Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Larry - Defensive Driver's

Great refreshers course. Easy to understand and remember.

Renuka - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

It was a great refresher. and learnt a few things which I had never thought about before, for e.g., driving in a foggy condition

Brenda - Defensive Driving Course - GA

Quick and easy refresher.

Brenda - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great refresher.  Was very easy to sit back and have  each section read to you.

Charlotte - Great

It was easy to understand and I will definitely be recommending to anybody in need of defensive driving course

Kim - Loved it!

I had the opportunity to brush up on the rules and regulations, and even learned a few things!

Jeffrey - Good Course

This course was very informative and up to date~

Danielle - Awesome!

Great Product and learned a ton!

Ticauda - Great course!

This a quick way to get a reduction in your insurance cost and this course will also give you a refresher course of what you may have forgot.

Tinasia - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This was a very good informative driving course. Highly recommended.

Gerald - Georgia Defensive Driving

Excellent  Course, it was very informative. The videos were heart felt I think all New drivers should take this course. It would be a very good eye opener for them especially for a young driver.
Thank you!

Tony - Georgia Defensive Driving

It was a great Course and i was able to have more knowledge of everything now due to it. great work

Dwayne - Excellent

Great and knowledgeable

Joseph - Joseph Alleyne

I found the course to be outstanding on all points.  It was complete in scope with clear definitions, and  powerful teaching videos.

Darleyne - Thoughts regarding the Georgia Defensive Driving course

The course was very well presented. Having  a vocal presentation was especially
appreciated! The course was very through in material presented.   Excellent job.
Thank You!

Matthew - Informative

Great course. I highly suggest it!

Romika - informative and some great reminders

The course was very informative but at the sometime gave some good reminders by providing consequences  of our actions.

alex - Great and effective

honestly thought it would be difficult was very nice and learned alot

Selena - Fast and Effective!

The course went by fairly quickly and was easy. No tricky questions and is a great price.

Anaita - knowlegeable

enjoyed and learned a lot

Falicia - Thanks you for your course

I am an educator, and due to my schedule it took me a while to complete this course. I was never rushed and it was not a strenuous task, and I was able to print my certificate off at home.  I am so glad I found this site.

Kyler - Great Course

Well put together course with easy to read passages.

April - Great course

The information was thorough and relevant.

alec - Review

Great course! Looks of interactive text and videos.

Susan - Love it

It is for our own gd to learn and know this defensive driving course. It teaches us every step of the way

Kimbley - Kimbley P....I learned a lot...Great Course

Excellent! Great for beginner drivers..A lot of knowledge

Rishinbhai - Important to gain more knowledge

It was pretty good and easy to access via Phone and I gain a lot of knowledge apart from what I learn during my driving test

Courtney - Great course

Great course, tons of information, and easy to follow

Naya - Course Completion

This was very easy, informative, and affordable. I will always suggest my friends and family to use this convenient way of obtaining a Defensive Drivers Certificate. It fits into my busy schedule, all in the palms of my hands. Very affordable and great to have to lower my insurance.

George I - Great

Straight forward and to the point.

Annaleishia - Courses

This course was very interesting and I learned a lot that I didn't know.

Destinee - Drivers defense class

It’s was a great learning experience.

Marika - defensive driving

It was pretty easy to complete.

Jamie - Defensive driving

Straight to the point!

Keshunna - Great course

Simple & stright forward learned new things every slide!

Paul - Defensive Driving Course

Good content. Easy to follow, and not too boring!

Jamesia - Defensive driving course

This course was very helpful and gave me some good information for my future drives.

Amy - Amy- well done

It was engaging  and informative.  Having alot of questions kept me engaged and paying attention.

Joshua - Josh defensive driving course

very insightful

Tiffany - Defensive Driving Course

The course was very insightful and easy to use.

Julio Cesar - The course was great!

Easy to understand and comprehend vital information and overall a great and necessary experience to every driver in my opinion.

Jacquevius - Driver Defense Course

The course was well put together and very helpful. I learned alot and enjoyed the experience!

Chukoti - Online Defensive Driving Course

Easy to follow along.

Chukoti - Online Defensive Driving Course

Course was easy to navigate and allowed me to work at my own pace!

Alivia - Review

Easy to navigate through, clear and easy understandable material.

Jennifer - Proof of course 😉

It was very educational and I really did learn a lot. I am glad that it was available online because of the timing due to work schedule. I would refer this to anyone with a hectic life style due to work, school and family.

Kristopher - Defensive Driving Course

This online class was very beneficial on teaching highway safety and  preparing me for different scenarios on the road.

Teresa - Interesting

Very interesting! I learned a lot of rules and regulations that I didn't know about. Thanks so much!

Taki - Test

Learned a lot and was very helpful

Mason - Solid and easy course

Great course, covers many possibilities amd odds n ends. Prepares you for just about anything that can be thrown at ya on the road. Definitely would recommend this course to people looking to save money on insurance, as it saved me 305$ every 6 months! Also great course if needed for traffic violations and such.

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