Earn More With NHSA's Affiliate Referral Program


NHSA is excited to announce our new affiliate referral program that will pay you for a job you are already doing!  Let us explain how it works!

Insurance Brokers:    We know that servicing your clients’ needs involves seeking to get them the best rate for their auto insurance.  Referring your customers to NHSA for an online driver safety course to remove points from their license, or a driver education course for new drivers can help to show them you truly are seeking their best interests and are doing all you can to keep their insurance premiums as reasonable as possible!

Driving Instructors:  Many in person driving schools want students to already have their learner’s permit and do not offer such classes themselves.  Other schools may provide driver training but are not associated with insurance discount programs or traffic law programs to help them AFTER students have obtained their driver’s license.  Having a system in place to refer all students to NHSA can help them with their future needs.

Home School Curriculum Companies:  More and more families are making the decision to educate their children from home.  Very few of these companies have online driver education courses available or even an affiliation with a driving school.  Let NHSA partner with you to provide online driver education for teens already enrolled in your courses.

How You Get Paid:  When you register as an affiliate with NHSA we will pay you a percentage of your client’s course fee.  They win!  You win!  Reach out to our marketing manager, Mark Wetzler at mwetzler@usnhsa.com to get set up and start earning today!

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