Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

George - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course, very informative

Jordan - Knowledgable course

This course was full of great text and videos. It was a very factual and eye opening course that makes you realize how many hazards there are while driving.

Sarah - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I really enjoyed reading and taking the time to complete this program. Very useful

Christopher - I enjoyed

I liked the way everything was set up to be able to dost my pace

Matthew - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Thank you for an easy-to-follow course

Dina - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This course was easy to follow and I found it very informative. Thank you NHSA!

Bailey - Great

this was a great course with a lot of  great information.

Larry - Defensive Driver's

Great refreshers course. Easy to understand and remember.

Renuka - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

It was a great refresher. and learnt a few things which I had never thought about before, for e.g., driving in a foggy condition

Brenda - Defensive Driving Course - GA

Quick and easy refresher.

Brenda - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great refresher.  Was very easy to sit back and have  each section read to you.

Charlotte - Great

It was easy to understand and I will definitely be recommending to anybody in need of defensive driving course

Kim - Loved it!

I had the opportunity to brush up on the rules and regulations, and even learned a few things!

Jeffrey - Good Course

This course was very informative and up to date~

Danielle - Awesome!

Great Product and learned a ton!

Ticauda - Great course!

This a quick way to get a reduction in your insurance cost and this course will also give you a refresher course of what you may have forgot.

Tinasia - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This was a very good informative driving course. Highly recommended.

Gerald - Georgia Defensive Driving

Excellent  Course, it was very informative. The videos were heart felt I think all New drivers should take this course. It would be a very good eye opener for them especially for a young driver.
Thank you!

Tony - Georgia Defensive Driving

It was a great Course and i was able to have more knowledge of everything now due to it. great work

Dwayne - Excellent

Great and knowledgeable

Joseph - Joseph Alleyne

I found the course to be outstanding on all points.  It was complete in scope with clear definitions, and  powerful teaching videos.

Darleyne - Thoughts regarding the Georgia Defensive Driving course

The course was very well presented. Having  a vocal presentation was especially
appreciated! The course was very through in material presented.   Excellent job.
Thank You!

Matthew - Informative

Great course. I highly suggest it!

Romika - informative and some great reminders

The course was very informative but at the sometime gave some good reminders by providing consequences  of our actions.

alex - Great and effective

honestly thought it would be difficult was very nice and learned alot

Selena - Fast and Effective!

The course went by fairly quickly and was easy. No tricky questions and is a great price.

Anaita - knowlegeable

enjoyed and learned a lot

Falicia - Thanks you for your course

I am an educator, and due to my schedule it took me a while to complete this course. I was never rushed and it was not a strenuous task, and I was able to print my certificate off at home.  I am so glad I found this site.

Kyler - Great Course

Well put together course with easy to read passages.

April - Great course

The information was thorough and relevant.

alec - Review

Great course! Looks of interactive text and videos.

Susan - Love it

It is for our own gd to learn and know this defensive driving course. It teaches us every step of the way

Kimbley - Kimbley P....I learned a lot...Great Course

Excellent! Great for beginner drivers..A lot of knowledge

Rishinbhai - Important to gain more knowledge

It was pretty good and easy to access via Phone and I gain a lot of knowledge apart from what I learn during my driving test

Courtney - Great course

Great course, tons of information, and easy to follow

Naya - Course Completion

This was very easy, informative, and affordable. I will always suggest my friends and family to use this convenient way of obtaining a Defensive Drivers Certificate. It fits into my busy schedule, all in the palms of my hands. Very affordable and great to have to lower my insurance.

George I - Great

Straight forward and to the point.

Annaleishia - Courses

This course was very interesting and I learned a lot that I didn't know.

Destinee - Drivers defense class

It’s was a great learning experience.

Marika - defensive driving

It was pretty easy to complete.

Jamie - Defensive driving

Straight to the point!

Keshunna - Great course

Simple & stright forward learned new things every slide!

Paul - Defensive Driving Course

Good content. Easy to follow, and not too boring!

Jamesia - Defensive driving course

This course was very helpful and gave me some good information for my future drives.

Amy - Amy- well done

It was engaging  and informative.  Having alot of questions kept me engaged and paying attention.

Joshua - Josh defensive driving course

very insightful

Tiffany - Defensive Driving Course

The course was very insightful and easy to use.

Julio Cesar - The course was great!

Easy to understand and comprehend vital information and overall a great and necessary experience to every driver in my opinion.

Jacquevius - Driver Defense Course

The course was well put together and very helpful. I learned alot and enjoyed the experience!

Chukoti - Online Defensive Driving Course

Easy to follow along.

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