Great course, and very informative.

Mark - Car Course

I learned a lot about drugs and alcohol effects on the human body and what not to do.

Anita - Easy to learn at your own pace

This was easy to do at my own pace. I like that I could stop when I got tired and come back to it. I think I learned more by having the ability to break up the sessions vs. a straight 4 hours.

Emily - Permit Course

Very informative and helped make passing test a breeze!

VICEOLA D - Traffice Law Substance Abuse Course

The course provided valuable information that was helpful with the exam.

Brenda - Enjoyed the class

Found this informative  and was easy  to use.

Rachel - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

This course is very imformative and helps break down key factors.

Zenobia - Really great

very educational

Chasarena - loved it

this is a very helpful for me testing i love love

Fernando - Fl Substance abuse education course

It was excellent

Jesli - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

I enjoyed the detailed explanation of each and every topic so that we could fully understand the importance of not drinking and driving.

Jacob - Great Course!!!

The course was easy to follow and informative

Ilana - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

This course was very well detailed and help me understand the qualities I need to become a safe driver.

Vishnu - Very good course

I like how  the course has a timer for each page to make sure you understand what you are reading. I also like the little questions in between to make sure you are understanding the concepts.

VANESSA - Helpful Course

Surprisingly, the substance abuse course was actually pretty helpful and helped me learn things pretty sufficiently along with the consequences of abusing substances and driving.

Ada - Straight to the Point and Coordinated

This coarse it very simple and well explained for you to understand what you need to know and what is required of you.

Nicole - Helpful Course

It was very helpful and informative


The course is rather short and to the point.

David - Informative and helpful

Alot of the content in this course was very eye opening and useful.

Hannah - Hannah - very helpful

very informative and easy to follow.

Ileana - Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

Overall, I very much enjoyed this course and it made it easy to pass this exam

Vera - Very easy to follow and got the job done

The course information was very easy to follow- especially with the read along function- and I feel well prepared to take the permit test after completing this course!

Eileen - Informative

The class was very informative and helpful

Kerry - Focusing

The drug and alcohol course provided information for me to study with pop quizzes.

Jeanine - Very straight forward

The course material was easy to understand and follow. The videos helped as well.

sabrina - Informative,Great to use

It took me 5 hours but it was worth it. I passed the first time. I really recommend this course.

Jeffrey - Easy, Informative, and Relatively Quick

The topics in the course were easy to understand and only takes a couple hours to finish it. It also did a good job informing about many psychological issues that were relevant to the course's main subject.

Rylie - Helpful Information

The product was great and the course was informational, really teaches you what the consequences are for your actions. I highly recommend taking the course!

Weston - Excellent course!

I recommend this course. It is straight-forward and full of useful information.

Jasmine - Good!

The lessons were very helpful and the pop quizzes made sure that the person is paying attention, though I feel like they should appear more often.

Holly - Easy to comprehend

Very easy to follow and didn't leave you in the dark about anything. Passed on my first go.

Marwa - Detailed

Was a bit skeptical about the product but was simple and easy to understand.

Ja'Hann - easy

worked well and really easy to follow

Jonas - It was meh

Very detailed and helpful.

Ethan - Easy

Great course and easy to follow. I passes on my first try.

David - Passed

The course was excellent and easy to follow. Never thought I would get through it.

John - Drug and alcohol course

Great experience and worth it!

Patricia - Love this!

I recommend this to everyone!! I learned so much and passed the first time around! I feel a lot better going on the road after taking this course!!

Bryanne - Easy and great for reviewing pages from the driver´s handbook

I found this course very easy and essential for new drivers! I especially loved the free read out loud option and actually used it through the entire course.  It made me feel like this was a class rather than a huge book of information. I passed my first time testing!

angelique - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

it wasn't extremely difficult however it did take me a couple tries but i successfully passed the course.

Aryan - A Great Help

There was information that I had no idea about. Thank YOU!!!!

Andrea - Great Course

Course was easy and fast!

Clarissa - Quick and Easy

Very easy to understand and learn from, as well as gives you the option of both visual and audio learning experiences.

Angel - Testing

This test was amazing.

Destiny - Amazing

this course was easy and it helped me get that part finally done...


It was very simple and very easy to understand. Thank you!

Viyonce’ - Quick and easy

Used this website instead of sitting in a cold class

Matthew - Pretty good

The test was simple and thre course was easy.

Olivia - Simple & convenient

Easy to understand & was done on my own schedule.

Edgar - Amazing Learning

Very well done and simple to use!

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