Blog posts of '2020' 'October'

Should you buy, lease, or use a car subscription?

You need to have a vehicle, but you’re hesitant about buying one and getting into debt. You might have heard that leasing can be a better deal. And some friends have told you how easy car subscriptions are. You just sign up and the car is delivered to your door! So you may be asking yourself which is better for you: Should you buy, lease, or use a car subscription?

What are the Actual Costs of a Collision?

As you prepare to drive anywhere there is a number of things you have to think about: Do I have my mask? Hand sanitizer? Gloves for the gas pump? Bags for the groceries? The list seems to keep growing. But what most people are not thinking about is how much more complicated their lives would be if they were in a car crash. The complications range from losses of things from time, money and the ultimate loss—loss of life. So, what are the actual costs of a collision?