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mohamed - Good course and well orangized

Good course and well orangized

Taylor - very quick and easy

This class was very quick and easy and was able to finish in one day

IFUNANYA - great course

very thorough and entertaining with real-life events.

Christopher - Great Course!

I feared this would be really boring, but it was the complete opposite. A mixture of course material and videos really helped break up the monotony.

Darren - Great Course

I appreciated the stories and how real it made the training. I put myself in the shoes of all those effected in the accidents and made me really want to be a better driver. Great course!

GANESH - TX Defensive Driving course - Ganesh

Course has structure content and easy to follow, did not feel distracted and could complete this at leisure

Pete - Defensive Driving Course

The course was very good and detailed and served as a great refresher.

Katherine - Defensive Driving Course

The course was very good. The videos were good and very informative. It was a great refresher.

suresh - Defensive driving course

Really impressive course to complete

Lawrence - Driving Course

Overall a very good course, and especially so for young drivers.  It should probably have a version geared to older drivers.

Martha - Drivers Education

Overall I loved it. The videos were special and the pictures accurate. I would recommend it!

Tommi - Good Defensive driving course

This is a good course and not too many outdated videos.  Best part is you can stop, logout, and complete it at a future time.  Very flexible.

Benjamin - Great Course

really impressed. I thought this would be less useful than it was. pleasantly surprised at all of the content. Thanks

Serena - Defensive Driving

Excellent videos really drove the important info home.

Alicia - TX Defensive Driving

The defensive driving course was easy to use and provided a very good overview of the skills and hazards facing drivers.

Devon - Defensive Driving

Quick and efficient way to relay important info needed as a reminder to all drivers on how dangerous driving can be. The course give the student a nice refresher on some important concepts and even taught myself, a driver of 8 years, some new information unknown before. 5 Star!

Wendi - Defensive Driving Course

Easy to understand and engaging.  Course was very informative.

Connor - Connor- Great course

It was a great course that is very helpful

Justin - Great Course

I thought it was going to be a long and boring course, but the subject was presented in a quick and easy manner where time flew by quickly.

Alberto - Albert

Great, informative course!

William - Excellent Course and Content

Thank you for the excellent course and content.  The format, which includes text, images and video segments promotes interest and learning.

Rogelio - Defensive Driving Course

This is the easiest method to take the online course i completed this course with no problems

Shuaib - Driver Safety Course

Great course. Easy to access from multiple devices. Great that it saves progress.

Linda - linda-easy to take

I liked that I could get on and off. The timing of each segment was just right. Learned a lot and nice to have refresher on how to be careful.

Blanche - money well spent

sat here and completed it in one day. refreshed my memory on many aspects and i even learned a few things. money well spent


Great class!



Nicole - Awesome!

I learned a lot of new information! highly recommend to new drivers

Daniela - Great Course

This course was very helpful and informative. It made it easy for me understand and not get lost when leaving and returning to the course.

Elizabeth - Very good course

It was very helpful to be reminded of all this information.

Abigail - Driving

It was a great refresher

Jarynn - Defensive Driving Course Online

This defensive driving course was very helpful.

Caroline - Great!

Great course, easy to understand

Philbert - Excellent

Easy to understand and follow directions.

Penny - course Review

Thank You so much for this refresher.  I believe everyone should have to take a courese like this every 2 years and initially every new driver. Great course!

Sarah - finished it.

I appreciate the opportunity to get my ticket taken off my driving record by taking this test.

Angie - Angie- Ease in use

Very informative and learned some new things as an experienced driver.

Leigh Ann - Good Course

Well paced course and quizzes prepare you for the final test

Jing - National Highway Safety Administration Defensive Driving Course

informative and simple to use

Lisa - National Highway Safety Administration Defensive Driving Course

Very easy to use. Could stop and restart without any issues.

Joshua - Simple to use

Easy to use interface and it saves your place if you get interrupted.

Debra - National Highway Safety Admiministration Defensive Driving Course

A very short course, yet informative. Only 20 questions to answer, to pass the test. Best course I've taken!

Teresa - Interesting and informative

This was actually interesting and provided relevant information in an easy format with entertaining videos.

Haley - Good Quality

Very good and informative. Easy to use.

Mary - Great

It was very easy to use and very informative.

Lydia - Excellent

I was able to complete the course on my own time. It was extremely convenient to be able to start and stop when I needed to.

Michael - Flexible options

I was able to complete the course over a few days using a computer and my phone when convenient for me.

Michelle - Awesome Course

This is a great course!  I like that your not forced to read the text; that the course has a read along function that goes with the timed slides.

Judith - Excellent

I found the course to be easy to use and helpful.

Kabiru - Defensive Driving Course

Very helpful and educating.

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