Product reviews for Texas Defensive Driving Course

Aaron - NHSA


TERRY - Great Course

Learned alit

Katelyn - Defense Driving Course

Very informative. Addresses many things that people tend not follow.

vev - good

good course, easy to navigate

Jose A - Great


Katie - Defensive Driving

I found this course to be very informative and refreshing. The videos were especially moving.

Luis - Overall good info

Would like to see a voice reading the the modules but overall everything was good information, I thought there were some information I did not know and this course gave me insight. Videos were good, some were wake up calls and scary but are needed to be shown.

melina - Defensive driving course

Great course, no hidden fees, less expensive than others, informative and easy.

JUDY - Best Defensive Driving Course I've Ever Taken

Best Defensive Driving Course I've Ever Taken!   I really enjoyed taking the course, and learned a lot. Only criticism is that the quiz for the seatbelt video came before the video. It was a little confusing.

NATIONAL HIGHWAY SAFETY ADMINISTRATION RESPONSE: Hi Judy, thank you for your review!  We appreciate you're bringing to our attention the confusion you had with one of our seatbelt videos.  We will look into that!

Manuela - Good course

Great course, informed on many topics many aren't aware of.

Vivian - Great Course

I found the course very interesting. The slides gave great points. Opened my eyes to why it is important to be safe behind the wheel.

Lorenzo - good course

i did in fact learn alot about defensive driving then what i initially thought i would

Timothy - Good

Most time efficient and educational course I have ever taken

abedalwahhab - wake up call

i am totally shocked at how much i learned from this course

Samuel - Great

very informative

Tammy - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Very informative

Miguel - Defensive driving


Marisa - Very informative.

This is a good option compared to a 6 hour in person session. I was able to go at my own pace and get through the course without missing work, school or giving up a least half my day. The information is great and I will use it when I'm driving from here on out.

Monica - Good

Good classes

brandon - Good Class

Quick and Easy

Ethan - xxxxx


Miguel - Great

I loved the training as far as training goes

Matthew - n/a


Joshua - Much more tolerable than other options

This was the "easiest" defensive driving course I have taken.  I mean "easiest" in the sense that I was much more able to stay alert and keep focused with the blend of written & video formatting.

KERRY - Texas Defensive Driving

Terrific Course.  Up to date topics and easy to navigate.

Miguel - Great

I loved the training as far as training goes

Susana - Enlightening

Great video Examples. Should offer expedited delivery though.

NATIONAL HIGHWAY SAFETY ADMINISTRATION RESPONSE: Hi Susana, thank you for your review!  We've listened to our customers and now have expedited delivery available!  Where allowed by law, certificates can be downloaded immediately.  But for those courses where the state requires that we use a commercial delivery service, you can now use expedited shipping.  Thank you for your input!

Miguel - Great

I loved the training as far as training goes

Kevin - Great

Great course. Learned a lot.

Alyssa - Course Final Thoughts

I thought that the course was very informative and eye opening.

Zahara - Very user friendly

User friendly easy to use

Sarah - Great!

This class was informative, interesting and perfect for me. I am currently a student so being able to start/stop as I was able made it good for me. There were no trick questions and it was straight to the point!

Terrence - great

Simple and easy



John - Easy to follow

Easy to follow and complete within the time frame.

Ciera - Informative

I learned things I didn't know

Jose - Great Class

Lots of good information.

Sonora - Defensive Driving Course

This was a very informative course that covers all aspects of safe driving.

MICHIE - Great program

Easy to follow and very informative.

Alexis - Defensive Driving Course

I enjoyed taking this course. The videos were very well done and at times rather eye opening. This course did not seem like it was 6 hours long because of the content involved. I will recommend to anyone who needs this course.

George - Drivers course

Awesome course

Makayla - Super fun

Easy to follow along and didn't put me to sleep!

Omar - Easy

Very easy and straight forward

Angel - yay


Sabrina - TX defensive driving course

Thank you for the opportunity to complete this on line

Stephanie - Goood

This was easy and fun very interactive and allowed me to complete it at my own pace

Shawn - Nice refresher.

This course is a good refresher. It is a good reminder why we have laws. Also it is very informative on safety equipment. i would recommend it for anyone that hasn't had one in three years. Everyone needs to be reminded that driving is a responsibility and would help cut back on bad habits.

Alisa - great!

an easy way to take defensive driving

James - Great Class!

This course was very informative and helped alot.

Umair - Umair Shaikh

Very Easy Course!! Highly Recommended

Henry - good course

very informative

Anna - very goos

it was very good

ROSALVA - NHSA Defensive Driving

Very informative and interesting course.

Manuel - excellent

excellent course!

Celeste - Celeste

liked the class. videos were very informative


Excellent course! Very informative and great visuals. I completed the course on my mobile phone with ease.

katie - Informative

This course was informative and covered many diverse topics. I really enjoy the physics lesson.

Nicole - Great Course

This course was very informative

Tahna - Thanks

Good information

Shamim - Great Defensive Driving Course

I found this course very helpful.

Neelima - Good

good Course

Donovan - Good


Adela - Good Course

For the most part the course was easy.

Sean - It was good

It was great

Nathaniel - Learned

I learned alot

Eduardo - Defensive Driving


Jody - Ok


MELISSA - Great Class

Great class. Very informative

Thomas - interesting

I found this course to be very thorough, I learned things even after driving for 50 years

Garrett - excellent

good on all accounts

Zandra - Defensive Driving Course

Great Course

Amy - Mrs Amy Osmer


Valeria - 👍🏼


Ezell - Learn and be aware

''This was and is an informative education in vehicle safety and driver awareness
I implore all to review and learn about what we think we know , so as to be better prepared in the event of unforeseen and foreseen events