Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Jared - Defensive Driving

This cource was fairly easy and also informative.

Larry - Defensive Driving

The videos are very interesting to watch

Noah - GA Defensive Driving Class

This class was actually very helpful and taught/refreshed my memory on a lot of things I didn't know a ton about.

Darlin - Defensive driving

Very informative

Prisca - Defensive Driving

The videos were actually interesting. I learned a lot, and I am glad I took the course.

Lamar - Informative

enriched my knowledge of driving and laws surrounding prevention and violations

Sasha - Driving course

Easy to understand and very informative

Margaret - 10/04/21 Defensive Driving Course Review - Margaret Shelton

'Twas good. Learned lots. Shall drive safe. Have a good day.

Nicholas - Defensive Driving

Fantastic material.  Very well paced.  Lots of freedom to complete in my spare time without having to travel to a central location for a weekend to perform the course.

Thomas - Great Course

This is a great defensive driver course. Actually quite interesting.

Melissa - Great Course

I love the convienence of being able to work on this course online and at my own pace. Hopefully will not need to take a course again but if I do will definitely utilize this one again.

Kourtnie - Easy Understandable Course

This course was amazing with helping me understand many things about traffic laws.

Samirah - I really enjoyed this course

Very informative and easy to understand.

Patricia - Georgia Defensive Driving

It was educational and effective.

Arnold - great

loved it

Samantha - Great Course

Perfect way to refresh driving skills! Very easy and fast.

Baileigh - Perfect

Excellent way to refresh my driving knowledge.

Clifford - Good Course

Glad to finally have the availability to take this course online. Course interface and materials were good and user friendly.

Horace - Defensive Driving course

It was Helpful and very accessible

Alysa - Great and efficient

The course was easy to follow and I could resume it whenever I had time.

Breion - Great

The course was amazing and very informative!

Bridget - bcl - my review 9.8.21

Excellent course.  Great organization, clear and well done.

zachary - My Review

Loved the course. Great catch up on what all drivers need to know before entering a vehicle. Feeling a lot more refreshed and safe about my future driving experience!

alexandra - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This course was excellent and well taught and it was very informational!

Meghan - Meghan - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent! Extremely efficient and easy to understand, and I liked that there was a pop quiz every so often to make sure you were actually learning something.

Reginald - Defensive Driving Course

A very good course that discusses many different driving situations. Great Course!!!

Jonathan - Defensive Driving Course

This was an amazing learning program! I recommend it to all drivers who need to take this course and remember to DRIVE SAFELY!

Anita - Defensive Course

This defensive driving course was exceptional. I highly recommend all drivers to partake in this course.

Yonette - It was worth the time

I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and real and give me a new perspective of being on the road. The videos sadden me and was a real wake up call. I will definitely have recommend it to friends and family so they can become better defensive drivers.

Pacia - The defensive driving Course

Honestly I only took this class to lower my insurance and I'm 18 buying my first car. This course is super easy and I actually learned more than I realized. Take it!!

Vanessa - Defensive Course

The course online was excellent, at your own pace and easy to understand.  The pop up quizzes were useful, the video's were very knowledgeable. I enjoyed and learned a lot. Thank you!

Lorne - Defensive Driving

It was a concise and informative course. It is always good to get a refresher in order stay safe out there on the roads.

Darren - Very Infomative

Definitely easy to follow, and provides useful information that I didn't even know about. 100% on the satisfaction scale.

Natalie - Defensive Driving Course

This was a very well designed course which teaches a lot through text and through videos.

kenneth - Great Way to Refresh What You May Have "Forgotten"

Great logical flow of materials presented.  Pop quizzes throughout the course are great to reinforce learning.

Michael - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. The course plan and layout were extremely helpful and insightful, providing relevant information for each driving task.

Renee - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Everything was very well put together and was very easy to navigate through.

Wyatt - Easy to follow along, keeps your mind on the important information

Throughout the course, there's small pop quizzes that refresh and keep you up to speed on the course and what you'll eventually be tested over

Brandon - Very Educational

I am glad that I took this course as is further educated me on the importance of driving safety.

Michael - Nice course

Course held my attention, videos were impactful. Overall great experience.

RORY - Good Course

Course was easy to follow, and very informational.

William - Good course

It was a quick, easy, and educational course. I appreciated the flexibility.

Tiffany - Fantastic Course

Easy to follow, the automated voice read the whole thing to me. I will also get my children to do this course. Very informative and affordable.

Linda - Good course, very flexible

I liked that you can log in and out and course will restart where you left off. Whether I had 15 min or 30 min at a time to do the course I got through it easily. Price was good too.

Jennifer - Educational

Very informative and great refresher; even after 20+yrs of driving. Great Course for new drivers.

Coleman - Great course

I got a speeding ticket for doing over 20mph and well I cant really go in to a class and not go into work so I looked into some other online classes and well this one tops all of them in price and time. I highly recommend this course

Kellin - Great Course!!!

Learned a lot here! Would encourage every new driver and existing drivers to take as a refresher course!

Anthony - Driver course

I learned some thing I did not know I remembered some things that are so important to keep in mind. Thank you

Douglas - Fast and easy

It covered everything possible that you could think of for improving your driving! Great course

DANIEL - Georgia Defensive Driving

Appropriate material was presented.  I was glad to see it was not just a refresher on the rules of the road. Good course to take.

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