Robby - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course

The course was informative and presented in a manner easy to comprehend. It  assists individuals in becoming more aware of their surroundings and the need to be an un-distracted driver.

JOAQUIN - Easy to follow

Well organized and easy to complete by allowing to stop at any time and resume as time permits.

Jessica - concise

The program was very informative, clear and concise. I highly recommend this particular course to anyone who has to take the online version of a driver's class. Very helpful!

Rashida - class

Very informative.

Marco - Great!

Easy, clear, straightforward. All you need.

Mayda - 4Hr Basic Driver Course

The course reviews necessary information to make the participant better drivers or at least more aware when they are driving.  I learned quite a few things that I did not know and the convenience of being able to take it at home at my own pace made it more convenient and gave me more time to absorb the information.


With the hours that I work this was the only way to complete this process.

Frantz - 4 hour BDI course

The course was informative and easy to follow.

Rohan - Great!

The course was easy to use and the questions between sections was great for re-enforcing the information.

Jeff - Great help

I enjoyed it, easy to keep up with

Carla - Awesome course content and opportunity

I thought this would be a "painful" course but I actually appreciate the opportunity to refresh things learned in my teen years. I actually think this should be a required class every 5-10 years for all drivers. It truly covered everything we should know to be responsible drivers. Thank you!

Jacquelyn - Excellent course!

Descriptive, simple to follow and learn.

Cristian - Informative and Affordable

Most affordable online course I came across, as well as informative.  I would suggest taking notes frequently in order to review when it comes to the final exam.

Teresa Hedman - Teresa - This course was very easy to use!

The flexibility of this course was very helpful for me to complete it.

Maryel Andrea - Fast, Easy, Flexible, Affordable

The course is well designed in that the quizzes help the student review the material just the right amount before taking the exam. Key points were mentioned and the exam was exactly based on the material presented.

Victoria - Great price, flexible work

Easily the cheapest online course offered, and you can work on it whenever you want; as someone who has very little free time, I was able to work on it at my own pace and finished in about a month.

Massiel - Massiel - 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course

Very informative and well-presented. Information was well delivered.

Julio - Time well spent...

I was grateful to be able to resolve this issue in a relatively short time. Opportunity to reacquaint yourself with issues that you haven't addressed in a while.

Derek - Excellent

Very helpful

Armando - 4 Hour basic Driver improvement Course (Traffic School)

Very refresh full to the years I have been driving

DANIELLE - self paced and comprehensive

great course.  Saved time face-to-face  I was thankful to be able to complete on my own time.

Wendy - 4 Hour basic Driver improvement Course (Traffic School)

Comprehensive format

Richard - Convenient for those who travel for work.

This course was much better than having to find time to schedule 4 straight hours out of an already busy schedule in order to sit in a class.  The ability to stop and start where you left off was perfect.

Ricardo - Self paced

Well produced driver improvement course, self paced and easy to understand. Thanks!

Oscar - Extremely Convenient

Nothing could be better than being able to take this well produced driver improvement course online with the ability to stop at any point and resume where you left off.

ARRIELLE - 4 Hour Driver improvment course

Course was very informative. Loved the layout and info presented.

ENRIQUE - Rick * Basic Driver Improvement

Informative, affordable, and convenient for .  Very Good

Alan - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Very affordable and informative. I highly recommend.


great course

GUY DAVID - 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course

Great Course, but you really got to pay attention to numbers and statistics.

ARIEL - Guzman

affordable  and accommodating



Karol - Hr Basic Driver Improvement Course

affordable and very informative!

Reese - 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course

Simple, straightforward, educational!

Alexander - Review

Course was east to understand and the price is right :)

euler - 4 Hr Basic Driver Improvement Course

lots of great information learned things I didn't know

Yiran - good experience

good experience.

David - David- 4 Hr Basic Driver Improvement Course

Just take it no questions asked! It's the best hands down!

Daniela - great!!

Very informative and I recommend it!!

Edwin - Great Course

It was affordable, educational and convenient.

David - 4 Hour Basic Traffic Course

The  class was very informative . The interactive format keeps you on your toes and makes sure that you know your stuff. Great course!

Peter - Excellent course!

Very happy with the course that was offered for driving. Highly recommend!

Thomas - Tom very informative BDIC

this course was excellent and maybe should be required for every driver every 10 years or so,it was very refreshing

Kathryn - helpful review, with time to study and reread if necessary

I appreciate the opportunity to review a module and also take the course in sections when I had the time to concentrate on the material!

Greg - 4 Hour Basic Driver Course

Excellent Course

Dauphin - No hidden fees, you pay what you see!

I visited view online courses before selecting this one. After 30 min of searching, everything was taking me back to this one. Informative, straightforward and engaging. I would recommend it to anyone who is not sure which online school to go for. I'm glad I did! Not to mention that I learned a lot!

Giovanni - Excellent

Effective, cheap and well organized

Anna - Anna - Knowledge Packed Course

thorough review, I actually enjoyed it !
Recommend to everyone

mary - Very informative.

Thorough and extremely helpful.

Manuel - Very useful

Great for getting a certificate in no time.

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