Joy - Defensive Driving Course

Interesting and informative. User friendly

Michele - drivers safety course

very easy to follow with pertinent & relevant information

GARY - Tx Defensive Driving

good course. awakening information

amanda - defensive driving

Was very specific and learned a lot.

Abdul Qawi - very very good

very good

Lisa - TX Defensive Driving Couse

Great course and user friendly design online.

Syed - Awesome course

Really enjoyed going through the course. I was very glad for the available videos, which made this course interesting as oppose to boring. I learned a lot.

Sandra - very good

very good

Gloria - very good

great learning tools

Manuel - Manuel- defensive driving


Abigail - abby-defensive driving


James - Review of TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent content - Excellent production.
The sound levels on the videos are not all the same.  Some or louder than others.

Teresa - defensive driving


Melarrie - National Highway Safety Administration: Texas Defensive Driving Course

very good

Tiffaney - Defensive Driving Course

The course was comprehensive and informative.


Just enough time on each slide; very informative.

Renee - Renee

Great Course. It gives you valuable information. The videos give you a break from reading and keep the course interesting.



Murali - Defensive driving course

Excellent course. Videos made a real impact on me.

Jonathan - Painless

It was pretty easy

Patrick - TX Defensive Driving Course

Interesting and excellent

Bryan - Webb

Very good course. I would recommend it to others.

humberto carlos - my course

this is the best tool for any driver

Yen-Phi Cindy - great course

it was very user friendly.

Cristian - Fantastic and Efficient!!

It was the right amount of information and examples that helped get the importance of driving safely.  Short and concise, thus highly recommend it!!

Gwendolyn - Defensive driving course

An excellent course I needed it. I would recommend it to others.

Braden - great

Great and well-made course. The course keeps your attention and is comprehensive.

Vittoria - Very good course to make everybody think about safe driving

The course is well designed and all the topics are appropriate. I liked also to see the scientific part of driving tests, etc. Videos were impressive

Kimberly - Good

Easy to work with

Claudio - Easy

The course is easy. Much of it is a reminder of what we do daily when driving. But we tend to forget.  I recommend this course it can be finished at your pace.

SAMANTHA - Not a boring course!

This course was straight-forward and kept me intrigued with the content. It included great information and refreshers all drivers need.

April - Defensive Driving course

Great course!

Diane - Good class

Some of the videos could use updating, but otherwise a great class

Victoria - national highwaysafetyadministration

All the topics in the course were very helpful and useful.

Roy - Defensive Driving Course

good course would recommend to my family

Randall - Good Course

The content for this course was a great refresher on being a competent driver.

Susan - Defensive Driving Course

Good course.  Well done.

Lywayne - Defensive Drivers

Good course..

Jing - Excellent self-paced course

Excellent course, highly recommended.

Venkata Giri - Good course

This is a good course.

prashanth - Prashanth Acharya Defensive Driving


Courtney - TX Defensive Driving Course

Easy to follow! The videos were impactful!

James - Good Writing, Good Videos, Good Course

This course was informative and did well to capture interest in the subject matter.

Natalie - NHSA Review

Great Course

Aida - Aida Rodriguez

good course would recommend

David - Informative and captivating

The videos were made well in that they caused me to actually feel the emotion and the seriousness of the topics. The lesson text itself was a good review of information that was already covered in the Driver's Education Course, and was also a good source of new information such as the defensive driving practices that can and should be implemented when driving in all types of environments. Overall, the course was well made, but there is always room for improvement.

Lonnie - Defensive driving

Great app.

William - TX Defensive Driving Course

Terrific course.  I had to take it.  Once I finished, I am glad I took it.  Everyone should!

Alcides - Alcides

Excellent online course, with ease to follow and very user friendly.

Geoffrey - Driver safety course

Good class.

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