Seth - Seth- Very good

This is a good course I really enjoy it that it tells statistics with basic needs to get behind the wheel.

Savannah - Finishing my course

Very good due to being at my own pace

anthony - parents taught drivers ed

its was a eye opener

Taylor - Wonderful Course!

I love how easy it is to take, accessible, and the interactive videos and quizzes. Very simple, and good quality!

David - Simple & easy

Very easy to learn and test your knowledge

Tim - meh

it was aight

Jeffrey - very easy to navigate

easy to navigate, it always marks your place when you quit.

melanie - definitely recommend

quick and painless.  Good information, and easily retainable due to the "pop quiz" questions.

nadia - Great

this was a good course. It was really simple and i finished the course even before I got my permit

Israel - Loved this

This course was so helpful in helping obtain my driver's license


very simple and easy, you can do it on your phone, not complicated at all.

Sandra - Ptc

Good course

Isaiah - Great

Easy to use

Dylan - It Helps

This site really helped me understand how to operate a car on any road and how to handle a certain situation if needed.

Brandy - EASY

was good and easy to learn... just talked about drugs a little too much

Jeanie - Good

Very good and easy to use course.

Jessica - Loved it

Enjoyed the test it helps a lot

Arianna - Excellent

Great class

Kayla - Thank You

Learned a lot and cannot wait to get out on the road

samantha - Great and Easy Drivers Ed

I highly recommend this online course to everyone. It gets the point across in an easy to understand way. I enjoyed having video clips of real-life situations to stress the importance of driving responsibly with your full attention. With only a few lessons a day, you can get the best and proper drivers education you need to be a safe driver.

Alyssa - Very Good!

This course was very easy to use and it really taught a lot. I'm glad I used it.

Trampass - highyway safety drivers ed

it was helpful...

Carri - Thank you!

It was very helpful and i look forward to driving.

Robert - Good.

Pretty good.

Nitish - Thorough Course

Good preparation and covers everything needed to have a safe future in driving.

James - Time elegance

Test kept me on top of curriculum. Quick and easy and pleasant with time start right back off where you were.

Liberty - liberty- impressed

i really liked this class. i was surprised at how long it was but i have learned a lot from it.

Perla - Affordable and overall great course

Very good program and definitely recommend it to everyone.  

Alyssa - Very informal, and helpful.

I really enjoyed doing the classes. I also liked how it had mini quizzes after each section. I loved this course. I also loved the price.

DAVID - Good


Seagol - Seagol- student

Good price and good course. Not complex.

Christine - truly educational

This course was really easy and fun to do!!

Payton - Excellent

This is one of the best ....

Serafina - Great Course

Very helpful course, it prepares you to drive safe. Thank you!

Sydni - Sydni


jose - awesome


Dylan - Dylan-Excellent

Its simple but helps you learn the info you need.

Nicholas - Great course!

Was easy to follow and very informative.

Dylan - Good course

Good course. Learned a lot

Zachary - Educational

This course provided a lot of information and was very helpful.

Priyanka - Amazing Test

It was a good preparation needed for the students to drive successfully on the roads.

Anitra - Great course!!!

Great course and customer service!!😁

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