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NHSA Partners with SADD


National Highway Safety Administration,     (NHSA), is proud to announce its partnership with Students Against Destructive Decisions, (SADD).  For over 40 years SADD has been a champion of empowering and mobilizing students and adult allies to engage in positive change through leadership and smart decision-making.  SADD develops and shares prevention programming to engage students in the pursuit of healthy decision-making.

At NHSA, our goal is to give our students a solid foundation of driving knowledge and skills that assist them to be safe drivers.  Through the use of videos, animations, dynamic quizzes, interactive games, and storytelling, we help students remain engaged in our courses as they become safe, responsible, and confident drivers.

We believe our partnership with SADD will help both of our organizations to better prepare today’s youth for a safe and successful future.  Check us out to see what courses are available in your state!

How to Face Peer Pressure as a Teen Driver

How to Face Peer Pressure as a Teen Driver.

peer pressure

Peer pressure can be one of the most powerful influential forces in a teen’s life.  Studies have shown that teens face both positive and negative peer pressure constantly, so having a plan of action in place will help teens respond in a way that protects them from destructive decisions.

Preparing a teen to face peer pressure starts with the environment at home.  Parents who give appropriate praise and encouragement to their children help to build their child’s self-esteem and confidence.  These are essential qualities needed to face peer pressure.  When children feel comfortable expressing themselves to their parents, they are more likely to seek support in dealing with challenging situations at school with their peers rather than internalize those difficult thoughts and feelings.

Why is choosing the right friends so important?  Negative peer pressure can isolate a youth into thinking that unless they conform to those applying the peer pressure, they will never be liked or accepted.  Having a core group of genuine friends will help a teen to already feel accepted and less likely to be concerned about the opinions of those applying the pressure.

Peer pressure to drink.  Teens are exposed to many vices at school.  Even if they never drink underage, it is common to be aware of peers who do.   Having a go-to plan of how to face pressure to drink is vital for a teen, especially one who is new to driving.  The easiest plan to combat peer pressure to drink or take drugs is to blame your parents.  Expressing to those applying pressure what punishment or loss of privileges you will face from your parents can help to avoid peer pressure from influencing your behavior.  Next, remove yourself from the situation.  Why stay around a bully and submit yourself to more pressure?

Sadly, underage drinking and driving bring consequences every year.  Be prepared for what you may face.  Talk to your parents.  Bond with friends who have good values that will support you.  Have a plan of what to say to those pressuring you.  Remove yourself from an unsafe situation.  These steps can save lives. 

At NHSA, our goal is to provide online driver education courses that equip all drivers with what they need to be safe drivers.  Whether you are a teen seeking a learner’s permit, or an adult driver seeking a basic driver safety course, check us out online to see what courses are available in your state!