Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Tangelia - Wonderful!

An easy and convenient way to take this course.

Brett - Great

Smooth, comprehensive and user friendly!

Alexis - great

great pricing, great course


Highly recommended. Very informative and user friendly

Anthony - Good Informative Review Course

After driving for so many years, it was a good reminder  of road rules that I've not thought of for years. Nice refresher course.

Jeremiah - Defensive driving

Really easy and helped me remind me of the rules of the road

Trinity - Defensive driving class

Very educational and worth it !

david - GA Defensive Drivers Course

Having spent several years in the military, I have had to sit through hundreds of PowerPoint presentations.  I could probably count on one hand the number of which I actually enjoyed.  With that being said, this course was simply informative.  There was quite a bit of information and statistics that I was unaware of.  It also is not horribly long, a few hours in short spurts should help you stay focused… but, that goes for anything that we need to remember right.

Kristy - GA defensive driving course

Everyone should take this course. It was informative and a good reminder of how important it is to drive defensively.

King-La'Keit - Very informative

This course was very, very informative. I learned information that I never thought about. I highly recommend this course.

DaCher - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course, easy to understand. Very helpful in preparing to take the test at the end of the course. Very Informative!!

Zaire - Amazing!!

It was very educational and informational!! I wish this was mandatory and required for all new and current driver’s to refresh their memory!

Lakrystal - Defensive driving courses

Good evening everyone, i kust completed my ddc and im must say its very important to consider and be aware of the important laws. I have learned a lot and strongly advise all to take these courses repeatedly to insure safe drivers world wide. Stay safe.

John lee - Defensive driving course

100 percent enjoyed it very informative and learned a great deal thank y’all for doing this for me

Brandon - Brandon a good driving course

Very informative!

Victoria - Georgia good driver course

It was informative to take this course

Miya - Course Review

this course was very helpful and informing, especially as a new drive on the road. I made me more informed on the rules of the road and what to do while driving. I really enjoyed this course.

shadell - Course Review

This helped me open my eyes about certain things i did not know. Honestly this is a great way to teach people the safe ways to abide the law. i love it.

Danielle - NHSA

This was an excellent course.  It was easy to maneuver and understand.  Reccomend to all who need to take this course.

David - Good course

The online course was easy to use and easy to read.  The inline quizzes help reinforce the material for the final test.

ANGELA L - Online Course

Love the fact that I could read it for myself or have it read to me. Also love the quick questions following some of the modules.

Sara - Defensive Driving Course

A great course that teaches easily and is easy to understand!

Wendy - Very Informative

The course covered all the essentials to help anyone be safer on the roads, and the content was well put together.  The videos used for examples were very helpful!

Wendi - Defensive driving course

It was a great course. Learned things that I truly didn't know. And I love that they quized you through it.

Aubree - Georgia Defense Driving review

The course was very thorough and informative. It brought up a lot of topics that I was oblivious to. I feel more prepared as a driver, as well as a pedestrian. I believe I am a safer driver because of the course. Thank you.

Efren Justine - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Easy and fun course that helps you become a more responsible driver on the road

Gregg - Review

Easy to understand and grasp

MARY - Perfect

Asking the exam  questions throughout the study was perfect for me. %100  on the exam.  Easy to follow.


This was helpful; easy to read and undeerstand while reviewing the necessary information for remaining a safe driver.

Caleb - Driving safety course

Easy read along text, pop up questions. Was very easy to use

Blake - Defensive Driving Course

Nice course, loved the information and pop quizzes - very knowledgeable and the ending exam i felt very prepared for!!

Keith - GA Driver Defensive Course

Easy to complete -even reads the text to you

Ethel - Ga. Defensive Driving Course

The course was informative and very helpful.

Leishelle - Driver

I like the course. It was better than I thought it was going to be.

Sadiq - Defensive Driving Course

I was informative and easy to complete!

Sheila - Defensive Driving Course 4/11/2020

It was very informative. I learned many things.

Quintavius - Thank you!!

Very easy to use and efficient also helped lower my insurance!!

Monica - GREAT

It was very helpful and easy to finish!!!

Theodore - Perfect

Easy to use and I learned many things out of this!

tyler - Defensive driving course

Very well written. Straight to the point. Good information!



George - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course, very informative

Jordan - Knowledgable course

This course was full of great text and videos. It was a very factual and eye opening course that makes you realize how many hazards there are while driving.

Sarah - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I really enjoyed reading and taking the time to complete this program. Very useful

Christopher - I enjoyed

I liked the way everything was set up to be able to dost my pace

Matthew - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Thank you for an easy-to-follow course

Dina - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This course was easy to follow and I found it very informative. Thank you NHSA!

Bailey - Great

this was a great course with a lot of  great information.

Larry - Defensive Driver's

Great refreshers course. Easy to understand and remember.

Renuka - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

It was a great refresher. and learnt a few things which I had never thought about before, for e.g., driving in a foggy condition

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