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Earl - Georgia Defensive Driving

Straight forward and easy to complete.

James - Great Program

Very affordable, easy to follow, very informative and all around a great course

Benita - Defensive Driving


Kaylee - Amazingggg

I’m so happy that I didn’t have to take time off work and risk losing money. The online school has saved me so much time.

Howard - Defensive Driving Review

Much better than I thought it would be.

Jerica - Jerica

Great course!

Rachel - Excellent

Very convenient and easy to take.

Rebecca - Georgia Defensive Driving

great course! If you pay attention you can fly through it!

Max - Defensive Driving Course

Great and easy course.

Raymond - Driver Safety Course Review

Excellent review of proper driver safety techniques; answered several questions I had in mind and let me know of habitual bad habits I exhibit while driving or preparing to drive

John - State of Georgia Defensive Driving Course 101

I found this course to be informative and helpful towards helping me to improve as a defensive driver and scored a perfect score of 100% on my test. Atta boy!

Chase - Simple, Good Interface, Quick & Easy

Exactly what you need if you're a knowledgeable driver just needing the insurance discount, super easy to get done fast and get the certificate.

Victor - Georgia 6h Defensive Course

This was a very great course

Philip - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great course easy to take and very informational.

savannah - Defensive Driving Course

I liked that it was self-paced and the questions throughout the course.

Albertine - Best driving course review ever!

Very informative, good value for refreshing driving skills and rules.

Shaneara - Georgia Defensive Course

It was very helpful, help me learn new things

Mya - Very resourceful

I enjoyed learning new and old knowledge! Very simple and easy!

Robert - Not to bad.

In and out. Actually quite informative

Nicole - defensive driving course

Great and informative

Constance - Great course

Straight forward and very informative m. Highly recommend to all new and current drivers

Jordyn - Course Review

I enjoyed the driving course. It wasn’t too complicated or hard.

Kameron - Kameron

Class did not take long to complete

Stephen - Good course

It was direct and informative course

Eyriq - Speeding Ticket

This was a very good class and information. I feel that everyone should take a test after driving for some years. Mandatory. Very helpful and thank you

Christopher - Good

Good simple course

Nakyra - Review

Awesome fast paced defensive course

Gregory - comprehensive and good

excellent review of information; questions after sections are useful for most important information. Videos a bit dated but compelling.

Emily - Review

Simple and easy to comprehend.

Logan - Defensive driving

Great to know

Joy - Good!

Very helpful and easy to comprehend.

Deena - Deena- Very informative course

Easy to understand and clear on the rules of the road, your vehicle, laws and much more. Highly recommend.

John - Review

Very easy and simple to understand

Francisco - Defensive Driving Course Review

Great deal of information.  Not hard to retain and pass your exam.

Amaya - Georgia Defensive Driving

I’m a young new  driver but I received a lot of knowledge and helpful information from taking this course! :)

Brittany - Awesome

Great course to take. Very easy to follow and the exam was great.

Elijah - Elijah - Very good course

Thank you so much ! I learn a-lot I will be safe on the road  now knowing all this information.

Monterria - Great Course

Easy to maneuver, very interesting

David - Very good course

I enjoyed taking this course and it alerted me to some things I needed to remember.  Well presented and informative.

Venkateswara - Course review

Excellent way of teaching and right examples.

Joyah - Review

Nice facts were presented throughout the course.

Kalib - Course review

Super easy

Jayla - Review

Improve mobile layout
Updated videos

James - Great product

Self paced and able to be completed easily and well understood.

Blayne - Driving Safety

It was very interesting!

Darcina - Defensive Driving Course Feedback

The course is very simple and logical but needs some updating: 1 The videos are so out of touch with current times; 2 need to include the 3-feet law for bicyclists ad additional info. regarding bicyclists.

Lance - Driver Safety

It is getting better every 3 years. I like the fact that old problems are now being added to the questions.

Joshua - great course

Easily accessible and easy to navigate and work through

Deborah - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course-will incorporate knowledge gained into daily driving-thank you

Christina - Pretty easy and informative

I took the course due to receiving my first ticket in 26 years of driving. I was annoyed by the requirement but then realized this was a great refresher course to the things I may have forgotten since driver's ed.

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