Reseñas de FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Kylie - organized

formatted very nicely.

hunter - review- hunter

very good

charly - great format.

great format!

Tia - Amazing

The corse was very detailed and easy to understand making  it easier to learn everything we need to know to pass the test!

Luis - easy

Pretty easy, took me only like 40 minutes to finish

Gianna - pretty swag

learned a lot, practice tests were very helpful.

Jessica - very nice

it was a very nice thing to spend time on!

JEROME - i learned

i learned a lot about driving with this course

Jasmine - great and easy way to study and then take test

I am so grateful for the practice test, made it much easier.

Tammy - Great format!

Great format for taking test. Easy to create account and get it done.

Giaan - Permit Test

It  was very easy to use and understand!

Samantha - I loved it!!

this site made it very easy for me to complete my permit test efficiently and quickly

John - Great Online Drivers Testing System

Great practice tests and also a great testing system! Quick and Straightforward test!

Beyancee’ - Easy to use

The process was very smooth, the questions and timer keeps you informed about the status of the test.

Michelle - Good Test!

it took me 20 min to pass and i wasn't that hard at all, honestly it was king of fun to take.

Cade - excellent

this is a fantastic way to test if a young driver is ready to drive.

Alex - Great way to take my drivers test

loved it! easy, great practice test .

Alexander - So grateful for the practice tests

I'm so glad I had the practice tests! Passed on my first try!

Kate - Permit Test

Quick and straight foward

Tiffiny - good test

good and easy test mainly common sense highly recomend

Sofia - Good Course

Great practice test, really prepares you!


Great unlimited practice test.

Trung - Good Permit Test

Quick and straight forward test

Brooke - hey thats pretty good

easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to pass. had a good time.

Ian - great couse

A fairly simple and easy course

Christian - Drivers Permit Test

The test was a lot more comprehensible than I had thought.

Ulysses - Drivers Permit Test

The permit test was easy and understandable

Kara - Convenient solution

In recent years technology has become easily accessible and now with being able to take this course online for such a low fee is great

Aden - Amazing site best price


Kaylee - a great experience

i got done with all three test in less than a week and passed first try, thank you very much!

Susy - Drivers Permit Cource

I enjoyed this  very explanatory and easy to follow

Matthew - Permit test

no problems worked well

Nordia - permit test

no problems what so ever

Haidyn - Permit Test

It was very understanding and did a very good job at explaining everything!

Angelica - Permit Test - Angelica

It was very understandable I understtod everything clearly.

Lisa - Permit Test

I learned a lot and it was an easy course if you pay attention to detail

Emma - Learners permit exam

The test provided me with what I need to get my permit, so yay!

Becky - Practice test for learners permit

Val-It was easy to follow and understand. I felt very prepared for the actual test

Jeannette - Alejandro- Permit Test

The test was very fair and i now feel like I am ready to start practicing for my license

Alex - Drivers Course

Very helpful and makes the permit test seem easy

Hans - Permit

I like how it told me how many i had wrong.

Joy - Driving test

This test was formatted well and easy to use.

Renee - Permit

I learned a lot in the course. Passed the test my first try.

SUSANNE - Practice Test and Permit Test

Very thorough and I felt very prepared for the tests.


great course. I studied the book also the whole summer. Love the flexibility of studying to pass the test

Matthieu - Permit test

great test rly enjoyed it thank you

Rachael - Permit test

This was a really cool learning experience. Makes me feel confident in driving.

Micah - Micah-Review

It was a excellent course very easy when you study and work hard !!

Rebecca - Jared- Fun

Taught me a lot about the road. I even started watching my parents more while they drove. Great test!

Lorelei - HWY safety

Great course, so glad this was available online so I didn't have to wait at DMV

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