Why You Should Visit Grand Canyon National Park (Road Trip Series Part 9)

The scenic Grand Canyon

Arizona has many claims to fame, but it’s mainly known for the breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park. It runs 277 miles along the Colorado River and stretches down a full mile deep. The unbelievable beauty and dramatic scenery of this park attract worldwide attention.

Bands of rock in varying colors create a stunning landscape of beauty. Many have found it beyond words to describe and even difficult to capture in photos. The seemingly unending views make it one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It’s not surprising that more than 6 million people visit the park every year.

Why should you visit the Grand Canyon National Park? Here we list our top reasons why you should not miss out on this spectacle.

Unbeatable views

The immense and rugged rock formations in the Grand Canyon seem to extend indefinitely and are simply mind-blowing. Take in the views during the day. But for the most impressive skies, aim to visit the park as the sun is rising or setting. Sunrise and sunset times are posted on the official park website.

Numerous points around the park make for great photographs and indelible memories. Mather Point is one of the most popular and easily accessible spots. Or you may choose to take a quick hike to Ooh Ahh Point.

The unforgettable spectacles do not even after sunset. At night, the stars take over and create a show to delight. Declared an International Dark Sky Park, the Grand Canyon affords views of the starry skies that are hard to find elsewhere.

Rich history

Museums and historical buildings in the park preserve the rich history of both the natural world and the people who inhabited this region. Dive into geology, explore archaeological sites and the daily lives and achievements of Native American cultures, or visit the remains of an ancient Native American village.

Hikes, bikes and donkeys

Go below the canyon rim for a true Grand Canyon adventure. There are no roads below the rim, so you can choose more exciting ways to get around such as hiking, biking, donkey rides, or thrilling whitewater rafting and river trips.

If you’re not up for the exercise, take scenic drives around the park to get the views. Or take the train through forests and plains of the 64-mile Grand Canyon Railway. You can even hop on a helicopter for aerial views of the park.

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1/11/2022 2:50PM
beautiful breathtaking fun adventures time we had. I would advise you to go to the GRAND CANYON with the family. I have only been to three of the GREAT WONDERS OF THE WORLD by far this is the best one. May GOD be with you all!