How to Reduce Distractions When Driving

Driver faces the consequences of distracted driving

Can you stay focused while driving and still perform another task at the same time? You might be tempted to take advantage of a calm moment behind the wheel. For instance, on a straight stretch of road, you may want to multitask by sending a text message or applying lipstick.

That might seem like an ideal way to make good use of your time but trying to drive with added distractions is dangerous. Driving demands your full attention, even when you’re on well-known roads.

If you are distracted for just a few seconds, then your actions—or inaction—could lead to an accident. Almost 3,000 are killed by distracted drivers in the United States every year

The main distractions involve either taking your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, or your mind off of everything. What are those distractions, and how can you prepare ahead to beat them?

How to stay focused when driving

When should you use your cell phone? Checking your texts or emails or sending a voice message can seem like a great use of time while in transit. Yet, this takes your eyes off the road ahead. Don’t try to use your phone while driving—pull over at a safe spot to make your call or answer your text. Put your phone on silent mode before you start your engine, so you don’t get tempted.

Tank up on fuel later. When you’re in a rush, you may decide to eat and drive. But scrambled eggs in your lap is a distraction that would take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. Scoop up some breakfast before you start driving or wait until you get to your destination.

Glamour has its time and place. Touching up your lipstick or mascara while you’re at a stoplight might sound like a necessary task. But if your eyes are on you in the mirror, they won’t be on the road. Take the time to get your beauty work done before you get in your car.

Keep the pets in check. If you’re transporting your fur baby in your vehicle, make sure he won’t distract you. Get a harness or carrying case and keep him buckled up. That way you keep your eyes and mind on the road, and you’ll also protect your pet in case of an accident.


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