Reseñas de FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Andrea Valentine - Great

Easy, fast, stress-free.

Rachel - Amazing Course!

I learned a lot from this course and it helped me with learning the rules of the road.

Maria - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

It was pretty easy. Had to study road and traffic laws that I need to know for the rest of my life.

Amira - Awesome!

I took the practice test about 3 times, lol. Then i took the actual test and passed !

Aileena - good

It was a straightforward process and I passed on the first try.

Cameron - Great

I like how everything is formatted and easy to use.

Ryan - I passed

I was able to understand the information and learn quickly. I took the test and passed on the first try.

Felipe - good!

this lesson was very good and i passed the first try.

Victor - Great!

The menus were easy to use and the testing platform was efficient.

Wyatt - FL First Time Drivers Permit Test

Easy to use and understand!

Savannah - i passed!

the test was simple and navigation of the page was easy.

Samuel - Samuel

Very easy to understand and to take rxam

David - I passed

It was awesome!!

Finn - Easy

Very helpful and easy to navigate.

Christian - Permit test

It was nice and simple thank you

Essence - Online Test

It was easy and simple, no hassle of the DMV.

chris - great

very easy to use and great course.

Melina - Permit Test

This test was designed well. It was very informative.

Eddie - Great

Was very to the point and wasn't trying to sell anything unnecessary

Lacey - Lacey-Great!

Very easy to navigate and also very informative.

Timothy - Amazing

The course was quick and thorough, I was very interactive with this course and how this website had it set up.

Jodi - Permit Exam...

Registration was convenient and simple to complete.  The cost was reasonable too.  I would definitely recommend National Highway Safety Administration to anyone.

Aysia - Awesome!

Great experience! Let me know how many I got wrong as I went through.

Brooklyn - Brooklyn- easy test

The test was easy to understand and gave a good amount of time

William - Amazing!

Very convenient way of taking your drivers license permit test. Enjoyed it and the simplicity.

Keohn - Review

The test asked reasonable understanding questions so it was an okay test.

Daniel - excellent website

very straight forward website helped get my permit and drug course certificate

Celina - Thanks!

Practice test really helped, really straightforward.

Todd - course review

The course practice quizzes helped me a lot!

Katherine - Great, 10/10 recommend

Easy to use and convenient. The practice test really helped.

Allison - review

Over all course was easy and not complicated to navigate the website

Richard - Richard

Practice test really helped. Test was really easy, because it won't ask you any questions that weren't in the handbook so make sure to read it beforehand!

Cynthia - Course Review

Practice test really helped. Test was really easy, because it won't ask you any questions that weren't in the handbook so make sure to read it beforehand!

Emma - Course Review

The course practice quizzes helped me a lot!

Aiden - Great

Really liked the exam mini practices helped alot

michelle - good test

took the permit test, was well written, and didnt take long

Thomas - Very helpful

I really enjoyed that you could have it read to you so I could take notes so I would remember the information better

Alexander - Alex - Course Review

The mini quizzes helped a lot by remembering the right answers,overal the course was good.

Ana - Loved it!

Loved it! it contains everything you need to get your Permit.

Derrick - first time drivers permit

this was really affordable ,the website was  easy to use and  i did not have any problems i 100% recommend this site .

Cooper - Permit course

I found the questions interesting but it was easy to follow and instruction was good

Javier - Excellent Material and Easy to Follow

This package has really helped me get the knowledge needed to study and pass all needed tests.

Albano - Learning Permit

Good instructions and preparation

William - Amazing

The courses and tests made it really easy to pass an come closer to becoming an independent person. :)

Simon - Good

It was good, the questions were really straight forward and I had already knew the answers from studying and watching others drive.

Linda - Helpful

The course was simple to understand and helped me prepare for driving on the road.

Amanda - Amanda-simple

The course was simple and easy to understand

Alexandria - FL permit course

strongly reccomend

Sridhar - Samy- Good course

Course was very helpful and prepared me wonderfully for the test.

Tiffany - Online Learner's Exam

Easy to sign up and take test.  Had problems with another site, but this site was easy and efficient!

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