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Drake - Indiana drivers training review

I had a lot of fun doing my drivers training with NHSA and it taught me a lot. Thank you for informing me what I need to know to drive safely!
                                                                                                                 Thank you,

Alexa - Course Review

Course was excellent and full of new knowledge.

Michelle - Great!

It was easy to follow

Larkyn - Loved it!

Great, taught me everything I needed to know

Khyjah - Great!

It taught me everything that I needed to know in order to get my drivers license

Evan - Very engaging

The course was super fun and enjoyable

Andrea - I loved it!

I love the progress bar at the top and I love how the format of the info wasn't all "in your face!" It felt as if I was being taught in a class room when I was reading the information and didn't feel like I was being taught by a robot. With this being online too, I was able to work on this anywhere I went as long as I brought my computer with me. Not to mention, this site is not blocked on my school computer so I was able to work on this during my study hall period. Thank you so much!

Johnathan - Johnathan-Drivers Ed

very helpful and lots of good tips and tricks.

Jayna - Drivers Education Course

I enjoyed this course and it was very educational.

Jack - Drivers Ed

It helped me learn everything i need to know

Elliot - Elliot-drivers ed

It did give me some good information. It was helpful.

Natalie - Awesome

I loved being able to work at my own pace and being able to fill up my free time knowing that I was doing something productive.

Jaeden - Driver ed online

It helped with the things that I struggled the most with.

Owen - Owen

Great course for beginners, takes long but its worth.

Jennifer - Addison - I loved it

Really helped me figure out driving

Maxton - Drivers Ed

Good course and very helpful

Mya - Good Course!

Overall, the course was great and I learned a lot.

Sydney - drivers ed

i loved the courses. it really taught me a lot of things and im so glad i used this website :)

Maverick - Indiana Driver Online Course-Maverick

After a long 30 hours' worth of work. I learned many important things about Driving safely and properly. At an age where most of my friends can already drive when i started this course. I was upset that the course felt slow, however afeter about 4% i felt great accomplishment and an even greater desire to learn from the course. Though the work of this course is done. I am proud to say that these old videos taught me a lesson and gave me a time I surely will not forget as I become a young driver. I highly recommend this course for Indiana Drivers.

Ayden - Drivers Ed Course

Honestly great course really flexible with the different devices that can be used.

Jonathan - Jonathan - Great course!

I learned everything I needed to know and it was super easy to save and resume progress.

Owen - Final thoughts on the Online Driver's Education Course : Owen

This course gave me a lot of insight into things that I have noticed but never acknowledged on the road, and I feel much more confident in my ability to get used to the road ahead. Some parts could have gone a little deeper in depth, I feel, as things like road types and car interface were a little confusing at first; however, the course was still very high quality for a medium that I normally don't find helpful.

Aubrey - Aubrey-Driver Training

I learned everything I needed to be a good driver and to apply these techniques on the road

Sam - Drivers Ed Course Review

This really helped me learn the ins and outs of driving and helped with my knowledge of everything on the road and off.

Kellen - Kellen- Drivers Training

I felt really good by taking this course my friend recommended this course and I'm glad I took it this will help me more when I get on the road myself and to get my license.

Luke - Drivers training

I learned all I need to be a good driver the website is also really simple

Gwen - Great course!

I learned a lot from this course! Can't wait to use these skills on the road!

Drew - Great Course

This was a very informative and great course to learn the safety amongst drivers for the state of Indiana!

Brionna - Great course!

Loved the course! It was super easy and I understood mostly everything that I was learning

Sean - Drivers Ed

It was an amazing experience, very straight forward and easy to do.

Will - Grant: Review

Able to do this in freetime. Great resource and website.

Julianna - driver's ed

I was able to still focus on school and also be able to do this in my free time.

domingo - AMAZING

i've tried numerous courses all over the internet and this is  just beats all of them, finished in 3 weeks and soon to get my permit, abustely thankful that i chose this course and most definitely recommend.

Abigail - Drivers Ed

Taught me a lot about rules on the road and some things I didn’t even know were a thing!

Todd - drivers ed

I was able to still work on things like school and sports and not feel rushed.

Addie - Drivers Ed Review

I liked that it didn't have a time limit and you could work at a steady pace that you liked instead of being rushed to finish.

Logan - My Experience

Overall I really enjoyed taking this course and it went smoothly and rather quickly. I learned a lot and I feel prepared.

Evie - Drivers Ed Review

I enjoyed my Drivers Ed course. Through my experience, I was able to easily understand the content as well as get through it relatively fast. It was an enjoyable experience.

Lily - Driver’s Ed

Very helpful, and the videos were very helpful!

Samuel - Mavrick - Very Informative

It was very informative on everything, the small tips were also very helpful. The insurance part really explained it and would be helpful to even people that already have insurance on their vehicles.

Dixie - Best online course Iv ever took

Great course instructions are very clear. Thank you to whoever came up with the driver's ed online course. Best and easiest course ever thank you. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Jeff - Drivers ED

It was very interesting to learn about the roadway and how to safely drive on it!

Kim - Averie- Drivers Ed online

Nice course, and very informational, if a little dated.

Isabel - So helpful

It is such a great website to use not only because you can do it yourself, and there's no rush to finish it because there is no expiration date or deadline. They're clear on instructions and you can have unlimited practice tests. The cost too, very nice especially for kids who are begging their parents to let them drive. I see tons of $100-$400 ones when this one is probably the easiest.

Jamie - Driver's ED


Rachel - Drivers education

Pretty good

Eric - Good course!

It is a good learning site.

Nick - Drivers ED

good course

Nick - Great course.

Easy to understand and use

Blake - Great Course

This course was really well done and helps me feel confident in my knowledge of driving.

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