Reseñas de FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

James - Great option

Convenient way to take the written test.  No waiting in lines at DMV.

Adrian - Great

he online test was very easy to navigate and follow, as well as helpful.

Sydney - Great Course

The online course was very informative and helped me understand what I needed to know for my test.

Alea - Good

I had a very easy time navigating the test

Iyanna - Ideal to the real thing

This test was just like taking at the DMV helped

Matt - James- Awesome

The course was very helpful and really helps you.

Sydney - good experience

the practice tests were very helpful.  the online test easy to access.

samantha - Review

The site was easy to navigate.

Jerusha - Jerusha- Great!

The online test was very easy to navigate and follow, as well as helpful.

Rebeca - Good experience

I had a good experience overall.

Kerrie - great course

The practice test helped prepare me for the actual test.

Lucas - I Passed!

This course was very helpful and helped me pass.

Cameron - Test

Test was good and now I can go to the DMV.

McKenzzie - 10/10

It was a very good experience and was easy to navigate

Kelly - good test.

It was good helped me a lot

Lyla - Test

The online test is really good and I liked that there was a pratice test before the actual test

Sarah - It was easy!

It was easy but there were a few questions that i didn't know. but i still passed!

Nazariya - Nazariya- Great!

The test was straight forward and easier to complete I was able to test in own controlled environment at my own paste there was no rush of any sort.

Xavier - Xav

Its was excellent and advice more parent to let there kids used it

Teresa - Online permit test

It was very helpful to take the pre-test and I am glad I took this test.

Jennifer - Online Test

It was easy to use and I feel as if I have learned lots about safe driving.

Emmala - Good

It was straight forward and exactly what I needed to get my permit.

Arthur - First time arthur

It was fine . I wasn’t that stressed and I was happy about it that I only got a few wrong

Joshua - Good

It was an excellent way to get the permit due to it being straight forward and helpful

Lillian - Good

It was straight forward and exactly what I needed to get my permit.

pamela - online testing

very straight forward, easy to use

Novia - Good

The practice test helps a lot and it was very easy to go through

Danielle - Very good !

Read aloud helps you to not get distracted and to understand terms that would be easily understood only if read aloud. Easy to understand and nice videos to explain.

Emanuel - Good

It was great and I truly feel that I have succeeded in life and learned about driving more safely.

Cole - Permit test review

Overall a very great system to use and made it very fun

Olivia - Review

Wasn't hard at all.  Price was right


it was informative, and cool.

Marshall - Drivers Permit Exam

It was very helpful for the driving permit exam and very straight forward.

Christian - Christian review

This was straight forward for what you would expect for driving

Allen - Good

The test was very straight forward and good. It covered what I needed to know.

Anastasia - FL Permit Exam

It wasn't hard. It was helpful.

Natalie - Amazing

Easy to go through course and provides all needed information

Derrick - Best Deal for the DATA test and Permit test,

It gives you practice on the permit test and you can take the Data test muliplt times. Best deal in Collier County.

Isabella - pretty good

let me do the permit test on my own time and very informational

Savannah - Great program

It wasn't hard at all and I learned a lot of valuable information.

Santhana - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this test, and I can't say that for all test. But this one was different I had fun while taking it. It's a nice break from all of the work I have with school. Not only that but it's easy to access and what I liked most of all is that I was able to see how many questions I got wrong while taking the test.

Ryan - Excellent course

Excellent test and course that is very helpful!!!

Gabriel - drivers permit

Excellent website. Highly recommended.

Tayara - Good Value

I liked the format of everything for my minor child. It was easy to use and the price was set no surprises at the end unlike other ones I have used in the pass.

Elizabeth - Excellent

This course was great to complete online.

Stephen - Road Rules and Road Signs test

The test was easy to follow and the scoring at the top let you know how you were doing, I was surprised that the test ended early when the questions left were less than the number of remaining incorrect answers allowed.

Sharell - 1st time permit

It went well, very easy if you use common sense.

Sammy - excellent course

very easy to take and very accessible

Tania - Florida Permit Test

The questions allowed me to test my knowledge from reading the driver's education book and the drug and alcohol course.  The incorrect question counter also allowed me to know how I was doing as the course progressed.

Brandon - Passed!!!

Was stressed out at first but the test went well and was fairly easy.  Went better than I had expected.

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