Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course

Suzanne - Clear and informative

Gets the job done. I like that it reads the information to you so you don't have to read it yourself. There are review questions as you go as well as a brief final exam.

hallie - hj

there were some informative videos.  drinking ones were impact

Omar - Very Interesting Course

I rather glad that I took this. Something's on here I didn't know. I feel that much more knowledgeable having taken this course!

Brandy - well done

well done and thorough

Alexandra - Defensive driving (TX)

Good course overall and very user-friendly.

Hunter - It was aight

Most of this was common sense and could be covered in half the time

Zachary - Good course at a good price

Includes frequent videos to break up the text. Recommend taking at least two sections to complete the entire thing.

Ramiro - PTOPRE


Aime - good!

Great information.

ANNUAR - Straightforward Course

It gives the audio option for free which is helpful.  You get what you are supposed to get, which is good.

Jo - Great Course

Well done, great price, great information.

Amaka - Went by smoothly

Great course, was dreading the final exam but it was just like the practice questions. Very easy

Robert - Bob-DDC

Ability to  go to previous for review very helpful

Martha - Good Course

Alot of great information .

Chasity - Defensive driving

Excellent course

Ricardo - Good course

Good course, good price, exactly what is advertised.

Samantha - Good Course

Easy to complete/navigate and very informative.

Gerald - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent material and course user friendly.

Thomas - Defensive driving

Powerful images and very informative

Daniel - Easy to understand

Easy to follow and no issues doing on phone. Easy to pick up where you left off if unable to complete in one session.

Elaine - Texas Defensive Driving Course

When you watch the videos and hear the stories it makes you think .

Debra - Defensive driving

Excellent and informative information

Dalaina - Good course

This was a great course. I learned information I did not know previously. It kept my attention.

Crystal - DD Course

I learned a lot of information I had forgotten

Sammy - Defensive Driving course

Very appropriate

Steven - Excellent Program

I recommend everyone do this course  even if its not because it was legally required.  Even the most experienced drivers with great safety records can get complacent after a while.

Zach - Good Course

Good course that was very easy to follow and navigate. I really liked how if you missed a question that you were given the opportunity to go back and review the information and/or the video and then try again without being penalized to the degree of being kicked out or failing the course.

gary - thanks

learned sooooooooooo much

Frank - great course

thorough, informative and easy to follow

Kailyn - Defensive Driving

I was pretty impressed with this defensive driving course. This is my second one to do and it was actually very interesting. The videos were very engaging and up to date and the questions were not all that complicated. Definitely will be keeping this one book marked on my computer!

KARLA - Great course

It was very interesting and I feel I learned a lot.

Tonae - Good Course

Very well instructed Learned a lot

Meagan - Informative

Great course, very informative and not difficult if you pay attention.

George - Defensive Driving

very good information, better then it was 35 years ago.

Carlos - eye opening

The videos and testimonials in the course, really brought home the seriousness of obeying traffic laws and operating a motor vehicle in a safety conscious manner.

Jose - FAST!

Quick course

James - Good Review

It was a good reminder of driving safety.

Lorenzo - TX Defensive Driving

Convenient and to the point

Alma - Defensive driving course

Excellent material and reminders!

Sarah - Very good course!

The course was able to keep my attention and I even learned a few things I didn't already know.

Daniel - Excellent Course

Learned a lot and was very helpful.

Caroline - Excellent Course

Very easy to follow and worth it!


Took this class from NHSA because of their reputation. I am very pleased with the ease of use and  professional execution of the training.

caylee - good course

very helpful.

Shelby - Defensive driving

It was easy for the most part. They ask you one question per section, just to make sure you’re paying attention. What matters is the little exam at the end, which wasn’t that hard.

Sheri - TX Defensive Driving Course

Vey easy to follow,  actually held my attention.

Reynaldo - 123


Kimberly - Defensive Driving Course

Good information

Francisco - Good Information

Lot's of good information.

Nayla - Defensive driving

Clear with no distractions. Very useful.

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