Jacob - great

this was just wonderful

Tyrone - Drivers Ed

I think it was great

Vardh Vallabh - Vardh- Easy to complete

Videos were very informative

Jamie - Driving coursee



Very well presented and easy to follow, not boring at all.

Kymberley - Quick, Convenient, and Easy!

Perfect if you have a busy schedule!

Thirumalai - Informative Course

Well balanced with Information and videos to give how a bad decision can make it go wrong. It helped us to understand the importance of driving within the speed and not doing DUI

Jacques - Great Course

Excellent and broad on what is necessary to enhance one knowledge of proper defensive driving.

Crystal - Convenient and Easy to Follow

The videos and study questions between lessons was very well done and paced.

Marcus - Driver Safety Course

Very thorough and flexible course. Able to pick up where you left off as well as review previous material covered.

Javier - Nice

Simple format and access to the course via smartphone is VERY convenient.

Milan - killeen

very helpful

Jimmie - Jim - Enjoyed TX Defensive Driving Course

I didn't enjoy the option of having to take the course but I enjoyed taking the course once I did.  Lots of great material and videos.

Sean - Helpful review

Made me re-evaluate my driving habits, and want to be a better driver.

Kerry - Easy & Informative

... very helpful!

Samuel - Biggest bang for your buck

Great review, but also learned a lot.

Maria - Super Easy course,

very interesting course, i learned a few things that i had taken for granted.

Arian - Arian- Defensive Driving Course

Informative and easy to keep up with

Mark - Mark-Informative information

Hopefully will help us to make good decisions.  Video portion very insightful/helpful.

Caleb - Wonderful

Well informed and quality experience. Would recommend to others who need to take a safety course!

Shaquand - Good Course

Great course

maria - i love the test you should was the videos

those videos were amazing it makes you think  and feels about what can happen to us or other on the road if we do not watch our actions... makes me understand that everything we do have a positive or negative consequences depending of what we had choose. thank you for the course !:)

Peter - easy


Deborah - Great TX Defensive Driving Course

This course was extremely informative, organized and user-friendly.  I really liked, too, how you could stop and come back to it.  Most of all though, I found it really made me re-think about my driving habits.

Jared - Defensive Driving Course

informative course

Paula - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very informative

Brittney - brittney- organized and user friendly

great course!

MANISH - Refreshed the essential info. needed

Very Good class

Anthony - Anthony-Refreshing

The course was a great refresher on  driving safely, the rules of driving and the tragedies of not following the rules

Mary - TX Defensive Driving Course

I am glad I took this course. It is very informative.  I think every driver should be required to take the course periodically to renew driver licenses. I also learned things in the physics part that will help me choose which car I would purchase in the future.

Clara - Defensive Driving

A good review of material I had a long time ago.

Beyra - informative

very simple and helpful

Gopi - Gopi

Informative and helpful in knowing several facts about driving.

Nicholas - iNFORMATIVE


Natalie - Great information!

Some material dated. Great refresh course though.

Hazel - Simple and Fast

Simple course

stacie - stacie- Tx Defensive Driving Course

Loved how it allowed you to go back and review before taking the test. Also allowed me to stop and attend to my children and pick up where i left off another time.

STEVEN - good


racquel - Racquel

I've learned a lot

Lawrence - TX DDC

Easy and convenient

Amy - Organized, and easy to navigate

Very easy to navigate and organized.  Thanks for making it easier to complete.

ryan - amazing

great course

Lisa - TX Defensive Driving Course

The course was simple but very informative. There are definitely some new things that I learned while taking this course.

Upinderjit - Good education

A  good reminder

Andrew - Incredibly Simple

Brain-numbingly simple.

SANJUANITA - TX Defensive Driving Course

Excellence Course to refresh driving Laws and Rules.

Lawande - Defensive Driving Course

I liked the course it was very understandable  and teaches so much

Cecilia - Defensive drinving

The course was simple to navigate.  Videos were very interesting and educative.

Michael - Defensive Driving


Margarita - Defensive Driving

Great course.

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