Aziel Keith - quite simple and easy

The course is well written and organized. Thanks!

Kira - Perfect Learning.

The course was easy to navigate through. The topics were clear and understandable.  10/10

kalun-j - most helpful thing

i had a wonderful experience going thru the things . thank you

Nicholas - Helpful and Easy to Use

I had no problem going through the whole course.  The information in the course was easy to understand and navigate.

Henry-Frank - Drug and Alcohol test

This course was interesting and easy to follow along with.

Alex - pretty good

Easy to follow along helps you learn a lot

Rodrigo - Nice content

Such a nice course. Complete and easy to follow

Christina - Brandon-Super epic and simple

Very easy to understand and awesome

Aniela - drug and alcohol test

this was an easy way to get the course done.

CLAUDIA - Exce;;ent Way to Learn

Simple to  read and understand. A few of the videos were very emotional. The test was easy to pass in my opinion if you pay attention to the course. Some questions can use logic.

Jose - super easy i learned a lot

this was a excellent course

Isel - Riese-They made the lessons simple to understand and easy to do

Thank you so much. This has helped me a lot.

Rachelle - great

This course was very informational!

Chelcy - Simple and Clean Course!

It's simple and you can totally take your time with it without fear of penalties.

James - James

Content and videos were very informative...thanks!

Alexander - Good

Thanks.  Relatively easy, yet very educational. I learned a lot and it did what it needed to do so...

Michael - Straight forward and easy.

Well explained and delivers the needed info. Thanks.

Kamaryon - Loved it

I loved this course it was something  convenient  for me to take .

Gerald - TLSAE

It's a pretty long course, but a necessary one. I thought it was well written an very helpful!

DaJohn - TLSAE

very long but worth it

Stephen - Stephen

Best!! I’d recommend for anyone

Joseph - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

it was quite long, not as boring as i would have thought. the test was pretty simple if you actually read everything, or comprehend what was being read to you.

Delaney - Very helpful

It was long, but simple and very helpful.

Fiona - GOOD

It was very long but worth it in the end

Tina - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course was taught in a fun and interesting way, I loved how you can learn when convenient for you, and the videos and questions kept me entertained and refreshed what I had learned!

Chandra - Worth it

Took me a while, but it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be.

Christie - the test

i think the everything that was said  and thought was very helpful to get the test done

Claudia - Claudia - Good

Lengthy but very informative and easy to read

Gabriel - good

very long but the test was very simple

Alex - Helpful!

Very informative and helpful, learned a lot!

samantha - good

it was a pretty long process, but as long as you pay attention its simple

Erika - good class

The set up of the online class was user friendly and the test was easy for me.

Mikya - Learning experience

great learning tool for new drivers

Myla - Good

Very, very long but the easiness of the test made it all worthy.

Luis Manuel - its was very helpful

i enjoyed taking the course

Daniel - good

it was good and informational

Daijah - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course was lengthy but everything from the videos and the text were asked about for the questions so that was good. It made the test easier than I had thought.

Davarius - Good

Easy course to complete

Mike - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

It was a very easy course do complete, and made sure you understand many different types of concepts.

Heather - FL TLSAE

Overall, good content, informative & well structured course.

Nada - Great course

It was so helpful to understand a lot of thing

Faith - Good

highly recommend :)

rilee - RILEE

amazing course love it

Julio - Antonio- Passed!

This test was well put.  At times I did get a little confused, however, I passed.

Alexis - Great!

Easy to work and I love how you can stop when you need to and then come back when you are ready

Jada - Great course

Informative, quick, and well-structured.

Charon - Very successful

Very informative

Robert - Exceptional

Overall, this course was very informative and interesting combined with different visuals and easy to read context.

Elijah - Very Successful

Was moving, and introduced to me a positive, different perspective towards.


Very informative cource, well-structured. Highly recommended!

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