Best Online Drivers Ed Resources for Florida Residents

Best drivers ed resources for Florida residents


Each new year brings more new drivers to the state of Florida.  Some are teen drivers looking to dive into their new found independence.  Others are new Florida residents who either move from out of state or even from other countries.  Having the proper tools to help prepare you to be a successful defensive driver is incredibly valuable.  Below are highly rated online drivers ed resources that assist new drivers gain confidence and competence.  Additional driving courses included in this article will help to qualify for auto insurance discounts or to help remove points or fines drivers may receive from moving violations or infractions.

Teen driver safety.  We likely remember the excitement of getting behind the wheel for the first time.  We likely took a picture when we bought our first car.  But do we remember the butterflies in our stomach when taking the driver’s ed test for the permit?  Or the anxiety of taking the road test?  Nobody wants to fail or have to take such driving tests twice!  In addition, young drivers are associated with greater driving risks.  This FREE online practice test will help drivers become more confident and familiar with the knowledge one must obtain to be a safe driver.   First-time drivers can take the practice test over and over at no cost!

Reduce points or insurance rate increases.  Life today is complex and full of distractions.  Many have limited time and always seem to be in a rush.  If we are not careful, we can develop unsafe driving habits that may put others or ourselves at risk.  If we are cited for a moving violation, we can incur points on our driving record which can lead to auto insurance rate increases.  This FREE online driver education course can help to remove the points from your license associated with the infraction, and help prevent your insurance rates from increasing.  In addition, if you have been cited for using your phone while driving, this Wireless Communications Device Safety course can also dismiss points from your driver’s license.

Senior citizen driver safety.  As we age, we can deal with circumstances that affect driver safety.  This report done recently by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is a sobering reminder that refresher training and ongoing driver education is vital for safe driving.  Mature drivers over the age of 55 will benefit from this mature driving safety course.  It is educational and can help to reduce the cost of your auto insurance premiums!

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