7 Important things to document when in a collision

7 Important things to document when in a collision

Documenting accident

Getting into an accident is one of the most unnerving and stressful situations you can experience.  It can be difficult to remain calm and properly handle the situation when under duress.  Having a plan to document what happened at a collision using your cell phone can help navigate a challenging situation in the best way you can.  After alerting the authorities and confirming the safety of all involved take video and pictures of the following items:

  • Show the crash scene from multiple angles.
  • Take both wide shots and close-ups.
  • Indicate the direction in which the vehicles were traveling.
  • Try to capture the visibility, weather conditions, and traffic density.
  • Capture any visible damage to each of the vehicles involved.
  • Take pictures of the driver’s license of each driver involved.
  • Take pictures of the insurance and registration of each driver involved.

Do Not

  • Take pictures of any injuries in the accident
  • Put yourself in harm’s way, such as walking out into moving traffic
  • Get in the way of first responders.

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