Nicholas - Very Good

Helped a lot

April - EASY


Eduardo - TEST

It was a good test with good wording and a decent variety of questions

alicia - helpful

it was a great test

William - Learners Permit Test

Awesome! I'm so excited!

Nathan - Very Helpful

the product was very helpful - make sure you remember your security questions

Christine - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Informative and user friendly

Mary - Permit Test

very helpful!

Aurora - Fast and Helpful!

I am the youngest of my friends so I was in a hurry to get my permit before they all get their license. This course was very informational and not very long. The tests were a hard but the course helped to prepare me for it. Will definitely recommend to a friend!

laura - Yayy!

It was gucci!!

Louise - Matthew H.

It was a good test

Michelle - Jacob


Valeria - Valeria - FL Permit Test

So easy! I am so excited to get my permit soon!

Julie - Nice

Very easy and helpful

Melissa - loved the course

wow amazing!

Chase - AWESOM


Kharl - Educational

The test was very helpful and I learned a lot of things that i didn't previously.

Judah - Finally

Good and well thought out information

camden - helpful

helped me out

Michele - very helpful

now i am one step closer to becoming a hard working citizen of society

Kevin - permit test k.t

it was a great test

Tyler - Course review

Very easy and you should have plenty of time to finish

Remi - Remi - Permit test

it was amazing

Gian-carlo - PERMIT TEST


Sarah - Simple and easy!

No problems!

Jaileen - Jaileen

permit test, it was great and helpful



jaci - Permit test

great test

Keishana - Permit Test

It was great

Chase - permit test

twas good

Steven - REVIEW


Isaac - Isaac - Permit Test

Fun and did not take long!

Lori - First time driver's test

Very good except I lost internet connection during the test and had to log back in.  Worried that I would get a fail but, I did not, thank goodness, and was able to complete the test.

Gabriella - great


Kevin - Permit test

it was great

Anthony - Very easy to use

I believe that the course was great and that it had easy access and made the information easy to understand

Melissa - Good



Fun!! Not scary at all, loved doing my test at home.

Shy - Great

Such a greaat exsperince

Julie - Permit Test

Great test

Allison - Allison Permit Test

Great test

Dave - Permit test


Cameron - Permit Test

was very easy and the practice test helped alot

Terry - permit test

it  was great

Isabella - learners permit test

great test

Robert - Cade Taylor


jonah - drivers ed

very easy to do and does not take long

Devin - learners permit test

test was simple

John - Good course

Good course

SANDRA - It was aight

It was easy to understand and and very helpful.

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