Reseñas de Georgia Defensive Driving

Keshunna - Great course

Simple & stright forward learned new things every slide!

Paul - Defensive Driving Course

Good content. Easy to follow, and not too boring!

Jamesia - Defensive driving course

This course was very helpful and gave me some good information for my future drives.

Amy - Amy- well done

It was engaging  and informative.  Having alot of questions kept me engaged and paying attention.

Joshua - Josh defensive driving course

very insightful

Tiffany - Defensive Driving Course

The course was very insightful and easy to use.

Julio Cesar - The course was great!

Easy to understand and comprehend vital information and overall a great and necessary experience to every driver in my opinion.

Jacquevius - Driver Defense Course

The course was well put together and very helpful. I learned alot and enjoyed the experience!

Chukoti - Online Defensive Driving Course

Easy to follow along.

Chukoti - Online Defensive Driving Course

Course was easy to navigate and allowed me to work at my own pace!

Alivia - Review

Easy to navigate through, clear and easy understandable material.

Jennifer - Proof of course 😉

It was very educational and I really did learn a lot. I am glad that it was available online because of the timing due to work schedule. I would refer this to anyone with a hectic life style due to work, school and family.

Kristopher - Defensive Driving Course

This online class was very beneficial on teaching highway safety and  preparing me for different scenarios on the road.

Teresa - Interesting

Very interesting! I learned a lot of rules and regulations that I didn't know about. Thanks so much!

Taki - Test

Learned a lot and was very helpful

Mason - Solid and easy course

Great course, covers many possibilities amd odds n ends. Prepares you for just about anything that can be thrown at ya on the road. Definitely would recommend this course to people looking to save money on insurance, as it saved me 305$ every 6 months! Also great course if needed for traffic violations and such.

Heather - Full of useful information

The test was full of good info.

Lindsay - Super quick and easy but gets the job done

I completed this course in one day and it’s so much cheaper than any driver schools near me!

Trudy - Helpful

Th course was very helpful and knowledgeable as well..

Maria - Ashlyn

This information was very helpful.   There were things about the Law that I wasn't  familiar with.  Great job on the entire online class.

Ashley - The product was user friendly.

All information was helpful & beneficial for me.

Michael - Defensive driving course

Well made and informative course

Terrell - Great program

I would recommend to all

Tab - Tab

I like the based on real life true events videos, they were very informative and  make u to take the necessary steps to stay safe while on the road.

Emenike - Test review

The format was easy to follow and also easy to understand. The questions went along with the readings very well.

Damaris - Defensive driving

Course was very well set up. Thank you

Milantra - Great experience

I feel like this course was well organized and easy to follow.

Thirulokachandar - Thirulok

thought me the unknowns

Thomas - I t was a learning lesson

It thought me how to be a better prepared driver

Anita - Anita

It was easy to understand,challenging and very helpful. Thanks

Christine - GA Defensive Driving

Easy to follow and very informative

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