Reseñas de FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Kaden - Real user friendly

Quick and easy and user friendly

Michael - Karsen- Permit test

It was simple and easy to understand

Nicole - Nicole Torres

It was simple and it has easy questions!

Darrell - permit Exam

it was striaghtforward

Christian - Great Coarse!

I got everything right. Was really easy to take the test and do the course with this website.

Jonathan - Great website

I would refer a friend to this website.

Guillermo - Exelent

Everything was perfect and easy

Juliet - in total

OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY PASSED. this program was so easy to use and so easily accessible.

Gilmaria - Permit Exam

It was simple and straightforward.

michael - The test

Great test, good questions.

Scarlett - I passed:)

Great product!

Martin - Permit test

It was great, very informative, I passed greatly.

Kenya - Kenya -Fl first time drivers permit test

it was awesome

Mariah - i loved this

i passed!! and this course made it so easy

Joshua - simple and easy

very user- freindly

greysel - first time drivers permit test

very good!

Shahani - Permit Test

Took too much time.

Jenny - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

It was great! Understood everything!

Angela - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Excellent product.  Well done and professional.

Kim - about the test

it was the same way of taking the test just like you would at the DMV

Ana Luisa - Loved it

It was a very great test

KRISTIAN - Permite test

It’s a great test for new drivers

Adrian - Permit Exam

It was really easy and simple and great instructions

Amelia - Permit Exam

very fair and balanced questions

JAYDEN - first time driver

Really enjoyed taking my test online. I was able to take as many practice test before I was ready to take the real thing. I would recommend this to any of my friends

Alexandra - Good exam

The exam was simple with easy instructions and a good practice test.

Olivia - Permit test

Good, stopped after I got the required # correct.

Ryan - Ryan

It was good. Taught me a lot about driving.

Ana - Permit Exam

It was a good and fair exam.

Cesar - Good

In my opinion the questions and the difficulty of this test was very balanced.

Aubrianna - very good

simple and easy

Luna - It was good!

The practice test helped me a lot! Very good! I love the way it told me how many I had wrong.

Janiah - Permit

It was very helpful I love how it told me who man I had wrong so far and it also estimated the time I would be doe definitely will recommend to a friend!

Ava - Review of Florida learners permit test

I appreciate the convenience of the test and I think it will prepare me well for driving in the future.

Tyler - Tyler - Permit Test

The test questions were easy to understand and the practice test was very helpful!

Ella - very easy to use

great online course and easy test

Daniela - Great

Very quick and easy

Michele - Permit Test

Website was great and practice test was very helpful. Test was very thorough

Noor - permit test

easy and a pleasant to take

Sailor - Sailor-awesome test!

To be honest I was terrified to take the test and totally freaked out. The test was honestly really easy and easy to understand. Best part was the ability to see how many I got incorrect. My advice is to just take it and get it done, you'll be glad you did! :D

Allan - Allan-FL

Well done!!!

Kevin - Kevin- Permit Test

It was simple and easy to follow

wendy - sydney bordeaux

it was so good and easy! easy to pass

ashley - good and efficient

really nice and efficient



Trevor - Good


Emily - permit test

i passed!

jodie - Permit Test

Concise and thorough test, great for a learner.

Jose Joniel - Permit Test

It was hard but I passed it.

Jayson - Permit Test

Made the questions very easy and understandable!!

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