Tips for Traveling in a Motorhome—How to choose a campground (Road Trip Series Part 4)

Camping at a campground in a motorhome

Carefully choosing your campground while traveling in a motorhome may be one of the best ways to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

You will eliminate the unpleasant surprises of no sites being available, finding that the sites are too small, or a campground that you simply can’t access because of narrow access roads.

To choose a campground, you can start with a simple search in your browser. Just type in something along the lines of “RV campground.”

In your search include other vital points such as the general location and the type of campground you want to stay at. For instance, if you want to find a campground in a national park in California, you can include that in your initial search.

Here are some of the main aspects to look for:  

Location, location, location

The location is vitally important. Can you get to the campground? Check the access roads to the campground. Are they steep? Do they have sharp turns? If so, they might not be motorhome-friendly and you will need to search for another one.

How much space do you need?

The smaller your motorhome, the easier it will be to find a spot to call home during your stay.

How long is your motorhome? Remember to measure it as well as any vehicle pulling it and anything you tow behind it, including bicycles or storage trailers.

How high is your vehicle? Make sure your motorhome fits under tree canopies or entranceways.

And you’ll need to measure the width of your vehicle, including any doors that open out. You don’t want to leave the campground with a scratched vehicle.

What facilities do you need?

Do you need full hookups? Depending on how equipped your motorhome is, you might need to search for a campground that has electric, sewer, water, bathroom facilities, or Wi-Fi.

If you have a generator, check with the campground to see if there are specific hours you can use it.

How long will you stay?

If you’ll be staying for several—or several weeks—your needs will be different. The cost plays a big role in the campground you’ll choose for an extended stay.

Also, you might want more amenities during a long stay than if you’re only popping in for a night. If you have children, you might want additional activities. You might look for a campground that has:

       - A pool

       - Nearby fishing or hiking

       - A playground for smaller children

No matter how long your stay is, always make sure you make an advance reservation, especially in high season. 

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