5 Ways to Reduce Car Insurance Rates in Florida 2022

5 Ways to Reduce Car Insurance in Florida 2022 

  1. Do research.  Insurance rates are determined on a variety of factors.  Some involve the vehicle itself.  The replacement cost as well as the vehicle's features will affect the rate.  The same vehicle if leased will tend to be more costly to insure than if it is being financed or if you own it outright.  In addition, the individual safety features of the vehicle such as, anti-theft devices, collision warning and blind spot detection, anti-lock brakes, airbags and lane keep and lane departure warnings.

  1. Shop around.  Simply accepting the first rate you are offered doesn’t always mean it is the best rate.  Some websites allow you to compare rates side by side.  This can be a very effective tool.  If you choose to call a company directly to get a rate and let them know you are shopping around!  Ask the agent directly if there are additional discounts available to you.

  1. Consider changing your deductible.  Simply put, the higher the deductible, the lower the risk to the insurance company.  If you are confident that you are a safe driver, and the potential higher initial out of pocket costs won’t overly affect you, see the difference in raising the deductible.  When comparing the difference in rates, calculate the “break even point.”  This can be calculateed by dividing the difference in deductible by the difference in monthly payment to determine how many months will it take you to start saving.

  1. Multipolicy benefits.  It is very common for insurance companies to give benefits when you purchase a variety of policies from them.  Choosing to bundle home, life, and auto is worth looking in to.

  1. Maintain a good personal driving record.  A safe and clean driving record is an essential way to reduce insurance costs.  Moving violations or vehicular incidents have a direct impact on insurance rates.  If you have any points on your record, or if you want to show you are a safe driver consider taking a safe driving course to reduce points incurred from using your phone while driving or a basic driver improvement course approved by your insurance company that can help remove points or traffic tickets from your driving record.  Discounts for senior drivers who take online driver safety classes are available. Online driving classes are a great way to act quickly and work at your own pace!

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