Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Ronald - Defensive Driving

I had no interest in the course to begin with, only doing it because it was cheaper than the ticket, but I did learn a few things and don't regret taking it now.

Christina - Christina - GA Defensive Driving

Great course, quick and informative, definitely recommend!

Tyonna - Easy & Information

It was really easy, Finished it in one day! The mini quizzes as you go really help so just pay attention to them even if you get them wrong. Exam at the end isn’t very long summarized it great. I learned new things and feel more confident behind the wheel!

Parisah - Defensive driving

This is a great because it is mobile and it can be accessed at any time.

Kathleen - Ga defensive driving course

Took it for insurance discount. Excellent course, material clear and precise and very informative.  Makes me want to go out and be the best driver! And affordable! All drivers should take this at least once a year, to refresh. Thank so much.

Jarvis - Great course!

This course was very user-friendly and the course gave valuable information to help me improve my driving skills.  I will definitely recommend this course to anyone!

Crystal - Georgia Defense Driving Course

The course was easy to navigate. The information was simple to understand. I like it.

Andre - Thank you to your whole team this has helped me take a really big step in my life

This course was amazing an was really helpful an gave me a whole new out look on driving safely

Ronald - Excellent For all Drivers out there

I liked the course a lot. Even If you are a saint when driving you will learn something new.

Jared - Thank you

Very straight forward and easy course to process

Walter H - An Excellent Review of How to improve being a Better Driver

This course is something that every GA driver should take so that they can acquire information that can help them be a better driver. This review was an eye-opener and the videos were a reminder of what can happen when we make poor decisions while driving.

Jinyoung - Good

Easy to understand all the laws and rules.

Lyn - appropriate

very thorough and interesting especially since the videos were included

Baylee - Excellent

Easily completed and informative.

Adelric - Perfect

It helps you learn alot about the laws on the road and its very helpful

Haley - Haley - Course was deeper than driving

I liked the course, It was bigger than driving I learned a lot of new things taking this 6 hour course that will now help me become a better driver. Thanks!

Tabitha - Cool

It is done well.  I suggest take the course and encourage your kids to take it as well

Zayd - Course

It was nice.

Ethan - Course was dope

I liked how wide reaching and informative the information was. Thanks

Ashlei - Good, informative course

I enjoyed the course.  It was very informative and specific to each state's laws.

Nzinga - Great Course!

I really liked the pop quiz questions throughout the course and the information was very well organized.

yongjin - Review for the GA Defensive Driving Course

Very helpful course to improve my safety awareness while driving.

Aley - Great Review

Straight foreward and full of knowledge. thank you

Terry - GA defensive driving course

it was very informative and a good refresher on driving procedures.

Josephine - Josie - Great!

Learned a lot of new things. Great class.

Digvijay - Great cource

Great course, very informative

Anasia - Great!

i loved the course! It really helped me understand road better.

Jalyn - Course review

This course was excellent it gives all the information needed without long boring text !

Ramkumar - Defensive driving

It was awesome and passed with flying colors

Isaariah - easy

It was very easy to get through and informative.

Ajanae - Pretty easy

As long as you pay attention and know the rules of the road, along with a heaping dose of common sense, this is a easy course to take.

Calvin - Excellent Course

I learned an abundance of knowledge from taking this course

Precious - Review-Excellent

It was easy and fast to complete!

Tia - Product Review

There was a great deal more information about drug use. I don’t remember that in the class I took for my insurance. I’m a person in recovery and I really appreciate this being taught in this class because it has such a great affect on driving.

Norio - Worth trying!

This is a great course to learn many new findings and interesting topics we cannot see in the driving manuals.

Savannah - It was great!!!!!

It was great!!!!!

David - Very helpful

Great course.  Very comprehensive

Ekta - very helpful

very well detailed course.

Willie - NHSA Defensive Drivers Course

Good course for refreshing you memory of the rules of the road

Justice - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

It was a great course that let you work at your own pace

Anna - Simple & Helpful

Any person, even if not computer savvy, can easily complete. Helpful tips and reminders in the course.


It was GREAT!!! Help me with somethings I have forgotten.

Brandon - Georgia DD

Got the job done, informations as well

Jakebar - Nation Highway Safety Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Great and easy to follow learning material. I learned a lot of new things!

Charles - Georgia Defensive Driving

Excellent Course

Sabrina - Safety

Really in joyed this program.  So easy to take and understand the course

Brenda - Defense Driving Course

It was very informational! No complaints

Teresa - Excellent Course

The Course was very educational and informative. The course work covered all aspects of Georgia Defensive Driving.  Thank you very much.

Shreenath - Insurance related course

course was easy and helpful

Nyla - Good course

I like this course it was easy to get through

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