Making the Most of Your Road Trip Through Cape Cod

Sun rising in Cape Cod

Making the Most of Your Road Trip through Cape Cod

Rolling sand dunes collide with white sandy beaches. Narrow main streets wind through small villages, locals stroll by at a relaxed pace, dainty homes line the streets and delicious local delicacies tempt passersby. All of these quaint attractions have made Cape Cod a preferred vacation destination for decades.

Driving to and around Cape Cod makes for a road trip filled with special moments unlike anywhere else. Plan on spending three or four days in the area so you can fully appreciate the beauty.

Remember that timing is everything, so plan your trip according to your needs. If you’d like to go for a swim at those beautiful beaches, the obvious ideal time is the summer, when the water is a bit warmer. However, many people feel the perfect time to visit Cape Cod is in the fall. The crowds of tourists have gone back home, and the leaves begin to change in a glorious display of colors.

What can you plan on seeing, doing and tasting on your road trip through Cape Cod?

Lighthouses. These ever-so-important guidance points once protected the lives of seafaring travelers. There are still over a dozen typical Cape Cod lighthouses to explore.

Miles of beaches. A seemingly endless number of white sand beaches line Cape Cod, some of which are part of the national park system. Walk or bike along the beach and around nearby ponds, lakes and marshes.

Lobster and clams. In addition to the famous clam chowder, you can also try local lobster. It comes in all the ways you can imagine and some you can’t, including lobster bisque, lobster cocktail, lobster salad roll, fresh lobster tail and butter-poached lobster.

Breweries and wineries. Tour craft breweries and wineries and quench your thirst with the delicious local flavors of oyster stout, blueberry ale and historic ciders.

History. The past is still present everywhere on Cape Cod. As you browse through the small towns, note the period furniture, famous glass pieces from Sandwich, and tools of the trade of generations of local fishermen. Visit the town of Sandwich, which is not just the oldest in Cape Cod—it´s one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1637. The whole town celebrates its roots with working industries, just as they did back at the time of the settlers.

Birdwatching. There are over 200 species of birds in the area and plenty of conservation spots to view them. 


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