Douglas - Douglas


Gary - nice and simple

very helpfull

Priscilla - Priscilla Rocha's Exam

it was very easy and helpful.

ZHUO - Great Education Online

The driving education is complete and important!
I really appreciate the convenience!

Mariana - Review

The review was helpful and easy to understand.

Klarissa - Tx adult driver education

helpful and fast

Robert - Robert-Course Evaluation

Great course. Extremely convient and quick

Jonathan - Great course!


Noah - TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

it was a very helpful course, it taught me a lot of things I was unaware about.

Elizabeth - Review

Very helpful thanks!

Alessandro - Helpul

Really easy and helpful

Andrew - easy & quick

clear easy to understand instruction

Jorge - Jorge

really easy and helpful!

ANANDKUMAR - excellent

the  national highway safety  administration  online educational course  vary easy ,interesting  ,informative,and  necessary  for all  learner  and fresher

Umang - TX Adult driver education with dps test

This was a fully understandable course with very interesting videos and some actual facts we need to keep in mind while driving on road and it was very informative and easy to learn.


I feel that the emotional videos had a great impact on how careful I will be on the road. I have heard of many awful accidents on the road, but to actually see one really hit home.

Rebecka - TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

This was a great course the videos and little short stories were very intresting to watch and very imformative I would recommend it to anybody and this is my first time doing a driving test

Nancy - Simple

I thought it was going to be harder, but turned out to be very simple and easy!! Thanks!

Jahaziel - driver liscence

it is a great course with great videos that help understand completely the information

Tanya - Easy steps,, I would recommend it to my friends :)

Easy to understand, no noises or annoying videos.  I passed at the first attempt.

Alexandria - Easy

Really informative videos and texts! Being able to go at your own pace made it so much easier to do!

Kanji - Good!

That was excellent program!

Joshua - Simple

The pages were simple, yet informative.

Alicia - Texas Driver Education

The course is pretty self explanatory and easy to understand. The content is not to long its fair enough to understand the Texas driving regulations.

Christian - Online Course

Excellent program! Taught me great knowledge and skills to apply on the road. Appreciate what they helped me achieve!

Yessenia - easy and educational

Very informative and overall easy

Deantranese - Excellent

This course has helped me a lot.

Corina - EASY

The videos gave the answers and the course was overall very informative!

Ana Karen - Really Happy!

It was fast and easy!

mark - great course

good website and very easy

Caitlyn - Quick and Easy

Super quick and very easy if you pay attention to the content.

Jose - Awesome

The course was overall easy.  It was really simple to navigate.  Highly recommend getting your driver's license using this online course, it was cheap and really fast.

Luis - Good course

It’s easy, quick and to the point. I’m very satisfied.

Amanda - Painless

Perfect for a quick 6 hour course!

Raul - not so bad

it was too easy but not bad for the price

Emma - Great Course

It was quick and easy.

Christian - Easy

The videos gave the answer too easy, maybe a couple questions instead of just one?

Christopher - Good course

Good course

Nathan - Course review

Thank you

tyler - tyler

a real person is saying this actually isnt a scam. its pretty legit ,only took about 7 hours to complete.

Mary - Great Course

I really enjoyed this 6 hour driver's course. I especially appreciated the informative videos, which really left an impression on me and helped me absorb the information.

Tyler - Elaborate, and well focused on the main points of driving.

covered all basics, thanks

Irma Paola - Thanks, helpfull.

I liked how the information was showed, it was dynamic and useful. I  had the possibility to make at my time. Thanks, great course.

Madelynn - My review

The course was fast and engaging.

deborah - certificate

good lesson

Jerome - GOOD


Alexander - pleased

I was very pleased with the information, and I feel more prepared to take my driving test.

Jasmin - tx adult driver education with dps test

i loved this course and i really learned everything about driving.

Paul - Awesome

Easy to understand and memorize

Lizbeth - Awesome

Awesome course, I really did learned a lot

Diana - Quick and Informative

Information is easily understood and explained

Esther - Good program

It was of great help and easy to understand. Good advice and direct. Thank you so much for coming up with this program, I absolutely loved it! Very inspirational and simple to use.

Tania - Insightful

It taught me what different road signs mean and also to never distract myself while driving.

Christopher - Awesome

Awesome course where you truly learn the rules of the road

Casamira - Great!

I had initially  made a review before and over all it is a good website that will get you what you need, which I just needed the Texas Adult Drivers Edu. with DPS test. Although it could use a mobile app, the fact that they do stand by their price-match guarantee is absolutely fantastic! I found a price just a little cheaper online and brought it to their attention and got a reply back within 48 hours and they matched said price! Excellent customer service and course material. GREAT Job National Highway Safety Administration!

