Basia - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Awesome test!

keiyatta - easy

super informative and easy to obtain information

Emilia - Excellent!

My daughter definelly will be taking these class with you! both preparing to our first drivers license.

Kearsen - Amazing

The course was great. It teaches you everything in a simple and efficient way. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to do this course.

Neilson - This is reccomended

With this I was able to do the 4 hour course at my own leisure, so that was helpful. It is an intuitive and simple system, would recommend for people needing to do this.

miosoty - Amazing. Its all I can say.

This was an amazing experience. I never knew how much alcohol and some illegal substances and damage people in there daily lives. Amazing.

Brianna - Alcohol Course Review

The course was easy to follow and understand. Took me about 5 hours to complete.

Chloe - Absolutely Amazing Course!!!

I was able to gain so much knowledge from this course! And I am feeling prepared to take the permit test and start my driving journey!!!

Aysha - Progressive take on course!

I found this class to be highly useful. Not only did the class style help a lot, but the videos helped me through visual education. Thank you!

Zaiden - Florida Drug and Alcohol Test

It helped learn what i need to know about driving within 4 hrs

ignacio - Pretty good

Honest, easygoing, friendly user course. 100% recomended

Karette - FLTLSAE

This course was informative and educational. It was engaging and allowed you to break and do test in a great time frame.

Ona - Drug and Alcohol Test and Course

The course was easy to understand. The questions at the end of the course were well written and you could tell that the questions were taken from the course.

Garfield - drug andalcohol four course

the course was very informative. lots of good information i really advise. this course

Yadhira - Loved this course!

It was very helpful and trusting! Would recommend to others! 😁

Lorenae - Drug and Alcohol

This course was great.  I now have a full understanding of the information.

Dave - Great course!

It was a valuable learning experience with this course. This course has a simple layout, and the contents can be easily navigated.

Emily - Awsome!

I like how you can take it as many times as you want!

Sa'Nya - TLSAE Exam

This exam was great! Even through it was long but i learned so much more than I've ever known.

Etienne - GREAT!!

I learned so much in a short period of time and definitely improved my knowledge of driving/human well-being altogether. Thanks!

Christian - Great

Although it took a bit, i took it all in one go, doing it this way helped me stay focussed and remember everything i needed to.

Akiely - TLSAE Course

This course was excellent and informative as well. It was fairly easy in my opinion.

Veerendra - Anika Borde FL traffic law substance abuse education course review

I really like how this course taught everything on the test.

Adrian - It’s was great

The course was very informative

Brittany - So much fun

I am 32 years old and I am enjoying reading and this test was amazing and I’m glad I was able to chose to have it read to me so that I could understand it all easier. Even with my kids and tv as a distraction I was able to finish this in 12 hours. I highly recommend this site to everyone.

Ismael - Great course!

This course was very informative and wasn't boring.

Tatiana - Excellent TLSAE Course!

The fact that I was able to log on and off without losing any progress was really neat. I also enjoyed the bar that showed my percentage completion and the table of contents, so I can go back whenever to review content.


Took this course and passed the exam easily, very easy to grasp the information and didnt get bored .

Jean-Paul - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The lesson explained the course well, and while it was a little longer than I liked, I was able to stay focused throughout the course.

Maritza - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

videos are quite excel expectations. It was very informational and kept viewer drawn in while keeping focus. great that the lessons can be read to viewer. for me its hard to focus and having someone read with me helped. lessons were not boring also. very good dialogue. loved learning this information. did not seem to be too unbearable

Janet - Great TLSAE Course!!!

One of the most convenient online course experiences ever!. I loved the fact that it takes me back to where I stopped the last time, and with the easy drop-down menu CONTENT, I could choose any topic of interest.

Etienne - Really Solid Advice

It was very thorough and had realistic situations that will most likely happen, the stuff was really solid and the safety video's really drove it home.

Kevin - Substance and abuse course

I truly enjoyed this experience and hope other take the chance to take this course as well. 5/5 rating.

Chanell - Chanell's Review

The course was very helpful and I passed the test!!!

Denise - Drug and Alcohol Course

Everything was thoroughly explained and very helpful!

Morgan - Very easy to understand

Very easy to understand for a teenager. The videos are helpful. And it’s informative but interesting.

Franklin - Review

Very good course to learn about drug and substance abuse. Also had some good tips about driving and what to look for. Overall a very great course.

Rochelle - We'll Definitely recommend

Easy to navigate, convenient to use, I can switch anytime anywhere from my phone to a desktop computer. Affordable, they will send the results as soon as you finished the exam. Thank you 😊

Ralph - RALPH - Excellent course

I enjoyed the course very well. Everything was fully explained than what can be found in a Driver's License manual and the videos seemed to be packed with information and influence on what to do or don't do when driving.

The course overall is amazing.

Julia - Drug and Alcohol Course

Excellent!!!!! Helped tremendously!!!!

Dorien - Tlsae course

This was a great course and helped me passed

Nidal - Nice

simple and straightforward

Michael - Excellent

Very helpful and teaches information.

Ivanna - TLSAE

Excellent service! Nailed the test!

DEBORAH - Very Worth While

Really gave good backgrounds on driving and everything that has to do with driving.

DEBORAH - Very Worth While

Really gave good backgrounds on driving and everything that has to do with driving.

richard - annonymous

really helped me learn the safety standards of achool drugs and substance abuse on the road

Randon - Good Class

This was very helpful and easy to do on my own at 15

Andrew - This was excellent

This process took me about 4-5 hours and was really easy the course read to me and provided me with enough knowledge to pass with flying colors

Elsie - Review

This was an awesome first time experience! The course was super helpful !

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