Alicia - Awesome

It was very helpful and informative.

Gilbert - awesome

fast and easy!!!

laquelle - awesome

was very easy to understand. very easy to complete on the go!

Simeon - Very convenient

This online course is as advertised and has saved me time and convenience from having to commute to DPS for the written exam.

Sydney - I loved it!

It was quick, easy and   Interesting. The videos really kept me woke and hooked on understanding the dangers of driving. I would recommend this driving class course to Every and anyone!

Catherine - Catherine

Very helpful

Cristian - Fast learning, affordable and easy

Learn about how important it is to drive safe. Must always pay attention to what you are doing because in a flash your life can change.

Shoko - Suggestion

It is useful.

Luis - Luis Vargas

Enjoyed the course very much. Very much needed for everyone to get an idea of the responsibility it takes to drive.

Joseph - Suggestions

Liked the course it was very informative. Just would have like it to be more understandable in wording for the Special Needs-Kids/Adults. Who process things very differently. Thank you.

Naqib - Informative

Very informative and helpful

Nakia - educational

i learned a lot of stuff I never or thought of about driving. worth it all the way

Cristhian - Really Informative

Some of the material in the course is very interesting!

Alyeshia - Very, Easy, and Convinient

Finished the course and the exam all in one day and I passed with flying colors. It was very interesting with videos they provided in the course, and the pop up quiz question were very helpful also.

Brienna - Great

I’m actually really happy I did this, I’ve been wanting to get my permit for years. It was quick and very informative

Sharday - Informative

Very Informative and creative.

Marisol - marisol salazar

great course learned a lot thank you!

Gemma - TX Adult Driver Educ

Worth the price!! Very simple and straightforward. It includes videos of real life experiences. Pay attention to details and information as it will be asked in the final exam. Goodluck!

Gemma - TX Adult Driver Educ

Worth the price!! Very simple and straightforward. It includes videos of real life experiences. Pay attention to details and information as it will be asked in the final exam. Goodluck!



Daniel - TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

worth the price, worth the time and very easy to understand.

leon - Better tan the DPS office

worth the time and money to avoid the dps testing facility..Too bad more can't be done online

Deborah - Good experience

I loved the course !

Nayeli - Worth it!!

Worth the prices!! Very informative and life lesson videos!

RODERICK MWANZA - Roderick M Mubayi

I learned a lot. I am proud with the final test

Erin - Good

Very informative.

Hector - Hector Medina

Hector Medina

peter - good

awsome learned alot

JEFFERSON - User Friendly

Very informative, and fun

Allyson - awesome

Very informative with detailed videos!

Mary - A solid course

Nothing spectacular, but simple and effective. Being able to go through the course when it suited me, rather than having to attend and keep pace with a class, was very nice. The online test is also tremendously helpful

rachel - awesome. helpful

this was very helpful. what i loved the most is that i could go on my own pace!

Briana - Driving Test

Took me 2 days to complete with my full schedule. Easy and convenient. Fair Price compared to other sites. Very helpfull with questions during the learning process to help with the final exam!

Raechell - Raechell

this course was great!

Richard - Caleb

so easy and convenient

Jessa - Decent Driver Education Course

It was a fairly simple and straightforward online course, and the randomly selected quiz questions were mostly common sense.

Shayla - Shayla

Easy and Fast.

Emilly - Driving Course

I want to thank you very much about this and that i passed my exam. I'm very happy that i find a site that helps me learn about road,driving safety without stressing out.


This course was super easy! Even though it allowed me to move at my own pace, the chapters were very quick reads; if you're in a rush to get your license, this is definitely the right course  to go with.



Ian - Texas Adult Driver Education

The course explained the rules and regulations of the road in an engaging and understandable manner.

Amanda - Amazing

This course was great! Very informative.

Xochitl - Amazing


kimberly - dps written test

wasn't as bad as i thought it was gonna be.

Christopher - TX Adult Drivers ed course

Easy and interesting.

Muhammad - Test

the course was exceptional

Kadishah - TX Adult Driver Education with DPS Test

If I was to describe this course in one word, I would describe it as superb. The material was very informative and helpful. Mayka was there for me throughout the entire course answering all my questions.

Sierra - GREAT!


wyatt - good


Iliana - Good online classss!

GR8 CLASS. Very informative and easy to understand at the same time.

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