7 Tips for Successful Online Studying

Man studying online

While you may be a pro at studying in a classroom setting, studying online is a completely different game. You face new challenges—but also new opportunities to excel.

From self-discipline to internet connection mishaps, let’s walk through 7 tips that will help you be a pro at studying online.

Sharpen your vision

Know why you’re taking the course and what your goals are. Make sure you understand the following:

          - How long does the course last?

          - What assignments are expected of you?

          - What deadlines do you have?

          - How many hours each day do you need to study?

Build a strategy

Next, you need to create a study strategy that works for you. How do you like to learn?

          - Do you learn best by listening? With videos? Reading?

          - What time of day is your mind sharper?

          - Do you study better in large chunks of time or shorter, more frequent sessions?

Plan your virtual workspace

When you study online, your workspace is virtual. Make it a priority to understand the technology involved in completing the course.

If your internet connection is weak, plan around it. What time of day (or day of the week) is the internet generally better? Download materials and videos in advance, if possible and practical.

And when the internet fails you, work on projects that don’t require connectivity.

Be a time management pro

When you have good time management skills you will stay on schedule, won’t miss assignment deadlines, and will be less stressed out. Create a daily or weekly schedule of study time.

If you find it hard to remember your planned schedule, use your cell phone to create reminders. Block out manageable tasks and time frames and then concentrate on just one at a time.

Hold yourself accountable

Naturally, you want to get the most for your money when taking an online course. It requires self-discipline to hold yourself accountable to your goals, but as a result, you’ll get through the course material faster, remember more, and get more benefits in real-life situations. If you find it difficult to stay on track alone, ask a classmate or friend to check on you.

Avoid distractions

When studying at home, you may be tempted to get another load of laundry done, binge on your favorite TV series, or answer text messages. Avoid distractions by turning off devices that you’re not using to study. Mute those notifications! Commit to concentrating during your study periods and not succumbing to temptation.

Distract yourself—with a purpose

With in-person classes, you move along to the next class after less than an hour. However, when taking online classes, you may be tempted to stay at your desk for hours at a time. Our minds don’t focus well during extended sessions, so take frequent breaks to reset your brain.


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