8 Ways to Stay Safe When Using Rideshare Services

Staying safe while using rideshare services

Ride-sharing companies have blossomed all around the world. About 14 million riders every day opt to use a ride-share app in the United States alone. Many people consider the service to be a convenient, safe and cheap alternative to hailing a taxi.

What’s so attractive about these ride-share services? Users download the app to their smartphone. They can then request and pay for their ride through the app, track the whereabouts of their driver, monitor the progress of their journey and share the information with friends or family. They can even rate their driver afterward! Besides the ease of use and safety concerns, many are especially thankful not to have to carry cash to pay the fare (or to tip).

While most riders are under 29 years old, these transportation services can be a great benefit to seniors who no longer drive or who only drive at certain times during the day. If you’re concerned about the driving environment, such as at night or when traveling through heavy traffic, you can opt to share a ride with other passengers.

Have you considered using one of these services? While the majority of ride-share app users have never had a negative experience, you should always take precautions to stay safe. Here are eight tips to enjoy your ride and avoid the dangers.

Tips to stay safe when using a ride-share service

1. Wait in a safe place. Request your ride from a safe place, and stay there until the driver has arrived.

2. Check out the driver’s rating. If the driver has received a low rating, you may prefer to cancel the ride and request another one.

3. Identify your driver. Before getting in the vehicle, verify the make, model and license plate number of the car that should be picking you up. When you get in the car, ask the driver what your name is. If he or she truly is the driver, they’ll know your name and your destination.

4. Sit in the backseat. Being a backseat driver can be a good thing! That way you have two escape routes to get out of the vehicle in an emergency.

5. Don’t share information. Drivers do not need access to your credit card information. Don’t share it.

6. Remember to take safety precautions you’d use in any vehicle. Buckle up and don’t distract the driver.

7. Protect yourself. If a driver tries to abuse you in any way, call for help.

8. Get others involved. When you get into a car, call a friend to tell them you’re on your way or share your trip so that they can track your progress. Make sure the driver knows that others are aware of your transportation plans.


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