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Brady - Drivers Ed Course Review

Enjoyed the course, feel confident in taking my permit test.

Kimberly - Tatum- Good Information

I like how not only does it give information on how to drive, but as well as the factors that can make YOUR driving not mature. For example alcohol, it explains the reasons why alcohol is not a good mix with driving a vehicle.

Janette - Good course

Class had lots of good information.

Savannah - Savannah- Good and helpful

pretty straight forward and easy to follow

Leon - instructive and introspective

gave good information, even outside of driving, that could be used in many situations to prepare a potential driver

Allen - Good and Fast

Pretty simple

Andy - kayla- very good

easy and very informational

Trinity - Trinity- Great course to take!

This course is super easy and informative. Would totally reccommend to anyone interesting in taking online Drivers Ed courses.

Bryn - very good!

It gave me everything I needed for the exam and more.

Akxel - Great

Have tons of fun doing it and learned a lot.

Midori - Great!

i liked it was really insightful. easy to do and but did take a lot of time. Worth it!

Ty - Very good

Very good learned what i needed thank you!

Harmony - Long but great Course

Really helped me understand in a simlpe way.

Dylan - Great course

Great course with tons of good information displayed in an easy to understand way.

Alayjah - Long but very much worth it.

Not only do I feel like I'm ready for my permit I feel more prepared.

Patty - Very Informational

I would like to say that this Drivers Ed course was very good and educational and taught all of the necessary information needed to know about the dangers of driving and the proper maintenance needed for your vehicle. I also liked the videos that were shown because they were very informational and showed how things worked and how people in real life experienced things.

Cyrus - Awsome

Very good and informative course.

Heather - Great

Really informative!

Mark - Very informative

Very informative, lots of information. Easy to follow

Zane - I loved it

It was the best experience ever thank you!!!

Arius - Good

It was very educational, but also very repetitive. felt like quitting but I'm glad I stuck to it.

Amy - Ethan- great

This course was very informative and I learned a lot!

Kevin - Kevin

It was good. Easy to understand and finished pretty quick.

Aideen - Great!

It was easy and very informational.

Zander - Good

It was very Good and Educational.

Julia - Great!

Super beneficial and helpful for future drivers. I feel much more prepared for my future in driving.

Wassana - Vincent - Awesome Lessons

I did it at the perfect pace for myself and I learnt so much and I am so glad I chose nation highway safety and administration!

Wassana - Alex

This was great easy and understandable total recommend.

rosemary - really quick

it was quick and i learned a lot

Ciera - Course Review

I loved this course, super fast and simple!

MONICA - awesome and quick

I finished in a week and learned alot.

Yaire - Yaire- good!!

I really like the course. It was really informative and gave me the option to work without feeling rushed.

Madison - good

the course was good and very understandable, passed the final exam at the end of the course first try because it was very informal.

Kiara - Great Course!!

This was a great course for a good price. I liked how I was able to learn at my own pace!! It was easy to understand and the videos made it fun to learn.

Chloe - User friendly and fun!

I enjoyed the course material, it was easy and explained well.

Phoenix - AMAZING!

Super easy, I can just do it at the pace I want too.

Mason - Drivers Ed Training

Very easy to navigate and full of information.  Perfect.

Livia - It was alright.

It was easy to understand. They do repeat a lot of things over and over again thought. Overall pretty good though.

Leila - loved it !

helped me understand everything with proficiency

Christopher - Easy to understand the concepts.

It was relatively easy, and most of it is common sense either way.

Aditi - Easy and fun course!

This course was fun and easy and I learned a lot of new things.

Wendell - Great course

Fast, easy, and reliable information

Norman - Great course!

Fast, easy to understand, and very informative.

Yessenia - Class Review

Great Course!! Really helped me gain confidence.

Maria - Good course

A very good course that was super helpful!

Alyssa - Great Experience

I learnt a lot that I did not know was relevant to driving but that is going to make me a better driver.

Ava - Loved it!

This online course was very thorough and it prepared me for my permit test well.

Maya - Loved it

It was a good learning experience and super helpful!

Consepcion - Anthony- Great Course

Very easy to read and constant checks before quizzes which helps a lot!

Veronica - really good

i liked taking these courses, they really helped.

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