Reseñas de TX Defensive Driving Course

Paul - State of Texas Defensive Driving Course

Very informative and well done.  Will recommend to others.

Karen - Great Course and Content

I had my driver's education 45 years ago.  I was glad to take this course.  It was far from a "refresher".   It addressed modern issues that are on the road today.  I appreciate very much what I learned.

Chandana - good course

The audio along with the text was very helpful. It was easy to take. The videos definitely made an impact.

Joy - Great Refresher Course

The class was enjoyable! I am glad I took it for a refresher course.

Ninfa - Good Course

This course was informative, easy to follow, and interesting. Although this course was required, I think I learned a lot from it.

George - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Very informative.  Good balance of text and videos.
The course gave good information to help me make better decisions as a driver.

Charlotte - Pretty Nice

I like how there's an audio section and its interactive.

Amber - Good

Good course!

Lizbeth - Good course

It was a really good course, easy to follow and helps retain information

Katie - Great Course

Very informative and learned valuable lessons.  Great refresher.

christina - Good review

Easy to follow along and good content

Maria - Effective

I have taken a course before where they go about the major causes of accidents  such as texting/being under the influence of drugs or alcohol/inattention/speeding, etc. However I believe the way this course was set up was very effective in seeing the consequences of making poor decisions while driving , as well as all the information that was provided in terms of the history of highway security.

James - Excellent Course

The course is very informative and easy to follow along on your phone or computer.  I learned a great deal and the course made me realize that I should have taken it sooner.   Great review!!!! Take it!!!

OLUMAYOWA - good course

The course was informative and is a good reminder that every driver should have ocassionally.

Kubadean - Defensive Driving

Very good - easy to understand and follow - brought back things I had learned years ago - good refresher...

sandra - texas driver safety course

well done, information very valuable

Terry - Texas Defensive Driving Review

Excellent course!  Very interesting and well worth the time.  Highly recommended!

Cecil - As Good As It Gets!

Although being forced to sit through six continuous hours of anything can fray one's nerves, the information was presented in an organized, professional and informative manner that was clearly well thought out.  I felt this course is an excellent resource that should be required viewing for all!

Selina - Informative

Great course

Samira - Very Informative!

It was a great informative course!

Dolunay - Very good

Easy to use, good content explanations.

Kelsey - K

Good course

Trynity - Excellent 6 Hour Course!

I enjoyed watching the videos and material provided. It taught me some interesting new things and 100% recommend

Rudolph - Great class

Simple and informative. I would recommend to others.

Jillian - Great Course

Course was interesting and informative. Easy to stay attentive.

Carlee - Texas Defensive Driving Course

This course was easy to navigate. I would recommend to anyone!

Cynthia - Excellent

After initial assistance this was easy to navigate and informative. Appreciate the reminders for safe driving

Sarah - Defensive Driving Course

This course was concise and very informative. The video choice was excellent.

Kelli - Efficient

Great job of setting up material

Joyce - Excellent course.

Good content/review.

Hrushikesh - Definitely helped me to refresh by knowledge about driving laws

Definitely helped me to refresh by knowledge about driving laws

Terry - Terry Greer

very well instructed and thorough

Sarah - Texas 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course

Brian - Well done

Well organized content

Marvel - Defensive driving

Engaging format

Rachel - Good Course

Very affordable option! Definitely helped me considering it wasn't a planned expense!

NATALIE - great course

i felt this course was great and the quizzes and test were very relevant to the material.  i liked this course.  i'd recommend it.

Brady - Defensive Driving

This course was provided in a simple yet engaging format. Would highly recommend!


This course provided a straightforward  review of good driving practices using solid data and means tested methodologies.

Phillip - Very Thorough

This course presents some very serious and memorable learning points.  Very good technically, as one would expect from  this source.


I feel that my time was very well spent. The information provided was a great review of the driving laws for me, a senior adult.  It updated me on current issues facing drivers  and others responsible for highway safety.

PHILIP - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course.  Very thorough.

Parveena - TX defensive driving course

Very informative, stop and resume feature was great.

Ann - Defensive Driving

Good course.  Was able to download my certificate immediately.

SHANNON - Defensive Driving

Easy to understnd


Excellent course content. Quick, each and very informative.

Elizabeth - Educational

This course held my interest.  I am more aware of the different factors and influences when driving, particularly driver fatigue.  Driving is a privilege and this course reminds you of that.  This course also provides the certificate at the end with no additional fee.  I selected this course over others because of the National Highway Safety Administration.

James - Defensive Driving

Quick and easy

Rianna - Easy to Understand

This course was easy to understand and actually held my interest throughout. It was effective as it made me rethink my driving habits and had me actively thinking about making safe decisions while driving.

Julie - Defensive Driving

Overall good course.

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