Reseñas de FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Brady - Permit test

A good test to help me understand driving more

Carlos - Permit test

It was a good test. And I have learned some stuff I haven’t learn this was a good material and source to do.

Glenn - FL First Time Drivers Test

I liked the unlimited practice tests.

Alexe - Excellent Course!

I was able to complete it in one day. I found all the material very informative and helpful in my journey to achieving my driver's permit. Would reccomend!

Skylar - Skylar - permit test

Easy to understand and software worked really good.

Lizzette - I like this

It's a good site that helped me pass my permit test

Isabella - Permit Test

It was great. 10/10 would recommend.

Emma - Test

The test went well and had good questions

Ossiel - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

It was very easy to take and easy to understand. I loved it!

Clyde - Nice test

Helpful practice exam, passed first try

Greguy - Greguy Maxineau

good take and gives you good understanding

Sarah - Permit test

It was nice to take the test in the comfort of my own home. It was very easy and simple. Passed it first try!

jackson - Good course

I liked the whole setup they did for this program, and I found everything nicely.

Crystal - The Florida First Time Drivers Permit Test.

This experience definitely tops taking the test at the DMV! Doing the test in the comfort of a familiar place really helps to keep you calm and to keep your thoughts clear.

Makquiel - Permit test

The test was pretty easy even though I studied but I was able to understand the questions clearly

Emma - Really Good

It was straightforward and a good website to use. Definitely recommend.

Lola - Permit Test and Course

The permit test tested you on key knowledge for when driving and described the questions super well. The Course taught me a lot of useful information.

Lael - Permit test

This was very easy to log in, study, and complete. I tried to do the permit test on other websites and it was extremely difficult to operate. This went very well.

Hailey - permit test

The permit test made it really easy to understand everything they were asking and i passed!

Ansley - Course & Test

Both the course and the test were both easy to go through and easy to understand!

Gabriel - Permit Test

The test was excellent and I learned a lot about driving. It was extremely helpful and I feel more confident driving after this test.

Sayruz - Permit Test

The permit test and course was good it help me gain more information and it described everything. It was also easy to use!

Gabriela Margarita - Prueba de `permiso de conducir

me resulto muy interesante el examen, es muy instructivo y practico

Joshua - Permit Test

Was easy to understand and comprehend the questions.

Christela - Christela's Permit test

The permit test was the best i loved it thank you !

Isabella - Best

Best website
For driving written exam

Cornelius - The florida permit course

this course has helped me to get my permit, it provided an amazing source of information and an amazing handbook that took me through everything i needed to know! 100% worth it.

Yoel - Para dmb

Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad, me gustó esto , fue una gran experiencia

Luke - Great Permit Test!

The permit test was straightforward and well made. Definitely the best option out there.

Carlos - permit test

The permit test was good it was easy to understand about what they were saying.

Maria - Maria- Permit test

I loved being able to take this at home! I felt so comfortable and less stressed while taking the test!

yulissa - Super quick and easy!

Passed through it with no issues, simple and easy course. Would take it again!

Jahmier - Amazing

I had a great time learning about the most important rules while driving, you guys made it fun rather than boring.

Kaylin - Class E - Knowledge Exam

The permit test was good to take it describes everything well and it was super easy to understand what they were asking for.!

Rebeca - Permit Test

The permit test was easy to understand and very clear.

Joshua - I passed

I like this program. I did a very good job of preparing me for passing my permit test! The pre test was very helpful too!

Shawn - Permit Test

It was a good test to take easy to understand

Michelle - Permit test

Instructions were clear and test was simple to take. I also like that they had practice tests too.

Olivia - Permit

I thought the questions were very good for me to learn more about the driving laws.

zaiydan - perfect test

it was one of the better test i have taken. it was easy to understand

Justin - Permit

It was very simple and overall good for learning general basic of driving

Allison - Permit Test

It was good and simple; the test came with a practice test which I didn't know but was nice overall.

Valentina - Permit Test

It is easy, fast, and you have enough time to complete it.

Heather - Very Clear Instruction

The instructions were very clear and made the permit exam a breeze

jaylen - The permit exam

The practice tests were very helpful.

Travon - Permit

Awesome had some problems but customer service helped me out and I got it done. Thank you.

Frederique - permit test

It was really good and well explained.

Annabeth - Permit Test

Easy website to use for my Florida permit exam.

Taija - Permit review

Easy to comprehend great for beginners.

Brandon - First Time Drivers Permit Exam

It was easy to navigate the site and the price was reasonable. Thank you!

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