Discernment is vital to drive safely


Most dictionaries define the word “discernment” as a quality that assists an individual to comprehend something.  There is an obvious connection between safe driving habits and discernment.  The level of discernment one possesses may vary based on how someone processes information and by how they ...

Help drivers by being a safe pedestrian

Vulnerable road user

The World Health Organization, (WHO) reports that over 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes.  More than half of these deaths come from people who are NOT in the vehicle.  This means that regardless of the cause of the crash, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists ...

Understanding the Consequences of Drinking and Driving

drink and drive 

Many individuals enjoy going out to dinner and perhaps have one or two alcoholic beverages and think nothing of it.  Most of the time such actions when done responsibly don’t cause any severe consequences.  There is an increased risk associated with such behavior when someone fails to consider fa...

Safe Driving Habits Will Save You Money


There are many factors that can cause risks associated with driving a vehicle.  Some have to do with the vehicle itself, the road conditions, or even other drivers.  The most significant factor of risk associated with driving is the driver himself.  Unsafe driving habits such as speeding, being ag...

Respecting the safety of pedestrians and cyclists

vulnerable road user


Distracted driving can have serious consequences.  While it is clear distractions can easily cause vehicular crashes it is important to be aware of those who are much more vulnerable to a vehicle crash, namely pedestrians and cyclists and others who are considered a VULNERABLE ROAD USER.


  1. ...
What factors can help determine a safe following distance?

safe distance


Some drivers may feel that if you are staying alert. scanning the road for hazards, and driving at the posted speed limit that it doesn’t matter how closely you drive behind another vehicle.  Every time you drive, you must pay attention to how much space you are leaving in front of and beside y...

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Safety Tips


According to data collected by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2020 over 17% of all traffic fatalities involved persons over 65 years of age. Recognizing potential factors that can increase risks and taking steps to reduce them will help keep more people safe o...

6 Tips for Safe Driving in Winter and Vehicle Maintenance November 2022

driving tips

The last week of November brings road travel to one of its high points of the year.  One that will be repeated with multiple secular holidays over the coming days and weeks.  To be safe on the road at a time when road conditions tend to be unfavorable and at times when there will be countless oth...

National Seatbelt Day Acknowledgements

National Seatbelt Safety Day

A lot is going on around you when you drive.  On National Seat Belt Day, we would like to acknowledge some of the many organizations and safety advocates that work tirelessly to educate and protect drivers and passengers by reinforcing safe driving practices.

The National Highway and Traffic Safe...

Seatbelts Save Lives! But, do you use them?

Seatbelts Save Lives!  But, do you use them?


According to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) not wearing a seatbelt can cost you your life.  For example, data collected in 2018 revealed that over half of those killed in car crashes between the ages of 13 an...