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Nancy - I Got Driving Skills!

I was driving 37 mph in a 35 mph residential zone. The police had set up a traffic stop and I got pulled over. I decided to take  my Defensive Driving Course online. There were many options but I chose this one because it is a secure website that takes PayPal and that was important to me. I did not think I could learn anything new but this online course was chock full of information that I was unaware of.  I enjoyed the course and most of the videos are very compelling. The site is easy to navigate and easy to print off the certificate.  I also appreciated being able to sign in and sign out until I was done.

Karen - Very Informative

A very good course that all drivers should take.

martha - effective review of laws, safety, and wise decision-making about alcohol

This course effectively presented wise maneuvers for traffic hazards, presented reasoning behind the recommendations, and made a graphic impression on me about why we shouldn't even have ONE drink prior to driving.  I was shocked to learn that if you are stopped and have a BAC of anything besides ZERO, then you are driving under the influence and subject to ALL penalties!  So, don't drink, drive, go to jail or kill people, unless you care nothing for your own success and the lives of other innocent people.

Hannah - Defensive Driving Course

Clear, Concise, and covered a lot of material in an efficient yet informative way.  Easy to navigate and good reminder on how to be a safer and more responsible driver

James - Defensive Driving Course

Good course.  Comprehensive.  Allows for start and stop over long period  of time.

Johnnjalyn - TX Defensive Driving Course

This course was much more informative than I expected. I am not going to lie, I enrolled to assist with dismissing a ticket but I can honestly say that I gained knowledge and completion of the course will impact my future driving habits.

Rachel - Defensive Driving Course

Easy to navigate, useful and relevant material.

Antoine - Defensive Driving Course

Easy to navigate with applicable videos. I recommend all drivers take this course.

Elizabeth - TX Defensive Driving Course

The course was easy to understand.  I recommend all drivers take this course.  Perhaps it should be a requirement in order to renew driver's licenses.

Claudia - Highly recommend

This course was quick and easy to understand. I thought it would be boring but it had many interesting videos and some that definitely cought my attention. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why we should be more cautious, alert and responsible drivers.

Elizabeth - Defensive Driving Cours

I am not grateful I got a ticket but I am however grateful to review many things I knew and learn many things I didn't. This will impact my driving positively   moving forward. It is an excellent course.

Erin - Driving Safety Course

Great experience! Definitely refreshed my knowledge on driving safety and gave me more insight on driving that I will carry with me on the road. Thanks!

Terrie - National Highway Safety Administration Online Defense Driving

Very easy to understand and navigate. Very Informative. Would highly recommend taking this class to others

Destinee - National Highway Safety Administration Online Defensive Driving

Easy, fast, simple course. Great information and relevancy. Great layout and flow of course. Easy to understand and navigate through the course. I’d definitely recommend this as my first choice website to others! Thanks for helping me get my certificate. Absolutely loved it!

Eric - Easy to follow

The content is informative and the content alternates with videos and text to be more engaging.

Daniel - Good Course

Very straightforward and gives information in an organized and neat manner. Enjoyable and simple. Thank you.

Cristan - good course

The course was easy to understand and helped me to learn alot

JoAnn - Defensive Driving Course

I was very impressed with this course and I highly recommend it. The course is interesting and informative and never boring. While much of the content I knew I learned new information and the refresher information was presented in an interesting manner. I will benefit from this course and easily retain the content. Thanks Texas!

Marwa - Informative

Very informative!

Annette - Annette- Defensive Driving Course

I'm glad i took the course. Had a lot of information

tina - Very Informal

This course contained a lot of helpful information that I had not thought about until now.

Bakary - Defensive Driving Course

very good information and it helps a lot to understand the  laws of the road.

Ekaterina - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very informative content, thought provoking and extremely well presented. I love that the content was split into short sections with clear topic and titles: that made the course very easy to follow.

Hulda - Texas 6-hour Defensive Driving Course

The information was very helpful and the videos gave it a realistic touch.

Toni - TX Defensive Driving Course

It was very informative, and the Video's were very helpful.

Yvonne - Defensive Driving Course

This course was very informative and at times videos were very scary.  I think everyone should have to go thru this course before getting their driver's license.

Lorena - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent online course! It was very informative and the videos were really effective.

Andrea - TX Defensive Driving Course

Great course, great reminders, and content was very thought invoking!

Nancy - Defensive Driving

The course and especially the videos really make you think about making good decisions and the consequences of poor decisions.

David - Defensive driving

Good course,  I found the video of physics teacher and the eggs - really effective, memorable.

renuka - Defensive Driving course

Excellent and easy to learn with good audio and video presentations

Amy - Driving Safety

It was quick and convenient.

Aaron - Defensive Driving Course

Good overview, videos added a personal touch and really made it impactful in hammering home the importance.

Liliana - Great course

I think it really helped to be able to have the course read aloud, although the robot couldn’t read numbers and cost values well.

Connor - Defensive Driving

It was very thorough, Loved the Videos

Jami - Driving Safty

Loved it. Really like the videos and the read along

Timothy - Straight to the Point

Easy to use and understand the information. Helpful little quizzes to prepare for the final at the end. Good course to help improve the driving knowledge for all drivers.

Madeline - Useful

Good  refresher that is improving my driving.

Sergio - Great course

This course is highly recommended for all drivers , especially for those who will start soon to drive.

Larry - Course easy to understand

The material in the course was easy to learn.

Tommie - Defensive Driving Course

It's been 11 years since taking one of these classes and I had forgotten a few things.  This was a good course to get me up to date.  I really liked the audio reading.

Jasmine - Good course!

I liked the informative videos.

John - Good Refresher Course

Have been driving for 50 years.  Good refresher course and reminds of responsibility of driving safety , wearing seat belts and other and other safety lessons.

Prasenjit - Safety Course

Very instructive and easy to understand. The concepts were very detailed and to the point.

Gabriel - Defensive Course

I really enjoyed the material given in the course. I needed the refreshing of information.


The course is very informative and educational.  Driving is a privilege and needs constant attention.  A vehicle is a deadly weapon, drive with caution.
Slow down and scan the highways.

Divin - Good course

The course is really good, it is quick

Christiane - TX Defensive Driving-Chris

The course was very educational and the videos/stories  were very emotional to watch. It was a great refresher course and I also learned some new information.

Michael - Defensive Driving Course

This course was very very educational and I learned so much from this course that I will make sure it became a part of my daily driving.

Robert - Robert

Very informative and helpful in realizing a safer driving strategy. Will really help me be a better safer driver, thanks so much!

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