Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course

Marvel - Defensive driving

Engaging format

Rachel - Good Course

Very affordable option! Definitely helped me considering it wasn't a planned expense!

NATALIE - great course

i felt this course was great and the quizzes and test were very relevant to the material.  i liked this course.  i'd recommend it.

Brady - Defensive Driving

This course was provided in a simple yet engaging format. Would highly recommend!


This course provided a straightforward  review of good driving practices using solid data and means tested methodologies.

Phillip - Very Thorough

This course presents some very serious and memorable learning points.  Very good technically, as one would expect from  this source.


I feel that my time was very well spent. The information provided was a great review of the driving laws for me, a senior adult.  It updated me on current issues facing drivers  and others responsible for highway safety.

PHILIP - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course.  Very thorough.

Parveena - TX defensive driving course

Very informative, stop and resume feature was great.

Ann - Defensive Driving

Good course.  Was able to download my certificate immediately.

SHANNON - Defensive Driving

Easy to understnd


Excellent course content. Quick, each and very informative.

Elizabeth - Educational

This course held my interest.  I am more aware of the different factors and influences when driving, particularly driver fatigue.  Driving is a privilege and this course reminds you of that.  This course also provides the certificate at the end with no additional fee.  I selected this course over others because of the National Highway Safety Administration.

James - Defensive Driving

Quick and easy

Rianna - Easy to Understand

This course was easy to understand and actually held my interest throughout. It was effective as it made me rethink my driving habits and had me actively thinking about making safe decisions while driving.

Julie - Defensive Driving

Overall good course.

Colandra - nice, reliable online course

reliable and informative online course, would definitely recommend . I was also able to print the certificate upon completion

Ezra - Review

this defensive driving course was easy to follow along with

Kalpesh - Excellent course

Very helpful and informative

Enoch - Excellent coures materials

The course was really vital and could help me to become a good driver and help save lives and property as well as to abide by state and federal laws  to avoid problem  and danger

Michael - Michael

Ease of understanding criteria

Peter - Convenient and easy to use

This was a very easy and user friendly way to complete my defensive driver course for my first ticket, I was very glad to have been able to do this course with NHSA!


Excellent and well organized

Freddie - On Point Course

From the way the course is set-up to how well it prepares you for the exam at the end; I don't think it's anything else better. It refreshes your mind as a driver and how important it is to make wise decisions as a responsible driver  (for your life and others). It's super convenient. User friendly!! I Highly Recommend This One to Any and Everyone....

Ashley - Convenient & User Friendly

Able to complete anytime, anywhere with the ability to stop session & pick back up where you had previously left off.

Xandrex - Defensive driving course

I received my first ticket(speeding) in Texas and decided to take the course online It makes taking the course easy and convenient anytime at home or anywhere if I have vacant time.  The audio is more convenient and videos makes more learning experience  easy to understand and fun.

Aarti - Excellent

Very informative and the videos are a bonus!

Audity - Excellent Course

Learned a lot from this course and improved my knowledge.

Jack - Extremely User-Friendly and Surprisingly Fun

The option to take this at your control of pace, also the ease of navigation and thorough instructions made this a breeze.   Would recommend this to anyone that needs to take the Texas driver's safety course.   Especially the read-along feature, it allows for easier flow of the information.

Some of the videos throw in humor where appropriate and is serious where appropriate as well.  Well done.

Aaron - Great course

Course was great!  Quick and to the point.

Tayler - Clear, Easy to Use

This gets the job done. It is very clear about all of the information and very informative. The company is very willing to quickly answer questions with their instant message feature on the website. The quiz questions given throughout the course are very representative of the questions that will be on the final exam.

Brandon - Very convienant

Very informative and easy to use.

Suzanne - Clear and informative

Gets the job done. I like that it reads the information to you so you don't have to read it yourself. There are review questions as you go as well as a brief final exam.

hallie - hj

there were some informative videos.  drinking ones were impact

Omar - Very Interesting Course

I rather glad that I took this. Something's on here I didn't know. I feel that much more knowledgeable having taken this course!

Brandy - well done

well done and thorough

Alexandra - Defensive driving (TX)

Good course overall and very user-friendly.

Hunter - It was aight

Most of this was common sense and could be covered in half the time

Zachary - Good course at a good price

Includes frequent videos to break up the text. Recommend taking at least two sections to complete the entire thing.

Ramiro - PTOPRE


Aime - good!

Great information.

ANNUAR - Straightforward Course

It gives the audio option for free which is helpful.  You get what you are supposed to get, which is good.

Jo - Great Course

Well done, great price, great information.

Amaka - Went by smoothly

Great course, was dreading the final exam but it was just like the practice questions. Very easy

Robert - Bob-DDC

Ability to  go to previous for review very helpful

Martha - Good Course

Alot of great information .

Chasity - Defensive driving

Excellent course

Ricardo - Good course

Good course, good price, exactly what is advertised.

Samantha - Good Course

Easy to complete/navigate and very informative.

Gerald - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent material and course user friendly.

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