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Paris - Driving Course

This course was a great choice! It was time efficient and easy to understand. The quizzes were very helpful and so were the videos. I have already recommended this to all of my friends and they love it too! 100% satisfied!

Scott - Review

The course was very useful and went over everything I was wondering about.

Bianca - Drivers ed

Really informed me of every single thing a beginner driver can think of!

Ursula - Learned a lot

Easy to follow, efficient, good information

Ismael - Driver's Ed

It was interesting but easy if you put in effort. Helped me learn a lot and i can get my permit now!

Taylor - Amazing and incredibly easy!!

It took me a few weeks to complete the drivers training course and I passed the final exam with flying colors! This course did an amazing job of informing new drivers of what to know about to keep themselves and others safe. I totally recommend this!!!

Alba Cecilia - Drivers Ed review with the national highway administration

Honestly a 10/10 course. This course helped me learn a lot about driving as a whole and I will forever be great full for the opportunity to take this course. 100% would recommend!

Danielle - driving corse

Was efficient and questions were good.

Elizabeth - Great course- Very Informative

This course has helped me understand the dangers and risks associated with driving. I appreciate the pop quizzes in between sections, as they help with comprehension.

Carol - Great course

The pop quizzes in between were very helpful.


I highly recommend doing this course!! Great for preparing!

Annabelle - Truly a great course

I’m 15 and this is my first drivers Ed course and I’m really happy to say that it was a really amazing experience! It does well with teaching you what you need to know while not wasting too much time. Overall just really a great experience!

Christian - Very educational and straightforward.

Much of the information was common sense and self explanatory but gave me everything I need to know to apply for a permit.

Dustin - Dustin- Great course

I loved this course it was very simple but educational

Ronnie - Ronnie - Great Course

This course was educational and prepared me mentally.

Camille - Sometimes repetitive but I learned a lot!

I definitely think the little quizzes in between slides helps you stay more focused and remember information better.

Mark - Learned a lot

Taught me a lot of good skills and knowledge.

Joanne - Good Course

I was able to learn a lot thanks to the practice quizzes.

Maria - excellent program.

This program was clear and easy to grasp, with intuitive videos and well structured lessons.

Sofia - I learned a lot

The course was pretty extensive but was worth it in the long run.

Melissa - Stressful but fun

It was a great course and it’s a big relief once you realize you passed

Bridgette - Good course

Very explanatory. No bugs. Good visuals. Relatable situations.

Vincent - Vincent - AWESOME!!

Got the training done in three days time after forgetting to do this for the permit. One more week and I'm back at the DMV for the test!

Wei - Does Everything You'd Want

A good, cheap yet thorough course.

Kenlly - Great and very informative!

I had a great time with it, takes focus and commitment but it ends up giving a lot of information and driving advice. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to drive!

Chantelle - Review

It provides a lot of information and the quizzes in between help you comprehend the information given.

Julian - National Highway safety administration Driver ed online course

Was informational, easy to use, and simple to learn. Would recommend for your children 100%.

Grace - Review

I honestly really liked this drivers Ed course of the Nationalhighwaysafetyadministartion Website. It really taught me great informational things that inform me about driving skills, etc.

Alessia - My experience

NHSA is a great way to start your journey on learning how to get your permit and to be a safe driver.I loved my experience ,I think NHSA is worth it.

Madelyn - Great course

Very informational! The questions after each topic helped me stay focused and engaged. Some information seemed repetitive, but overall I recommend this course.

Emily - Awesome!!

Very thorough and informative, easy to use. Would definitely recommend!

Wyatt - Great Job

This course has helped me learn about the dangers of driving and has given me knowledge of how to act on the road.

Holly - Very fun, enjoyable, and entertaining!

Loved this course finished within the week. Was not boring at all; I enjoyed the added bonus of the read-along feature.

zahra - Amazing!

Thorough and easy to use. Would recommend!

Michele - Efficient and helpful guide to driving

I thoroughly enjoyed this online course. It went over all the necessary skills and information needed to pass the course and prepare for the permit test. Highly recommend to anyone who needs an easy way to learn the basics, although personal accountability and time management are required as it is semi-lengthy.

Cristian - Really good

This was really nice as you can go at your own pace

Victoria - amazing

i actually learned a lot of things within this course. i definitely recommend because it really helps

Charles - Review

The course was amazing to learn from.

Scott - Cool

Learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know about before, good course overall.

Jonathan - Jonathan- Awesome

It was great to learn from this online eduction.

Jose - Great

Great really helped me learn things i didn't even know about driving!

StaLissa - Review

It wasn't that bad just took me a bit to get it done

Dallas - Dallas - Driver's Ed Review

I thought the course was okay. The questions were easy and nice. But mostly, I learned a lot.

Isaiah - Amazing! Loved this course.

Very informative, gives all info needed. Was super easy but long due to 30 hours. And price was super affordable.National Highway administration is the best thank you so much.

Erica - Drivers Ed

the course was easy and easy to do

Stephen - Drivers Ed- Great Experience

The course was easy to understand and i would recommend it to others as well

Adam - Good experience

It was very simple and easy to follow. I thought that it went in  to detail about what I needed to know and really prepared me for success

Julio - This was super easy and fast!

It was really fast and easy and I was able to learn more than what I actually thought I knew. Would recommend.

Camila - Very informative

Very easy course and went over good topics.

Joel - Amazing Drivers Ed course

This driver's ed course gets you prepped with knowledge and is quick and teaches you all you need to know on the road and more!!!

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