Tonae - Good Course

Very well instructed Learned a lot

Meagan - Informative

Great course, very informative and not difficult if you pay attention.

George - Defensive Driving

very good information, better then it was 35 years ago.

Carlos - eye opening

The videos and testimonials in the course, really brought home the seriousness of obeying traffic laws and operating a motor vehicle in a safety conscious manner.

Jose - FAST!

Quick course

James - Good Review

It was a good reminder of driving safety.

Lorenzo - TX Defensive Driving

Convenient and to the point

Alma - Defensive driving course

Excellent material and reminders!

Sarah - Very good course!

The course was able to keep my attention and I even learned a few things I didn't already know.

Daniel - Excellent Course

Learned a lot and was very helpful.

Caroline - Excellent Course

Very easy to follow and worth it!


Took this class from NHSA because of their reputation. I am very pleased with the ease of use and  professional execution of the training.

caylee - good course

very helpful.

Shelby - Defensive driving

It was easy for the most part. They ask you one question per section, just to make sure you’re paying attention. What matters is the little exam at the end, which wasn’t that hard.

Sheri - TX Defensive Driving Course

Vey easy to follow,  actually held my attention.

Reynaldo - 123


Kimberly - Defensive Driving Course

Good information

Francisco - Good Information

Lot's of good information.

Nayla - Defensive driving

Clear with no distractions. Very useful.

Larry - LMCB

Defensive driving=Good course.

Sean - Informative and impactful.

User-friendly course with relevant and interesting content.

Curtis - Good Course

Lots of great information and was easy to get through,

Christopher - Great Course

Very enjoyable course. Some humor but also some very serious information to take seriously. Very good format and easy to follow.

Jack - good course

really great information

Alexander - Defensive Driving Course

This was a very easy and informative way to complete driver's safety course. I liked that I could stop and come back as my schedule needed.

Madison - Good course

lots of good information.

stephanie - Good Job!

Good Information!

Rick - defensive driving

Very effective use of testimonials of victims and those who caused crashes

Michael - Great Course

Course is easy to follow through and a perfect reminder of the little things we take for granted while driving. Very informative.

Nicholas - Defensive Driving Course

Informative and simple to use

Caitlin - Defensive Driving

Great class, thank you!

Michael - TX Defensive Driving

Very effective material

Justin - good

well put together and informative

Ivania - GREAT

I really learned a whole lot. Thank you for making it. I didn't feel bogged down. I enjoyed getting to read and watch videos as well. I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I thought I would. All was very interesting. Wonderful job!

William - GREAT

Great and informative!

Traci - Defensive Driving Course

Informative, interactive, and easy to use. It was engaging and made all situations and guidelines relatable.



Madelyn - Good!

Good course. Quick, informative, and did not drag on unnecessarily. I found it easy to get through this course quickly while still absorbing information.

John - Defensive Driving Course

Great information. Loved the videos; thought provoking.

Jay - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very informative, comprehensive and helpful

USHA - good


Elizabeth - Informative

Very through and informative course

Madeleine - Easy to use

Loved the mobile feature.

Hoa - Defensive driving course

great, the videos made the course enjoyable and not boring. Hopefully I will not have to do this again, no offense:)

Susan - TX Defensive Driving Course

It covered many topics and did a good job.

Judiann - Interesting and informative

I enjoyed the videos, they were informative and well done.

christian - Christian - Defensive Driving Course

Great course

Curtis - TX Defensive Driving Course

I found the course very information and thought provoking. Made me seriously consider where I have fallen short and how I can improve my own driving habits. Thank you

Vanessa - Defensive driving

Awesome and fast!

Jourdan - Defensive Driving Course

I really enjoyed this course.  I think it provides lots of useful information.

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