Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course

Donald - Don - Excellent Course

Found the information eye opening, informative, and easy to follow.

Jesse - Excellent

Easy to follow and very convenient.

Katherine - Convenient and informative

Thank you for offering a convenient way to take the course and very educational.

Cecilia - Excellent

Easy to follow and convenient alternative to in-person courses!

Cecil - 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course

Great course,  very intuitive to use, start and stop, mobile friendly but still available any device you have internet access.  The final test is taken from a selection of questions your ask after the completion of each section.   You can read, listen and follow along and it contains informative videos mixed in throughout the content.  Highly recommended, I would steer (pun intended) anyone I know towards this course!

Paul - Good Course

Easy to follow with updated and relevant content.

Jennifer - 6 hour drivers safety

Convenient, good customer service, and got it done on my phone.

Cesar - Great course!

Great, informative,  and very convenient course! Download your Certificate immediately after completion.

Robert - AWESOME course!!

Very eye opening!!

Ricky - Rick - Very informative and useful.

User friendly,  easy to navigate. The course prepared you for the final exam.

WALTER - Professional done and thorough

Covers the necessary material well.  The course is thorough and addresses the fundamentally-important material in a user-friendly manner in an easy to navigate format.  The course allowed me to work at my own pace.

Stefanie - GREAT!

Easy to navigate. You can work at your own pace! The information provided is easy to understand and the test at the end is on what the course provided, so very easy!

Bekki - Good course

User friendly, easy to navigate. Loved being able to work at my own pace. Good information that was easy to follow and understand.

Yvonne - Easy

Quick and simple, go at your own pace. Lifesaver.

Mikayla - Mikayla Great

Helpful and easy to use.

hailey - AWESOME

Super easy and kinda fun to do. Thank you so much!

Amrin - GREAT!


Zachary - User-Friendly

It was easy to navigate the course.  The quiz questions prepared me for the final examination.

Ethan - Great Safety Course

I learned a lot on this safety course and I got the certificate when I was finished with the lessons.

Lamis - Great Experience!

Simple, organized and well put together. Very straightforward.

Bartholomew - Great experience

Great videos and information.  The organization and ease of use of the program made this much more enjoyable.

Juanita - Juanita-State of Texas Driving Safety Course

This was one of the best online courses I have taken. It was fas and easy and at a great price. Thank you for making this an excellent course and refresh to the privilege of driving.


The course was well organized and the material was presented in a useful and easy to understand way.  The questions were helpful and reinforced what I was learning; they also made sure I was paying attention. Loved that I was able to complete this course at my own pace.

michelle - defensive driving course

easy to take, was able to do at my own pace which worked well with my schedule

Angelita - State of Texas Driving Safety Course

This driving safety course is very informative and user- friendly.

Jon - Defensive Driving Course

I enjoyed it. The videos, I thought, were excellent.

David - Great Course

I really enjoyed the course.  Very informative and easy to use.  Will definitely refer others to this course.

Van - Straight Forward

Straight forward and easy to take.

Esmirna - Defensive Driving Course

This course was straight and to the point. It was easy to understand and complete the course with a positive result.

Ramanandarao - DDC

very insightful course. all the teenagers must take this course before they start driving. adults should take it to refresh the driving habbits

Sergio - Defensive Driving Course Review

I would hands down recommend this for anyone who is looking to improve their driving. Precise, engaging and relevant materials.

Cynthia - Very relevant and engaging

Six hours is a long time to try to stay focused, but this course used various styles and narrative techniques to keep it interesting.  Kudos!

Marshall - TX Defensive Driving Course Review

The course was well organized and the material was presented in a useful, easy to understand way.

Pietro - Perfect course!

Good, quick and effective course.

Canutita - Helpful

It was quite a journey. It was a good course.

Eva Lynn - Defensive driving course

I wish this was mandatory for all drivers, was excellent!

Shamarra - DDC

It hit all learning styles,  great course.

Rebecca - Defensive Driving

It was an amazing course, taught me a lot.

Sammy - Defensive driving

Really good taught me a lot of things i needed to know

Michael - Good course

Good  course...easy to follow with blend of video and text

Angela - Saftey Course

Excellent information and the website was easy to navigate

Carley - Carley- Great course

I felt the questions were helpful to make sure I was paying attention and to reinforce what I was learning. Great refresher course and the videos kept it interesting.

Lucy - Good course

Refreshed my driving knowledge

Emmanuel - Very Informative and Relevant

I thought this course was put together really well. Every bit of information on here was relevant and very detailed. It was not boring at all and it kept you wanting more.

EDEM - Very educative

Everything went well

JENNIFER - Educational and Interesting

Informative and interesting information.  Easy to use.

Taylor - Very Easy

self explanatory

Scottie - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Good information.  Learned a few things.  I suggest this course for anyone on a regular basis.

William - William TX Defensive Driving Course

I am very glad that I completed this excellent defensive driving course.  The text and video sections complement each other very well, and kept my attention level high. Thank you

Laurie - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course, I definitely learned things I didn't know that will help me be a better driver.

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