Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Terence - test

it was good and help full

Michael - Defensive Driver Course

Great review and course for any age!

Mark - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great course! Not difficult, and a great revision tool for anyone that has been driving for a few years and developed bad driving habits!

Bobbi - Georgia Defensive Driver Course

It was easy to understand and navigate through.

Kendall - Kendall- Defensive Driving

great course! very informative and not hard to follow!

Lloyd - review


MICHAEL - Defensive Driving Course

I took this at the recommendation of my insurance agent.  I did not know that such a course was available.  Very thorough and informative.

Ryan - Important Driving Lessons

Simply amazing website works well with voice speech so you can listen and learn. Work at your own pace. No issues with site.

john - great

easy test to gain knowledge and safety of driving

LaKissa - Defensive Driving

Took course for discount on insurance. Very informative. Will recommend to family and friends.

Antionette - Great course, hopefully its accepted!

I paid for this course a while back, and it took me a while to finally start but I was able to complete it within a week when I really applied myself. I can honestly say the course is pretty great and provides you with great material and pop quizzes to grasp the information. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Thomas - Defensive Driving Course

I took the course for an Insurance discount.  Great course easy to follow and informative.

Ariana - great and quick

quick and efficient.

Maleah - Defense driving

Well understood

Clayton - Excellent product and easy to use!

It's good to get a refresher.

Ivan - Great Course

Very Easy & Affordable

Nora - NR review

Very good refresher course

Jorge - Defensive drive

Muy educativo y sencillo

josh - josh

great class thx for the imformation!!

Isaiah - Isaiah

Nice easy great test every driver should take

Ariunna - Review

Very informative

Alexandra - good


william - Online defensive driving class

Very good. Well written and easy to understand. Excellent presentation. Definitely learned from this course.

Sylvia - safe Driving course

I was refreshed on some of the subjects covered in the course.
The videos make impressive impact of the effects of DUI, reckless and other types of driving improprieties.  Enjoyed the course.

Tikos - Tikos

Covered everything wonderfully great refresher!

Cael - great format

This course was very engaging and well set up. As a result, it was easy to keep my spot.

Paul - review

very easy to understand, helped me a lot.

Hannah - Hannah - review

This was an informative course and I highly recommend.

Edith - Georgia Defensive Driving/Edie

Great refresher course! All topics thoroughly explained and easy to understand. Appreciated the ability to complete the course online at my own pace.

Jane - drivers safety

I enjoyed this and learned a lot.

Katherine - Simple and Educational

Easy to follow and informative.

Zavion - Great Course

This course takes the time to guide you through the defensive driving process effectively and efficiently.

Daniel - Driving Course Review

Very informative, great information to use while driving.

George - GA Defensive Driving


Mark - Good

It was informative and it reminded me how dangerous it is to drive, but the course offered options on how to remain safe while driving. The videos were good.

Chloe - Awesome

Very easy and informative and it did not take more than 6 hours!

JORDAN - Defensive Drive

Like that you can go at your own pace

Carlos - Very helpful.

I believe it helped me improve and learn more about driving.

Kenneth - Georgia's Best Kept Secret

Very Informative!!! The course gave more in-depth insight of Georgia's Driving Laws.

Jerome - I did it. Now what

It really covered many topics dealing with many aspects of safe driving we take for granted. The quiz's were a valuable tool!

Brie-Chanel - Great Course!

I learned a lot in this course! I definitely recommend this for anyone who needs to learn some information quickly and efficiently.

Natalie - Helpful, engaging, effecient!

This course was very easy to get through, you can go at your own pace, it is helpful, quite straight to the point and engaging. Will definitely recommend to others.

Courtney - review

this really helped me a lot. I loved that it was self paced and the questions challenged me which was good!

Alexis - Alexis- Review

They covered all the information very well, easy to understand.

Joseph - defensive driving course

Very educating and enlightening. I am happy to go through it, most importantly for my and safety of others on the road and anywhere my car is parked. better prepared to use the road way with other people, equipment and animals.

Ronald - Great course!

Great refresher course to keep me safe on the road.

rebecca - great test

It was a great learning experience. I liked that I could have it read to me. Plus all the quizzes to help me stay focused the whole time. I also liked that I could go back and reread any information I needed too. This really helped a lot. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Tywon - Really informative

I’m not from Georgia so some of these principles were a little foreign yet intriguing. Overall was a refreshing course and really well put together if you take the time to read and do the pop quiz you’ll earn 100% on the test.

MAURICE - georgia driving course

easy to understand, very well explained

Tru - I loved it

This beats sitting in a cold classroom for 8 hrs and it was super effective.

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