Taylor - Great Course

This is a very good course for all drivers to take as a refresher, not just new drivers.

Neytam - Great

easy to learn and was simple

GUSTAVO - excelent

excelent easy to learn

Savannah - Savannah Thompson

Tests was really simple and taught me alot.

Qzuanita - Course Review

Honestly!!! This a great course and place to get the things you need for you learners permit.

Antonio - Duke review

This course was very insightful. You will learn a lot and won't feel stressed because the course is easy . At the end you will take your test, pass, and receive your certificate.



Maria - Awesome!

Amazing course learned so much.

Aurora - Over 18 new driver

Ive always been scared to drive, but now I’m taking the necessary steps to finally be a driver. Thank you for making it easier and more informative. I feel a bit safer and ready to take the next steps.

Alfred - great

very educational, easy to retain the info

Ryan - 4 hour test

Very good test that gives knowledge on how dangerous it can be on the road.

Elisamaria - TLSAE

Awesome course for my daughter permit. Very straight forward and informative information.

Ravza - Great Experience

It wasn't too long or boring, passed it in my first try, it was very clear and and only took 3-4 hours to finish everything

Henry - TLSAE course

Straight forward with audio guide. Would recommend to any new driver

Christina - Christina TLSAE COURSE

Awesome course very informative and helpful was easy to understand and read also has a great read aloud feature and very very affordable!!!!

Xheni - TLSAE

Great course, accurate information. I recommend this to everyone.

AngelLynn - Accurate test

Accurate information and good test

Joaquin - Passed it first try!

I only got one question wrong it was very easy. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Brianna - I passed fist try

i have severe testing anxiety and i passed first try its not hard vry easy

Ingrid - Ingrid - Interesting and helpful

It's a great course that I would recommend for every drivers as a refresh course.

Jennifer - Jennifer - Great

The course was very informative

Diana - Quick !

Excellent program, clear, easy and quick !

Ayleen - Amazing!!

I loved it, super easy. I completely recommend, super fast too.

Desada - Great

Thank u so much! I passed the first try! Very helpful and easy

Justina - Drug and alcohol course

Very quick and finished in one day

Diamond - Excellent!!

I loved everything about the course. The video and the text was so easy to understand. I completed it in one sitting and passed the exam on my first try, it was just that easy really! I totally recommend this course you'll be missing out if you don't!!

Kiara - Easy to Follow

I love this course. It helps you pay attention by giving you questions in between. And they don’t give too much information on one page so it’s not a drag to read.

Sathvika - good

Its easy to understand and the audio along has helped me to understand even better..Thanks!!!

isabella - Good

The course was nice, especially the videos which gave a more vivid description of the consequences of alcohol and drugs, and it's affects on people's lives.

Dario - Nice and good

The course was pretty understandable with nice people who helps

Alonna - great

The questions were easy to understand and it helped a lot.

Jessica - Good

It was very easy to understand and it helped me understand a lot.

Smriti - TLSAE

Easy to complete on your on pace. thanks

Jaime - Great site

This course was easy to follow

Jose - Great test

Very good and helpful with the read along option.

Ashley - Great

Easy to understand.  Used plain English. The read aloud was very nice and helpful

Nicole - Nicole Dohan

It was a great source. Very detailed, and I love how I could pause and come back to it whenever I wanted.

Kemory - Kemory Dewese

it was very good and understanding, it saved saved everything for times if you had to leave I highly recommend.

kerna - kerna-

this course was easy and very useful

Aiza - very good presentation.

I like how I can resume to the course anytime I want.

Liam - Substance and drug abuse review

This was a useful and informative program that helped get an understanding on what I have to get ready for on the road.

Brittany - A breeze!

The course was very easy to fallow and understan. Very easy and simple to comprehend what what in the course.

ANTHONY - bianca

very nice course

maria - Matthew - Pretty cool

Not hard at all but a bit long

Paolo - Really Easy

I was worried with the questions of the final test but then I realized that all the answers were in each passage of the course. I recommend to you do the test, it's pretty easy.

Augusta - It was easy

Fast super helpful

Jose - Great course!

Very fast and easy!

Amy - Excellent

This course was very educational.

Stephanie - Informative

The website was easy to navigate and the content was informative

Lakendra - Easy Asf!

This course was easy to take and understand!

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