Casamira - Quick and Easy.

The website was supper easy to do on my laptop and cell phone. Also, was the cheapest I found online. Quite easy. only thing that would make it better is if it had an actual app to download. But overall worth it and my time.

Marina - Finished

Excellent course! I liked how I could work on it at my own pace. Would definitely recommend to a friend or family member.

Maricruz - Review

It was a good review and helped me to easily pass my test.

stephanie - good

It was informative, and helpful.

Mercedes - AWESOME

Super easy and I understood everything that I was taught. Highly recommend!!!

Kastell - Online course

I love this course,it’s is very convenient.

shelby - Excellen, a tad easy and not hard to understand

I spent two hours studying a day and this was the simplest DPS course I’ve ever taken. It did not take long and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone.

Andres - Awesome

Straight forward and easy to go along. Not boring at all.

jessica - It was required.

The course itself was not bad, but I would not have done it without being required to do so.

nagaraju - DPS courese

Very good course and very helpful I liked much

dennise - excellent

i liked it

Long - Review

Really helpful for test!

Diego - Driving Course

It was great! give me a better sense of driving responsibly.

Christina - Awesome


Anton - Excellent course

Will definitely recommend to freinds and family

eric - Course

I enjoyed learning about the rules of the road

Chris - Excellent

The test was great

Breyyah - Thanks

Great course!

Francisco - Opinion

Excellent, very easy and understandable.

Alexis - Great!

Super helpful and very informative. I learned a lot that I didn’t know before. I am now more confident seeing as to how now I am informed on the rules and restrictions applied to driving. Highly recommend

Muslimakhan - Excellent Experience

Friendly customer service. Fantastic layout.

Benjamin - review

it was helpful doing my tests this way

Julian - Course Review

Great course! everything was explained clearly and loved taking it at my comfortable pace.

Beth - It Was Okay

I wasn't confused. It was okay.

Cesar - It was convenient.

It was convenient and interesting.

Diana - Course Review

pretty good, informative and easy to understand

monica - driving education

Would definitely recommend to family and friends

Jaqueline - Excellent

Fast and informative.

Ashley - Great

Great course! Thanks

Vanessa - Review

very helpful

Fco Javier - Driver's education

Really easy to understand

Jacob - Awesome

That test was the most informational test I've ever taking. I feel prepared.

Kevin - Thank you so much

Thank all of you guys so much I was worried about the test and you guys made it easy

Frelisha - Good course

the course was good

Ahsan - Easy to understand

A lot of informational videos and an easy test!

Holly - Excellent course!

Really enjoyed this course and was able to complete in less than a week! Highly recommend.

Jandali - amazing!

Excellent training, and a pleasant experience from home!

AnJanette - Satisfied

This course was perfect! Super easy and quick I'm so lucky to have taken it and passed instantly.

AHMED - helpful course

i liked the course

Bilikis - Texas Adult Driver Education

I enjoyed the course.

Maria Lourdes - Good


David - Drivers License

Its was a great experience, easy and fast process.

Katlyn - Review

Easy. Simple. Fast

Daniel - Excellent

Excellent course for the 6 hours, learned lots and enjoyed it!

Dantrel - I liked it.

It was fast and easy.



Kaylee - NHSA course

I absolutely loved the way everything was set up and love how the course tracks where you're at. And how convenient it is to finish this course at your own pace.


IT was a really good course. I had most of all the things cleared , and what I didn't, they corrected me and made me get it right.

Maria - good


Mariela - Good

The  course is easy and  fast.

Nelivette - really good

loved the pop quizzes, I´m sure they made the difference

Sabrina - Great Course

Such a well explained and taught course. I will definitely recommend it to students.

Jaskarine - Fast & Easy

This was a very productive and easy course.

Daniel - Review

Will recommend to others


I am extremely satisfied with the course. The information was well explained and well understandable, I am glad that I chose the course with the National Highway Safety Administration company

Aaron - Drivers educational course

I found it really helpful and got to know a lot about defensive driving and what to do in different situations while driving.

Perla - Great job!

This was a very informative course, thank you.

Jose - Quick and Easy

I learn a lot and it was very easy highly recommend it

funmilola - smooth

i enjoyed it

Willard - Was informative and efficient.

Course helped to teach new information not previously learned. Provided a sense of confidence in acquiring a driver's license.

Salma - Excellent