Product reviews for Driver Safety Awareness Insurance Discount Course

Yavari - Great refresher

This course was a good refresher on the tools learned and safety procedures on the road.

danielle - simple yet effective

I enjoyed the course and educational information provided.

Michael - Driver Saftey Course review

Good review of material for all drivers

Kimberlee - Driver Safety Awareness Insurance Discount Course

This course provided information that I had forgotten. I was able to complete the course in under an hour. It was informative and affordable.

Noeleen - Driver Safety Awareness

As always, I love this course. It's plain and simple to follow.

Evan - helpful course

This course is helping me get my license and reduce the amount of money I have to pay.

Betty - Driver Safety Awareness Insurance discount

The course was very informative and easy to follow

Elfrieda - Great Review for Rules of the Road

This course helped me to refresh my knowledge.

Aiden - Good

It was a good course, it helped me understand a lot more

Selassie - Helpful course

The course was helpful in refreshing my memory of the rules of the road and constructive driving skills

Ashley - Overall

Very helpful information overall for young and older adults

mary - driver safety awareness insurance discount course

excellent review driver's errors leading to accidents
preventative tips and rules to prevent accidents
short post module tests to re-enforce informatiom

Jared - Good

This course gave important and practical information on driving while providing the details required to comply with  laws. The videos and reading were enjoyable to watch and read.

Vicky - VE_Defensive

The course was very easy to follow. It provided additional information that improved my awareness.

Larry - LD Smith Review

The course instruction was clear, it was informative, and it was very easy to follow along.

Janet - Comprehensive and Informative

I enjoyed taking the course because the material was explained in such a way that made it easier to grasp.

Celine - Informative and Interactive

The course was a good balance of informative and interactive material.

Kinsey - Insurance Discount

This was a very good program for young people to take. You can learn alot from the videos in the slides and there is tons of information that new drivers need to know.

Kristen - First time course

Very informative, easy to understand.

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