Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Brenda - Georgia Defensive Driving

I thought the course material was excellent and easy to follow.

Imesha - Georgia Driving Defense Course

It’s a great refresher course

Steven - Good course; easy to use

The defensive driving course was well laid out, easy to follow, and worked well (no technical issues).  I liked the self paced approach.  Easy to move forward or backward at your own pace and to do the course in "chunks" where you did not have to sit down for hours at a time to make progress.

Damerion - Awesome

Great information even at 36 years old driving 20 years now. Great refresher

Sophie - This was great

This was easy to learn and a great way to refresh my knowlage.

Milicent - Pleasantly Suprised

Great way to make sure you are an informed driver which can be costly otherwise.

stephanie - great!

learned new things & enjoyed taking the time.

Luke - Good info, great refresher course

Great info, great refresher course

Dale - Good Course

It was simple and to the point. Very informative.

Nicholas - I love it

Very helpful

Samuel - Samuel - Simple and Good

The information was straightforward and easy to read and understand. The simple questions asked throughout the course prepared me for the final exam thoroughly. Very well done.

Walter - Product Review

It was a very detailed and engaging course. This will definitely allow me to get a better premium for my vehicle insurance.

Ricardo - Is good

Clear, concise, to the point, and well written

Amy - Excellent!

The course was informative and let you know throughout if your answers were correct. So you knew if you had it rigut.

Nino - GA Driving Class Review

It was good, fast, and efficient.

Anthony - Anthony -Great Course!!!

Excellent, Descriptive And Very Helpful

Favour - defense driving course

it was very descriptive and easy

Stuart - Excellent course

This course
Is excellent and should be taken by every driver on the roads in the world. Thanks for having this information out there and making it easily accessible.

zachary - great

easy and great learning experience

tamaya - maya clerk

great learning source

asya - great way to understand driving

awesome! i learned so much and have a clear understanding of the law and rules

Thomas - My Review

Great Course and great reminder!

Thomas - Review by Tom Dunn

Course was AWESOME! I have had my License for 49 years and it was great refresher and reminder. Thanks for making it available

isaiah - 5 out of 5

good course to take and very helpful

Briana - Loved it

It was a very comprehensive and helpful course. The questions throughout the course were very helpful and allowed you to review the important information.

Dandrea - Course review

Everything was well explained and easy to follow

Kenan - Course review

I was a very good course to go through, all the vidoes and slides where very informative when I had to answer questions.

Mallory - It was easy

Most questions was common sense so don’t stress it !

Destiny - 18 years old - lots of good info

There aren't time limits which I liked, It also had lots of really good info. the final is the pop up questions they ask on each module :)

Katelyn - Defensive Driving

I thought this was a great program that ad everything I needed to know in an easy to use platform.

Naziya - Defensive Driver Course

Super easy

FRANCES - Excellent course!

The course was very concise, interesting, and informative. Even if not needed, I would recommend that every driver, new and old, take this course.

Devion - GA driving course

I loved the course.

Sara - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative and helpful

Quason - 6-Hour Course Review

This was very informative and effective in making me take the rules of the road more seriously.

Michelle - defensive driving course

easy to understand and informative

Lydia - Lydia- Defensive Driving Course

The course was easy to understand, thorough, and enjoyable. I enjoyed the pop quiz at the end of each section, as it prepares you for the final test.

GIANNA - Defensive Driving Course

This course is an excellent way to stay informed of new laws that impact driving and improve safety on the roads.

Danvy - Defensive Driving Course

It was an easy process to complete the course. It was time worthy but overall was a good experience especially if you are trying to reduce insurance price. I recommend.

Francis - liked it a lot

it was easy to follow and the read along part helped me finish faster

Kelsey - K.R. Defensive Driving course.

This course was informative. I would recommend it.

Maggie - defensive driving

fast and easy! loved this course, and I would definitely recommend it.

Leigha - Defensive Driving Class

I like this course. It was pretty easy but yet very educating. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend.

Jesus - Defensive Driving Course

It simplified the hardest parts and made it easier for me to comprehend the different areas and tested my knowledge after each section.

Heather - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

The information was very concise and informative. The website and program was very simple and easy to navigate.

Lisa - defensive driving course

it was a great challenge, i learned things i did not know on here and would reccomend everyone i know to take this course

Jan Andrae - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Very easy to navigate and very informative. I've learned a lot.

Brian - Defensive Driving coure

This training was very informative and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The site was easy to navigate.

Karen - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This test was extremely easy to use and follow. Thank you

Toniyah - Course Review

I really enjoyed taking this course! It touched on literally everything you should consider while driving or before you begin driving! I learned a lot & I am so glad that I took this course!!!

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