Kara - Great!!!!!!!


Robyn - Richard-Test


Barbara - Very informative on course info

Provided excellent information regarding the course material to help pass the test with no issues.

Veronica - Good Coarse

it was very informative

Mara - good


kayla - Passed

It was good

Colin - Easy


Jarron-Charles - Very Informative

As needed, this course was very informative regarding the information needed to successfully complete the FLTLSE Exam. I would certainly recommend this course site to others.

Ivette - Drug and Alcohol Course

The course was very interesting..

Laura - Very informational

This course helped me through the more than four hours of the learning and reading process. At the end the questions were based on the short quizzes after all readings, and also it helped me pass.

Anjali - TLSAE Course

Course was very easy to follow and everything.

JORDAN - Great

Very informational text. I learned a lot.

JORDAN - Great

Very informational text. I learned a lot.

Gracielis - Loved the courses

Did  what I needed to do in order to get my permit and in less than a week, very easy and  cheap. Loved it

Jessica - Helpful course

Course was good, and kept my attention



Sydia - JOSH-Traffic Law Substance Abuse Course Course

It helped me with the dangers of the road and the goal of tackling them precisely with caution

Angelica - easy and helpful

the alcohol and substance abuse was really easy. i passed on my first try

Wilmaris - Very useful and full of information

I loved it. Learning very cool facts and things to know when trying to get your license.

hanna - Great Experience

Alot of reading, but hey it was all worth it when i passed!

Leslie - Good


Lukas - Easy to use

Super simple and the progress bar was very helpful

Maya - Traffic Test

It taught me a lot and I passed on my first try! I will definitely recommend this course to my friends who are first-time drivers.

Sebastain - Driver Ed Test

Super easy and simple to follow.

Axel - Great Course!

Super helpful! Fairly easy.

Brooke - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

AMAZING! I learned so much!

Mareli - Amazing course

I really enjoyed being able to log off and start where I left off.

Britta - Driver Ed Test

Really simple

Theresa - Great Course

I loved the fact that I could listen to the lesson. Course was easy to navigate.

Mary - course review

I really liked the course, it was well laid out and really helpful

Mya - loved it !!!

i had a lot of fun and was very excited to see that i passed!!!!

luis - Good Course

Very well thought out and put together, the course was very interesting and gave a lot of information that was not known to me before, I would recommend this course to anyone, for it gives a very well informative  instruction

Alexyss - Good course

Very comprehensive and I learned things that were either a refresher or new rules of the road. Great investment and good price too. I love that you get the take the final exam until you get it right!

Bridget - Very Good

I  thought this was put together very well.

alexandria - amazing!

This program offers a sophisticated and balanced learning experience for traffic laws as well as drug abuse education. I had a very nice experience

Kelly - Dylan - Very Informative

I knew some of the material but overall I learned something new.

Karen - Good experience

Learned some very helpful information.

Amanda - Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course

This course was very descriptive, easy to follow and understand, and was highly informative. I definitely learned some useful information.

Shimar - Driver license thingy

This was lit!

Anthony - Review

I liked the fact I could log out and come back to continue it when I needed to. I also loved the clean look of the website. Was easy to read. I was even able to complete it on my 2n1 tablet which was also nice.

Joseph - Amazing

I learned so much from this course and feel well informed on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Vernon - Good Experience!!!!

Very well organized. It was fast and easy!!!!

Adrian - Good experience

Very well organized. Some of the information is common sense but I'd be lying if I'd say I didn't learn something new. Overall a good experience!

LilyAnne - I loved it!

I learned a lot and it was super easy and to the point. The illustrations really helped me to understand.

pamela - yisel

The test was easy because some of the questions that were on the test were on the quiz review. and also I didn't feel pressured because it wasn't  timing me. it was fast and easy.

Edward - great


Rychele - Best Vendor for Driving Courses

Great interface, easy to use, informative with explanatory self-by-step instructions. The audio feature is a nice touch and although you may not need unlimited tries since the content is easy to get through and the review tests in between help to solidify everything, it's a nice touch. As an adult driver getting my first license, highly recommend.

Dan - Great Information!

Very informative.

Elizabeth - Great

very informative!

Howard - Good


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