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Aubrey - Better than sitting in a classroom

You will spend six hours doing it but you can pause at your leisure and get back to it when you feel like it which is great for busy individuals like myself

JaKiya - Very easy to understand

This course was very easy to understand and easy to finish

William - Defensive Driving Review

Was easy to navigate and a great source of information as a reminder to be safe out on the road.

Brandon - Great course

This course has helped me become a better driver.

Michelle - Not what I expected

I was expecting this course to take a long time to complete, and super boring. But it was very helpful.

Allan Jose - User Friendly

Easy to follow, riddled with knowledge!

Miriam - Course Review

It was a good review of everything I learned in order to get my driver's license, and I also learned a couple of new things that I could use to improve my driving.

JoAnn - Long but worthwhile

The course was very long but easy to understand. Good refresher and glad I took the time to improve my skills.

Maleah - Great Course!!

This Course has helped me become a better driver.

Gary - very comprehensive

Covered all the important information.

Franklin - Excellent Course

Well constructed, professionally done and informative

Chibuikem - Easy to follow

I liked the self-paced nature of it.

Gabriel - Good course

Learned a lot taking the course. Would recommend to others!

Colter - defensive driving course reveiw

the course was super easy and didn't take up a lot of my time which I am greatly appreciative of.

Anthony - Enlightening and Easy

There were some road rules that I wasn't aware of before taking this course and it was a good refresher course for some of the others. It didn't take long and it was quite easy.

Christopher - easy course

this course was an easy way to learn and catch up on laws

Melanie - Driving Enrichment

I have to say that even though this is not a short breeze to get through this course was very informative. It would be a plus for every driver to consider. Glad I took the time. It will also help lower our insurance costs in the household!🙂

Carolyn - Defensive Drivers Course , 6 hours

Excellent course and easy to take on line.

austyn - defensive driving

i learned a lot from this course and i highly recommend it.

Janae - Janae - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

The course was quick and easy. The material was written clearly and easy to understand to be able to apply it to real life.

Carolyn - Defensive Drivers Course , 6 hours

Very informative and easy to take.  I actually learned a lot.

Ervin - Excellent Content and Platform

The 6-hour course of informative and enjoyable. As a 70-year-old what has been driving for 50 years, I found this to be an meanful refresher course.

Tiana - Course Review

The course was really informational yet easy to understand.

Diane - Georgia Defensive Driving

I really enjoyed all the information. I think this is a must course everyone should take.

Misty - Misty- Wonderful Course!

It is very informative and allows you to go at your own pace!

Jamie - Georgia defensive review

Very informative! Let me go at my own pace!

Marshall - Good Pace

Lets you go at your own pace! Very Informative!

Mark - Defensive Driving Course

The information was a great review and helped to be reminded of many factors involved in the proper operation and behavior in a motor vehicle.

Clifford - Awesome Modules

Super informative Easy to follow. Awesome user interface.

Eugene - Great Course

Being an experienced driver i thought this course served as a great refresher training as well as a great initial course for first time drivers

Joshua - Defense Driving

I enjoyed taking this Defense Driving course. Its not time so you can move at your own speed

David - Great Course

very well made and easy to understand.

Rashelle - Georgia Defensive Driving Course 6 hours

It was good, I did learn some new information especially about the alternative vehicles.

Zondrea - Easy to navigate and great content!

The course was easy to understand and provided lots of valuable information!

Camron - Super informative

Great course that gave me even better insight on driving

Kirstin - Kirstin Ball- Georgia Defensive Driving Course

It was a very good refresher on all the laws of driving. Very easy and fast to complete.

Juwan - Very informative

I enjoyed this course because it gave me a lot of information and important skills to know for when I'm on the road.

Isaiah - Course Review

Very easy and straightforward while being very comprehensible and knowledgeable at the same time. Great course!

Greyson - GDDC

Easy to understand and good refresher.

Emma - Easy, Understandable, and Comprehensive

Took this course to increase my learning and understanding of traffic laws, DUI conditions, and the dangers of aggressive driving. Now I am more informed and was able to move through quickly for the information I already knew.

Tristan - Informative

Well defined and informative. Information was concise while still comprehensive. Easy to navigate.

Gary - This course was very informative and relatively easy to follow.

The course was truly helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Kayla - Defense driving easy

It was convenient and easy to understand

Tiffany - Course review

Easy to follow and understand
able to get course completed in 1 day, or able to come back to it as needed

Omar - Course

The course was very understanding and helpful

Jordan - Very easy and straightforward

I took this course over a weekend and all the information was very clear, the quiz at the end is not too difficult if you were paying attention.

John - Easy and informative

This online course was easy to navigate and was a great refresher of the Georgia driving rules.

Joy - Knowledge is power

This course is great for reminding us seasoned drivers that we all need refreshers courses about the dangers and things we take for granted while driving. Being reminded of the risk and responsibilities that come with driving a vehicle on the riads today is great and I think everyone should take this course every 5 years to remember just how dangerous a car can be in anyone’s hands and control.

CAROLYN - Great course

This was a great course very informative. and I love the fact I was able to work at my own pace.

Kathleen - This is a great course cery informative!

This is a great review of safety procedures and gives you excellent tips to help keep you safe while driving!

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