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Lisa - National Highway Safety Administration Defensive Driving Course

Very easy to use. Could stop and restart without any issues.

Joshua - Simple to use

Easy to use interface and it saves your place if you get interrupted.

Debra - National Highway Safety Admiministration Defensive Driving Course

A very short course, yet informative. Only 20 questions to answer, to pass the test. Best course I've taken!

Teresa - Interesting and informative

This was actually interesting and provided relevant information in an easy format with entertaining videos.

Haley - Good Quality

Very good and informative. Easy to use.

Mary - Great

It was very easy to use and very informative.

Lydia - Excellent

I was able to complete the course on my own time. It was extremely convenient to be able to start and stop when I needed to.

Michael - Flexible options

I was able to complete the course over a few days using a computer and my phone when convenient for me.

Michelle - Awesome Course

This is a great course!  I like that your not forced to read the text; that the course has a read along function that goes with the timed slides.

Judith - Excellent

I found the course to be easy to use and helpful.

Kabiru - Defensive Driving Course

Very helpful and educating.

Ashleigh - Effective and Easy to Use

Effective and Easy to Use. Worth the money, love that you can stop/start and complete on your own time.

Candi - Very helpful

This test was easy to understand

Claudia - Driving safety course

Very helpful and learned Alot.. its really Going to help me in my driving decisions. I got a teary aye with all the tragic stories & will be more careful from Now on.

Allyn - Defensive Driving

Very good course and more informative than I expected.

Marvin - Bryan

Great course a lot of good information

Sarah - Defensive Driving

A lot of great information and videos were provided.

Ruth - awesome course

Always satisfied when it comes down to my driving needs & requirements. Thank you!

Jennifer - Quick and easy!

Very professional course and easy to follow. Quick and effective!

Rachel - Thank you!

Effective and user friendly and informative.

Pedro - Easy to complete and very informative

The course was very engaging and interesting. There was nothing too difficult about it. The material was very well presented and definitely taught me some things.

Jeremy - Engaging, Educational and Easy to follow along

Super Engaging, Educational and Easy to follow along. Good videos and fluid technology without any freezing or mishaps.

Juan - Fast and Easy to complete

The content is very comprehensive and informative and the videos are funny.


Very informative, user friendly and quick.

Florence - Tx Defensive Driving Course

Much more interesting and informative than I had anticipated.  Learned some new things.

Donna - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

I enjoyed this course.  It re-enforced the importance of safe driving habits.  The videos were very instructive.

James - TX Defensive Driving Course

Good course, material well presented

Juan - Fast and Easy to complete

This is my first time taking a defensive driving course and the National Highway Safety Administration course made it very easy and affordable I definably recommend anyone to take this course.

Kaylyn - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Very informative, great information

Carter - Defensive Driving

Easy and nothing bad to say.

Mary - Great site to take defensive driving

I have nothing but good things to say about this site.

Mary - it was easy

very informative and easy to follow and understand.

Gonda - TX Defensive Driving.

Easy to digest. The content and delivery made the course very easy to work through.

Skyler - Excellent Course

This course was fast, easy and comprehensive.

Mikayla - Good Course

This was a good defensive driving course.

Maria - Driving Safety Course by National Highway Safety Admin

The course was divided into easy to manage segments.

Van - Concise course!

Very concise and effective course. Have just enough everything you need to know how to drive safely!

Laurencio - State Of Texas Driving Safety Course

Excellent! Best DDC ever!!

Neena - Course

Very good

Kristin M - The well spent

This course is relevant for the hazards of today, and hits on all the topics that affect drivers.  I appreciate all the videos, and families who participated in the creation of this course.

faith - review

easy to follow

Jessica - Easy to follow

Simple and easy to navigate

Mariana - Course

Content was easy to understand and videos were 100% relevant.

Severo - Defensive Driving Course

easy to follow and comprehend

Antonio - Defensive driving certificate


Rodney - Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Charles - Great Job

Excellent and enlightening course material and helpful review questions to help pass the final.

Justin - Quick and Painless

Good reviewing and plenty of information of everything driving. Just a little repetitive.

Marlen - TX Defesive Driving Course Online

Will use the information provided to help make me a better driver!

AMY - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Interesting and informative. Good mix of videos and text.

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