Product reviews for Colorado Drivers Ed Online

Stephanie - Great

I liked it, it took me a long while to finish but it was worth it

Christopher - Great course

I really like this course.  It was very interesting.

Yohanna - Nice!

I loved it very informative.

Kai - Driver ed Review

I didn't care for the horror videos. I like the cross word study puzzles, a bit long but I learn a little more about the rules and unwritten rules of the road.

Caleb - Nice course

Teaches you the very real dangers of driving, and how to minimize your risk and drive safely and responsibly. My only problem with this course is that some of the videos have a lot of offtopic content.

Sasha - Efficiant

Not gonna lie, it was a LOT longer than I thought it would be, and sometimes the timer glitches. The videos will take up the most time in my opinion, and it gets the information across pretty well.

ANDREW - Andrew

great serves

Maya - Okay

A bit boring and repetitive but did have solid info. A lot was outdated etc.

Kendelle - Kendelle - Great Drivers ED

I learned a lot in this course and really helped me understand the basics of driving and what goes into driving.

Shaine - Hello

It was mid

Luke - Finished

Finished :)

Makayla - Good

I enjoyed the course it taught me a lot!

Kyla - cool!

long videos but other then that good course

Ryleigh - Drivers Ed

This course had a lot of good information that I will 100% need! My friends told be about it and it did not upset me! THANK YOU

Amauri - Amauri

I loved the course it was really engaging and easy to understand.

Jayden - easy to use

walked my through step by step, easy to understand this online course.

Abbie - Course review

This course was very informative and easy to navigate.

Aspen - Driving Course

This course is full of lots of information

Steven - hi

it was alright

Gavin - Review

It was good more interesting than other corses most likely and not to bad.

Karla - Colorado Drivers Ed

This was great!

Kathy - Informational

I thought the course was very good because it has a lot of stuff, and it has all of the crucial information needed when starting your driving experience!

Alexandrai - Alex

I think it was okay, think the Audio could use improvement. the crossword puzzle were fun , very detailed and a little bit hard for me to remember details.

Porter - good

it was fun

Dawit - James review

IT was a interesting, fun and not so stressful course

Madison - Maddie - Review

Great course

Izabella - review


Jamin - Review

It was good.

Tanner - good

This was very imformal

Maddie - I liked this course

This course was good

Isaiah - Review.

It was good.

Serena - Good course

I appreciated being able to take the course online.  Feel very prepared for the permit test.

Ava - Drivers ed Course

Easy for people who cannot go in person.

Cashton - Drivers Ed Course

I thought this course was great and learned a lot.

Kathrine - My Review

Very fun course! I enjoyed it and am excited to get to driving using this info!

Lia - Great Course

I'm a fast reader, so it took longer than it could have, but it was a wonderful course! Some of the videos were also a little outdated/tedious



Melissa - Online Colorado Drivers Ed Review

I liked the course it was easy worked well with my schedule

Magdalena - The Course was Good

It taught me a lot

Anja - NHSTS Colorado

Great Course. Nice Videos that helped reinforce the concepts.

Jeremy - My course reveiw

The course was good and kept me active with all of the activites.

Scarlet - course review

Great course, made things a lot easier

Trinity - course review

I would say this was an amazing course from my experience I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to get their permit. However, I did have some issues with the pre-registration for the identification but I figured it out!

Khloe - course review

its good but patience is definitely needed

Landyn - course review

this course was self paced and very productive but 1 suggestion would to be to add more questions to keep the reader at view of the screen.

Cohan - Drivers Ed Online

Need to be EXTREMELY Patient.

Hannah - Drivers Ed Review

This was long, but well paced and prepared me well.

Dylan - Dylans

The cource was challenging at first but i got the hang of it over time.

Olivia - Drivers Ed Course Review

It was long but gave plenty of time to review. I enjoyed the cross word puzzles.

Arihsay - Drivers Ed Course

Excellent course! I wish it would've focused a little more on signals and road markings

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