Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course

EDEM - Very educative

Everything went well

JENNIFER - Educational and Interesting

Informative and interesting information.  Easy to use.

Taylor - Very Easy

self explanatory

Scottie - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Good information.  Learned a few things.  I suggest this course for anyone on a regular basis.

William - William TX Defensive Driving Course

I am very glad that I completed this excellent defensive driving course.  The text and video sections complement each other very well, and kept my attention level high. Thank you

Laurie - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course, I definitely learned things I didn't know that will help me be a better driver.

PRASHANT - Defensive Driving Course

This is a very well prepared course. It makes one very aware about driving safely. It will certainly make me a better driver.

Hanumanth Prasad - Good clean and neat

Very good course and well prepared

Jon - Jon - Texas Defensive Driving Course

This is a very good course. It's  well designed  to give  drivers of all experiences informative material.  It will help you to make better decisions and improve your driving habits.

Michael - TX Defensive Driving Course

Nice mix of video and text. The material was very informative. The frequent check on learning helps keep track of what was learned.

Siva - Texas 6 hour defensive driving course

Excellent and informative course.

June - Very Informative Class!

I really enjoyed this course.  It was informative and made me rethink my driving habits.

Patricia - Tx Defensive DrivingCourse

Excellent Course.  Thank you.

Alfred - Alfred-TX Defensive Driving Course 9-25-2019

User-friendly and Informative
No nonsense coursework

Alan - Good course

Contained good information.

Sammie - Tx Defensive Driving Course

Very user-friendly
Very informative

Bryan - Webb

good information.

Graciela - great driving safety course

This course was very detailed and easy to follow. l learned a lot!

Jody - Mission Accomplished

Course was easy and interesting! This is a very good refresher!

Paula - Interesting Information

Good review of information and regulations.

Donald - Fun and Interesting

Way to go!! Course was fun and informative. Good detail mixed with raw emotion.  Everyone should view this before they drive.

Jessica - Great

Course was easy and detailed.

Jesua - Not bad.

Not bad. Wasn't too long and obviously not hard. I recommend.

Melissa - Great Experience

Not too shabby of a course. Passed it with one try.

Anna - No nonsense coursework

Solid good course

Jacqueline - Easy and Thorough!

The course was very detailed and self paced.  I am glad that I chose to complete it online.  Thank you NHSA for providing this valued service.

Jason - Quick and Knowledgable

Great course and quite simple to pass successfully.


As far as sitting through one of these courses. Some of the facts, statistics, and videos were genuinely informative. Even down to the history of the making of safety devices used regularly. So not the worst course to sit through.

Jacey - Jacey- Great Defensive Driving Course

Great course to take. Really liked the questions after each reading; it helped me make sure I was actually retaining  the information!

Alexandra - Best Defensive Driving

A great program to complete a 6-hour defensive driving course.

Zhongyou - Great course and easy to follow

The course is easy to follow. Most importantly,  I learned a lot from it.

michael - State of Texas Driving Safety Course

This course was one of the better classes I can remember taking in the 40 years of driving.

John - At your own pace

Sustain what you have on this course "learned a lot."  Thank you.

Angelia - NO RUSHING!

I like how this class make you read before answering. i'm very impatient  so this was challenge, but made it through lol and learned a lot i did't know. I wouldn't change anything about the course it was great.

Sandra - Sandra- excellent course!

wow! this was an excellent course for me.
I learned, I cried, and  made me aware about the accident and deaths we can cause if we don't follow and respect the laws. Thank you & God bless you.

Dominique - Completed

This online course was very informed and gave me a little bit of extra help in the future with my driving. I would recommend this course to others.

Thank You

Yong-Jian - Mr.

It was a great experience and very educational for me to take the course.


Quizzes issued throughout help with grasping the content as well help with the final test.

Adele - Adele - Informative

I learned several important facts that I did not know before while taking this course. I also appreciate that I can choose to read on my own or have it read to me. I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a driver.

Alexa - Alexa - Easy

This course was helpful and easy to complete. I felt that the website and course was user friendly.

Enrique - Informative

Very good examples of how to be a safer driver

Sarah - Highly recommend this course

This course was quick, easy, and informative. I think all new drivers should take this course. I had my teenage brother watch some of the videos with me in hopes of encouraging him to be a defensive driver when he starts driving.

Fatima - Great course. The only thing was...

Problem with some of the videos. Glad the volume was working. Nevertheless, this course was helpful.

MAHESH - Great Refresher Course For Anybody

This is a great course for anyone wanting to refresh their drivers education or taking driving lessons. Highly recommend that kids wanting to learn driving  must take this course.

Sally - Very good!

Lots of videos for visual learners! Packed full of useful information.

Ronica - Comprehensive & Informative

Excellent course! I highly recommend this Defensive Driving Course for the quality of its content.

Kelly - Good Defensive Driving Course

Great reminders and refresher information, and some new information as well. Covered a broad scope of driving safety. Mostly very well written (several little typos, mostly punctuation). Clear instructions, easy navigation; definitely could work at my own pace and finish between tasks over a couple of days.

Robert - Bob - TX Defensive Driving Course

Straightforward, none of the nonsense on some of the comedy classes. I especially liked the video with the high school physics teacher explaining how Newtonian physics govern car crashes.

Howard - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Great course and great people.
They are truthful and don't play games with your money like some other sites out there.
Just follow the course instructions and you will do great!

Meghan - Great Education

I learned so many skills to improve my driving. Thanks!

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