Adina - Wonderful Course

Well explained and interesting.

sabina - Sabina

great course

Brandon - Great course

Great course

Mary - Kelsie

Awesome course!! Helped me learn so much. Also its easy to understand.

Collin - Collin- Great Course

Very happy with my results

Dekerria - Amazing

Even though I had problems with passing the exam the entire course is very easy and I enjoyed the video they showed us.

hunter - Best way to get taught

Honestly, i found this the best way to help with the test. Going through everything before taking it right then and there was amazing.

Cookie - tlsae

it was not so bad

Javin - Awesome Course

This course was extremely helpful and I learned a lot while taking it.

Therese - substance abuse education course

understandable course with great info and easy reading of state laws

Sheila - amazing

the course was easy to use and to understand

Jerry - great course

great course

michael - great course

Great Course

Elner - Very Informative

This course was good because it was in plain language, so it was easy to understand. I learned a lot from it.

wendy - Great Course!

This was a great course to learn on! So glad I chose this site!

Amy - Great course

Easy to follow and understand!

Victoria - Excellent

The course teaches you what you need  to know and for a good price!

Clara - Great

Love the course

Aubree - Passed

Great Course!!!

Anilkumar - Course review

The course was fantastic in informing me

Jalen - Helpful

the course was quick and helpful in providing the necessary information to learn to drive

Travious - Happy Teen Driver

Good Job

Deaclan - not bad

not bad at all

Kimberly - Passed

Great Course

Anthony - Exellent

Its easy and quick to learn

Noah - Course review

very educational and lot of interesting facts

Denea - 4 Hour Course


alejandro - Very good

The best cite to get your permit!!

Marco - Fast, Fun and Knowledgeable

The course was very quick and it was very helpful in letting you know what percentage of completion you were on. The subjects were easy to grasp and the information was presented in an easy-to-grasp way.

lorena - Good Experience

I had good experience with the course and the results

Lance - Informative

This was very helpful and knowledgeable about the drug use and its effects.

Lexi - Lexi

Wasn't to hard, didn't take to much time either.

Emily - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education

Easy to understand and the review questions help keep the information fresh in your mind

Grace - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

very good course. I learned a lot

Emaline - Very easy and educational

loved this course. easy to navigate and a great learning experience

Pablo - Simple and Easy

This course was very easy and simple to do!!

Robert - TLSAE Review

The course was easy to complete and navigate.

Hope - Ashten-simple and understandable

It was easy to understand and it was simple to complete.

Kelly - Lyndsey - Permit

It was interesting to learn, I am glad I took it. :)

Daniel - Daniel

It was very informational with great examples to go off of.

Amauri - Very easy and helpful

If you pace yourself it will not be a headache to finish

Sabrina - Great!

Very simple and quick!

william - great

feel good that i passed

Keishlayari - FL Traffic Law And Substance Abuse Education

This course was very easy and helpful. Learned a lot more from this.

Odarius - law substance

learned alot about drugs and alcohol

Donna - Informative

Initially I was upset that I had to take this class but now I am very happy I did.  There was so much I did not know even as an adult and having had a learners permit in another state.
Thank you.

Bryce - Bryce - Course Review

Easy and simple.

Jenny - Drug and Alcohol

It was a great and intresting learning experience. I learned more about to road and how it can impact you.

Ethan - Simple and Relieving

The Course was easy and it was a relief once I found out that I passed.

Jenny - driving permit

learned a lot about drugs an alcohol

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