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Robert - All drivers should take this course.

This is a very informative course and very easy to understand.

ROBERT - All New Drivers should take this course

I am 20 yrs old and my Mom watched this course along with me.  She always told me these things because she is a truck driver and I never got it.  This course helped me to understand why she is so protective.


Very informative, with great videos. Learned so much, it was a great refresher.


Very informative. Learned some new information.


WOW! This really opened my eyes of all the knowledge to know in being a safe driver! Definitely eye opening Videos. I highly recommend this course!

Heather - Heather course review

This was very informative and helpful in completing the course.

Domingo - Defensive Driving Course

Very Informative, very educational, very real and refreshing content.

Jessica - Jess - Course review

Was a great course and would highly recommend.

Phillis - Phillis -Defensive Driving Course

Very informative, with great videos. Learned so much, it was a great refresher.

Vanessa - Defensive driving course

Great platform and very informative. Learned a lot of new information and was intrigued by some of the history given. I appreciated how interactive this course was.

Le'Qunna - Great Content

At times I felt guilty and it really pulled my emotional triggers. This is real life. I will drive safe.

Jose - Good job with a tough topic

The course was informative and engaging.

Tabitha - Recommend

It got the job done and the downloadable option was exactly what I needed.  
Don't procrastinate.

Adam - Intensive but concise

Very good course and includes the downloadable certificate at no extra cost.

Zafer - highly recommended

it was  comprehensive and easy course.

ELLEN - Defensive Driving Course

We all need to be reminded of this great information.

Donna - Defensive Driving Course

Reminded me of things I had been taught MANY years ago in Drivers Ed.  Great refresher.

Debra - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative. Reminded me about things I've forgotten over the years. Everyone should do this at least once as an adult.

Arely - Defensive Driving Course

Would recommend to anyone. I learned a lot and was very informative.

Terry - Terry- Defensive Driving Course

I learned some very useful information

Terry - Terry- Defensive Driving Course

I learned some very useful information

ashley - defensive driving course

best site I have used for defensive driving.

Joshua - Defensive Driving Course

This was probably the best site I have used for driver education.



Julian - Defensive driving

Very straight forward, detailed, and gives ideal views of safety.

Jonathan - Grace - Defensive Driving Course

It was very informative and helpful.  Very well put together.

Jennifer - Defensive Driving Course

Course information was detailed and insightful, and the course layout was convenient.

William - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course. Keeps your attention and instills a refresher knowledge to safe vehicle operations

Alva - very informative

The course was very informative and made me realize how many bad decisions I've been making for many years. As I took the course, I was also able to share the information with my 16 year old stepdaughter who has her learners permit. The videos of lives lost and ruined, while tragic, were a grim reminder of how close all of us are to these same experiences.

Jerry - Worthwhile.

The course was well designed, engaging, and informative. I felt it was worth the cost and the time invested in following it. I'm inspired to be a better driver!

Donald - Don - Excellent Course

Found the information eye opening, informative, and easy to follow.

Jesse - Excellent

Easy to follow and very convenient.

Katherine - Convenient and informative

Thank you for offering a convenient way to take the course and very educational.

Cecilia - Excellent

Easy to follow and convenient alternative to in-person courses!

Cecil - 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course

Great course,  very intuitive to use, start and stop, mobile friendly but still available any device you have internet access.  The final test is taken from a selection of questions your ask after the completion of each section.   You can read, listen and follow along and it contains informative videos mixed in throughout the content.  Highly recommended, I would steer (pun intended) anyone I know towards this course!

Paul - Good Course

Easy to follow with updated and relevant content.

Jennifer - 6 hour drivers safety

Convenient, good customer service, and got it done on my phone.

Cesar - Great course!

Great, informative,  and very convenient course! Download your Certificate immediately after completion.

Robert - AWESOME course!!

Very eye opening!!

Ricky - Rick - Very informative and useful.

User friendly,  easy to navigate. The course prepared you for the final exam.

WALTER - Professional done and thorough

Covers the necessary material well.  The course is thorough and addresses the fundamentally-important material in a user-friendly manner in an easy to navigate format.  The course allowed me to work at my own pace.

Stefanie - GREAT!

Easy to navigate. You can work at your own pace! The information provided is easy to understand and the test at the end is on what the course provided, so very easy!

Bekki - Good course

User friendly, easy to navigate. Loved being able to work at my own pace. Good information that was easy to follow and understand.

Yvonne - Easy

Quick and simple, go at your own pace. Lifesaver.

Mikayla - Mikayla Great

Helpful and easy to use.

hailey - AWESOME

Super easy and kinda fun to do. Thank you so much!

Amrin - GREAT!


Zachary - User-Friendly

It was easy to navigate the course.  The quiz questions prepared me for the final examination.

Ethan - Great Safety Course

I learned a lot on this safety course and I got the certificate when I was finished with the lessons.

Lamis - Great Experience!

Simple, organized and well put together. Very straightforward.

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