Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Katie - Well done!

Compelling stories and very well written. All I know is when I have kids they won't be driving alone until there 18...

Nya - Excellent course

I felt like the videos really helped understand the importance of driver safety.

Meirion - Very well constructed

A very informative course with a good mix of videos, passages to read and questions to keep you on your toes!

Sara - Defensive Driving - Sara

This was a very informative course. I would recommend it to others needing to take defensive driving.

Dominik - Defensive Course

It is very informational and eye opening. I learned more than I though I would and applied my newfound knowledge in my daily driving as well.

Julia - Great Course!

This course keeps your attention and has information that is a good review.

Werner - texas-defensive-driving-course-online

great course, good refresher!

Avery - Great

Great course - highly recommend.

Jaden - Jaden

Very easy to do and finish.

Julia - Very Easy

This course was very easy, and I was able to learn a lot during this course and it taught me to be a bette3r driver.

Austin - Austin - Illuminating

This course was very worthwhile because it reminds us that the gift of driving is also a privilege that comes with many responsibilities to other drivers, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Mary - National Highway Safety Administration Defensive Driving Course

I highly recommend this course. I agree this should be a requirement for license renewal.

Patricia - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

This was an extremely valuable experience which will enable me to be a better driver.

paul - full of information

a driving course i would recommend to others

Emma - Emma

Very informative and helpful. Definitely changed my outlook on driving and opened my eyes to the things that could happen if I'm not cautious.

Melissa - All drivers should watch this.

Thank you! There are so many drivers out there that need this course.  It is a good refresher for drivers young and old. Might not be a bad idea to be a requirement when renewing your license. 6 hours could save many lives.

Robert - All drivers should take this course.

This is a very informative course and very easy to understand.

ROBERT - All New Drivers should take this course

I am 20 yrs old and my Mom watched this course along with me.  She always told me these things because she is a truck driver and I never got it.  This course helped me to understand why she is so protective.


Very informative, with great videos. Learned so much, it was a great refresher.


Very informative. Learned some new information.


WOW! This really opened my eyes of all the knowledge to know in being a safe driver! Definitely eye opening Videos. I highly recommend this course!

Heather - Heather course review

This was very informative and helpful in completing the course.

Domingo - Defensive Driving Course

Very Informative, very educational, very real and refreshing content.

Jessica - Jess - Course review

Was a great course and would highly recommend.

Phillis - Phillis -Defensive Driving Course

Very informative, with great videos. Learned so much, it was a great refresher.

Vanessa - Defensive driving course

Great platform and very informative. Learned a lot of new information and was intrigued by some of the history given. I appreciated how interactive this course was.

Le'Qunna - Great Content

At times I felt guilty and it really pulled my emotional triggers. This is real life. I will drive safe.

Jose - Good job with a tough topic

The course was informative and engaging.

Tabitha - Recommend

It got the job done and the downloadable option was exactly what I needed.  
Don't procrastinate.

Adam - Intensive but concise

Very good course and includes the downloadable certificate at no extra cost.

Zafer - highly recommended

it was  comprehensive and easy course.

ELLEN - Defensive Driving Course

We all need to be reminded of this great information.

Donna - Defensive Driving Course

Reminded me of things I had been taught MANY years ago in Drivers Ed.  Great refresher.

Debra - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative. Reminded me about things I've forgotten over the years. Everyone should do this at least once as an adult.

Arely - Defensive Driving Course

Would recommend to anyone. I learned a lot and was very informative.

Terry - Terry- Defensive Driving Course

I learned some very useful information

Terry - Terry- Defensive Driving Course

I learned some very useful information

ashley - defensive driving course

best site I have used for defensive driving.

Joshua - Defensive Driving Course

This was probably the best site I have used for driver education.



Julian - Defensive driving

Very straight forward, detailed, and gives ideal views of safety.

Jonathan - Grace - Defensive Driving Course

It was very informative and helpful.  Very well put together.

Jennifer - Defensive Driving Course

Course information was detailed and insightful, and the course layout was convenient.

William - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course. Keeps your attention and instills a refresher knowledge to safe vehicle operations

Alva - very informative

The course was very informative and made me realize how many bad decisions I've been making for many years. As I took the course, I was also able to share the information with my 16 year old stepdaughter who has her learners permit. The videos of lives lost and ruined, while tragic, were a grim reminder of how close all of us are to these same experiences.

Jerry - Worthwhile.

The course was well designed, engaging, and informative. I felt it was worth the cost and the time invested in following it. I'm inspired to be a better driver!

Donald - Don - Excellent Course

Found the information eye opening, informative, and easy to follow.

Jesse - Excellent

Easy to follow and very convenient.

Katherine - Convenient and informative

Thank you for offering a convenient way to take the course and very educational.

Cecilia - Excellent

Easy to follow and convenient alternative to in-person courses!

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