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Why You Should Visit Grand Canyon National Park (Road Trip Series Part 9)

Arizona has many claims to fame, but it’s mainly known for the breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park. It runs 277 miles along the Colorado River and stretches down a full mile deep. The unbelievable beauty and dramatic scenery of this park attract worldwide attention. Bands of rock in varying colors create a stunning landscape of beauty. Many have found it beyond words to describe and even difficult to capture in photos. The seemingly unending views make it one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It’s not surprising that more than 6 million people visit the park every year. Why should you visit the Grand Canyon National Park? Here we list our top reasons why you should not miss out on this spectacle.

Make the Most of Your Cross-Country Road Trip in the Southern USA (Road Trip Series Part 8)

From Virginia to Los Angeles, the southern USA has an abundance of gorgeous scenery and diverse cultural experiences. Explore big cities and admire ghost towns from the past. Get away from it all by visiting barren deserts or lush forests. If you have plenty of time and a desire to see it all, you can try to make the entire coast-to-coast trip in one go. If you’d like to take a more leisurely pace for your adventures, you can break your trip down into separate areas and then explore the south in several shorter trips. Where should you go? We’ve outlined some of the hottest spots to visit throughout the southern USA.