Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Heather - Full of useful information

The test was full of good info.

Lindsay - Super quick and easy but gets the job done

I completed this course in one day and it’s so much cheaper than any driver schools near me!

Trudy - Helpful

Th course was very helpful and knowledgeable as well..

Maria - Ashlyn

This information was very helpful.   There were things about the Law that I wasn't  familiar with.  Great job on the entire online class.

Ashley - The product was user friendly.

All information was helpful & beneficial for me.

Michael - Defensive driving course

Well made and informative course

Terrell - Great program

I would recommend to all

Tab - Tab

I like the based on real life true events videos, they were very informative and  make u to take the necessary steps to stay safe while on the road.

Emenike - Test review

The format was easy to follow and also easy to understand. The questions went along with the readings very well.

Damaris - Defensive driving

Course was very well set up. Thank you

Milantra - Great experience

I feel like this course was well organized and easy to follow.

Thirulokachandar - Thirulok

thought me the unknowns

Thomas - I t was a learning lesson

It thought me how to be a better prepared driver

Anita - Anita

It was easy to understand,challenging and very helpful. Thanks

Christine - GA Defensive Driving

Easy to follow and very informative

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