Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Jeremy - Engaging, Educational and Easy to follow along

Super Engaging, Educational and Easy to follow along. Good videos and fluid technology without any freezing or mishaps.

Juan - Fast and Easy to complete

The content is very comprehensive and informative and the videos are funny.


Very informative, user friendly and quick.

Florence - Tx Defensive Driving Course

Much more interesting and informative than I had anticipated.  Learned some new things.

Donna - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

I enjoyed this course.  It re-enforced the importance of safe driving habits.  The videos were very instructive.

James - TX Defensive Driving Course

Good course, material well presented

Juan - Fast and Easy to complete

This is my first time taking a defensive driving course and the National Highway Safety Administration course made it very easy and affordable I definably recommend anyone to take this course.

Kaylyn - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Very informative, great information

Carter - Defensive Driving

Easy and nothing bad to say.

Mary - Great site to take defensive driving

I have nothing but good things to say about this site.

Mary - it was easy

very informative and easy to follow and understand.

Gonda - TX Defensive Driving.

Easy to digest. The content and delivery made the course very easy to work through.

Skyler - Excellent Course

This course was fast, easy and comprehensive.

Mikayla - Good Course

This was a good defensive driving course.

Maria - Driving Safety Course by National Highway Safety Admin

The course was divided into easy to manage segments.

Van - Concise course!

Very concise and effective course. Have just enough everything you need to know how to drive safely!

Laurencio - State Of Texas Driving Safety Course

Excellent! Best DDC ever!!

Neena - Course

Very good

Kristin M - The well spent

This course is relevant for the hazards of today, and hits on all the topics that affect drivers.  I appreciate all the videos, and families who participated in the creation of this course.

faith - review

easy to follow

Jessica - Easy to follow

Simple and easy to navigate

Mariana - Course

Content was easy to understand and videos were 100% relevant.

Severo - Defensive Driving Course

easy to follow and comprehend

Antonio - Defensive driving certificate


Rodney - Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Charles - Great Job

Excellent and enlightening course material and helpful review questions to help pass the final.

Justin - Quick and Painless

Good reviewing and plenty of information of everything driving. Just a little repetitive.

Marlen - TX Defesive Driving Course Online

Will use the information provided to help make me a better driver!

AMY - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Interesting and informative. Good mix of videos and text.

Ashlyin - Ash

Can always count on this site to get through the courses as fast and easy as possible!

Preslee - Good Job

Easy and quick

Payal - Defensive driving

Good content, easy to use. Recommend.

matt - Matt Tx DDC

Good course. I didn't expect to learn anything but did. Good reminder as I have a teen about tostart driving alone.

Sherry - Defensive Driving

Good course needed to be reminded of driving information to be a safe driver.

Stacey L. - Defensive driving course review

Concise and well-done course.

Katie - Well done!

Compelling stories and very well written. All I know is when I have kids they won't be driving alone until there 18...

Nya - Excellent course

I felt like the videos really helped understand the importance of driver safety.

Meirion - Very well constructed

A very informative course with a good mix of videos, passages to read and questions to keep you on your toes!

Sara - Defensive Driving - Sara

This was a very informative course. I would recommend it to others needing to take defensive driving.

Dominik - Defensive Course

It is very informational and eye opening. I learned more than I though I would and applied my newfound knowledge in my daily driving as well.

Julia - Great Course!

This course keeps your attention and has information that is a good review.

Werner - texas-defensive-driving-course-online

great course, good refresher!

Avery - Great

Great course - highly recommend.

Jaden - Jaden

Very easy to do and finish.

Julia - Very Easy

This course was very easy, and I was able to learn a lot during this course and it taught me to be a bette3r driver.

Austin - Austin - Illuminating

This course was very worthwhile because it reminds us that the gift of driving is also a privilege that comes with many responsibilities to other drivers, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Mary - National Highway Safety Administration Defensive Driving Course

I highly recommend this course. I agree this should be a requirement for license renewal.

Patricia - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

This was an extremely valuable experience which will enable me to be a better driver.

paul - full of information

a driving course i would recommend to others

Emma - Emma

Very informative and helpful. Definitely changed my outlook on driving and opened my eyes to the things that could happen if I'm not cautious.

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