Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course

Ivania - GREAT

I really learned a whole lot. Thank you for making it. I didn't feel bogged down. I enjoyed getting to read and watch videos as well. I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I thought I would. All was very interesting. Wonderful job!

William - GREAT

Great and informative!

Traci - Defensive Driving Course

Informative, interactive, and easy to use. It was engaging and made all situations and guidelines relatable.



Madelyn - Good!

Good course. Quick, informative, and did not drag on unnecessarily. I found it easy to get through this course quickly while still absorbing information.

John - Defensive Driving Course

Great information. Loved the videos; thought provoking.

Jay - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very informative, comprehensive and helpful

USHA - good


Elizabeth - Informative

Very through and informative course

Madeleine - Easy to use

Loved the mobile feature.

Hoa - Defensive driving course

great, the videos made the course enjoyable and not boring. Hopefully I will not have to do this again, no offense:)

Susan - TX Defensive Driving Course

It covered many topics and did a good job.

Judiann - Interesting and informative

I enjoyed the videos, they were informative and well done.

christian - Christian - Defensive Driving Course

Great course

Curtis - TX Defensive Driving Course

I found the course very information and thought provoking. Made me seriously consider where I have fallen short and how I can improve my own driving habits. Thank you

Vanessa - Defensive driving

Awesome and fast!

Jourdan - Defensive Driving Course

I really enjoyed this course.  I think it provides lots of useful information.

Shaun - Tx Defensive Driving Course

Very good online course and works well stopping and starting the application.

Scott - Helpful

Lots of useful information. Wish many of the videos and statistics could be more up-to-date. Liked that I could stop and return to the course, as needed.

Gustavo - Friendly


Gerald - Defensive Driving in Texas

Thank you

thomas - defensive driving course

very good

Rhonda - Defensive Driving 8/5/2018

excellent, enjoyed the course

Debbie - Defensive Driving Course

Course was easy to use and understand

Roopashree - Defensive drivers safety course

Course was an eye opener in many ways.

Taylor - Defensive Driving

easy and helpful

Tyler - Defensive Driving Course

This course is fairly easy and the stories are pretty interesting not bad at all

Michael - TX Defensive Driving Course

This course is a good reminder to always drive safely.

Nicholas - Defensive Driving

Great and easy course, state certified



Marla - Highway safety

Great information

Saqib - SMH Driving Course

Very informative while keeping information easy to understand

Diana - Defensive Driving

easy to follow

Heather - Easy and good information

This was a good refresher and was helpful even thought this was my first ticket ever.

Stacy - Defensive Driving Course

Outstanding presentation of critical safety data.

Colton - Defensive Driving Course TX

Straight forward instructions with helpful hints and instructions/information

Devin - Defensive Driving

good information and answers

Leslie - Defensive Driving Course

Good information

Carolyn - Defensive Driving Course

This was a good course to take.  Very informative and entertaining.


very useful and great

Robert - Good course

I was particularly impressed by the video at the end showing the impact on people's lives due to drunk driving.

Longino - Defensive driving

Thought provoking videos


Informative. Easy to follow.

Hannah - Online Driving Course

Informational, easy to follow. Nice use of videos throughout

Rainer - defensive driving course

it was reasonable and appropriate

antuan - safety course

really good online program,


Very informative and helpful course.

Laura - Defensive Driving Course

good course.

Cyrus - TX Defensive Driving Course

A perfect driver refresher course. User friendly.

Ashley - DD Course

Course was east to follow

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