Product reviews for Indiana Driver Education Online

Morgan - review

This course was really good. It teaches very well. I recommend.

Lucia - Indiana Driver Education Online Review

This driver's ed program was very helpful to me. I especially liked the videos that were on the same page as the text when showing left turns and different parking maneuvers because they helped me understand the content more. I also liked the pop quizzes because they helped me understand the content more as well. I definitely recommend this.

MONICA - Actually Useful

I enjoyed using this course! It was thorough, and it's definitely something I'd recommend if you're learning for the first time.

Tyler - 10/10 would recommend

Really helped me learn!

Courtney - Great course

I would recommend this course to other teens wanted their permit!

Braeden - AMAZING!

Great Course! Would definitely recommend.

McKenna - great program!

Very informational and easy to follow along on. Good videos with interesting information! 100% recommend.

Angela - Drivers ed

Was very accessible and easy

Jonathon - It was great!

I really liked the course and how I could work at my own pace with it.

warren - Amazing!!

i really loved the course. even thought the videos were long, I really enjoyed it!!

JILL - Drivers Ed course

I really liked this course!

Selina - very helpful!!

it was very easy! and if you are a dedicated person, you will finish in no time.

Rhonda - My review for assessment

It was not even that bad or hard, It didn’t take me long either!

Karissa - Very Happy.

Very easy website to maneuver. Personally i'm a procrastinator so it took me a bit to get gong with the course but in all it wasn't too hard to get done.

samuel - Drivers Ed

This program was an excellent way for me to learn for my permit.

Ria - RiaT

I enjoyed the course, I thought it was written very well and timers for each section were a good idea.

Marie - Helpful

I learned everything that I needed to learn and ir prepared me for an amazing score on my permit test and driving test

Gary - Great course

This course is easily accessible, and it is very easy to make my way through. It explains all aspects of driving, including ones that you don’t normally think about.

Dave - Great and Easy to access Course

It was very accessible and was able to guide me along the way through the course. It taught me many things about the safety of driving and the importance of drivers ed.

Bralynn - Amazing

This genuinely helped me learn and feel confident to pass my permit test. Because of this, i will know what to do in almost any situation!!

Samuel - My review of the NHSA - Indiana Driver Education online

The materials and the videos of the online ED are very easy to understand.
I have learned many rules of the road and how to be safe, and a bunch of other things too. Overall it was a good experience.

Curtis - Drivers Education

The course is well put together and easy to navigate! I enjoyed learning!

Britni - Good course!

I really enjoyed taking this course, I learned a lot from it!

Ariana - Good course

It didn’t take long as I expected it too. you really have to Pace your self  listen closely and get it done. I’m Very happy I took this course!

Joseph - Joseph Chandler-Drivers Ed Review

This a great course to take, I learned a lot and it was even fun.

Matt - Good

Good Material

Caleb - Ben Dover

It was great! I learned a lot!

Gabriella - NHSA Review

I thought they did a great job keeping the reading interesting and personal enough to the readers so that it did not feel like a task!

Anne - Driver training 30 hour classwork was well presented

I liked the fact that it could be read to me.  In addition, the videos were well done and the quiz at the end of each section was helpful.

Kaelin - Kaelin-drivers ed

It was really easy and sometimes fun!

Casen - drivers ed

it was really easy lots of fun and i learned a lot about driving

Carter - Loved it

Taught me a lot I never knew and made sure I never burned myself out

Kenneth - Love it !

Its a very great course and an amazing way for teens to learn the rules of the road

Ed - Eddie - Great!

This was a very educational course that will make me a better driver!

Charlotta - Very good

It really opened my eyes on how dangerous driving is and the things you can do to make your driving experience safer

Isabella - Great!

I learned a lot from this course and I'm glad that I came here for my online driver's ed.

Rebecca - Veronica

it was easy to understand and informational

Mallory - good

it was very informational but took a good amout to time

Jennifer - Andrea- Drivers ed

This course is awesome if you are looking to do this at your own time!!

Alexis - Drivers Education Review

I really enjoyed the course , the videos were very interesting and I liked how it was laid out in format .

Celia - Drivers ed course

I liked this because it expplained a lot and it was all multiple choice and they reviewed the questions so that we know them

Ethan - Ethan

This was a very good course. It took a little time to finish but it is worth it.

Lindsay - Indiana Driver's Ed Course

This is an Amazing way to do Driver's ed. I learned so much and it didn't take long to do at all. The best part was I could go anywhere and still do it.

Antwan - I Diana drivers ed course

It was cool, it only takes maybe about 2 to 3 weeks to finish it If your on it daily like me. It was awesome.

brandi - I was good

thanks for helping me learn stuff i didnt know

Kenidy - I loved it

I enjoyed national highway safety administration because they informed me a lot of important things that comes with driving and the  responsibilities.

Joelle - drivers Ed

it was fast and easy

Kendall - Kendall- Drivers Ed

It was self explanatory and was convenient.

Lanna - Drivers Education

Very easy to navigate and educational

Catheren - Course Review

Very educational

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