Juan - Traffic School / BDI Course

The course was a good refresher on statistics and valuable information to be aware of. Worth the valuable education.

SHARON - FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

Extremely insightful.  Very informative.

Christopher - Review

Excellent statistics on traffic in the US and how to be a better strategic driver.


I did not experience any problems, it was very easy to navigate.

Angelina - Impressed

You get what you pay for. I was impressed by what is offered and even more so, it was all backed from beginning to end. Definitely recommend!

Cody - Great Program

Simple to follow, good information, great price.

Melissa - BDI course

Helpful information, easy to navigate

daniel - Great course.

Well put together. Easy to follow and the read along helps.

Matthew - Loved this program

The read along option works great for me since I was busy a lot of the time and could just listen and pay attention while someone else read, I was able to review portions for better understanding.

Katrina - Kat

It was informative and easy to follow.

Frank - National Highway Safety Administration- 4-Hour FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

National Highway Safety Administration, (NHSA) 4-Hour FL Basic Driver Improvement Course is the best course 4-hour driver improvement course in the United States and has a one-time, low, very reasonable price, unlike others out there. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you (NHSA). Keep up the great work.

Keith - KeithW - Great Program

This was a very informative program.  Definitely an abundance of information and several things one may have forgotten about.   Definitely worth the money and time!

Ann - Basic Driver Improvement Course

The course is excellent and a worthy refresher. The one improvement is that the course offers a verbal reader and the timer appears to stop so I had to wait many times over and over to take the review exam. The timer should end once the course is read by voice in the program.

ANTHONY - Solid Choice for Traffic Safety

Very user friendly, clear and easy to follow. Contains alot of great information on driver safety.

Clinton - BIC Complete

course met the state requirement. Highly recommended if you're most interested in bang for the buck.

Shashidhar - Great program - good content

Great program - good content- very informative

Logan - Informative

Appropriate information presented in a professional manner. Easy to follow. Questions at the end of each section were helpful. Recommended

Myrna - FL Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI/Traffic School)

The course was very educating, a refresher course of what you should always remember.  The quiz after each section also helped.

rabindra - Robbiw

Great course. I was able to learn a lot. Highly recommended.

Gavin - Gavin- FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

Easy and Informative, would recommend!

Brooke - FL / BDI

Very informative.  Great information!

Robert - Great course

Very easy to follow along and to comprehend material. Quizzes and test were straight forward.

HALEIGH - Great Course

I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot of information and could complete it around my daily schedule.

Christine - Good Basic Driving Course

I like the fact that they did not charge me for every single extra like other driving course, such as, to be read at loud or to have your certificate sent to you & it was fairly easy to follow in the way they described certain things.

Lisa - Very Informative

Best price, easy to follow along, good practice questions.

Michael - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Good course for review of driving laws and information.

kristen - So Convenient

I work a lot and I did not have time to take an in person course. I barely had time to complete this course and genuinely get anything out of it but I ended up passing with 90% ! So glad I found this course.

Diane - Basic Drive Improvement Course

Very informative and simply to maneuver.

randy - Great program

It  taught me a lot and very insightful.

Debra - Driver Course

Good information and very easy to navigate.

Beverly - Defensive Driving

The lesson was very good for imparting the required knowledge for Defensive Driving.

Kathryn - FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

I learned a lot and am glad I chose this course.

Paula - Basic Driver Course

Great refresher. Informative and easy to follow.

Anthony - Good Info

Alot of Info and test! Pay attention


Well presented, nice course. Great price.

juan - Driver improvement Course

Really well designed course, information will stick with ease after reading each section, questions are layout in a very helpful way to be able to retain all info. You will be able to re enforce your knowledge and be way more conscious on the road after finishing the course, Really helpful overall.
Thank you!

Mina - Very Knowledgeable

There was a Lot of information that heightens awareness for anyone who takes this course

Tyler - BDI

Great review! Very helpful information.

Tiffney - Basic Driver Improvement Course

There was a lot of information provided that was very helpful for everyday travel. All the information that was presented was very clear

Kathleen - FL Basic Driver Improvement Course

It was very straightforward and I liked how it tested you immediately with a quiz after each section. I learned a lot.

Deanna - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Good course, lots of helpful information.  I think the developers of the course did a good job condensing so much information into the course.

Orly - Fl Basic Driver Improvement Course

Good course for review of driving laws and information.

Troy - Great Refresher Course!

This was very informative and easy to follow.

Melvin - Basic Driver Course

Easy course even learned a few things

Angela - Basic Driver Improvement Course

Appropriate information presented in a professional manner. Easy to follow. Questions at the end of each section were helpful. Recommended

Mollie - Great Course

Got the test done quickly made me a better driver!

Luciano - Increase Awareness

A lot of statistics that increase the awareness of the crash problem.

David - Dave Review: Basic Driver Improvement Course

The course was easy to enroll in, pay for and navigate.  The content was helpful

Christian - WORTH THE WAIT

The course was easy to read and understand, and questions after each topic made it easier to prepare for the final.

Robert - 4 Hr - Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course,

good course.  able to go back and review and allowed me to work within my schedule.

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