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Why Sequoia National Park is a Must-See Destination (Road Trip Series Part 11)

Perhaps this one phrase will be enough to motivate you: the world’s largest trees. Yes, it’s worth the drive or flight out to Sequoia National Park to see these colossal giants that are a silent testimony to centuries—and even millennia—of national history.

Why Visiting Glacier National Park is a Hot Idea (Road Trip Series Part 10)

It stands tall in the northwest corner of Montana. It’s been called the backbone of the world. It straddles the Rocky Mountains and is a place where two sides of the continent meet. And don’t be scared by its cold name, you can find ways to stay warm while you visit! The one million acres, or 1,583 square miles, of The Glacier National Park are made up of mostly untamed and breathtaking wilderness. Beautiful all year round, you can bike on the Going-to-the Sun-Road, drink in the fall foliage, or venture out for cross-country skiing.