Shelby - Class

The class was very informative.

Brett - First Try Pass

It was helpful and not as dull or stressful as the handbook, making it an easy and enjoyable process. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to do this easily and online!

renee - permit test review

The test was reall good and understanding. It gave me a great amount of time to answer questions and think about the answer. This site was great and went by super fast

Emma - Challenging, but Good

This test was very challenging, and helps put you into situation you wouldn't always think of. It was very helpful in learning how to be safe on roadways

Steven - first try pass!

very easy strait out of the manual questions if you studied good enough

Johnathan - passed

passed first time and was very helpful

Denise - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

this course helped me learn a lot and was easy to use.


The best test out there

Jamori - Passed

I passed my drivers test on the first try

Donovan - Great!

The course was very informative!

Aracely - Amazing

The course was very helpful and I learned a lot.

Haley - Driver Permit Test

This was very informational.

Briana - Drivers test

This was a very good course, it helped me a lot for the future driving experience.

Leonardo - Super Helpful

Learned a lot using this, so glad I decided to take it

Duana - T'was Great

easy to understand and taught me a lot

Henrique - Course and test

Awesome course, easy to understand, as well as the permit test.

Howard - fl first time driver permit test

very comprehensive test. My son liked the review first. Very helpful information

Tashana - Tashana- Drivers-ED

I’m really glad that I took the Drivers-Ed online class and I enjoyed it, now  I’m finally able to get my leaner’s permit and start driving soon and make wonderful memories on the road


I learned so much form this course about rules i didn't even know i existed.  Now i'm ready to get my permit and start driving safely.

Juliana - Drivers ED

i am so glad i enrolled as the course taught me so much and had me confident and ready to drive!

Brianna - My course experience

This course was easy to understand and thoroughly descriptive

Brett - Good

Very Helpful

Patricia - James

Very hepful

Lauren - Good course

easy to use

Camila - Highly Recommended

Fast and very easy to used, perfect for the first time drivers permit test!

Sheilianice - driving test

it was hard but fair

tyler - Permit Test

Very helpful and informative

Jennifer - Its great!

its great!

sandra - Online test

Very good!

JOSE - Website Was Excellent

Very Helpful, Highly Recommended!

Christian - Logan

Highly recommended

Autumn - Permit Review

Straight forward

Dillon - Highly Recommend

Attractive interface, easy to use

Larissa - Permit Test

Convenient and easy to navigate.

David - permit test


Casey - awesome

So helpful

Braiyana - Awesome

This website is a lot better than the first one I took the test on and failed. It’s easier to understand and helps you keep track of what you’ve gotten wrong.

Stephanie - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

I felt well-informed and feel that I have gained a lot more insight on what I should accomplish as a driver.

Julia - Julia

Cool website!!!! I passed

Megenson - National Highway safety administration

Very helpful

Logan - Logan

Highly recommend

Celina - Celina- Permit Test

Very simple to pass.

Theresa - Easy


Wyatt - Wyatt

cool site/ passeddddd!!!!!!!!

Amauri - Simple and Easy

great prep for test

Alexander - FT driver permit test

Very easy to navigate.

Shelli - The best!

Being able to take a practice test helped take some of the pressure off for my son.  Everything we needed was right here, too - information, tests, study guide, practice exams.

mikaela - good

the test taught me lots.

Mike - great


James - Good

Well, I passed. So that's good.

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