

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