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Lillie - GA Defensive Driving Course

Excellent informative Course

Jordi - defensive driving

helped me better understand the rules and regulations of driving

Savoy - great course

I feel this course was a great reminder.

Carlos - Defensive Driving Course

This was an easy course to take! Would recommend!

Jeffery - Defensive Driving- great

Simple and straight to the point. Easy to understand.

Briann - Great course

Excellent course, it is well worth the money

Nicolle - Extremely Easy!!

Very easy to navigate and was worth it

Trent - Helped me a TON

Great Program, really went through all the aspects of the Driving Course! TNS


Very Informative..Well worth it. Thank you

Tanika - Well Worth It!!!!!

Very informative and easy to comprehend.  I really enjoyed the course.

Ambreya - Greatest Program Ever!

Great defensive driving course, very informative!


Very informative and easy to understand

edyana - Great

It’s a great class especially to help with that traffic violation ticket

Samuel - Great Course

Very Informative also has a Sense of Humor ...

George - Georgia Defensive Driving

Very Comprehensive. Information is presented in coherent and succinct manner.


Superb!!! I couldn't have found a better source! Thanks a lot!

Jakwon - Defensive driving

Very good helps with a lot of tips and I like how they actually give u videos of wat happen to people that have been in accidents jus like you

Daniel - Product Review

The course was easy and informative. The read along chapters helped a ton. I feel like a safer driver already.

Anthony - Great Defensive Driving Course!

The format of the course was easy to follow and learned a lot from it.  Glad I took it

Allison - Defensive Driving Course

It was super affordable and convenient. It gave me some great information!

Keyarra - Keyarra- Thank you it was simple and affordable

I loved It, It was easy questions and gave amazing information if I didn't know the answer it was right in the articles

Erin - Thank you!

Thanks for making this affordable, accessible and ease to follow!

Nicole - Great!

Course was really easy to complete and very informative.

Ethan - Ethan B DDC

Course was super helpful. It help me understand more laws and discrove about other laws I didn't know about. 110% I recommend taking course.


This course was very helpful in refreshing all aspect of driving, here in the state of Georgia thus allowing me a chance to reduce points on my license and lessen my insurance rate.

Haley - Haley DD Course

I completed it very quickly. If you know basic driving rules and expectations you will do just fine. Easy & Effective. 100% Recommend.

Roger - Defensive Driving Course

Very informational and detailed course.

Bradford - DDS

very informative I thought I knew everything about driving I was very wrong.

Jamarris - Georgia Defensive Driving

Very useful and helpful due to my ticket!

Jane - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course. Very interesting and informative.

Alicea - Defensive Driving

I enjoyed this course. Very easy time management using this since I could take it everywhere!

Nicolia - Review

I believe the course was very beneficial and I saw a few things I didn't know about.  I am going to have my teenage daughter take this course because I believe it will help her as she is a new learner at driving.

Melissa - Georgia Defensive Driving

It had useful information, I enjoyed doing it

Tangie - Online Interactive

The course contained information that was informative, being a new Georgia resident.

Michael - Georgia Defensive Driving

I felt the course had information I found Useful for my Drivers toolbelt.

Terry - good course

the course was good and full of info

Rose - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This was a good program. The material was informative and easy to understand.

Johnny - GA Safe Driver Course

This course is thorough and well organized.

Alfredo - Very informative

Easy to follow course and keeps you up to date on changes.

Claire - Great Program!

Very thorough content, enjoyed the posted videos and learning new things!

Dominique - Thorough!

Good & thorough review! Learned somethings I never knew as well!

Gary - Loved it

The test was easy to understand and well designed, would definitely recommend

John - Thorough and navigable course

This course software is easy to navigate and provides thorough information. I actually felt like I learned some new things even though I've been driving for over a decade.

Elijah - Driver defense

This test was evey good on information to know. Some of the things that where covered amazed me. I think I might take this course once a year.

Lorenzo - Defensive Driving Review

Great convenience in the comfort of your home!

Danette - GA Defensive Driving Course

Comprehensive and Interesting
A great reminder of important driving principles

James - Georgia Defensive Driving

Very thorough review in which I learned alot.

Riffat - Georgia Defensive Driving

Easy to learn and useful course.

Terry - Terry- awesome course

Great course

mykel - awesome course

very easy and learned a lot

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