How to be proactive in reducing teen driver accidents

How to be proactive in reducing teen driver accidents

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Teens aged 16-19 have the highest risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  This age group is also several times more likely to be in a fatal crash than any other age group.  Identifying and addressing key risk factors will help parents ensure their teens are fully prepared to be safe drivers.

Inexperience:  Defensive driving involves identifying potential dangers and making critical decision to navigate through them safely.  Newer drivers are more likely to underestimate risks. As you drive with your teen, periodically vocalize your thoughts and explain your decisions so they can better understand how to scan for risks and take appropriate action when needed.

Not using seat belts:  Seat belts save lives.  However, teens use safety belts les than any other age group.  Setting a good example by buckling up in front of your children instill good habits in them.  Kind reminders go a long way as well!

Distracted driving:   Being distracted, even for a moment, while driving can have enormous repercussions.  Make sure your teen sets cellular devices to a safe mode while driving and limits the amount of additional teen passengers helps reduce the risk of distraction significantly.

Impaired driving:  Any impairment while driving will slow reaction time in both identifying and reacting to a situation.  Help your teen to appreciate how quickly a situation can develop while driving.  Any alcohol or substance in their system can impair them considerably.  Have an honest discussion of what to do if they or their friends are not in a safe condition to drive.

This is not an exhaustive list of all risks teen drivers will face.  However, like all risks we may face, taking time to discuss them and to prepare a plan of action will help to prevent getting caught off guard.  At NHSA, our goal is to prepare individuals to be safe and successful drivers.  We offer a free practice test for a driving permit in all 50 states.  We also offer online driver education courses for those seeking their driver’s license as well as an array of defensive driving and basic driver safety courses.  Visit us to see what driver courses are available in your state!

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