Product reviews for Indiana Driver Education Online

Jaymasen - Nice!

It was nice.

Ce Airra - My report

I loved this course it helped me to easily understand!!

Samiyah - Review

To be honest it needs to be updated

Ashaan - course

It was pretty good and well written.

Isabel - Course

Very easy to follow

Aidan - My Review

I think it helped me really well understand the law of the road and driving procedures.

Jamie - Drivers Ed review

I think that it has helped me prepare for my permit test and for driving, I think that an equal amount of each information was put out. Thanks

Jayden - Drivers ed course

It was very educational and helped me learn a lot.

Quinton - Awesome

it was very informative and a great transition into the driving world

Gabriel - Decent Program

Easy to follow and complete, but the timers were a little long.

Max - Max-Timers

The timers were too long and some of the videos.

Amber - Good

It helped me

Camille - Timers

The timers for the slides were a little long. I also wish the breaks were a little shorter.

addi - good

good course relatively easy and fast

Lillian - Review over the course.

I had a great experience! I had some troubles and contacted the site and people were helpful and I learned a lot.

Landen - good

good but there were too many breaks.

Sharon - Was it helpful?

Yes, this course is very helpful.

Tait - 30 - Hours Drivers Education Course

It takes a while and can sometimes be excessive but it is very educational and is needed.

Olivia - drivers ed

very educational

Tailor - Tailor- 30 hour course

Really good super easy to understand!

Kaylee - 30-hour Drivers Education Course

It went good.

Drake - Indiana drivers training review

I had a lot of fun doing my drivers training with NHSA and it taught me a lot. Thank you for informing me what I need to know to drive safely!
                                                                                                                 Thank you,

Alexa - Course Review

Course was excellent and full of new knowledge.

Michelle - Great!

It was easy to follow

Larkyn - Loved it!

Great, taught me everything I needed to know

Khyjah - Great!

It taught me everything that I needed to know in order to get my drivers license

Evan - Very engaging

The course was super fun and enjoyable

Andrea - I loved it!

I love the progress bar at the top and I love how the format of the info wasn't all "in your face!" It felt as if I was being taught in a class room when I was reading the information and didn't feel like I was being taught by a robot. With this being online too, I was able to work on this anywhere I went as long as I brought my computer with me. Not to mention, this site is not blocked on my school computer so I was able to work on this during my study hall period. Thank you so much!

Johnathan - Johnathan-Drivers Ed

very helpful and lots of good tips and tricks.

Jayna - Drivers Education Course

I enjoyed this course and it was very educational.

Jack - Drivers Ed

It helped me learn everything i need to know

Elliot - Elliot-drivers ed

It did give me some good information. It was helpful.

Natalie - Awesome

I loved being able to work at my own pace and being able to fill up my free time knowing that I was doing something productive.

Jaeden - Driver ed online

It helped with the things that I struggled the most with.

Owen - Owen

Great course for beginners, takes long but its worth.

Jennifer - Addison - I loved it

Really helped me figure out driving

Maxton - Drivers Ed

Good course and very helpful

Mya - Good Course!

Overall, the course was great and I learned a lot.

Sydney - drivers ed

i loved the courses. it really taught me a lot of things and im so glad i used this website :)

Maverick - Indiana Driver Online Course-Maverick

After a long 30 hours' worth of work. I learned many important things about Driving safely and properly. At an age where most of my friends can already drive when i started this course. I was upset that the course felt slow, however afeter about 4% i felt great accomplishment and an even greater desire to learn from the course. Though the work of this course is done. I am proud to say that these old videos taught me a lesson and gave me a time I surely will not forget as I become a young driver. I highly recommend this course for Indiana Drivers.

Ayden - Drivers Ed Course

Honestly great course really flexible with the different devices that can be used.

Jonathan - Jonathan - Great course!

I learned everything I needed to know and it was super easy to save and resume progress.

Owen - Final thoughts on the Online Driver's Education Course : Owen

This course gave me a lot of insight into things that I have noticed but never acknowledged on the road, and I feel much more confident in my ability to get used to the road ahead. Some parts could have gone a little deeper in depth, I feel, as things like road types and car interface were a little confusing at first; however, the course was still very high quality for a medium that I normally don't find helpful.

Aubrey - Aubrey-Driver Training

I learned everything I needed to be a good driver and to apply these techniques on the road

Sam - Drivers Ed Course Review

This really helped me learn the ins and outs of driving and helped with my knowledge of everything on the road and off.

Kellen - Kellen- Drivers Training

I felt really good by taking this course my friend recommended this course and I'm glad I took it this will help me more when I get on the road myself and to get my license.

Luke - Drivers training

I learned all I need to be a good driver the website is also really simple

Gwen - Great course!

I learned a lot from this course! Can't wait to use these skills on the road!

Drew - Great Course

This was a very informative and great course to learn the safety amongst drivers for the state of Indiana!

Brionna - Great course!

Loved the course! It was super easy and I understood mostly everything that I was learning

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