Product reviews for California Drivers Ed Online

Colton - Review/ pacing

Great program really helpful. I especially enjoyed not having a time limit and allowing student pacing

Xavier - Good course. fast simple and easy

100% recommend, fast, simple and easy.

Mahmoud - This was great

This course is very good because it has incredible and clear explanations for every topic!

Hannia - Driver Ed Student

This program is amazing

milana - very good

liked the visuals

Nathaniel - Driving Course

The course did its job

Ellena - This was a good course

This was a pretty good course but the quizzes were too predictable.

Dana - Drivers ed

The course was great!, learned a lot!

Karen - California's drivers ed

The course is long but had great information, and I feel prepared for my test.

Silvia - very good!

this course was very helpful and i was able to learn a lot from this course!

Megan - Very Good!!

I was able to learn a lot from this Online Drivers Ed!!

Roberto - Good

This was a good thing and I learned a lot

Sophie - It was great

Everything was easy to use and I was able to back to read the text when I couldn't retain something and I was also able to view the correct answer after I got a question wrong which also helped me retain the correct information. I feel really really prepared!

Alec - Splendid and engaging

Very fun throughout, with multiple videos, and definitely seems that it will enhance my driving experience.

Lauryn - Lauryn- Excellent

Very easy to understand, super straight ford, and very informational.

Brandon - Easy to Follow and Straight Foward

As I was taking the course I didn't get confused at all. The course was straightforward and gave you all the information you need while being short and concise. The pop quizzes are useful as well as they try to test your knowledge and if you do happen to get it wrong you get the answer and reasoning why. I would recommend this course to many of my friends and family. Great Experience.

Naomi - very good

very helpful and straightforward forward

Amber - Drivers Ed course

it was very helpful and good

Colin - Pretty Epic

Very informational and thorough, I feel very well prepared for my Learner's Permit written test

Christian - Great

The drivers course was very informative and taught me everything I need to know about driving

Karen - 10/10 would recommend

I found the whole course very easy to learn off of and very interactive in a professional way.

leslie - It was good

I liked it helped me understand more and how things worked on the road

Nick - Great Course

I really enjoyed this course and it did a really good job of educating me on things I didnt know and helped me better understand things I slightly did. Would recommend to others!

Betsy - very informative and helpfullll

I enjoyed this course it was very helpful and gives me a lot of confidence to take my permit

Haley - GOOD

I really liked this option especially for online! Thanks NHSA!

Heather - Very easy

literally completed this in no time at all. Thought it would take longer but it was fast and easy. Really just common sense

helennah - Easy to learn

I thought this course was very easy to understand and I think it helped me really learn the correct driver safety

Alasia - Informative

This helped me learn so much about driving and the rules of he road.

Tobor - Easy and helpful

I was able to finish the test quickly and learned a lot as well!!!

Anna - Informative Force

It was very helpful and easy to do!! Also it covered all the important factors

Jesse - Very informative

Tells me a lot about road safety and has plenty of information on being a responsible driver.

Amaris - Very informative

This course has plenty of information on being a responsible and safe driver. There are questions after every few pages to reinforce what you’ve learned. Although it is a long course you can get through it quickly if you stay on track and focus.

Taylor - What I enjoyed about this course.

I fell that this course has helped me prepare for my permit test and has equipped me to become a good driver.

Sophie - Sophie- Informational Course

Very helpful! Easy to digest information and incredibly helpful :)

Ben - Ben- Excellent

The course was very helpful and easy. The course also was very informal and was able to help you learn and obtain the knowledge you needed to succeed.

Jeremy - Course Review

I thought this course was good, and you can finish in pretty good time if you do the work and stay attentive

Kim - Simple and informative

All the information is presented in an informative, yet simply engaging format. The information provided gives me enough background and information to know the laws, principles, and courtesies that come with driving.

Justin - What I liked about the course

The course was very informational, I learned thing ps that I’ve never known before and I think if I hadn’t taken this course I would have bee pin so lost,

Gloria - amazing

this helped me learn and retain the info because of the format of the program

Dulce - Amazing!

Helped me retain info because of the format of the program! Overall this course has helped me a bunch!

Mike - Joseph-Drivers Permit course

Informative course. Liked the checkpoints and pop quizzes.

Gina - Drivers permit

It was a good program I learned a lot and am ready now

Satori - Great course!

Full of useful information, and went into great detail in each module

Mariah - Very helpful

This has helped me so much on my understanding for driving, especially on taking practice tests.

Katherine - Easy and informative

Great for preparing for your permit. Short and o the point with helpful pop quizes and review

Raquel - Ca Drivers Training

Much more interactive than some of my friends' programs

Alison - National Highway Safety Driver's Ed

This class taught me very well and helped me learn a lot about the road that I had not previously known. It was very helpful that I was able to pace the class at my own desire so I was not in a rush and felt like I understood the material clearly. I am confident about knowing the rules of the road and this course was put into terms that I was easily able to understand.

MARCY - Drivers Ed class

It was very fun and kinda easy get it done and have fun

Leslie - Very good

This was not stressful at all it made learning easy and fun.

Jacob - very good

i enjoyed this course it made it easy to understand the rules of the road and i feel confident that i will know how to drive well

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