Most Delicious Foodie Road Trips in the US (Road Trip Series Part 12)

Friends on a foodie road trip

When you’re on a road trip, the question always arises: What are we going to eat?

What if you changed that around and took a road trip just to eat? What if your road trip took you to the tastiest bites and also to explore culture and history? A culinary road trip tour gives you that unique sense of place. After all, one of the best ways to experience a culture is through its food.

Which are the most popular foodie road trips in the United States? Let’s take a look at the four of the most delicious foodie road trips.

Maine Lobster

Starting in the far northeast, Maine stands out as a culinary powerhouse. You have to admire a state that chooses a lobster as one of its symbols. That tells you these people are serious about food.

In Maine, you can get lobster steamed or boiled, with melted butter. Or bite into a lobster roll, a sandwich with lobster as the main star. You can even have your lobster for breakfast, in an iconic lobster omelet. And don’t miss the clam chowder or the wild blueberries in season.

New York State Wineries

Wineries abound in New York State. There are over 470, and 11 main wine-producing areas! Choose from three main wine-producing regions: the Finger Lakes, Long Island, or Hudson Valley. The Finger Lakes create a unique microclimate and locals are proud of their wine heritage. Get a bit of history with your wine when you visit the Hudson River Region and taste wines from vineyards that were planted in the 1600s. Along the way try a wide range of wines, but don't miss out on hybrid grapes like Baco Noir.

Texas BBQ

Texas barbecue is famous around the world, and for good reason. They have perfected that American culinary art form, cooking food over an open flame. Whether you prefer your barbecue from a food truck or a fine restaurant, you’ll be delighted by the unique sauces and smoked meats.

Start your culinary tour in cities like Austin, San Antonio, or the Sausage Capital of Texas, Elgin. Visit just one city or take a full week to do a multi-city tour. Get your fill of brisket, ribs, and biscuits, and top it all off with a peach cobbler.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

A trip to Kentucky might not sound exciting. But what about a trip around the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? That's right, Kentucky is not only the birthplace of Bourbon. It also produces 95% of the Bourbon made in the whole world. So this is the state to learn the science of making and storing whiskey and bourbon. But this road trip isn’t just about the booze. Its culture, history, and heritage rolled into one trip. Take a 4 day trip around the state and choose from 18 distilleries—or visit them all. Take classes and workshops, enjoy outdoor activities, and dip into the local food.


In Louisiana, culture and food mix in a way, you won’t find anywhere else. French, Cajun, and Creole heritage created dishes like gumbo, fried shrimp po'boys, beignets, oysters, and boiled crawfish. You'll find pork in every presentation possible, and unusual cuisine like alligator. Visit the French Quarter and the Garden District, and don’t forget to keep an ear out for zydeco music. 

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