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Tips for Traveling in a Motorhome—How to Get Set Up (Road Trip Series Part 5)

You’ve set out on your first adventure with your motorhome. You picked your campsite carefully, arrived without a glitch, and checked in. You’re relieved to see the reserved site is just the size you expected. But how do you set up your motorhome?

Tips for Traveling in a Motorhome—How to choose a campground (Road Trip Series Part 4)

Carefully choosing your campground while traveling in a motorhome may be one of the best ways to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. You will eliminate the unpleasant surprises of no sites being available, finding that the sites are too small, or a campground that you simply can’t access because of narrow access roads. To choose a campground, you can start with a simple search in your browser. Just type in something along the lines of “RV campground.”