Christina - Good Course

Easy to follow along.

Mark - Very good

I learned a lot and helped not suspend my license

Wesly - I LEARNED A LOT!!!!!

Refreshed me on super useful information, no filler, which is great. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take their 4-hour course.


I am glad that I took the time to do this course instead of the Ticket Clinic, I have learned a lot, especially about the cyclist. Thank you

Xiomara - Pretty Cool School

Refreshed me on super useful information, no filler, which is great. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to take their 4-hour course.

FAVIAN - Thank You

This course was very informative and interesting. I learned a lot. 10/10 would recommend!

Stefanie - BDI (Informative & Free)

Convenient easy course that has audio recording of the lesson, quizzes every section so most of it stays fresh and best of all it's free

Augusto - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI)

Excellent course. Very well explained and covering all aspects of Florida´s safe driving requirements. Highly recommended.

DAMIAN - Informative, convenient & free = HIGHLY recommended!

Haven't taken a BDI course in over 20 years. (Re-)Learned things I didn't know I didn't know (or forgot). NO regrets whatsoever.

Just sign up & dive in. Road-users EVERYWHERE will be forever grateful.

BTW, the life you save... may be your own ;)

Samuel - Traffic school

Took this class to satisfy what was needed

Luis - Simple, efficient, and organized.

Very easy one-shot 50 question test!
All you have to do is scroll down and take and educated guess.
Worth the time. A+++++

Lucy - Thank you

So convenient to do this at home; thank you for the free course.

Melyssa - Very easy

Very simple and easy to follow.

Silvana - Easy to follow

Well explained and easy to follow with interesting facts about FL.

jose - User Friendly

It was helpful, you actually learn things that you should know.

Sergio - Great!!

It was easy and intuitive. Learned quite a bit - definitely recommend.

Robert - Awesome

It was easy and self explanatory. Website is easy to get around .

Jeanne - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course

Excellent refresher course. Informative and important information to aid in driving safety.
Highly recommend.

Brooke - Informative and effective

This course was manageable, informative, and effective

Olusola - Highly Educative

Very comprehensive test.It covers all safety topics, highly educative and strongly recommended possibly for all drivers.

Tyler - 100% Would Recommend

Took some time but the read along really helps to move things along faster and the quizzes focus on key points.

Tamie-Sue - 10/10 Would Recommend

Everything is explained well and there is plenty of useful information in each module. I'm sure that anyone who takes this course will learn new something new and helpful to them.

Peter - Awesome Test

The test is free, easy, may take sometime, but very educational.

Juan Antonio - Great product!!

The programs runs very well. It is focused on practical issues and is easy to follow.


Appreciated the read along feature which helped me to retain the information much better.

Molly - Painless!

Easy, straightforward, great refresher.

Joseph - Basic Driver Improvement

I realized that I needed to learn and relearn a lot of things. Very, very good. I loved it.

alina - Basic Driver Improvement

Very professional.  The information is explained thoroughly and easy to understand.  Thank you for using the charts and equations to explain crash dynamics and prevention techniques.


I love the fact that I did not have to pay a dime. I stopped numerous time and I was able to picked picked exactly where I left off. It was challenging as you were not allowed to continue until time allowed but for the most part I got it done. Thank you  NATIONAL HIGHWAY SAFETY ADMINISTRATION.♥

Julie - Excellent FREE Service!

I loved that this was a free service; it allowed me to sign out and returned me to where I had left off. I thought the questions were a little too focused on statistics for my taste. Otherwise, would definitely recommend!

Elmer - Elmer - course review

great and detailed course. it refreshed my memory and I learned a lot when it came to the final exam.

Sean - Course Review

Great and effective course. I learned a lot.

Mario - Course Review

Very good and efficient course

Adnel - Adnel Great Coruse

Easy to register, complete, and submit. Good information.

Yunier - Course review

Great and very  informative course

Rod - Solid Course

Informative without being too much. Easy to register, complete, and submit.

laurie - traffic school review

this course was so informative and should be given to everyone every five years- especially teenagers

David - Great course

I really learn a lot of facts and laws at a detailed level to improve my driving. Thanks

Lauren - Great Course

Great course, saved me a lot of money

Carlos - Good

Excellent cource

Cristian - Excellent course

This is an excellent course, very useful tool to decrease the casualties in the roads

Sylvio - Sylvio Goncalves de Faria

I would highly recommend this course. It was very informative and easy to use

Darrell - Great course at a great price.

Very informative. Thank you.

Kirsten - Simple, Painless, easy to follow

I would highly recommend this course. It was very informative and easy to use

Jeanette - Great Program Course

It was user-friendly and a great course.

Maria - lots of great info

much of this info I did not know however I believe it was imperative

Carlos - Course was Excellent

I love the course and recommend to any one needing to take an improvement driving course

Sharon - Super Convenient

I loved that I could complete the course anywhere and at my own pace.    Very informative and convenient!


The course was very  informative and interesting.

RICKEY - Basic Driver Improvement Course

I was reminded of my personal responsibility for driving is a privilege, not a right. I increase my awareness and moreover my knowledge of current stats and knowledge.

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