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Coleman - Great course

I got a speeding ticket for doing over 20mph and well I cant really go in to a class and not go into work so I looked into some other online classes and well this one tops all of them in price and time. I highly recommend this course

Kellin - Great Course!!!

Learned a lot here! Would encourage every new driver and existing drivers to take as a refresher course!

Anthony - Driver course

I learned some thing I did not know I remembered some things that are so important to keep in mind. Thank you

Douglas - Fast and easy

It covered everything possible that you could think of for improving your driving! Great course

DANIEL - Georgia Defensive Driving

Appropriate material was presented.  I was glad to see it was not just a refresher on the rules of the road. Good course to take.

Akeelah - High-Quality Course

I was so impressed with the content of the course. I completed the course for an insurance reduction but actually learned some things I didn't know. I highly recommend to learn more about being a defensive driver instead of an aggressive one.

Jackson - Great Course!

This course did a great job reminding me of the rules of the road.

Ronald - Fabian

course was very imformative and easy to follow. Would recommend to others!

DAVID - David Jefferson - Wonderful

This course is very helpful to all drivers young and old

Rajarajan - Raja-Good

It was very informative and I have been feeling like a genius lately on the road due to the Georgia Defensive Driving guide that I received.

Kimberly - Great Refresher

Often we take driving for granted after having been a driver for many years. This course was a wonderful refresher to get a driver back in touch with driving safely and the rules of the road.

Cory - informational

i am 30 years old and have lived in multiple states, it was nice to go through this course to teach me the specific driving laws that georgia has.  every state seems to do things a bit differently which sometimes we forget when we move throughout the country.  Although i feel that this is more for younger drivers. i still was able to learn from this course.  me personally i felt like it was sort of a review of common knowledge.

Dasan - AMAZING!!!

Learned how to drive even better and now I have more confidence in my driving ability.

David - Informative and helpful

Took the course to get an insurance discount.  While most of the information I knew from other courses, this course was much more engaging and interesting.  Especially for an online course.

Marquailis - Online Driver Safety Course Review

The course was well put together, extremely knowledgeable and overall a great product. Being able to di it at my own pace was so much better than being in a classroom environment with my current work schedule.

caitlyn - wonderful

it was a wonderful experience to fully understand more of the road laws.

Tara - Excellent course!!!

I absolutely love this course! It's a very comprehensive and informative course. I love the auto play feature as well. I be will recommending this course to my friends and family.

darien - Darien - Fast & Easy

Completed the course very fast and had 0 problems. The final was similar to the pop quiz questions and made it a breeze.


For all drivers out there if you’re wanting  to learn more about being a skilled driver, this is the best opportunity. - Kizzie

Hazel - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great class. Very informative. Interesting and useful information.

Kyle - My Accomplishment

I’m happy that I had finish this course and pass it on my first try I’m proud of myself and this was very helpful

Alexandra - Informative & Easy

The course was not only easy to understand at all times but it consistently asked questions which made you have to make sure you were paying attention and understanding the material. It covered information that I found very important to remember in daily driving, no matter the circumstances.

Chadrick - Thanks

Great for helping me remember all driving laws & restrictions.

Sibusiso - Siso - Defensive Driving Course

Great class. Learned a lot of new information. Everyone should take this course every few years.

Camden - Defensive Driving Course

Informative & easy to get through

Joshua - Defensive Driving Course

I've learned a lot of tips in this course that I originally didn't know about to begin with.

Mark - Defense Driving Real Good

Gets to the point and learned a lot.

iasia - review

better than actually attending. very nice, id recommend.

tonya - Great class

I learned more.  Things does change.

Sarah - Defensive Driving Programs

Very easy and very helpful.

Mary - Positive Recommendation

I loved that you can view the course at your own pace. Great content and would recommend it to everyone.

Hannah - very helpful

simple and did not take long at all

Laura - Laura — Defensive Driving Course

Having driven for several decades, I still learned a lot of useful information. Great course!

Kevin - Kevin - Defensive Driving Course

I highly recommend this course! It was very informative!!! I loved this site.



ATiny - Great course.

Pretty good learning or reevaluating basic driving knowledge, and tips.

Shannon D - Easy

Good refresher in the rules of the road for those of us that got our license well over 10 years ago

Will - This was great

Thanks,you helped me out and review and reeducate me on drivers ed.

Elaine - National Highway Safety Administration Defense Drive Course

Learned a lot about Georgia Law. Very informative and very much worth the fee.  I would recommend to anyone looking for discount on insurance.

Andrea - Defensive Driving course

It was a good course, addressed all the basics to safe driving.

Matthew - Easy and Excellent Course

This course was very straightforward and easy to understand. Also, gives information on everything that is needed to know

Saria - Very simple and easy!!!

The course was very easy to do. Straight to the point. It go over the everything for you.

Toby - Very simple

Lots of information, but helps you retain the i fo

Demetrius - National Highway Safety Administration Test Review

The test was very helpful and I recommend everyone to take it to help refresh your memory about driving safe.

Catherine - Defensive Driving Course

The content was very well organized and easy to understand and follow.

Chrystal - Georgia Defensive Driving

Course was easy to understand.

Bonnie - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course. I was impressed with the materials, and it was very organized and efficient.  I also learned a number of things, which I didn't expect as this is my 2nd course for an insurance discount. Worth it even without the insurance discount.

Michael - was good and helpful

This course was informative and easy to do. I also liked the fact that I didn't have to pay extra money for the certificate as was the case for a test I saw earlier.

Alondra - GA Defensive Driving

This course is great and easy to understand.

Deirdre - Georgia Defensive Driving

good information

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