Product reviews for California Drivers Ed Online

Rehn - 5 Stars!

This was an amazing course! Super informative!

Marc - Quiz Questions

Some questions where too broad yet understandable. When taking the mini quizes, I felt like I was in the car. Amazing, 10/10

Wyatt - Easy To Use

The course is very easy to use and very user friendly. It is also very easy to remember the information.

mason - Great

Helped me learn drivers ed quizzes helped me remember

Sydney - Pretty good

The quizzes in between the sections were easy and helpful to remember and review for the final the end quiz. Pretty good overall!

Jessie - Amazing

The course was a well balanced and informational course to take.

Kimberly - Good

Helped a lot

Mariana - Good website

Very good at explaining everything. Recommend this website!

Stefanie - review

it was good and it was short and it read outloud to you and has short films as well.

Jonathan - Dope lesson

helpful and very informative

Sydney - NICE

finished it in 10 days, you just need to do 10% everyday, i learned a lot.

Juan - W lesson

Worth the money. Very good and informative for teens

Evelyn - Helpful course

Good course with lots of information. I was able to go at my own pace and use my time efficiently.

Aaron - Amazing and simple

This course was very informative and very straightforward to use. It also allows you to proceed at your own pace. I would very much recommend this course to my peers

Ghia - Informative class

The class was very nice and went by fast and had good information. I liked how it had a speed up option as I was able to hear everything and get done faster.

Askale - nice

did it at my own pace :)

Francisca - Drivers Ed

It is simple and great, covers all aspects

Mateo - Mateo - Great drivers ed course

It ges super in depth on what I needed to know about driving just took awhile to complete.

Matthew - Overall Great Course

Being able to listen to short 30 second - 2 minute listening periods is helpful for paying attention. And getting quizzed on what you just heard/read right after the page makes it easier to remember.

Mya - Drivers ED course

Very simple and straight forward course, just took a bit to complete.

Tanda - Great course

Great course. It was simple and easy, it just took some time to complete.

Aditi - super easy

it was very convenient and not lengthy at all which made it more enjoyable, covered all the important aspects while being easy to follow along with

bodhi - it was very clear and easy to follow!

all the text made perfect sense and the questions were very clear with what they were asking.

Allyana - Driver's ED Course

The National Highway Safety Administration Driver's ED Courses have been so helpful. I have learned so much from safety to the basics of the car. I definitely recommend this course to any newcomers who want to achieve a permit or driver's license.

Brett - driver ed CA course

easy to remember information

Melanie - Great course

Included information not only on common courtesy, but also the influence of alcohol and drugs to make the course not only how to be a responsible driver, but how to be a responsible person.

May - California Online Driver's Ed

Super convenient during COVID.  Provides all the necessary information for driver's permit.

Lily - Drivers Ed online

I really enjoyed this course and took me two weeks to finish!

Anthony - How amazing this course was

This course was amazing because it was low cost but it taught you a lot!!!

Sierra - Quick & Simple

Easy to use, didn't take long once I got going.

Teresa - Simple and efficient course

I enjoy this course, it was quick, easy to do, and got the information across in a fashionable way

Jessica - It was really good

The course taught me a lot about driving and it was very good.

John - Great way to get a bunch of information quickly

I was expecting for this to be a grind and a half, but I was surprised with how the course gives you a ton of information without boring you half to death. I would definitely recommend others to take this course.

Emma - Very nice course

This course was very helpful and informative!


Very educational and helpful for the exam!

Isaac - Great Course and Very fast.

This course turned out to be fast and easy, I really enjoyed some of the jokes that are hide in the courses. This is a great course would recommend for other people.

Rosalbs - Very Educational Course

Taught me many aspects of driving which I did not know and showed me how to be more responsible.

Sandy - excellent

this was an excellent drivers course very fun and easy!

Christopher - the best

really easy and teaches you good

Austin - Awesome Course

Really Awesome and I learned a lot about driving

Nadia - Drivers Course

Amazing course! loved the shipping options, was very helpful!

Ariel - great course

very good course and teaches you well.

Diana - Drivers Ed Review

It was very easy to learn and I really appreicate the fact that we don't have to read it ourselves we can just listen.

Sara - Jonah- Drivers Ed Review

The course and text were clear and concise. Also, the material was easy to understand and informative.

Brad - Zoe Drivers ED review

Such an easy and engaging website. Great informational videos along with a good format between the reading and quiz. Could even speed up the read along and videos!

shiqi - Driver's Ed

It's very easy I finished in one day.:)

Johan - Drivers ed

Very good and Very Fast. 10/10

Quinton - Good

Was a easy, understand and full of information

Dianna - Deserie got her permit!

Super easy course and would definitely recommend to any one trying to get driving courses out of the way

Seth - NHSA's Driver's Ed Course does what it needs to do

The course took no time to finish, and taught me all I needed to know.

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