Top Reasons to take Driver Education with the National Highway Safety Administration

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Who we are

Here at the National Highway Safety Administration, we care about you and your driving needs. With over 25 years of experience in driver education, we understand that driver safety is vital to you and your family.

Even more important, we know what driver education is really about! Driver education isn’t just about supplying information – it’s about how the student understands the information, how they absorb it, and then make use of it in their daily life. It involves taking the cold facts on a computer screen and making sure that information goes down deep into the student’s heart, thus influencing the decisions they make as a driver. When the information goes deep enough, it will positively influence a driver, even when they have to react so quickly that they’re barely aware they’re even making a decision.

We know that driver education can mean the difference between life and tragedy, and here at the National Highway Safety Administration, we take your life and the lives of your family members very seriously. We want to help protect you by educating your loved ones and accompanying you every step of the way in your journey, both through driver education and on the roads of our country.

What we offer

Top quality courses

Our courses are designed by professionals in driver education, so you can be assured of a high-quality driver education.

Our courses are state approved

All of our courses are 100% state approved and accredited. That means you can relax and know that with us you’ll be getting the best possible driver education.

We have courses for everyone

We offer courses for all levels of experience. For first-time drivers, we provide state-required driver education courses. For experienced drivers, we provide traffic school to help them keep a clear driving record (and even lower insurance rates).

Educational and entertaining

Our courses are not only educational, they’re fun and entertaining! We make sure our short chapters have interesting animations and engaging video so that study time is also a fun time. That way, students are more interested in completing the course materials and then actually retain the information they have studied.

Get the most flexibility!

Study when it’s best for you! Our courses fit your schedule, whenever you have free time. You can study as long as you like, in short burst or longer periods.

We make learning easy

Our courses are 100% online. That means they’re easy to complete since students don’t have to travel to a classroom. They can study at home, at school, at work, or wherever else they want. Our courses are easy to use, even for those who aren’t used to studying online. This means that students can focus on learning.

Learn at your own pace

The truth is that students learn in different ways and different paces. Our courses take those different styles into account and make it possible for students to learn in the most comfortable way for them. Each student decides how much to study, for how long, and at what time during the day. As a result, they can be assured that they’re getting the most out of the information.

We’re here for everyone

For students who need assistance with English, we offer translation options. Students can get words or phrases translated into their native language. For those who prefer to listen to the course, we also offer text-to-speech options.

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