How a road assistance service helps you—even when you aren’t on the road

People making hands representing roadside assistance service

Whether you are traveling by car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or bicycle, road assistance services can help you out. They can even come to your aid when you’re out on the water by providing boating assistance.

But road assistance services go far beyond that. In fact, they can help you out even when you’re not behind the wheel. Depending on the service you sign up for, you can get benefits that extend to identity protection, purchasing a car, and giving you a discount on your dinner tonight.

When you sign up for a road assistance membership, you will be offered a tiered range from basic to premium. As you climb the scale, you add on the benefits.

Here are some of the perks you get with a road assistance service:

Planning a trip—Get access to travel agents that help you plan your next vacation. They’ll alert you to deals, and you may get perks like passport photos. You can also get valuable vacation guides that will lead you to the best destinations and deals for your family.

Discounts—You can get money off on entertainment like parks, restaurants, movie theaters, and museums. The discounts extend beyond entertainment, though. You can get coupons for shopping, hotels, and cruises. And if you need to rent a car or get repairs on your vehicle, check into the available discounts.

Buying a car—Get needed guidance from experts to decide on the best vehicle for you.

Health care—Get discounts on prescriptions and receive worldwide travel accident insurance.

Identity theft monitoring—Receive identity theft alerts, get access to identity theft insurance, and count on the support of fraud resolution experts.

Getting a driver’s license—Speed up DMV services by going through your road assistance service provider.

When you’re traveling—Get trip interruption and lost baggage coverage, emergency medical transport, and severe weather alerts.

When you’re in trouble—Yes, a roadside assistance service can even help you if you’re facing some time in jail. If you’re jailed for a traffic violation, check to see if they’ll help pay for your bond and cover attorney’s fees.

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