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Lang - Product Review for Georgia Defensive Driving Course

The course content, the information in the text and videos, are very useful. All Drivers, especially the young ones under 21, should be encourage to undergo the test. It's amazing!!!!!!!

tammy - Great refresher

Very helpful, made you rethink a lot of things you may have forgotten

Lauren - Lauren

Amazing, Learned a lot and on my own time!

joshua - great course

This was very informative . I see that there are thing that i can implement to improve my driving skills.

Monica - Great refresher

Being a driver for a long time the test provided me with a refresh of the road rules.

Tyler - Best Defensive Driving Course

This course was easy to learn, and did not take too long to finish. I have learned a lot about being a better defensive driver not only for myself but others as well. I strongly recommend this course to anyone that is thinking about taking a defensive drivers course.

Judy P. - Valuable assignment

This was indeed a great refresher learning exercise. Great content and user friendly. Thanks!

Marcia - Ga Defensive Driving

Awesome course; it helped me to understand so many things and equipped me in making right driving decisions to maintain a good driving record.

Brittney - Defensive Driving

Gives you better insight on driving and things you may not have known. Not super hard or time consuming

mallie - awesome

Super easy to read and very informative. Great layout and it only took me 2 hours!

Sean - Defensive Driving Course

I would recommend this course to anyone who needs or wants to take an online defensive course. It is easy, cheap, and it goes at your own pace which helped me a lot. I highly recommend this course.

brittany - course review

this course taught me material that i never even knew! i am glad i took this.

Freddy - excelent

Like it very educative

cynthia - Well Organized Course

The course was well organized, easy to follow and the content was provided with interesting examples and videos.

Yuri - Long but enduring

Simple and easy now I can enjoy lower insurance rates

Pamela - Defensive Driving Course

This course covered every aspect of driving and vehicle safety.  It was very informative and clearly explained the various traffic laws, some of which I had a working knowledge, but never knew the exact law as it relates to traffic law.  I would recommend this course to experience drivers as well as beginning drivers.

Mariel - Mariel Davis

Omg I was lost at first I have been driving for over 36 years and I really have gotten a update on the new laws, I'm a Truck Diver and I have to say that everyone in Georgia needed to take this training course very informative information to know.

Tina - This course covered every topic I think. Very informative!

After driving a long time, I had forgotten or never learned about some of the topics. It was very informative and much needed as an excellent refresher of laws and traffic rules. Thanks!

daniel - MUY BUENO

Es muy bueno hee interesante 👌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Johnnie Ann - Great Course!

Excellent info. Self-paced. Review questions built into each section. Line graph to indicate progress. Table of Contents (with You Are Here feature). Happy to take the course in the comfort of my own home instead of having to sit in a hard folding chair for 6+ hours.

Tiffany - Very informative!

Didn’t take as long as I thought and very informative!

Tracy - UP TO DATE

I've taken the DDC for the last 15 years and I'm always impressed with how the course is updated to provide information on the current technology and regulations such as the handsfree law! I will continue to take the course every 3 years for the education and most of all, the auto insurance discount!!!

Felicia - Love Audible Option

Listening to course made taking course really convenient

Christopher - Very informative

I took this course for insurance discount purposes.  I learned a few things I was not familiar with.  Also, it had been 15 years since I owned a car, so this was a great way to get back into the swing of things

Kelsey - Great way to reduce your car insurance

Good up to date information

Sydney - Great course !

This course was super informative and interesting. It is easy to believe that one knows all there is to know about driving but the videos from people really help understand why we have certain laws and the effects of our consequences. Personally, the statistics on collisions and the effects of drowsiness, speeding and other variables really make me want to be a responsible driver.

Jennifer - Informative

I found this course easy to navigate , informative and educational.

Tahirih - Great Course

It was informative and user friendly.  I will continue to take it every 3 years.

Dana - fabulous!

You can do this at your own pace; the format is organized and easy to understand! the road makes much more sense, glad I found this course!

Makayla - Great!

Very easy to follow, buy with confidence and move at your own pace.

Will - Point reduction

Great class easy to understand

William - Worth the time

This course provided a great deal of common sense information that nevertheless was important to hear again.   Any person moving to a new state would do well to take a course such as this to inform themselves as to the laws specific to their new state.  It can save both money and lives.

Christopher - Buy with confidence. Valuable learning tool

Great product.   Easy to follow and very informative

Dwayne - Thanks for the Defense!

I cant wait to flex my newly aquired defensive driving skills on the road and to my insurance. Discounts!!!!

Sharon - Sharon-Great information

This exam and information was a great review for those of us who do drive and great information for the first time drivers.

Nina - Defensive Driving

This class really helped me review the rules and regulations I need to drive safely to protect myself and others!

Marie - To be better

From this  i learn so much  this make me  a better  driver for my future,Thanks for it.

Anna - Great

Convenient. Helpful information. Helps to prepare for the final test at the end with study questions throughout

Tangelia - Wonderful!

An easy and convenient way to take this course.

Brett - Great

Smooth, comprehensive and user friendly!

Alexis - great

great pricing, great course


Highly recommended. Very informative and user friendly

Anthony - Good Informative Review Course

After driving for so many years, it was a good reminder  of road rules that I've not thought of for years. Nice refresher course.

Jeremiah - Defensive driving

Really easy and helped me remind me of the rules of the road

Trinity - Defensive driving class

Very educational and worth it !

david - GA Defensive Drivers Course

Having spent several years in the military, I have had to sit through hundreds of PowerPoint presentations.  I could probably count on one hand the number of which I actually enjoyed.  With that being said, this course was simply informative.  There was quite a bit of information and statistics that I was unaware of.  It also is not horribly long, a few hours in short spurts should help you stay focused… but, that goes for anything that we need to remember right.

Kristy - GA defensive driving course

Everyone should take this course. It was informative and a good reminder of how important it is to drive defensively.

King-La'Keit - Very informative

This course was very, very informative. I learned information that I never thought about. I highly recommend this course.

DaCher - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course, easy to understand. Very helpful in preparing to take the test at the end of the course. Very Informative!!

Zaire - Amazing!!

It was very educational and informational!! I wish this was mandatory and required for all new and current driver’s to refresh their memory!

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