Product reviews for Pennsylvania Drivers Ed Online

Preston - Good course

it worked gave me some more insight on driving

Tara - Nathan - Great Course

Taught me many important things about driving to help me become safer on the road. Great detail.

Aaron - Great course

Full of information that will keep me safer and more knowledgeable on the road!

Madison - Thank You

Thanks for helping me out, good course

John - Great Course

Gained a ton of knowledge and information that will serve me on the road. Thanks so much!

Rebecca - Rebecca

Awesome! Customer service was great!

Nikolaus - Review for PA Drivers Ed Online

Gained a lot of knowledge and awareness of the importance of these rules.

Lisa - Amazing!!!

Very straightforward and nicely organized

Anya - Very good

I thought that this course was well thought out and is very straightforward

Ella - Thank you!

This was a very informative and helpful resource! I feel very comfortable with the road rules. It was a well paced, easy to navigate, and overall a very helpful  program!!

Lillian - Review for PA Drivers Ed Online

I loved this course! It is very well done with all of the important information that makes me feel prepared to take on driving.

Paige - Loved this course!!

Loved this course!!! It was paced, informational, and easy to understand.

Daniel - Simple But Informative

This course helped me to sharpen my knowledge on the road at a pace where I felt engaged.

William - Engaging yet simple

This course was fairly easy and did an excellent job of teaching me driving skills.

Christopher - Pretty solid and not as difficult as I expected

This course was relatively easy and did not take as long as I expected it to take. I was able to do it in small portions over the course of multiple days and weeks only taking a few minutes out of my day.

Matt - Driving education course review

I think this course was very informative, and adequately prepared me for taking my test and driving on the road.

Erin - Good Substitute For School

I learned a lot from this course and enjoyed the immediate feedback from the pop quizzes. The videos were a bit much at times, and it was a lot to read sometimes, but overall I enjoyed it.

Aaron - Review

Very thorough course

Alexis - Alexis - Informative

Very detailed , lots of videos and auto play feature , as well as work at your own pace.  Overall great material

Jacob - Great

It was great

Marilyn - Course Review

Excellent course. Tons of helpful and important information.

Nicole - good job

super easy and informational

Colin - Great Course

This course really prepared me to get ready for driving and I feel more safe getting behind the wheel because of all the helpful information.

Debbie - Reflection:

It was very long and comprehensive, but it was easy to understand and progress through. (Personal story -->)I believe one section on handling the wheel(in preparation for an imminent accident) and looking for an escape route literally saved my life while I was driving on the highway. Navigating onto an exit ramp, a car I had not seen cut off a tractor-trailer in front of me. I swerved over into the shoulder to escape the sudden and immediate halt and by the time I stopped, I had made it halfway up the length of his trailer(adrenaline surging). If I did not have the information from this course in mind at that moment, I probably would have rammed into his metal bumper at more than 65 MPH, or hit the guardrail. I and the other occupants were fine, and the vehicle undamaged.

Jontell - So helpful!

This course was very helpful in teaching the basics of driving.  I now feel that I am ready to get behind the wheel, and that I will be a safe driver.

Bruce - Good Course

The course was very straightforward and easy to navigate. It gave me a comprehensive guide to driving and helped me learn things I didn't know at all before taking it. No bugs or complaints

Carla - Driving Course Review

Great course! It taught me a lot while I am waiting to get my license.

JADE - Driving course review

It was easy to navigate and very easy to understand while being very informational as well.

Jennifer - Driving corse review

Loved it 10 out of 10

Alexa - Excellent

This course was very informational for me as a new driver. I am now more confident in my abilities of being on the road.

Alexa - Sharkey - Pennsylvania Drivers Ed Online

It was very informative and the content taught made me take note of my parent's and others driving . Even though it was online, I still felt that it made the dangers of driving very real and definitely will make me a defensive driver.

Jeremiah - Amazing

Very informative and taught me things that I didn't know about driving.

Charney - Pennsylvania Drivers Ed Online

I thought that it was very informative and beneficial to me as a young driver. I have now gained a lot of knowledge that I can put in use on a daily basis.

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