Safe Driving Habits Will Save You Money


There are many factors that can cause risks associated with driving a vehicle.  Some have to do with the vehicle itself, the road conditions, or even other drivers.  The most significant factor of risk associated with driving is the driver himself.  Unsafe driving habits such as speeding, being aggressive behind the wheel, or even becoming distracted or impaired are among the top contributing factors in a vehicle crash.

Let’s simply focus on speed.  And particularly how proper and safe speeds will save you money.  The most direct reason proper speed will save you money is that vehicles are designed to operate at designated speeds for optimal and most efficient performance.  For most vehicles, that speed is approximately 55 miles per hour.  Driving over the speed limit will cause the vehicle to burn fuel less efficiently.  Long story short, you get better gas mileage, thus safe driving habits will save you money.

Another factor regarding driving at the proper speed is that it will affect the costs of vehicle repairs as well as the value and lifespan of the vehicle.  Driving aggressively and speeding will affect the wear and tear of items such as tires, brakes, and even potentially other parts of the vehicle.  See an article that shows how dramatically your speed affects the life of your brake pads and how often you need to replace them HERE.  Safe driving habits save you money!

The obvious reason that safe driving habits save you money is the significant correlation between your driving habits and your car insurance premiums.  Over a period of time an insurance company is basically assessing you and the risks they feel are appropriate based on your driving record.  Let’s call this our “driving reputation.”  Our reputation can be affected by one action.  All the more so if it is a significant action with significant consequences.  Therefore, if our “driving reputation” shows a pattern of speeding it will affect our insurance.    It is logical that you will have to pay more money for your insurance premium until enough time has passed and you have regained a safer “driving reputation.”  We conclude our point with…safe driving habits will save you money!!!

At NHSA, our goal is to provide online driver education courses that equip all drivers with what they need to be safe drivers.  Whether you are a teen seeking a learner’s permit, or an adult driver seeking a basic driver safety course, check us out online to see what courses are available in your state!

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